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(980) 216-9433

Charlotte, NC 28226

Versatile Information Technology Manager with extensive experience in multiple industries. An

accomplished IT Project Manager and Consultant with expertise in:
team and project management

offshore team management

business process re-engineering

enterprise technology strategy

software development management

solution sales support

matrix resource management

enterprise content management

Electrolux, Charlotte, NC
Infrastructure Project Manager

August 2013 to June 2015

Managing multiple multi-million dollar network and server refresh projects in Electrolux facilities across
North America.
Projects typically Network, PBX, SAN and server refresh and upgrades or conversions.
Managed multiple projects in a fast paced environment with minimal management intervention
by prioritizing activities on each project.
Gathered appropriate resources for each project based on scope as not all projects are the
Established the project budget and project schedule maintain both throughout the project to
bring in on budget and on schedule. I am best when working under pressure and take pride in
being someone you can rely in.
Managed issues and risks to keep the project within the guidelines established by the project
Managed outside vendors as a part of projects so they provide what was contracted; both
materials and labor. Managed them as a partner not a vendor.
Communicated accurate and timely status of the project to project team members and
Time Warner Cable, Charlotte, NC
September 2011 August 2013
Infrastructure Project Manager
Managed multiple client engagements. These engagements consist of a matrixed delivery teams.
Projects supported business needs to upgrade or expand capabilities; either hardware and/or
software (i.e. adding server hardware or VM, expanding SQL or Oracle database
Responsible for managing multiple implementations of new server and network hardware
capacity upgrades
In all projects, responsible for acquisition of capital and resource funding.
Responsible for primary customer communications for particular applications within the Time
Warner Cable suite of products.
Bank of America, Charlotte, NC
2004 - 2011
Enterprise Change Technology and Operations
Portfolio Manager
Responsible for two client portfolios and managing a team of Project Managers.
Responsible for managing a team of Project Managers executing projects to bring new
capabilities to the bank or server capacity upgrades. Projects were brought in on time 97% on
time and within 12% of budget.

Ben House, (980) 216-9433

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Responsible for overall health of these portfolios and reporting status to senior management
within the client and the senior management within my division. Overall projects were kept in
Green status 98% of the time.
Responsible for financial transparency between the technical team and the Line of Business.

Technical Project Team Manager

Managed multiple client engagements. These engagements consist of a highly matrixed, multilocation teams.
Responsible for managing multiple implementations of server capacity upgrades. All involved
the management of resources, financials and schedules. In all projects, responsible for
acquisition of capital and resource funding.
Responsible for managing a team that oversees day-to-day and long term activities to support
a large internal client within the enterprise. This team coordinates resources in multiple
locations to maintain the server environment for the BTG and LOB. My team is also
responsible for organization of proactive and break/fix type work to keep the systems run
Technical Project Manager for multiple efforts within the infrastructure technology division.
Duke Energy, Charlotte, NC
2002 - 2003
Senior Web Consultant
Led project within the Online Services organization to establish standards and methodologies for
performing content management projects. Project managed various content management projects
with client business units inside Duke Energy. Both efforts saved the organization time and effort to
perform the content management initiatives.
Developed methodologies and standards for executing standard content management projects
(engagements) with clients. A Content Management Standards document and templates were
built to provide guidance and standard documents to the content management analyst to
execute in a standard manner on all engagements. The structure of this initiative provided a
framework for making projects yield standard results in a timelier manner.
Led the Content Management portion of a large-scale project to revitalize Duke Energys web
presence that was not updated regularly and out of brand. One of the main objectives of the
project was to make the content more organized and accessible by the business unit subject
matter expert (SME) so the content could be kept fresh. Interfaced with the business unit
content owner to negotiate the business requirements for handoff to the technical team to build
the Web Content Management solution. Once built led development of materials and training
of the respective content owners and managed implementation support. This project is saving
time and resources to keep their web presence fresh for clients and stockholders.
IBM Corporation
1986 - 2002
IBM Global Services, Charlotte, NC (1995 - 2002)
Senior Consultant, Knowledge and Content Management Consulting
Managed client engagements to analyze client processes and solve problems in content
management. Achieved excellent client feedback while increasing profitability to IBM with effective
management of client projects.
Generated $1.25 million in revenue annually.
Delivered engagements utilizing matrixed personnel to analyze client requirements for
emerging technologies for remote computing (PDA, etc.) and performed project management
for development and rollout of new technologies enabling the client to implement the new
Led multi-tiered Enterprise Content Management engagements that mapped and categorized
content requirements Content Management software selections were performed to address

Ben House, (980) 216-9433

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the clients requirements for subsequent implementation. Result: client was able to quickly
implement an enterprise content management.
Led projects to perform analyses of clients content; inventory, categorization, and life cycle
enabling fast assessment and implementation of Web Content Management systems.

IBM Global Services, Bethesda, MD (1992 - 1995)

Consultant, Healthcare Segment Consulting
Led engagements with clients in the healthcare industry to plan and implement patient records
automation utilizing operational image and other technology solutions. Utilized standard
methodologies for consulting to healthcare institutions on justification, acquisition, and implementation
of healthcare image solutions.
Led large image implementation in hospital patient records department. Result: Records
department managed the hospital's 10% growth without adding staff. As an indirect result, the
hospital's physician recruitment program, through the use of this advanced technology,
brought in two physicians in the first year.
Coordinated the implementation of a large-scale Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
solution, in a large health insurance provider in the northeast. Customized solution to allow the
client to utilize the OCR technology to transfer information from forms received directly into
their line of business application. Outcome: client processes three times more claims per day
with less personnel resulting in a huge savings and a reduction of claim payment to 10 days
(from 30 days).
IBM Health Industry Marketing, Bethesda, MD (1990 - 1992)
Product Marketing Specialist - Healthcare Image Processing
Managed multi-million dollar sales quota Solutions Sales Team that provided solutions to medical
records departments of large hospitals through healthcare imaging software.
Led a solution sales team and stimulated sales of operational image to healthcare institutions
for the eastern portion of the US. IBM obtained market share of healthcare image marketplace
by January of 1992.
Conducted image processing studies with potential customers on implementation and cost
justification for healthcare image which resulted in increased sales of healthcare image
Marketed the healthcare image products thru trade shows, customer presentations and
targeted customer visits. Presented speeches at healthcare management association
IBM Federal Systems Division, Gaithersburg, MD (1986 - 1990)
Healthcare Systems Analyst - Medical Systems
Leader of a software solution team tasked to create and bring to market an image solution to address
the needs of a medical records department of a clinic or hospital. Joined IBM to launch an effort to
produce software solutions to address a hospitals needs for specific clinical areas.
Analyzed the healthcare market and created a plan to address the needs for automation of the
medical records area of the institution.
Consulted with healthcare customers to gather requirements for a healthcare image product.
Assisted development with design of IBMs Medical RecordsPlus image system and
coordinated implementation of the initial customers.

Ben House, (980) 216-9433

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Bachelor of Science, Data Processing/Business Administration, Lambuth University, Jackson TN
Project Management Institute (PMI)
American Management Association (AMA)