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The GR-55 PCM sound is equivalent to the product or any of the Roland Synthesizer?

Based on the latest Roland synth engine has been customized for the guitar synthesizer.

There was accelerated and tracking, GR-or how much difference is there compared to GR-20?

It depends on how the music and about 30 - 40% is measured faster tracking.

When comparing the GR-55 to the GR-20, to what has changed?

Sound, to brush up completely and effects. The latest in the GR-55 PCM synth sound, and comes
with COSM modeling instrument. In addition, GT-10 quality amp models are equipped with
guitar effects. This is dramatically expanding the width of the sound, achieving a more natural
sense of play.

The GK-3 GK GR-select switch can be used to switch between synth and guitar sounds can be
normal or GR-55 sounds?
The GR-55 can make a sound that combines two-tone 4, GK-select switch for 3 "GUITAR"
(GK-3B is a case of "BASS") to sound normal to automatically pick There is no switching
In combination with the GR-55 GK-3 (GK-3B) If you are using, GK Select Switch is always
"MIX" used in the position.
If you switch the synth and guitar sound normal, GR-guitar the normal 55 TONE only switch
ON the patch set to synthesizer (PCM sound) TONE only switch ON prepared two patches set to
patch it is possible to switch.

What is the equivalent portion of the modeling VG-99?

MODELING tones are basically VG-99 / VB-99. The COSM channel is equivalent to GK-99
parts modeling.
VARI GUITAR, AC BASS, SYNTH and some type has been omitted.

What effect is the equivalent portion of the GT-10?

Amp models, effects the GT-10 is the same quality.


GR-55 is used as an effector for a normal guitar?

GR-55 body does not have a normal guitar input jack.

GK-3 / GK-3B input jack can be connected to the normal pickup and can be used as a normal
guitar effects.

The GR-55, DAW software I use as a MIDI interface?

The GR-55 can not be used as a MIDI interface.


GR-55 is a software DAW MIDI guitar or drums for you?

Guitar / performance-based information is converted to MIDI, DAW can be implanted into the
DAW MIDI information from the GR-55 can not be pronounced.
Roland website USB driver to download, please install on your computer.

The GR-55, DAW software I use as an audio interface?

Yes, this is Available.

Roland website USB driver to download, please install on your computer.

Can I use the 5 string and 6 string bass?

Yes this is Available.

However, the string spacing on the Bass must be in the range of 16 - 19 mm is that the range of
conditions required for the GK-3B Bass pickup.

Can I use 7-string guitar and 12 string guitar?

More than seven-string guitar is not supported.


Can I also use a nylon string classical guitar?

The piezo pickup can be used if the GK guitar.

Godin has been released from such companies.

What can I do with USB memory?

Audio player, and system settings can be backed up and patch.

Roland markets a suitable USB memory stick.

1-5 with four to six-string chord, you can change the sound to play?

Yes can be changed.

Each tone by adjusting the STRING LEVEL, you can change the ring tone for each string.

PICKUP normal sounds of a guitar amp guitar amp or PA only other synth sound on How can I
set it?

GUITAR OUT jack outputs sound picked up from normal, OUTPUT can only output pin synth.
Set for each patch.

Semiakotaipu Can I use the guitar?

Condition of the guitar can be used are as follows.

Center pickup, guitar base (= GK-3 edge) to: Up to 280mm

Only body that can be thick sandwich holder: up to 60mm

Together , please see a picture attached.

Even if these conditions are met , the specifications of each guitar is not installed pickup cable
length is negligible, only Menai guitar holder, may have other problems.
For more information, please contact the guitar makers.


Can I use the arm with a guitar?

You can use basically the size of a guitar case with arm bridge, space may not possess Dibaidetto
pickup. Please check in advance.

Would you like to work with GK-2?

And GK-2 GR-used in combination with a 55 guests.

GKSETTING in the PU TYPE "GK-2A" Please select.

What is the variable range of how much pitch?

You can use the Alternate Tuning function for each string of pitch shifting range of 24
normal pickup sound does not produce this effect.

Can I set VG such as open tuning for each patch?

normal pickup sound does not produce this effect.

I put out the sound of drums?

GR-55 is equipped with a PCM drum sounds we as a tone sounds.

PCM1, either 2, Percussion (tone 13), Drums (14 tones) to choose among.
Drums are placed on a separate note sounds as a drum set.
The preset patches drum sounds is not only patches.

I put out the sound of Pat Metheny and Robert Fripp?

MODELING tone by using the ANALOG-GR, GR-you can get sound of old analog synthesizers
and 300 guitars.
Some preset patches in GR-300 sounds on it, so please try us.