Sei sulla pagina 1di 2


1. Diligin mo ng Hamog ang Uhaw na

The game is played by filling up a small
jar container using a ladle with water on
it. This is done through relay.
2. Buhusan mo ang Tuyo kong Damdamin
Members of the team will fall in line. A
glass full of water will be relayed by
pouring it to the second glass of the
second person in line over the head. The
game ends as soon as the container of
the last person is full.
3. Tinimbang ka Ngunit Kulang
A holding tray with a bottle of water and
a glass is to be relayed back and forth
until all members of the team are done.
The water inside the bottle must be
poured first into the glass before one
starts his/her turn.
4. Walang Matigas na Tinapay sa Mainit
na Kape
There will be 12 stops per team. Each
stop has either ramona or coffee placed
alternatively. Each participant will eat
first the ramona or drink hot coffee.
5.Talong sa Umaga, Itlog sa Gabi
Egg and Eggplant relay. 6 boys from the
team will tie an eggplant using a string
and will push a tomato until it reaches
the other line of the team. Then, 6 ladies
will relay eggs by placing them on a
6. Babangon Akot Dudurugin Kita
Each team shall have one queen to be
protected. Her armies will hold water
guns. They need to wet the queen of the
other team so as to win.
7. Hawakan mo ang Dulo Ko
Elimination game. First two teams will
fall in line. The last person of each line
must not be touched by the first line of

4 pcs. of ladles,
Plastic cups (15 20 per team)
Small jar containers

Plastic cups (15 20 per team)

4 medium jar containers

4 holding trays
4 wine bottles
4 glasses

Ramona bread (6 pcs per team)

Hot coffee (6 cups per team)

12 pcs of tomatoes
12 pcs of boiled eggs
12 pcs of talong

Water guns or water balloons

No props

the other team. Winner 1 vs winner 2 will

compete after.
8. Oh, Tukso Layuan mo Ako
Each participant will cross a maze by
passing the obstacle of water glasses.
He/she should not step into them and
must reach the end of the course.
However, he/she is blindfolded and must
be only dictated only by his/her
teammate in passing the course.
9. Buksan mo, Papasukin Ako
A hula hoop is to be transferred from one
person to the last person of the team
which has already fallen in line.
10. E-shoot mo, e-shoot mo, e-shoot mo
na ang ball
A plastic ball is to be thrown into a
basket using a badminton racket.
11. Diki-dikit para sa Itlog na Mainit
Each member of the team must find a
pair within the group. An egg, not boiled,
is placed on his/her partners forehead
then run across the race and back to the
line. Then the next pair follows next.
12. Hininga mo ang Langit ko
Each team is provided with drinking
straws and will attach the pingpong ball
to it. The next participant will pick it out
until the last participant of the team
finishes the course.
13. Bola-bolahin mo Ako
14. Kainin mo ang Saging ko
Each team will have 5 pairs. One is
blinded while feeding a banana to his/her
partner who is also blindfolded.
15. Gapangan Portion
Each team must cross the route by using
papers which they are going to use in

12 cups full of water

4 Hula hoops

4 plastic balls
4 badminton rackets
4 baskets
20 eggs

4 pingpong balls
80 drinking straws

1 beach ball
10 green bananas

80 pcs of scratch papers

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