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Treaty Of Versailles: Useful or Utterly Disastrous

The Treaty of Versailles was a peace treaty formed by the victors of the World War
I, the Allies. The terms of the treaty were unacceptably harsh for the Germans.
American President, Woodrow Wilson presented a peace plan, the Fourteen Points,
in order to prevent further war and it avoided revenge on the losing side. But the
victors wanted vengeance. Eventually, the Germans would lose all their territories,
limit their military to 100,000 soldiers, remove military from the Rhineland area,
which was on the border with France and had to pay the cost equivalent to $35
billion Canadian to compensate for the victors financial losses. Worst of all, the
Germans had to take the blame for the rise of the Great War. Initially, Germany
refused to sign the Treaty. But, the Allies posed a threat to declare war on Germany
if otherwise. Thus, they had no choice but to sign the treaty. This treaty wasnt fair
on any grounds of justice and it was seen as a prejudiced revenge casted upon the
First of all, the Germans had to join the war alongside Austria to keep up with the
terms of their allegiance just as the French and the English supported their ally, the
Russians. The Germans werent at utter fault for the rise of the war. The Germans
proceeded their believed duty, so did the Allies. They were responsible for the war
as much as the French and the British were. Moving on to financial losses, the
Germans lost millions of their soldiers as well, whom the allies killed. They had lost
military and wealth that were crushed in the war. Thus, its it was inconsiderate and
inappropriate to pose such a treaty to the Germans.

Secondly, the Treaty of Versailles crippled the economy of Germany. The innocent
people starved and paid the price for the conflict between Austria and Serbia that
led to this war. As Germanys colonies, territories and military were snatched away,
their source of income disappeared. The people of Germany had no money and
Germany was turning into dust. The Allies wanted to destroy Germany so that they
wont pose future threats.
The destruction of Germany angered the Germans. It severely hurt the Germans
pride. The conditions and terms were inexplicably harsh, that they had nothing to
lose. They needed the fire, the power, a leader, to lead them to their successful
future. That is where the Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler came to the rescue. He
was an intelligent man who came up with tactics with his men to declare war on the
Allies. He was ready to take over the world. Hitler planned a new strategy, called
the Blitzkreig, which meant lightning war, to kick-start the new war, the World War
II, that was going to be one of the most blood-thirsty and deadliest wars in history.
In conclusion, the Treaty of Versailles was an absolute disastrous and biased treaty.
Not only was it extremely demanding and crippled the Germans but it created a
stepping stone, a rage so powerful to whirl up the next global war, the World War II.