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1.1 Back Ground of the Study
Education is human experience and gained in the process of means introduction with his/her
social and political as well as cultural environment. In Shortly Education helps the learners to
develop all good habits which make an individuals Complainant these can be achieved through
teaching learning process. Teaching Learning has widely range of different problem of in
mathematics is very serious due to that I want to study on grade 4 th A students to find the
solutions for the problem. It is well shall argue such problem together will all concerned bodies
parents teachers. Educational burrow and students themselves, unless the goal to reduce the
academic problem in mathematics is formulated and efforts contributed their well be large
number discontinue and re helps of ill which results poverty in the feature.
Since this problem is clearly visible in Zemika primary school that are basic factors that
contribute to high rate of academic problem in mathematics ICS and the possible action is to be
taken to reduce that problem is the concerned of this study.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

It is clearly that Teaching Learning is a wide and diverse process which is carried out through
the Interaction with patch other and the environment within this interaction it with in Calntened
many problems.

The Factors for Academic Problem in Mathematics May Be related to Students or their family
but cause for this differs from place to place even from individuals.
The academic problem in mathematics is a common phenomenon but the degree various from
place to place I would like to find the red son why most students face an academic problem in
The Study tried to respond the follow basic questions.
What are the basic (Major) factors that contribute to academic problem in
How does the factors administrator parents and students can help to reduce
academic problem in mathematics?
What possible actions are to be taken to reduce the academic problems in
How learners in prove the academic problem in mathematics?


The finding of this study will be interested to persons exploring or involving in school
improvements and restructuring efforts. The importance of the study:- to enhance the awareness
about the problems to find out the factors of high.
Academic problem in mathematics and to identify (indicate) the possible techniques and
strategies of how to solve the academic problem in mathematics.


To find the cause of academic problem in mathematics and in order to reduce its high


To exam even the cause of academic problem in mathematics in Grade E 4th A

Mathematics in Grade 4th Students in kobe. Primary school were successfully reduced from
29.08 to 20-3 through different bodies efforts.
The school should discuss with students and changing awareness of the students
Teachers should plan strategies to make lesson interaction and meaning full.
Woreda education office should provide necessary materials for teaching learning
process (science kite text book, Budget and Etc )

Sampling techniques
The question nannies when to students of the table 85 students in the class of
which 2007 them are female and the restore male at was also given for five subject
teachers and five (5) parents the teachers are working is this school for 6years and
above for interview parts ten (10) students of which five (5) of them are females
and the rest are males were random ely selected five (5) subject teachers which five
(5) subject teachers which of two of them are 10 years expercanced in teaching
mathematics and three (3) of them are (6-8) years experienced
Four (4) parents were interviewed the parents were selected systematically one (1)
fromafamer one (1) from the wealthy merchant one (1) from employee who is
working in government organizations and the other one from education was
learning in that (
) primary school


The gathered data from the questionnaires returned
Was tabulated to describe the characteristics and percentage of response to the
given item
4.1 data presentation
4.1.1 the demographic back ground of grade 4 th section

B students in the

TABLE -1 = age sex characteristics of students




< 10
10 15




8,23 %
76.47 %
15-29 %

The total number of students is 85 of which 49 of them are males and the rest 36
are females 4males &3 females are in the age groupundep10 40 males &25 females
are in the group 10 15 and males and 8 females are in the age group above 15

4.2 Analysis and Interpretation of Interpretation

4.2.1 Responses of the students for interview
They where ten (10) students who were randomly selected for this interview of total 85 students
the class.
The student interviews are;

Weather the school environment is conductive or not for learning?

How about their relationship with their teachers and school community as whole?
What factors made them in academic problem in mathematics?
What problems they face while learning mathematics?
To give suggestion in order to overcome the problem of scoring below the average in

Based on this among the interviewed students seven (7) students replied as the school
environment is not conductive for teaching learing proceses. They strongly suggested that the
school lacked text books enough class room and that the lesson is given to in since it is difficult
to understand teachers could help each students during the lesson is given in since it is difficult to
understand teachers could not help each students during the lesson because of large number of
student were mostly participate in teaching learing process and they could not help each student
during the lesson because of large number of students on a class five (5) of them strongly
suggested that the students were not mostly participate in teaching leraing process and they could
not study regularly are the basic freedom. While learing and lead low scored in mathamatics.
All most all interviewed students suggested that working on those factors and others that faced
students to score below average in mathimaticics.
4.2,2 responses of the teachers for the interview of the five (5) teachers who were
interviewed on
The appropriateness the school in environment teaching learning process
How do you they help their students during lesson

Problems that can be considered as a factors of academic problems in mathematics

The possible measures to be taken to reduce the academics problem in mathematics
Two of them suggested at the school environment is not conductive for teaching learning
Four (4) they said that they could not help them if students in class look for that text books,
lack of reference books. All of them strongly suggested that lack of books, member of students in
class forced teachers to use lecture methods, lack of time to help students and the students do not
study regularly are considered as factors of academic problem in mathematics.they suggested
that the possible action to be taken were;

Few students should arranged in class

Students should participate in teaching processes widely
The school should establish library and provide instruments that are needed
The school should make the school environment conductive for learning
The parents and teachers should bond strongly to solve the problems

They were four (4) parents who were systematic any selected for the interval led.
They were interviewed
What kind of educational support they give for their children
What value do you they give for education
How they follow up their children achievement in the class
Based on these of 4 parentss interviewed three of them responded that education
is basis for any success. Except one all agreed that the education has great value.
But the rich one agreed that the education is not basic which comes first rather
having wealth is the one has to do strongly for survival
Except the educational employee parents who is working in the government
organization who support his childrens having problems simply by buying reference
books, exercise books and food them twice a day.

4.3 analysis and interpretation of the questioners

4.3.1 Response of students for questionnaires


Is the school environment

conductive for teaching

answer to be

Number of

Percentage (%)

Do you study mathematics



If your response for

questions number 1 is no
what school lack?

Text books


Reference books
Class holding

Do you think what cause

academics problems in

Do you teachers give chance

(opportunity) to practice and
solve mathematical

What methods do teachers

use during the lesson?

Respondents 67.5%of them replied that the school environment is not conductive any 32.5%have
responded. The school environment is conductive for teaching learning of the total 75% do study
mathematics regularly.
Regarding to the school environment about 25% of the respondents student agreed that the
school environment is conductive for learning but the rest of them identified as it is not
conductive which lacks enough text books 40% of them enough reference books 20% of them
enough class holding, furniture and 15% of them confirmed that the school lack other things
those are not listed above. In the bounce of the above mentioned things sin kind. Student faced
less contents in subject are difficult to group and also the teachers to teach the subject matter
effectively. So this made the result score of the student to be deteriorated.
As it is shown at the table the students identified many cause of academic problem in
mathematics of which 30% of them identified lack languages ability. About 20% them ambiguity
of the content 35% identified lack of exam skill (doing easy question first) is the main absence of
follow up parents. These multi directional causes academic problem in mathematics.

As is clearly shown above in the 75% of the respondents stated that the teachers cannot give the
opportunity to practice and solve mathematics problems. But 25% of them agreed that teachers
give opportunity to them to practice and solve problems.
As and as it can be seen from the table 65% of them identified that the teachers used lectures
methods about 15% of respondent state that the teachers used group work methods and 75% of
them identified the teachers used demonstrations and discovery method and 50% them replied
the few teachers used other methods.
4.3.2 Response of teachers for the questionnaires
Table 4 questionnaires submitted to subject teachers

Out that the social environment is not conducive for teaching learning process about 40% of
them agreed that the school environment is conductive.
As it is easy to identify from the table 80% of teachers unable to follow up their students. There
are also many problems that caused teachers unable to follow up their students regularly 80% of
the respondents identified that large number of students is the main cause. 40% of them
identified that burden of credit hours and the rest 60% of the respondents stated vast contents
also affected teachers to follow up their students regularly. As to respondents 80% teachers do
not give opportunity to participate and solve the problem is the main cause for the academic
problems in mathematics only 20% of them replied that students are given chance to practice and
solve problems.
It is clearly seen from the table 60% of respondents identified that teachers use lecture methods.
20% respondents stated that teachers use demonstrations method and 20% of them identified
uses the discovery and the group work method.
Based on the above table 20% of the respondents pointed out that teachers do not support their
lesson with aid because of lack of experimental materials.
Chapter five

5. Major finding, the proposed action strategy, action implementation, action evaluation,
reflection and recommendation
5.1 major finding of the study
As it was discovered or discussed above take me academic problems in mathematics is the major
problem in kobe primary school whose rate is also high analysis of the obtained data through
distributed questionnaires and interview conducted indicated that students in kob primary school
academic problems in mathematics due to a number of different lesson among which that
teachers do not give a chance to their students to practice and solve mathematicical problems
(exercise) took the largest share lack of the necessary materials for teaching learning processes in
Text books, took the largest share and the large number of students in a class of academic
problems in mathematical less efforts among the mathematical teachers to help and follow their
students and using only lectures methods is also main ones.