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When God deposits grace (that divine credit/bonus that God deliberately lends to
a man in order to enable him attain heights he would ordinarily not have been
able to attain despite all his struggles), He (God) expects such a fellow to make
that gift worthwhile by bearing good fruits. When God grants a fellow
opportunity(s) far and above his/her contemporaries, He expects that such
avenues will be used to bring glory to Him. However, this has not always been
the case.
Most times, we see people use the gift (opportunities, talents) that God granted
them for self aggrandizement, to fulfill selfish lusts. Whenever a life refuses to
bear good fruit, heaven takes note and such a fellow stands the risk of losing
such a life-line and being cut off.
The story of the fig tree in Mark 11:12-15. The fig tree was blessed but it
refused to bear fruit. While every other trees around that area were drying up
(with dry leaves), this particular tree had green leaves and was blossoming. All
the nutrients that were meant to be shared by all the trees around seem to have
been gathered up and placed at the disposal of this particular tree. One might
therefore expect that even before the time when trees were expected to bring
forth, this particular tree would have brought fought fruit long before the normal
time, why? because it had gotten all the nutrient it would need for several
months and likely years within that short period. No wonder it was cursed for not
producing fruit.
Have you ever reflected why God allowed you to attain your current position
despite having others who are more qualified than you? Have you ever wondered
why people readily listen to you, even those with far higher pedigree? Have you
ever wondered why its so easy for you to solve difficult problems that the
experts in that particular field have found to be beyond their reach? Have you
pondered why its so easy for you to create sustainable wealth? Have you ever
wondered why God blessed you with so much intelligence?
Has God granted you special grace to cover milestones in your career, finances,
academics etc. while others are struggling you need to put it to good use for
Gods glory. Does your life portray or exhibit the way of life of a Christian? Does
your wealth bring succor to the poor, the needy, downtrodden etc? Does your

academic success bring others of such pedigree to the knowledge of the gospel?
If the answers are No! Then you are like that fig tree that has refused to bear
Many may wonder why so and so has been misbehaving and yet it seems that
God is doing nothing to curb their excesses. The truth is God does not delight in
the death or failure of any of mankind. Jesus keeps on pleading before the
Throne of Mercy (God), pleading on our behalf Lord! Please grant this fellow
another opportunity. Maybe he/she will change. He/she might just turn a new
leaf. This was aptly depicted in the parable of the fig tree planted in the
vineyard in Luke 13:6-9 and Isaiah 5:1-6. But will this go on forever? No! We
cannot continue in sin and pray that grace may abound. God forbid! Romans
Are you one of those that allows satan to accuse God saying Why are you
blessing him/her as against others? Why have you built an edge around that
fellow? Why have you done this or that in his/her favour? because his/her life
does not show or indicate or justify the amount of good will and attention that
you (God) has given. Job 1:8-10.
Today is the day of salvation. This is the right time to reflect and make amends.
Today is the time to bear fruit or you run the risk of being cut-off. Today if ye
will hear his voice, harden not your heart. Make the right choice! Joshua 24:15.
References: Isaiah 5:1-6, Luke 13:6-9, Mark 11:12-14,
Romans 6:1-2, Job 1:8-10, Joshua 24:15