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Diogo Ribeiro





November 2011 February 2012

Ringtone Developer
Development of ringtones for the mobile application App ZON Phone.
My function consisted in working closely with the Marketing department in order to
create ten ringtones that spanned from classical to jazz music.All of the songs were
original work performed by live musicians.

Escola de Msica Nossa Senhora do


September 2010 Present

Music Teacher
Electric and Classical guitar tutor.

Guitar Camp

June 2009 Present

Founder, Teacher
Guitar Camp is a free music school that seeks to help children from troubled
backgrounds. Our goal is through music teach the fundamental values and help children
build a brighter future.Our activities range from playing Christmas carols for elderly in
retire homes to visit young offenders institutions. At the moment we have sixty students
and have a waiting list of more than twenty.

Integral RPM - Liverpool

July 2008 February 2009

Social Media Manager

Development and design of the company's website. Management of the company's web
structure, including the presence in social media such as Facebook.
Content editor, mainly editing videos and images of the artists managed by Integral

Sony England

October 2007

Worked as a musician for the Sony Walkman Music Pieces advertisement.
The Music Pieces project consisted in having 128 musicians playing only one note at a
time giving the listener the sense of a song played simultaneously.

Diogo Ribeiro


Engenharia Informtica e de

March 2009 December 2012

Instituto Superior Tcnico

Fundamental engineering curricula consisting of calculus and physics
subjects.Programming and computer networking modules such as Software Engineering,
Computer Networks and Algorithms and Data Structures.
Programming languages - C, C++, Lisp, Scheme, Assembly, Prolog, Java, Javascript,
HTML, PHP JQuery to name a few.
Final Grade - 13

Guitar Perfomance

September 2007 July 2008

Academy of Contemporary Music - London

This course's focus was in the business and performance side of music. Subjects studied
ranged from Music History, Music Business, Artist Development and Repertoire
Final Grade - Double Distinction


IELTS - 8 out of 9
London College Of Music - Music Theory - Double Distinction
- English - fluent
- French - beginner


Diogo Ribeiro

People, Art, Architecture, Photography, Literature, Music and everything whose purpose
is to elevate the mind.