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discussion of the end of Childhood of a Leader, Adoption of a certain world

view, view of one self and of others.(important area of conversion between

the two texts)
descirbes lucienne of someone who is being aware of existence, antisemitism of evading existence is because he want to do justice in AntiSemite
Chpt 1,sarte lays out view of the anto-semite (afraid of this and coward of
this). distinction between different forms of cowardice and evasion, different
forms of fears. anti-semite is afraid of the very form of not even want to
describe antisemtism as a political movement for him to give it more credit
than it deserves, the anti-semite is afraid of politics and ethics,third flight
from existence. sarte, anti-semitism is a flight of evading existence (IDEA)
(form of truth, self-hood identity). anti-semitism doesnt involve
rationalization, evasion of rationality.
Rationality of Truth - sarte was someone who had mottos/slogans and
appear in essays, find them in interviews. To smash his own skull, never
ending of process of self interogation and self criticism, view of rationality is
his oldest form of philosophy, people who cant anticipate how people will go
at things (will say stupid shit). EX: Grand ideas of something but fizzle after a
few minutes because we realize it is bullshit to do it. The Anti-Semite ignore
class association between different classes. a coward in relationship to the
content of truth, out of touch with reality, form of truth that is an
Anit-semitism flight from existence, freedom and responsibility is the two
key words here, lucienne is after a certain view of self but cannot find it, the
notion of identity is ficticious, the I DONT EXIST and I AM NOT FINDING
MYSELF in a traditional way. so now what is the conception of the self, hoping
to find something that fits the view of ones self, alternative way of thinking of
ones self. Lucienne is looking to discover hisself that is fully defined, solid.
(THE ROCK). the self is made over time, self cant be talked about with
mentioning time. defining one's self over time. (EX:) might mean i might have
a project of writing a book but instead of doing that work, ill just go over to
the couch and drink beer instead (that is not being true to myself in sarte's
viewpoint) sometimes other obstacles are other people (in what way are we
free and what way are we not free) conception of self hood lucienne is looking
in/for is one in which there is the self and there is the self with how other
people talk about us (whether it is correct or incorrect). moving us in the
direction to what we think the concrete function of who we are (sarte). the
desire to feel big/necesaary (universe would not be complete without me).
Physical characteristics we do not choose, we are situated in where and when
we are born and how we are linked to other. being classified as man/female.
classified black/white/brown. this is who we are, ignoring these is
inauthenticity of ones self. how would sarte respond to someone saying "im

proud to be an american" would say he is an aidiot and is trying make

yourself look big.
Page 81 "at one stroke our vague" language of rights the dont have the
authority to question anything(people born to command and people born to
obey, priviledged and powerful)
Page 53, perminence and impenetrability of stone
The Anti-Semite Flees from/afraid of Ethics or Politics or the form of
good/Truth. is there not a notion of bad in politics? the obstacles and
creation of another world. Things that need to be elimnated for this world to
be better. Notion of destruction and negation wihtin ones political horizon. the
focus is to get rid of stuff because it is an obstacle to something that is better.
The anti-semitic world view but sarte doesnt want to give it any typeof
political legitimacy. the good is reduced to the destruction of evil. the focus is
the bad. The creation of somehting new is not the idea but DESTROYING IT is
the way they go about it. for sarte, totally different world views, different
disagrements on what would and would not be a better world, over tactics,
what the best way to bring about social change, different opinions and
debates. the order of truth comes through. the anti-semitic world view is one
of we have to eliminate these foreign elements. (things were good before
hand but have been tainted by these other elements and must get rid of
them) Sarte: politics/ethics has its principle coordinate of good but the notion
of evil is the center of the Anti-Semite view point. talking about genuine
politics and good as a never ending process of experiments and projects.
dramaticchange gets emphasized even though not much was ocurring before
hand. scare and freight and intimidate people. reduction of good for
destroying evil, rather than he opposite

contrast anti-semitism with class conscious. Regular people: the goal is kill
the bougoiese, get rid of class. the structures are the problem not the people.
Anti-semitism ignore class but calls for the extermination of people