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Food Group Frenzy!

Date: 6/16/15

Teacher: Ms. Kathryn Hale

School: Awesome Elementary

Class: KIN 355

Equipment: 4 Cones to indicate playing area, 5 colored balls (1 red, 1
Time: 10:20am
green, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 orange)
Term: Summer
Targeted NASPE Standard(s): NASPE Standards 1, 2, 4,
Specific Objective: By the end of this lesson, the students will be able to work with their fellow classmates
to create a balanced diet represented by x amount of people in each food group.
Concomitant Objective: The students will stay physically active until every player has been tagged.

Procedures Followed
Warm Up: NONE NEEDED, because students will be running in the actual
game which will increase heart rate
- When I say go, please put your toes on the green line
- Set induction given there.

Set Induction:
- With toes on green line
- Ask Who had breakfast today? Great! what did you have?
- These foods make up our diet, and by understanding what types of
foods make up our diets, we can live a healthy, balanced life!
- Explain Learnable Piece
Learnable Piece:
- Today you will be learning how to work together to create a healthy,
balanced diet by understanding which foods go into which food group.
- That includes communicating, and strategizing with your fellow
classmates to create a balanced diet.
- Your goal is to work together in order to tag equal amounts of food in
each food group.
- When I say go please find a place to stand inside the cones. Be sure
you spread out and have lots of room (demonstrate how much room
one should have). When you find your spot give me two thumbs up.
- Ready, Go!
Presentation of New Material/Directions:
- Once students find a spot and all present two thumbs up, then explain
- In the game Food Group Frenzy, we start with 5 taggers, one to
represent each food group, fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy, and
o Have volunteers or choose for taggers
- Each tagger has their own colored ball that represents their food
group (Red=Fruit, Green=veggies, blue=dairy, orange=grains,
- When tagged by a red ball you must freeze into an apple
(demonstrates), when tagged by a green ball you must freeze into a



celery stick (demonstrate), when tagged by a blue ball you must freeze
into a pitcher of milk (demonstrate), when tagged by an orange ball
you must freeze into a piece of bread (demonstrate), and lastly when
tagged by a purple ball you must freeze and flex your biceps
- On our first round taggers can tag whomever they like, when youre
tagged you must freeze!
- You must then work together on the 2nd round in order to tag equal
amounts of each food group.
o Watch out for others around you
o Check to see if shoes are tied, everyone look down at their
shoes, are they tied?
o When tagging others lightly touch their shoulder(s) or back to
tag with the ball
o Once your frozen, please stay in that position until the end of
the round so others dont get hit and taggers can clearly see
who is left in the game
- Checking for Understanding:
o What should a fruit look like?
o What should a veggie look like?
o What should dairy look like?
o What should a grain look like?
o What should protein look like?
o Any questions about the Game? Give me a thumbs up if you
Guided Activity Time with Corrective Feedback:

1st round is played.

Everyone freeze where you are! Look around at your fellow frozen
classmates, do we see how there are more in one food group than
another? This represents an unbalanced diet.
For this next round, taggers must work together to tag (X) people each
in order to balance the food groups.
Ready, Go!
2nd round is played.

Transition: Everyone Freeze!

- Students walk to center circle after game is over.



Possible Modifications:
- Create multiple taggers in one food group
- Reduce the size of the game area
Lesson Review/Checking for Understanding:
- Questions:
o What is a balanced diet?
o What are two ways you worked together with your classmates to
create a balanced diet?
o What worked well? What didnt? How did you fix it?
o Good!
o Teacher: Focus on learnable piece above.
Great job working together everyone!
I really liked the team work that I saw!