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What time is it? Look at the clocks and write the time.

Draw the hands of the clocks.

Its half past four.

Its five to seven

Its a quarter to ten.

Its ten oclock.

Its midday

Its half past five.


Its a quarter to

Its four o

Its half past
Its twenty past

Its ten oclock
Its six oclock.

Write the correct preposition of time.

I go back home __________ five oclock.

I go to school __________ the morning
My father goes to work __________ midday.
I read __________night.
I do my homework __________ the evening.
School begins __________ 8 a.m.
I have lunch __________ noon at the canteen.
I always go to bed __________ midnight.
My dance lessons start __________ half past six.

Write true sentences about yourself.

Example (wake up) I usually wake up at seven oclock.

1. ( have breakfast) ________________________________________________

2. ( get the bus) ___________________________________________________
3. ( go to Scholl) ___________________________________________________
4. ( Have lunch) ____________________________________________________
5. ( do my homework) ________________________________________________
6. (have dinner) ____________________________________________________
7. (go to bed) _____________________________________________________