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Dr. Albert J. Schulz, M.D.

Meeting of January 14, 1998

Stan J. Caterbone Hey Al.. How ya doing?

Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Got lika cold.
Stan J. Caterbone You do have a cold. You dont sound too good.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D.. I got a call from Fr. Lavelle, he is worried about you.
Stan J. Caterbone Why is that?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D.. He doesnt think you are not feeling well.
Stan J. Caterbone Why would he think that? Did you read anything I gave you?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Yea, I read it. Ah It is an argument I am sure you have been through hell with
all of that. You dont really need to get into all of that. You are becoming obsesses with it. Diocesan
Stan J. Caterbone Now wait, who is saying I am obsessed with it? I am just trying to resolve the issues,
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Okay.
Stan J. Caterbone Why are there attorneys for everyone else but me? Why is there justice for everyone
else but me? That is what I dont understand.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Stan Wellbutrin.. If you are asking me what I would like to do is add another
medicine to even you out.
Stan J. Caterbone No I am not adding another medicine, I am fine. No I am not adding anymore
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Then why did you come here.
Stan J. Caterbone Because it is my quarterly update.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Thats All?
Stan J. Caterbone Sure.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Okay, well
Stan J. Caterbone Why else would I be doing here.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. You are not doing well, I have to tell you.
Stan J. Caterbone Well thats your opinion Al. I took my blood test yesterday.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. . (Calling St. Joseph Hospital Laboratory) Dr. Al Shulz, I need the results of
syrum lithium that was done yesterday on outpatient Stan J. Caterbone Caterbone, Oh Im sorry. What is
it? Sure. Dr. Al Shulz, I need the results of a lithium level done yesterday on outpatient Stan J.
Caterbone Caterbone, he also had a THS and Creatun screen. 9.4. Thank You. (hang up phone).
Stan J. Caterbone That is right where about it should be.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. I think it should be higher. The medicine you are taking is escalith twice a day
and Lithobid twice a day.
Stan J. Caterbone Sure. And Wellbeutin.

Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Do you take that once or twice.

Stan J. Caterbone Once. In the morning..
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. CR 450 daily intake is
Stan J. Caterbone Why am I not myself.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. You talked to Father Lavelle.
Stan J. Caterbone Al, what dont you believe?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. - I dont believe you are well.
Stan J. Caterbone No, no, no, no, no, no. Al .. Lets talk about the issues I am raising. Why wont
anyone address the issues? If I am so crazy why wont anyone point to this and say this isnt true? This
is unreality? This isnt true. No one does that. Everyone just ignores the issues Al, Why?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. No I am not ignoring the issues.
Stan J. Caterbone Sure you are.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. All I am saying is..
Stan J. Caterbone No, no, no, all I am doing, Al all I am doing is raising legitimate legal questions.
Thats all, which I have a right to do.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Dont raise them with me, cause I dont Im not your lawyer.
Stan J. Caterbone OK.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Raise you legal issues with your lawyer.
Stan J. Caterbone I know that. I didnt raise them with you.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D.. All I am saying is that
Stan J. Caterbone Al, I did not raise them with you.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. I know that
Stan J. Caterbone I was just sharing them with you.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. You sent that to me.
Stan J. Caterbone Well Al, that is because that is what happened when I was sick, supposedly, allegedly.
It all happened when I was allegedly sick. Thats why. Now the tapes do not lie. Documents do not lie. I
mean thats your opinion. Thats fine but .. Dont sit there and tell me Im crazy.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Well you are not yourself, Stan J. Caterbone.
Stan J. Caterbone Then why, again, I am asking you why? Every time, why is it ever time I go to an
attorney, I am not well? Thats three times Al. This is three times.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Every time, every time you start getting mood swings you ..
Stan J. Caterbone Al, the tapes dont change for mood swings. The documents dont change, they are
the same.

Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D.. What can I say.

Stan J. Caterbone What if the documents are true?
allegations are true?

What if every thing I say, what if all of my

Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Well where is it going to go? Where is it going to get you?
Stan J. Caterbone Why is that your business Al? That is my business. That is not your business where
they go.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D.. Stan J. Caterbone its over
Stan J. Caterbone I will, thank you
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. But
Stan J. Caterbone I will fight for the truth Al. This is for the truth. That is all I am fighting for. If
everyone is afraid for the truth, that is on them. I did not do anything wrong. If other people did
something wrong then that is on them. I am not bearing the burden of responsibility for that. That is all.
I did nothing wrong. I had everything taken from me. And I have rights that were violated. It is as
simple as that. It is not a big deal.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. As far as adding any medicine you day no?
Stan J. Caterbone I dont need anything, No.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. You should add ..
Stan J. Caterbone And why would you add that?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Because you really look wound up.
Stan J. Caterbone Do you think this conversation is wound up?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Yes, you
Stan J. Caterbone OK. I am here for your opinion, and that is fine. I will always
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. You are really not yourself, you are just not yourself.
Stan J. Caterbone Well, when am I myself? Am I a lower tone, more mono? Do I ask more questions,
less questions? What do you mean? Help me out there.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. When your not obsessed with that stuff.
Stan J. Caterbone I go to work ever day, and I do a helluva job at work. Is that being obsessed? Is it?
I am asking you a question. Why am I.. I am sane from 9 to 5 when I work for Dave Pflumm, but in the
off hours I am insane when I deal with my issues. I dont feel upset about anything. I dont think I am
obsessed with anything, Al.. It is just my rights, Its not
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. It is just going to tear you apart.
Stan J. Caterbone Yea, and it will tear other people apart that did wrong to me, too. That is just right.
It is not going to tear me up. I dont let it control my life, Al.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Are You.. How about increasing lithium.
Stan J. Caterbone Al I am really fine, I have been fine for four years, on this. I am fine. I dont need to
change just because I see attorneys. I did not mean to offend so many people, sheesh. I guess the
hospital didnt screw up with Tommy either? Huh?

Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. It doesnt help you to get into what Tommy..
Stan J. Caterbone He was my brother, Al. What do you mean it doesnt help me? I am just concerned,
thats all. Dont worry I have no parts of that. That is Phil. All I want is what is mine. That is all I ever
asked for. How would you like it if you were locked out of here Al, and you lost your career, and your
money, and your home? How would you like it? You wouldnt fight back? Any reasonable person would
fight back.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. If there is anything to get back.
Stan J. Caterbone How do you determine what there is to get back?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. All right, all right.
Stan J. Caterbone Well no, I am just asking a question.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. It sounds like there is nothing to get back.
Stan J. Caterbone And who told you that?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Nothing but pain and misery.
Stan J. Caterbone What if I have evidence otherwise? How would you know what I have? How do you
know what my business was?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Its not, Im not. The guy that brought you most is sitting in jail. What the
Stan J. Caterbone Who? Jim Guerin? Al, Jim Guerin has nothing to do with this. Nothing?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Who are the guys that did this to you?
Stan J. Caterbone Al, that is up to investigators. Who violated my rights? Who arrested me for stealing
my own files out of my own office. Lets start there. Who repossessed my airplane thirty days before my
first payment was due? Who took my business away from me? Who took my credit, my reputation?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Okay, so you will not
Stan J. Caterbone Al I thought this is America, you fight for what is yours, you fight for what is taken
from you, I mean it is not no big complicated thing. I mean there was so much taken from me. I have all
the evidence. I have all the tapes. Its all on one disc. Six hundred fifty documents, all the
conversations. That is the factual. It is not what I think. It is not what I perceive. That is a fact. And
that doesnt change. And that is what I go by. That is how I make my decisions and my judgments, on
the facts. It is not what I think, or what I want to think. Its just the facts.
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. You need anymore prescriptions?
Stan J. Caterbone Yea, you know what else I need, Creatin and what are the others? I guess I should
have had them this time? I dont really need any scripts for the meds. I need them for my insurance.
They always break them out, but. They wont give me anymore than thirty days worth, so. Al let me ask
you a question, legally has my right to enter into contract ever been rescinded?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. - No
Stan J. Caterbone So what does my mental illness have to do with anything?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. I am just telling you, you are not yourself. I cant tell you not to do this, all Im
saying it can tear you up inside.

Stan J. Caterbone Al, I know. If I stay out of it it tears me apart. What people did to me. I get no
respect. People think I am an insane criminal. Thats not true. I have never been convicted of anything
and have been in jail five times. That is not a setup?
Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. Here is your..
Stan J. Caterbone Alright.

Dr. Albert J. Shulz, M.D. -


Lancaster, PA
Continuation: Page 3
Name of Report: H & P
Name: Caterbone, Stanley

CHIEF COMPLAINT; Bipolar mood disorder.

HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS: This patient was admitted after family had arranged for bail and
the patient agreed to come into the hospital voluntarily for inpatient psychiatric
treatment. He had been placed in Jail for breaking into an (his) office. The office
involved was the patient's place of employment (Financial Management Group, Ltd.,).
The patient maintains, he is still currently employed. The other party is maintaining
that the patient is no longer employed and is guilty of illegal breaking and entering (all
charges were dismissed, I was legally right).
His current problem is several months in duration. I had received calls on several
occasions from concerned friends (Jim Warner, Mary Lynn Diapolo, Jere
Sullivan, et al) and family. They had stated that the patient was not himself he had
become involved in what appeared to be very grandiose business schemes (See
Digital Movie documents on website and blog), talking about producing a movie,
having bought a home at the New Jersey shore, having bought an airplane. The patient
had become embroiled in legal disputes with the company, which he had had a major
role in setting up last year. Apparently he had somewhat disengaged from involvement
with the company (False Statement); to be involved in his other business ventures (All
business activities sanction with full support of Board of Directors, and all recorded in
Board minutes and FMG Newsletters). He presently maintains that he is the victim of a
plot to illegally extrude him from the company and steal his rightful return from this
business venture. In addition, he is apparently planning litigation with the bank, who
withdrew credit from his having bought an airplane before he had defaulted on
payments of the load. The patient apparently lost considerable money when he could
not maintain payments on the house (False Statement: Lease for 1987 was paid in full)
that he had bought at the Hew Jersey shore. The family called several times,
expressing concern that he was making judgments that were not in his best interests
(False Statement: All proven to be in best interest), that he was angry and irascible in
a way that was not at all himself. It appeared that the patient was suffering from a
manic episode.
PAST MEDICAL AND FAMILY HISTORY; Previous Psychiatric History, the patient had
consulted me last fall and winter. At that time, he had a serious depression, which
included suicidal ideations. I saw him several times, placed him on Lithium. Be noted
significant improvement coincident with the Lithium Carbonate therapy. He
discontinued follow-up, discontinued the Lithium, felt quite well through the early part
of the spring.
At that time, the patient related that he has experienced a sub clinical high the
previous summer.
Family History, positive of major psychiatric illness. Father and brother had recurrent
admissions, brother ultimately died of suicide.
Past Medical History, the patient says that he sustained a kidney injury playing football
in high school.

Education, patient graduated from Millersville University. Work history, patient has
been involved in Financial Services For years. He initially was involved with IDS.
Ultimately, put together a company on his own. D and A history is negative. Legal
History was negative until events leading up to the patient's coming to the hospital.
REVIEW OP SYSTEMS; No complaints, other than the patient said he had a URI a week or two
before being admitted to this inpatient unit.
PHYSICAL examination; (Vital signs - See Nursing Assessment)
GENERAL: The patient is in no physical distress.
HEAD/EYES/EARS/NOSE/THROAT: No acute abnormalities.
NECK: No lymphadenopathy.
CHEST/LUNGS/BREASTS; Lungs clear to Auscultation.
HEART; Regular rhythm, no murmurs.
ABDOMEN: Soft, no tenderness, no masses.
MENTAL Status: The patient is cooperative; he is totally resistant to the thought that he is
suffering from any manic symptoms. He has some pressured speech. He is obsessed
and preoccupied with his litigation involving his company and the bank loan for his
airplane. The patient discounts and discredits anyone that has expressed concern
for his emotional well being. Friends mentioned, family are all discredited, saying
they really are not close to him and do not understand what is going on. The
patient also discredits me, saying that I mean well, but that I am bias by what I
have learned from friends and relatives and that I do not understand what the
patient is enduring with regard to his present legal involvement. The patient does
not have any formal thought disorder. He does not present any secondary
psychotic symptoms in the form of delusions or hallucinations. The patient denies
any suicidal ideation whatsoever and denies any feelings of impulses to harm
anyone else. He talks at length of the conspiracy against him that will very soon be
revealed by the legal action that he is taking. The patient has no organic disturbance
with regard to seamy, orientation, reasoning and judgment.
ASSESSMENT: Bipolar mood disorder.
PLAN: In view of the patient's history and response to Lithium, he has been advised
that he absolutely, at present, should be taking Lithium carbonate. The patient
adamantly denies the need for such at present, refuses to accept the diagnosis or
recommended treatment When it was first presented in a phone conversation with

the patient, it was rejected initially, was rejected after he was admitted. The patient
requested an independent psychiatric evaluation, this has been accomplished by or.
Nutter. Dr. Nutter concurs with the diagnosis of bipolar mood disorder. He concurs
with the recommended treatment of Lithium carbonate. The patient cannot accept
either. I told the patient that in view of his inability to accept either the diagnosis or
the treatment, I feel I have nothing else to offer him in terms of keeping him in the
hospital. I have requested that he meet with myself and a family member so that I
can pass on my diagnosis and recommendations. He -is willing to do this, hopes to
leave the hospital after that and is willing to leave against medical advise.
D: 09/11/87
T: 09/14/87