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Trimshamsha * Thrimshamsa * Trimshans

the 1/30th Portion
Thirtieth Divisional [Harmonic] Chart
Kubera thangka Nepal
Kubera than-ka, Nepal
Caveat Emptor
**Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time.**
Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.
However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleadi
ng, and should be ignored.
BPHS Chapter 6: Shloka 27-28.
The Trimshamsha Lords for an odd Rashi are
and Shukra.
Each of them in order rules
and 5 degrees.
The deities, ruling over the Trimshamsha, are, respectively,

and Varuna.
In the case of an even Rashi the quantum of Trimshamsha,
Graha lordship and deities get reversed."
D-30 = " Field of Psychic Expectation for
Specific Matters of the 6th house"
Evil Effects, General Misfortunes
~~ Jataka Desha Marga, Ch. 13
"When the Ascendant or the Moon sign is owned by Jupiter,
the female born in a Trimshamsha of Mars will be endowed with many good qualitie
s of head and heart;
if it be that of Saturn, she will not indulge much in sexual intercourse;
if it belonged to Jupiter, she will be endowed with noble qualities of head
and heart;
if it belongs to Mercury she will be an expert on worldly knowledge;
and if it be that of Venus, she will be chaste."
~~ Hora Sara,
Ch. 25, Shloka 12
"a female born in a Rashi of Budha,
In the Trimshamsha of Guru,
will be devoted to her husband exclusively, be dear to him.
If Jupiter is in his own house or in his exaltation Rashi, the same effects
will prevail.
... in Saturn's Trimshamsha,
she will equal a neuter,
will give birth to dead child (or her children will die)
and she will not live with her husband. "
~~ Hora Sara,
Ch. 25, Shloka 13-14

"If a Rashi of Jupiter rules at birth,

the female born in the Trimshamsha of Mars will be a domestic servant and wi
ll be famous,
if in the Trimshamsha of Jupiter, she will be very rich
and in Mercury's Trimshamsha she will be adored by all.
She will have sons if the Trimshamsha be of Venus. She will also be virtuous
and dear to her husband.
The Trimshamsha of Saturn will make her poor, beget daughters, and independe
nt at all times."
~~ Hora Sara,
Ch. 25, Shloka 15-16
When birth falls in a Rashi of Venus
in the Trimshamsha of Mars, she will be wicked, like quarrels, hate her husband,
and will have a bad history.
If the Trimshamsha is that of Mercury, she will take pleasure in poetry, arts, s
inging, and playing instruments; she will be beautiful and virtuous.
She will be bestowed with husband, sons, and wealth, if the Trimshamsha is that
of Jupiter.
Should the Trimshamsha belong to Venus, she will have all luxuries, be sharp, an
d dear to all.
"Entertaining" multimedia magnate Martha Kostyra Stewart
Jackie Kennedy
If the birth is in Saturn's Trimshamsha, she will remarry. She will beget dead c
hildren of lose children and be always sick.
~~ Hora Sara,
Ch. 25, Shloka 17-19
"Now a Rashi of Saturn at birth.
Should the Trimshamsha belong to Mars, she will be a servant, an unchaste wo
man, and she will be getting dead children.
Mercury's Trimshamsha indicates that she will not be loyal to her husband, b
e unchaste, and cunning.
She will be dear to her husband, lucky, and widely famous, if born in Jupite
r's Trimshamsha. USA Sec. of State 2005-2009 Condoleezza Rice
If born in the Trimshamsha of Venus, she will be of lordly disposition, be b
arren, and be devoid of good history.

She will take to bad traditions and will be very unlucky if born in Saturn's
~~ Hora Sara,
Ch. 25, Shloka 22-23
Now the various Trimshamsha for the rashi of Moon at birth.
She will be self-willed, sensual, and will lose children if the Trimshamsha
is that of Mars.
The issues and longevity are limited by Jupiter's Trimshamsha.
Mercury's Trimshamsha will make her an artisan. [actress Meryl Streep]
She will be either barren or have children dead, if it is Venus's Trimshamsh
Saturn's Trimshamsha will deprive of her husband and she will eke out her fo
od with difficulty.
~~ Bhrigu SutramCh. 4 Shloka 48-56
"The female born will murder her husband if the rising Trimsamsha or the Trimsam
sha occupied by the Moon be that of Saturn,
while the Ascendant or the sign occupied by the Moon at the time of birth is Kar
~~BPHS Ch. 80, shloka 9-16
"The woman will be devoted to her husband
if she is born in a Trimshamsha of Jupiter..."
D-30 signals health problems and general misfortunes of life.
Lord of Trimshamsha is always to some extent a trouble-maker, no matter how dist
inguished His role in other matters in radix or navamsha.
However if the D-30 lord is also malefic in radix or navamsha, His additional ne
gative D-1/D-9 status definitely empowers the D-30 to cause greater mischief in
the central Imbalance categories of animosity, debt, and dis-ease.
Bhukti period of Lord of the Trimshamsha = the annoying effects of suppressed co
nflicts from parallel lives :
Example of Trimshamsha confirming Budha's power to trigger repeating general
misfortune in life of a chronically ill woman.
Example of Lord of Trimshamsha who is also radix L-8 making health mischief
in mid-life
As always conscious is the key.

Eruption of health imbalance, sudden financial woes, or animosity in marriag

e or business partnerships are all completely curable. The key is to accept psyc
hic responsibility - without guilt - for one's role in the imbalance.
the seed will always be suppressed conflict, which the native is in the life
long habit of suppressing due to incompatible values in the family culture. Be l
ooking for a mode of denial, an internal policy of pretending that some pair of
incompatible beliefs or behaviors which are causing internal imbalance are " jus
t fine".
It's not just fine; it's making you sick or it got you into a fight or an ac
cident. The character of lord of Trimshamsha will tell you what to look for.
Look for the place inside yourself, in your psycho-emotional energy field, w
here an old hurt, anger, or negative expectation is lingering. This is what attr
acts the attack from the " outside" - the angry spouse or the angry pancreas or
the unhelpful bank officer or who/whatever is causing the suffering!