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TITLE: Talking about past events using irregular verbs

TARGET: Students of 2nd media Italian school (grade 7th) 24 students, mother tongue Italian
English as foreign language towards A1 level
Lesson aims and objectives
Expressing past events
Reporting past events
Talk about past events in English as a foreign language
Acquiring specific vocabulary (irregular verbs)
Recognizing the use of past simple in English and its reference in Italian
listening to a dialogue 10 MINUTES
Working on its transcript 10 MINUTES
Making questions on the transcript (oral skills) 10 minutes
Reading and translating 15 minutes
Underline verbs at simple irregular and regular verbs past and past expressions 5MINUTES
Copy irregular verbs on a chart in the laptop 10- 15 MINUTES
Listen to their pronunciation and repeat 5 MINUTES
Writing sentences using the list of the verbs 10 15 minutes (with the help of dictionaries - one for
each student- software pre - installed in the laptops)
Commenting and correcting some examples of the students work 15 minutes
Interactive cloze exercise on regular verbs 10 MINUTES
Survey with multiple choice on forming the past simple of irregular verbs 10MINUTES
Place: Multimedia Language Lab the set includes an interactive board a teacher pc console
controlling the students- 24 laptops linked to the main teacher desktop

Time required for completing each activity and the overall lesson 2 hours
Software/web 2.0 tools to be used


media lab

Windows WordPad and office word

Course book software cd-rom multiple-choice exercises
Hot potatoes for cloze tests
Unit 3 High Spirits Dialogue reporting past events
Pre - based knowledge about regular verbs at past simple
Teacher and students listening the recording (two characters. a boy and a girl speaking about what
they did last night) - Transcript showed to students through interactive whiteboard and projected on
their laptops screen using the Netsupportschool lab pointing out and underline verbs past simple
tense (irregular and regular) underlining irregular ones conveying their meaning through explanation
both in English and in mother tongue
Teacher and students Reading by teacher - students by students using the headsets to
communicate teacher student -. Reading (students) listening carefully (teacher) and correcting the
pronounce- Translating orally students with help by the teacher - Questions on the text (oral) (who are
the two students? Where are they? What are they talking about? What did they do yesterday ? etc)
Collecting answers form the students correcting mistakes - . Trying to figure out the meaning of the
irregular pat verbs searching for them in the course book carts of irregular verbs recovering the base
form (helped by the teachers).
Students Creating and filling a chart in a word document with base form, translation in Italian and past
form of the irregular verbs inside the transcript of the dialogue (reinforcement exercise)
Correction by the teacher monitoring the students screen through the teachers desktop
Writing two sentences for each verb sending them through Net support school lab chat
Teacher choosing some of them and writing on the interactive board. Class correction. Teacher and
students. Class correction commenting eventually mistakes, use of the interactive board to underline
and correct mistakes
Consolidation- Students Surveys using Net support school Survey tool on irregular verbs, recognizing
base form
Teacher fast brief evaluation of level of learning by students through the polls exit

Final evaluation
Teachers and Students
Cloze tests with definite time using Hot potatoes software ten minutes to fill the gap test successfully
90-100 per cent as results

Revision of the test and correction using the Interactive Whiteboard.

End of the lesson.
Emanuela Leto English Teachers a I C Laura Lanza Baronessa di Carini(PA) Italy

Bowen Delaney High Spirits volume 2 with Multirom