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Tips from IITJEE Topper

Tips from IITJEE Topper Disclaimer. The books provided below are from IITJEE 2006 topper. He rather

Disclaimer. The books provided below are from IITJEE 2006 topper. He rather preferred preparing for exams like Olympiads instead of only IITJEE.So it doesn t mean that you have to strictly follow his choice of books. But yes you can try some books out there.

Here Raghu Mahajan, IITJEE 2006 topper provides a list of books which helped him clear JEE and also win the International Olympiad. Please read it carefully.

The Biggest General Advice from the Topper DO NOT IGNORE NCERT BOOKS. These books are very important for IITJEE and other exams since they act as a concept building machine. NCERT books are written by some prominent professors of India and not by some tuition wallahs. Please read the text and all exercises. They should be your primary books for all

Tips from IITJEE Topper


The Blacklist of Publishers.

If you are reading these books

Dinesh, Moderns ABC, Krishna, Gupta and Gupta, Pradeeps (Refer Pradeep for chilarity, and other organic concepts


Then you are not on the right track. These books are complete trash and should not be read by any one.

Here are some books which I followed. These books are also available on for free. So try them out.


- NCERT (read the text and then solve the problems from exercise)

- Resnick and Halliday's theory is also good enough for beginners

- For tougher problems, you can refer D.C. Pandey

Tips from IITJEE Topper

(Arihant) problems, but never look at their solutions.

- Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma (Two volumes. Do only problems. Do not read the text)

- Schaum's 3000 Solved problems is Physics by Alvin Halpern

- Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov (that book will make you fall in love)

- University Physics by Freedman and Young

Some video lectures from MIT freshman class



For Advanced studies (Olympiad, Higher JEE level)

- Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow

Tips from IITJEE Topper

- 200 Solved problems in Physics by W.G. Rees, Cambridge University Press

- Electromagnetism by D.J. Griffiths

- Heat and Thermodynamics by Zemansky and Dittman


- NCERT (read the text and then solve the problems from exercise)

- Chemical Principles: a quest for Insight by Peter Atkins

- Organic Chemistry by Solomon s and Frhyle

- Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee (Do only things that

Tips from IITJEE Topper

are in the syllabus)

- Qualitative Inorganic Analysis by Vogel (Do only things that are in the syllabus)

Video Lectures (MIT freshman chemistry)




- Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight (you need to

Tips from IITJEE Topper

buy that since its not available online.Dont worry it s very cheap)

- Trigonometry by S.L Loney

- Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney

- Calculus by Thomas and Finney

- Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron

- A Course in Mathematics for IIT-JEE by Tata

Mc-Graw Hill. (

buy it .Older editions that contains subjective

questions are preferred

Not available on online. Better


MIT Freshman course on Single Variable Calculus

Tips from IITJEE Topper