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Listen and practice

2. Listen to the Fashion Show and complete.

a. SAM: ____________to our Fashion show. Im Sam Carson
BRENDA: And Im Brenda Black. Lets look out our first model. Kyle is wearing a
__________ and _______________________________________________________
SAM: Yes, his T-shirt is yellow and his shorts are dark green. And Kyle is wearing
BRENDA: Yes, he is ______________________ sandals. Very nice.

b. SAM: Here comes our second model, Nicky, she is wearing a ___________ and
BRENDA: Ah yes, her ________ is _________ and her ________ is ___________ Great spring
c. BRENDA: Now heres Josh. Josh is wearing a ________________________ and a
SAM: Yes his suit is purple and his shirt is red wow!
d. BRENDA: Our last model today is Tina. Tina is wearing a __________________________
and _____________________________

SAM: Oh very nice. What color are her shoes ?

BRENDA: Theyre ________. Tinas _______is __________ and her ________ are

SAM: _______ and _________ ! Very exciting.

3. Fill in this chart.