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Address of Gratitude

Our honorable guest of honor and speaker, members of the Board of Regents,
university officials, members of the faculty and staff, fellow graduates of batch 2015,
parents, guests, visitors, friends, ladies and gentlemen, a momentous afternoon.
Today isnt yet the finish point in relation to the so called lifes book fully written
with our different accounts of stories, but only a newly finished chapter of it. Its been a
while when we entered the portals of academe. We didnt even know where this
episode of journey could bring us. We searched for answers but where in fact the
answers we were looking for could only be found in our hands. It seems that end result
of every lifes battle and one of these is academics is centered with our own directions.
We should exert efforts to control the way towards achieving the epitome of fulfillment at
the end of the crossroads. In behalf of our batch, I say to all of you that we made it all
extraordinary through our different ways as we are now finally here rejoicing this
significant milestone.
Lets take a glance to the days we went to school with empty pockets just to
avoid absences. We even tried not to buy and eat food for lunch just to spend it for a
photocopy of a lecture note to serve as a reviewer for quizzes and examination or to
spend it for books and projects. There were the sleepless nights paid attention in
preparation for theoretical tests, feasibility studies, theses, reports and other school
related projects and activities. There were also the times when we sacrificed our
academic issues to fulfill our pledged duties inside and outside the school especially to
the case of student leaders and student writers. But despite of all these challenges we
encountered for the past four years or more, we did to surpass all these challenges
because of our enthusiasm to triumph the battle from start until end. This day is muchawaited for us graduates as it marks the fruit of our hardships, sacrifices, determination,
and perseverance; our reward of burning the midnight oil to accomplish college
academic life with smile and pride. Lets give ourselves a resounding applause for a job
well done!
In every story, we as main character of our own, we met people. There are some
who come and go, and there are some stay beside us who served as our instrument of

inspiration and strength to fight all the challenges that come along our way. They are
very instrumental in our lives in helping us reached our goals. With them, we turned
difficulties into possibilities. We all know that saying Thank you is not enough to pay
back all of their sacrifices. But at this moment thats all we can do.
First, lets give thanks our parents and guardians for their untiring support to send
us in school despite of never-ending challenges. They are the very resilient people we
ever know as they could even turn nights into working days just to suffice our day-to-day
school needs and other basic needs. They are our bankers, values teachers, and most
of all our number one supporters may we win or lose in whatever battle of life we come
across. Second, give thanks our mentors who served as our parents in the academe for
their patience and dedication in educating us essential matters when it comes to our
respective specializations. They are the one who keep on believing in our capabilities
and skills, and who always inspire us in order to surpass the pressure of academic life
and for us to be the best we want to be for ourselves. With that, they molded us into
better individuals, to be highly competent and morally upright professionals in the labor
market one of these days. Third, to our classmates and friends who are always with us
in times of happiness and sadness. With their shared versions of experiences in life we
used them as an inspiration. Above all, remember to thank God for always joining us in
every journey we take and for making all things possible. With Him, we learned that if
problem is as big as a ship, solution is as wide as an ocean.
Dear friends, its a realization that we will not see some of them for a long period
of time as each one of us will go on separate ways in pursuing our dreams in life. Lets
cherish this moment and lets seize this chance to thank all of them for them to feel how
we really love them too. To all of your undying love and support, we will never forget. A
billion thanks. You all deserved a salute!
Now that we are stepping a new milestone, lets have its composition the best
among others. We must instill in our minds that what we should dream of is what we
want other people should remember of us, and not what other people could remember
out of us. As what Harold R. McAlindon once said and I quote, Do not follow where the
path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. We shouldnt be
afraid to take the path we aspire to take on and not following the path other people want

for us to take on. Lets always aim high and follow our dreams as we dont know whats
infront of us if we dont step out of our comfort zone. Its better to try and grab the
chance than never. If we failed, lets stand. I do believe that failure also defines success.
Its because failure is a stepping stone towards success. We will never learn if we will
never fail. If we never learned, we will never change for good. We can use this good
change as a weapon for us to succeed.
So lets face and create another exciting, nerve-wracking, and more challenging
chapter of our book. But for now, lets enjoy the moment. Congratulations and happy
graduation to all of us! Kudos and God bless batch 2015! Mabuhay tayong lahat!