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3 levels of access within SN...

3 Servers in the SN Instance


1. System Access
2. Application & Module
3. Table and Field Access

1. Physical Server
2. Database Server
3. Application Server

A fully qualified LDAP tree is

know as...

Distinguished Name (DN)

Acceptable ping time

less than 250ms

Application/Module access is
secured by....


Default contextual security in

SN is to.....

DENY access

Default port number for



Does LDAP store passwords in


LDAP does NOT store

passwords in SN.

Each record in ServiceNow is

identified by a unique ##
character GUID (Globally
Unique ID) called a sys_id.

Hardware stack used for




How can you get the value of a

Catalog variable in a client

How do you access statistics?

How do you bypass SSO to

access an instance with an
external account?

How do you flush the cache?

How do you make a field


Personalize Dictionary>add
the Unique field> Check the

How do you read a value via a

client script?


How do you reference a

Request Item's variable pool
from any table?

OR current.variables.<variable_name>

How do you remove auditing

of a field in a table that is

To prevent a field from being

audit, add the no_audit
dictionary attribute.

How do you troubleshoot a

web service?

build it in ServiceNow, send to

integration point, wait for
response, check log.

How long are SN backups


Daily backups (all instances

including Production) are kept
for 7 days. Weekly Production
backups are kept for 4 weeks.

How long does it take to

backup an instance?

How Mid Server traffic is


How to increase the

performance on a form if it is

How to increase the

performance on a homepage if
it is slow?

If you add a field to a child

table? Does it also get added
to the parent table?

Depending on how much data

is in the instance's database,
backups can take from 10
minutes to up to 2 hours.


Check Response time

indicator, Check client
transaction logs, Check Slow
Queries Module.
Check debug statistics (Debug
Homepage Rendering), Optimize
queries by including index fields,
Property for enabling parallel
rendering of homepages, Limit
amount of auto refresh.


If you add a short description

field to the task table? Does it
also get added to child tables
of the task table?
In a business rule User created
variables are also globally
scoped by default. What is
best practice to prevent
unexpected behavior?

In addition to "Current" and

"Previous" what is a server
side global object available?

List of operations that could

be performed in ServiceNow

List ways to make a transform

map efficient


always wrap your code in a



Create, Read, Write, Delete.

avoid running Business Rules, avoid complicated

transform scripts especially GlideRecord, avoid importing
unchanged data, avoid coalescing non-indexed fields,
avoid running multiple imports simultaneously, verify
Import Set Deleter is running to clean import sets, avoid
importing new columns into an existing import set table
before truncating table,
avoid importing large data sets, best to break into smaller
jobs for faster results.

Name 3 ways to populate a


1. an automated Discovery tool

2. importing from another
3. integrating with an external

Name a batch integration

JDBC or CSV Files

Name a real time integration

Web services

Name the 2-step

troubleshooting strategy...

1. evaluate empirical evidence

2. identify tools to help resolve

Name the 3 factors affecting

SN performance:

1. Application Server
2. Network
3. Browser

Name the 3 ways ACLs can be


Name the 6 'Partner


On a related list how do you

prevent access to the New or
Edit option?

Performance metrics graphs

represent performance in
what 8 functional areas of SN?

ServiceNow integrates with many

third party applications and data
sources. What type of architecture
is used in which all data objects can
use web services to access bidirectional data-level integration.

1. Conditional Expressions
2. Scripts
3. Roles

1. Assessment - of specific instances

2. Load Testing - not performed by SN
3. Debug Mode
4. Network Testing
5. Script Testing
6. Homepages

Right-click in the header bar

of the list and select
Personalize > List Control
(omit new button, omit edit
1. Database
2. Discovery
3. Disk Partitions
4. Linux Stats Logging
5. MySQL Overview
6. Node Metrics
7. Replication
8. ServiceNow Servlet

service-oriented architecture

ServiceNow provides
customers with a dedicated
database, application and data
isolation using which one of
the following models?
SN supports publishing access
to its underlying table
structures and their associated
data through....

Standard integrations for SN



Direct Web Services

1. login (single sign on)

2. data & processes
3. communications
5. monitoring
6. discovery & systems management
7. ERP
8. Change management

System access is secured by....

Username AND Password

T or F: You should map roles

directly to users.

F: You should map users to

groups and roles to groups
which the user then inherits

Table/Field access is secured


The default filter on the

Transaction Log returns...

The search for a field level

ACL is....

1. globally defined sys

2. table/field level access
controls (ACLs)

TODAY's transactions

1. incident.number (table.field)
2. task.number (parent table.field)
3. *.number (any table.field
4. incident.* (table.any field)
5. task.* (parent table.any field)
6. . (any table.any field)

To import large numbers of

users at once, consider using...

Import Sets

Use this if a web service

publisher is behind a firewall...

MID Server

VPN traffic is routed in which


What are a few 'best practice'

client side technologies that
can speed up form speed
without affecting

From Service-Now to

2. Default Value
3. UI Policies
4. Form fields
5. Form sections
6. Related lists
7. GlideAJAX
8. Display Business Rules

What are Scripted Web

Services available for?

developing custom web

services that are executed in

What are the 3 steps in the SN

Release Cycle?

Future release, Patch release

and Hot Fix

What are the 3 types of Web


Direct, Mapped, Scripted

What are the 7 steps in

configuring LDAP?

1. determine communication channel

2. define LDAP server
3. provide LDAP server login creds
4. set connection properties, test connection
5. define OU's within the server
6. create data source & transform map
7. create & execute a scheduled import

What are the two pieces of an

LDAP integration?

1. Data Population
2. Authentication

What are Web Service Import


less direct, input only

mechanism for publishing
access through data mapping
using transform maps

What does a Future release


New features, all available

fixes for existing functionality

What does a Hot Fix include?

Specific problem fix, may not

include previous fixes, no new

What does a Patch release


What does RIDAC stand for?

Collection of problem fixes, all

previous hot fixes, no new

Risks, Issues, Decisions,

Actions, Changes

What is a 'consumer' of a web


Consuming a web service

means a web service user can
interact with a published web

What is a 'publisher' (or

provider) of a web service?

Publishing a web service

means enabling a web service
user (consumer) to locate the
service description

What is a valid reason for a

customer to obtain a VPN
connection for their
ServiceNow implementation?

Encrypt the communication

path between a customer
ServiceNow instance and their
enterprise mail server.

What is an OU definition?

Source directory for imported

data through LDAP.

Data Information Tree

What is DIT?
The hierarchy of data entries
in an LDAP integration.

What is HTTP?

What is not captured by an

update set?

What is PDPDOT?

'Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol'

-language used by the internet
-facilitates the transport of
web services

Data (user records, tasks,

incidents, etc) are not
captured by update sets.

Plan, Discover, Prepare,

Deploy, Operate, Transform

What is POP3?

protocol to receive emails


What is RAD?

Rapid Application
Development (methodology)

Relative Distinguished Name

What is RDN?

What is required to make a


What is RIDAC?

Each unique data attribute that is a

part of the DN (Distinguished
Name) in an LDAP integration.

Contact Hi (SN)

Supports project management best

practices by providing a common
place to track project risks and
allow for monitoring, tracking, and
overall project status as the project
evolves (such as scope change).

What is SMTP?

What is SOAP?

What is the proper syntax for

accessing the values of
variables from the record
producer script field?

What is the role of an

engagement manager?

What is the ServiceNow mail


protocol to send emails


'Simple Object Access Protocol'

-for exchanging structured
information between systems
-uses XML for its message

to reference values inputted by
a user.

There to maintain customer

relationships, facilitate
requirements gathering and keep
the project's scope on track. Allows
technical consultants to focus on
requirements completion.

What is the standard

configuration of the browser
to connect to the SN

What is the system dictionary?

What is WSDL?

What is XML?

What to consider when

troubleshooting homepage

HTTPS over the Internet

a table named sys_dictionary which

defines all the tables and fields
within the instance. The system
dictionary provides customization
options for tables and fields, which
in turn define lists and forms.

'Web Service Description

-XML document describing
functions, arguments, data
schema and endpoint
'Extensible Markup Language'
-defines a set of rules for encoding
documents that is both human and
machine readable
-uses tags for its schemas

the number of reports/gauges

are running on the page

What to consider when

troubleshooting slow
performance between X & Y

-check transaction logs

-query between specified
-confirm you actually see
slowness at that time interval

What to consider when

troubleshooting slowness at a
particular time?

-transaction logs
-business rules running
(before vs. async)

What to consider when

troubleshooting slowness
during large data import?

do not run Business Rules

during import (checkbox)

What Types of integrations

available with SN:

Web Service, File Import,

JDBC using MID Server,
Email (inbound).

What would would improve

the performance of loading
forms within ServiceNow?

Reduce the number of related

lists configured for a form.

What you would call a table

and a table that branches from
that table?

A table that extends another

table is called a child class,
and the table it extends is the
parent class.

When are SN instances backed


All instances are backed up

nightly. Production instances
are also backed up weekly.

When configuring an LDAP

what is the UI action used to
verify connectivity?

Test Connection

When SN is the consumer...

SOAP web services is used

When SN is the publisher....


When the Hi Security plugin is

enabled what tasks will
require "Security Admin" to

Background Scripts,Import
from XML, Modifying ACLs.

When troubleshooting the

Application Server think of...

1. Memory
2. Database Connections
3. Semaphores (every transaction needs
4. Scheduled Workers (every transaction
needs one)
5. Threads (every transaction needs one)

When troubleshooting the

Database Server think of....

1. Query optimization
2. Size of table/number of rows
3. Hardware Limitations
(memory could be a factor bc
it's based on license count)

When troubleshooting the

Physical Server think of...

1. CPU
2. Memory (when main
memory is full we start
reading and writing from the
disk which slows performance)

When Using
"g_form.getReference()" what
is best practice?

always use the callback parameter

ex. g_form.getReference('caller_id',
doAlert); // doAlert is our callback

When using a "before"

business rule what should you
avoid using that can impact
form performance?

current.update() (Use of this

function causes double
updates and therefore double

When using
g_form.getReference(), what
happens when you use the
callback function?

this routine runs asynchronously,

and browser (and script) processing
will continue normally until the
server returns the reference value,
at which time the callback function
will be invoked.

Where does gs.log() write to?

database AND file system

Which method can be used in

a condition statement to check
that a field is empty?

Which one of the following is

done during requirements


Develop Use Cases

Within the ServiceNow application, a

technical consultant has created and
tested a new Outbound SOAP Message.
In order for the consultant to invoke the
new SOAP message within the
ServiceNow application, what will need
to be created?

Business Rule