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CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE July 5, 2006 Mr. Stan Caterbone President & CEO ‘Advanced Media Group/Global Entertainment Group 220 Stone Hill Road Conestoga, PA. 17516 Dear Stan, Following up on the invitation you previously received from President Clinton, enclosed is a program update on the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, to be held September 20-22 in New York City. The hallmarks of this initiative are the extraordinary caliber of its participants and its singular focus on solutions and commitments. Our work will continue along these lines this September, with a group that will include over a dozen sitting heads of state, a remarkable assemblage of business leaders, and some of the world’s smartest experts on poverty alleviation, climate change, global health, and mitigating religious and ethnie conflict. Once again, we will ask our participants to roll up their sleeves, working in small groups to generate new approaches. Please join King Abdullah II and Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, President Jacques Chirac, Prime Minister Tony Blair, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, First Lady Laura Bush, Warren Buffett, Hernando de Soto, Bill Gates, Lakshmi Mittal, Rupert Murdoch, General Colin Powell, Lee Scott Jr., Ratan Tata, Muhammad Yunus, and many more distinguished leaders, in tackling the tough challenges of our times. You will find an expanded list of participants and details on our preliminary agenda, along with your registration form, in the enclosed materials. We are rapidly approaching full capacity and hope that you will be able to join us for thi purposeful and productive gathering of leaders who have the power, resources, and dedication needed to improve countless lives. We hope to see you in September. With best wishes, Bruce R. Chief Executive Officer William J. Clinton Foundation set Avenue of the AAmetiens, Suite 5 Tel: #4.202.5972265 | Fay: +121 CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE 2006 Annual Meeting Working Group Overviews Energy and Climate Change In 2005, world temperatures reached record highs, even ing emerged, oil prices more evidence of global war climbed to new heights, and the market for elean energy technologies expanded significantly. Conerete ways that political, corporate and civic leaders ean work together will be identified. Global Public Health Global developments thwarted by the lack of a practical health care infrastructure that prevents, cares for, and tracks disease threats. This problem, along with a lack of focus on neglected diseases, contributes to hundreds Of millions of deaths and disabilities each yeas. With an emphasis on ereating effective partnerships, the Clinton Global Initiative will work to reduce the health crises that afflict so many unnecessaril Poverty Alleviation While poverty has captured the attention of world leaders, the private sector and community activists from rich and poor countries alike, the realty is that the global economic eaders from the public divide is growing—not shrinking, and private sectors and development experts will explore ww investment and trade ean foster transformation in agriculture and other sectors to enable the world’s poor to life themselves out of poverty. Mitigating Religious and Ethnic Conflict Although recent yeats have witnessed the rise of faith based organizations mobilizing support for social causes and inereasing interfaith dialogue, the continuing eapacity Of religions to divide is painfully evident. By convening. people with experience in resolving religious and ethnic conflict, the Clinton Global Initiative will seek to identify a peace-building agenda with roles for corporations, religious leaders, NGOs, politcal leaders, the media and others. THE LIST OF ATTENDEES IS IMPRESSIVE. THE EFFECT THEY WILL HAVE ON THE WORLD, EVEN MORE SO. 2006 Confirmed Annual Meeting Participants 2006 Confirmed Annual Meeting Participants BHAOAAS Re kees FORSOR ABAGAN