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July 2015

Art of Document: Lewis Maddison, CG Arts and Animation, 13/07/2015


Concepts depicting the world that I aimed to create. A
darker world where Hookworms are a threat on the level
of the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise.
The image on the top left shows a concept for my environment, dark, rocky and glowing green.
The bottom left shows the inside of the egg which while
wasn't included in the animation, adds to the world I am
trying to create. It also shows one of the earlier designs
for my worm.

The above image

are some of the
different designs
for the Hookworm model. In
the end I moved
towards a more
snake like appearance using
these as a base.

Hookworm Modelling
Modeling and Texturing on the Hookworm.

Hookworm Skin texture

Hookworm Bump Texture

Hookworm Specular Texture

Egg Modelling
Egg Modelling, texturing and Animating

When I originally animated my

egg, I just used blend shapes
which didn't show up well on the
final video, so this time round I
decided to take it up a notch
and start using some more effects available to me in maya.

Starting with the Shatter dynamics I animated the egg cracking

open, as if the hookworm was
pushing its way out of the shell.
Then instead of cutting straight
into the next scene, I created a
sphere with a green glowing
surface shader to give it some
more colour and have it be
more in line with the concept art
the I had created at the start of
the project.

The textures I created for this Egg incorporates two aspects the egg tendrils or
Base as I called it and the skin of the
Egg itself. On the Right we have the Skin
texture which is a mix of a few different
snake skin brushes from Photoshop and
some other grunge/dirt brushes that I
regularly use in my work.

On the left we have the Tendril textures

which are a mix of the rock textures that I
collected for my cavern and a few different dirt brushes.

Modelling and Animating

Modelling, Animating and Texturing of different scenes.


Video Editing
Starting with cutting up the different
scenes into the right amounts of
time, I went through and checked
for any dead frames, for some reason during the rendering process ,
some frames didn't complete so
they would just show error messages when played. Fixing this I moved
on to a Trailer screen for the Animation, much like my first attempt.
From then on it was just a case of
editing the footage down into something that I felt would be worthy of
what I wanted to create.

After Effects Work

Most of the After effects work in this Movie

are the 2 transition scenes that were in the
original, this time round I wanted to spice
up my final Title screen, as the last one
was very lacklustre, with poor smoke effects and a sloppy intro screen.
After doing some research I found a way to
create lens flares in AE so I went about
crafting a Title scene with this new
knowledge in mind.

Final Renders

Here we have some of the final

frames from the movie, I am proud
of what I have produced this time
round, even if t my favourite scene
didn't render fully, resulting in over
half of the scene needing to be cut