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JULY 2, 2015

NR # 3883B

Justice committee approves bill penalizing throwing of hard objects

at motor vehicles in motion or stationary
The House Committee on Justice has approved a proposal providing for stiff penalties for the act
of throwing hard objects at a motor vehicle, while in motion or stationary, which damages the vehicle or
causes death or bodily harm to its passengers.
The committee chaired by Rep. Niel C. Tupas, Jr. (5 th District, Iloilo) approved House Bill 4865,
principally authored by Rep. Rodolfo C. Farias (1 st District, Ilocos Norte), which penalizes any person
who hits a motor vehicle by throwing stones, rocks, bricks, bottles, pieces of wood or metal or any other
hard object of any kind or character, that damages, ruins, destroys or wrecks the vehicle or causes death
or bodily harm to its passengers.
The bill provides a penalty of life imprisonment and P100,000 fine, in addition to civil liabilities,
if such act results in the death of any person.
If such act results in any physical injury to a person, the penalty shall be five years imprisonment
and P15,000 fine, in addition to civil liabilities for medical expenses and rehabilitation.
The least penalty shall be one year imprisonment and P10,000 fine, in addition to the costs of
repair of the vehicle.
The prosecution under the measure shall be without prejudice to the prosecution of the offense
under other existing laws, the proposal provides.
Farias, a lawyer and a vice chairman of the Committees on Justice, Dangerous Drugs and
Energy, said by penalizing the act of throwing stones and hard objects at vehicles and providing stiff
penalties for the crime, people will be forewarned of the consequences of such crime, thereby serving as a
deterrent to future wrongdoers.
Thus, the wellbeing of the travelers as well as the drivers and owners of the vehicles is ensured,
said Farias.
It is a fact that there are unscrupulous people who throw, for whatever reason, hard objects like
stones, rocks, bricks, bottles, pieces of wood at motor vehicles, particularly public transport plying main
thoroughfares, according to the lawmaker.
In the process, accidents result, putting the lives and limbs of passengers in danger and damaging
the vehicle itself. This practice has to be abated, said Farias.
Moreover, Farias said authorities are at a loss on how to prevent the commission of such act,
because at most, the culprits could be dealt with only with the crime of malicious mischief under Article
327 of the Revised Penal Code, punishable by a light penalty.
Worst, offenders go scot-free and end up making this hazardous act a habitual past-time. Hence
this proposal, said Farias.
House Bill 4865 is co-authored by Reps. Marlyn L. Primicias-Agabas (6 th District, Pangasinan),
Cesar V. Sarmiento (Lone District, Catanduanes) and Benjamin C. Agarao (4th District, Laguna).(30) rbb