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On April 27, members and officers of Confederation of Unity of Recognition and Advancement for
Government Employees (COURAGE) received letters accusing them as leaders and members of the
Communist Party of the Philippines-New Peoples Army (CPP-NPA) operating in their respective
agencies through their unions.
Among those who received the letters were: Rosalinda Nartates, CUE-NHA National President and
COURAGE Secretary General, Santiago Dasmarias Jr. NFAEA National Adviser and COURAGE 1st
Vice President, Roman M. Sanchez, National Food Authority (NFA) employee and National Food
Authority Employees Association (NFAEA) National President, Evelyn P. Garcia, NFA employee and
national assistant secretary general of NFAEA, Fely Sao, NHA employee and CUE-NHA 2nd Vice
President, and Manuel Baclagon SWEAP-DSWD (Social Welfare Employees AssociationDepartment
of Social Welfare and Development) National President and former COURAGE Deputy Secretary
COURAGE Leaders Nartates and Dasmarias Jr. letters were supposedly from Capt. Evangelista and
Capt. Magdiwang respectively of the Philippine Army. It said COURAGE is a front organization of the
CPP-NPA and alluded that the information against them was from one of the COURAGE 2 organizers
(Randy Vegas and Raul Camposano) who are currently detained on trumped-up charges.
From among those who received the letters, Mr. Baclagon was the most threatening for it mentioned they
knew his residence, his family background and other personal circumstances. It warned he should
immediately cooperate by calling the cellphone number listed on the letter before its too late.
Garcias note said, Ate Evelyn, Call me for the countrys sake. A cellphone number was also written on
the note. The note was given to her by a man who introduced himself as a government employee. He sat
beside her on the jeepney but alighted immediately when Garcia asked further questions.
On April 21, a certain Sgt. Borres who introduced himself as liaison officer of the Intelligence Service of
the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) entered the NFA premises looking for Hilario M. Tan, a
retired NFA employee and former vice president of the NFAEA. He was stopped by the lobby guard and
brought to the Security Service office of the NFA for questioning because he was carrying a .45 calibre
pistol. The security personnel asked Borres for a mission order but he could not produce one, so he left.
Ms.Elvira Prudencio, an employee of the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) and
President of the NWPC Employees Association and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)
Employees Union National President, reported that also on April 27, 2015, an unidentified person went to
the NWPC office (2nd flr.) and looked for her through the NWPCs security guard. When Ms. Prudencio
proceeded to leave the office, he was approached by the unidentified man at Malvar St. just outside the
office. The man said that he knew her and that she occupied a high position in the organization. He added
that he can help her in all her problems provided that she help him. He only said that he was from the
OP (possibly meaning Office of the President). He gave her a a small note indicating his name and
On April 27, at the MMDA Main Office two unidentified men looked for Ms. Theresa Gonzales, an
employee of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and President of the union KKKMMDA. On the same day later in the afternoon, another employee of MMDA and the unions Education
Committee Steward Josephine Delloro was approached by a man who identified himself as from the

Department of National Defense in a sari-sari store near her house. He said Delloro should cooperate with
them because she is doing activities other not related to her office and union work. She was given a

cellphone number with instruction to call him and an assurance he will protect her should she
cooperate with them.
On June 16, employees of the National Housing Authority in its District office in Sta. Mesa, Manila said
a policeman went to the office and took pictures of them. They confronted the said policeman, asked why
he took their photos and required him to delete the pictures. When he said he did not know how to delete
the pictures, the staff took upon themselves to ensure the pictures were deleted. The policeman said it was
allegedly because of the rallies. The NHA District Office is the work office of Rose Nartates,
COURAGE Secretary General.
Just recently, Erwin Lanuza, an employee of the Quezon City Hall and their union President, was met by
a man again who said he is a military, along the corridors leading to his office, The man was wearing a
baseball cap and eyeglasses. He also left a cellphone number.
On June 16, a man who introduced himself as Joey from the military approached Mr. Benny Angeles, a
retiree of the MMDA, former union leader of the KKK-MMDA and now works as a volunteer organizer
for COURAGE. The man said they knew Benny as a member of the CPP-NPA and all the others in the
union as well and their anti-government activities. Ha gave a note where his name and a cellphone
number and instructed Angeles to call him should he decide to return to the fold.
On the same day, Bob Reyes, a COURAGE National organizer for more than 15 years and former
contractual employee of the Caloocan City Government was alone in his house with his youngest son. A
man who introduced himself as a military said he knew him and his involvement with the CPP-NPA.
Reyes insisted he is with for COURAGE for several years now working for the state workers salary
increase and union rights. The man gave him a cellphone number and warned call me or blame yourself
if something bad happens to you.
The same thing happened to Generosa Manilag. Nanay Lance as she is fondly called volunteers for
COURAGE for its community welfare assistance program in Taguig City before COURAGE finally
made her a full-time member of its administrative staff.
Chito Juliano and Romeo Manilag in their affidavits claim the COURAGE rented jeepney was tailed by a
man in a motorcycle from the rally at the Office of the Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process in
Ortigas last Friday, June 26. The same man supposedly took photos of the staff during the said rally.
Husband and Wife Oliver and Rowena Rosales complained of heightened daily surveillance to and from
their homes, the COURAGE Office and the union offices assigned to them. A former colleague who now
works in the private sector informed them that military men also visited him looking for the whereabouts
of Oliver. A leader from a union assigned to Rosales also received a text message from a man claiming to
be him asking for an urgent meet-up.
And just as COURAGE is preparing for the filing of the second batch of cases, another National Staff,
Raquel Toquero was visited by two unidentified men in her home in Silang, Cavite on June 28. They also
introduced themselves as military. One went directly near the dirty kitchen where Raquel was standing.
With only a screen door between them, he said the same lines before he left and came back again as if

forgetting something and told her to think about what they relayed. The other man talked to her husband
in the kitchen window. Both left hurriedly.

Other staff and organizers complain of stalking and surveillances (taking photographs, recording
conversations and videos) while travelling to and from the office.
Suspicious looking men lurking in the corner of the street where the COURAGE National Office is
located. Vehicles were also parked just outside the gates for days, sometimes with two or more
unidentified men just inside the parked vehicles. Bolder ones took photos of the staff and organizers who
frequent the office.