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CMC Instructions

Test Universe License Upgrade and Module Extension

1. Test Universe License Upgrade
2. Module Extension
Test Universe License Upgrade
In cases where a license file is urgently needed and no corresponding Test Universe Installation DVD is available, the license file
can be forwarded directly, e.g. by e-mail.

Step 1: Copy the OMICRON.lic file to your computer

Step 2: Start the Test Universe software and run "License Manager", that is available on the Test Universe Start Page under "Setup"

Step 3: Use the "Browse" button to locate the directory that contains the license file and then press "OK"

Step 4: Click the "Search" button

Step 5: Mark the license file you would like to merge and click the "Merge" button to upgrade the Master License File


Module Extension
If the Master License File contains a license for a test module that is disabled on the Test Universe Start Page, either
1. use the Add or Remove Programs functionality provided by Windows to enable more test modules for the Test Universe
Start Page or
2. insert a Test Universe Installation DVD at the same version as that already installed. In this case continue with "Step 7".

Step 6:
- Go to the "Control Panel",
- Open "Programs and features",
- Choose "OMICRON Test Universe" from the list and then click the "Change" button

Step 7: Select "Modify" and click "Next >" to get to the feature install window

Step 8: Navigate to the module you want to enable for the Test Universe Start Page. Then click with the left mouse button on
the hard disk symbol next to the module name. Select "This feature will be installed on local hard drive" and then click "Next >"

Step 9: To begin the installation of the modules click "Install"

Step 10: Click on "Finish" when the installation progress has been finished. The modules are available on the Test Universe
Start Page now

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