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Answer CCNA Security Final

Exam CCNAS v1.2

1. Which statement is true about the One-Step lockdown feature of the CCP Security
Audit wizard?
It sets an access class ACL on VTY lines. [ComoEh]
It enables TCP intercepts.
It provides an option for configuring SNMPv3 on all routers.
It enables the Secure Copy Protocol (SCP).
It supports AAA configuration. [Kim]
(Ref: As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

2. With the Cisco AnyConnect VPN wizard, which two protocols can be used for tunnel
group configuration? (Choose two.)
SSH [Dimented]
ESP [Johnny]
IPsec [Dimented, Johnny]

3. What are two disadvantages of using network IPS? (Choose two.)

Network IPS is operating system-dependent and must be customized for each
Network IPS is incapable of examining encrypted traffic.

Network IPS is unable to provide a clear indication of the extent to which the network
is being attacked.
Network IPS sensors are difficult to deploy when new networks are added.
Network IPS has a difficult time reconstructing fragmented traffic to
determine if an attack was successful.
(Ref:, As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)


Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is implementing VPN support on an ASA 5505.

What type of VPN support is being implemented?
client-based IPsec VPN using AnyConnect
client-based IPsec VPN using Cisco VPN Client
clientless SSL VPN
site-to-site IPsec VPN
client-based SSL VPN using AnyConnect
clientless IPsec VPN

5. What are two benefits of an SSL VPN? (Choose two.)

The thin client mode functions without requiring any downloads or software.
It supports all client/server applications.
It is compatible with DMVPNs, Cisco IOS Firewall, IPsec, IPS, Cisco Easy
VPN, and NAT.

It has the option of only requiring an SSL-enabled web browser.

It supports the same level of cryptographic security as an IPsec VPN.
(Ref: As appeared on Chapter 8 v1.1)

6. When configuring router security, which statement describes the most effective
way to use ACLs to control Telnet traffic that is destined to the router itself?
Apply the ACL to the vty lines without the in or out option required when applying
ACLs to interfaces.
The ACL is applied to the Telnet port with the ip access-group command.
The ACL must be applied to each vty line individually.
The ACL should be applied to all vty lines in the in direction to prevent
an unwanted user from connecting to an unsecured port.


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring the security level for the
ASA. Which statement describes the default result if the administrator tries to
assign the Inside interface with the same security level as the DMZ interface?
The ASA console will display an error message.

The ASA will not allow traffic in either direction between the Inside
interface and the DMZ. [Snarl]
The ASA allows traffic from the Inside to the DMZ, but blocks traffic initiated on
the DMZ to the Inside interface. [nuno]
The ASA allows inbound traffic initiated on the Internet to the DMZ, but not to the
Inside interface.

8. A network technician is configuring SNMPv3 and has set a security level of auth.
What is the effect of this setting?
authenticates a packet by using either the HMAC MD5 or HMAC SHA algorithms and
encrypts the packet with either the DES, 3DES or AES algorithms
authenticates a packet by using the SHA algorithm only
authenticates a packet by using either the HMAC with MD5 method or
the SHA method
authenticates a packet by a string match of the username or community string
(Ref:, As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

9. What is an advantage of using SSL VPNs compared to IPsec VPNs on an ASA?

SSL VPNs provide support for more applications.
SSL VPNs do not require any pre-installed client software.
SSL VPNs provide superior authentication.
SSL VPNs provide stronger encryption as a remote-access solution.


Refer to the exhibit. Which interface configuration completes the classic firewall
configuration on the firewall?
FW(config)# interface g0/1
FW(config-if)# ip inspect OUTBOUND in
FW(config-if)# ip access-group INSIDE out

FW(config)# interface g0/1

FW(config-if)# ip inspect OUTBOUND in
FW(config-if)# ip access-group INSIDE in

FW(config)# interface g0/0

FW(config-if)# ip inspect OUTBOUND in
FW(config-if)# ip access-group INSIDE in

FW(config)# interface g0/0

FW(config-if)# ip inspect INSIDE in
FW(config-if)# ip access-group OUTBOUND in

FW(config)# interface g0/1

FW(config-if)# ip inspect INSIDE in
FW(config-if)# ip access-group OUTBOUND in
(Ref: As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

11. What is a type of SSL VPN that provides access to a network without requiring
VPN software or a Java applet on the client?
clientless mode [nuno, Snarl and Johnny]
Cisco VPN client mode [Zaf and Dimented]

full client mode

thin client mode

12. What are two reasons for a company to migrate from a classic firewall to the ZPF
model? (Choose two.)
The classic firewall will perform the same inspection on all traffic that
goes through a specific interface.
The classic firewall can only have one policy that affects any given traffic.
The classic firewall security posture is to block unless explicitly allowed.
The classic firewall is limited to two interfaces.
The classic firewall relies heavily on ACLs.
(ref: Benefits of Zone-Based Policy Firewall)

13. What is the main difference between the implementation of IDS and IPS devices?
An IDS uses signature-based technology to detect malicious packets, whereas an IPS
uses profile-based technology.
An IDS would allow malicious traffic to pass before it is addressed,
whereas an IPS stops it immediately.
An IDS can negatively impact the packet flow, whereas an IPS can not.
An IDS needs to be deployed together with a firewall device, whereas an IPS can
replace a firewall.

14. What information must an IPS track in order to detect attacks matching a
composite signature?
the state of packets related to the attack [Zen]

the total number of packets in the attack [Rahul and Navneet]

the network bandwidth consumed by all packets
the attacking period used by the attacker [Daniel]

15. What method is used to authenticate SNMPv2 messages between the manager and
the agent?
RSA keys
trusted keys
encrypted passwords
community strings

16. Which statement describes the characteristics of packet-filtering and stateful

firewalls as they relate to the OSI model?
A packet-filtering firewall typically can filter up to the transport layer,
whereas a stateful firewall can filter up to the session layer.
Both stateful and packet-filtering firewalls can filter at the application layer.
A packet-filtering firewall uses session layer information to track the state of a
connection, whereas a stateful firewall uses application layer information to track the
state of a connection.
A stateful firewall can filter application layer information, whereas a packet-filtering
firewall cannot filter beyond the network layer.

17. What is a difference between ASA IPv4 ACLs and IOS IPv4 ACLs?
ASA ACLs use the subnet mask in defining a network, whereas IOS
ACLs use the wildcard mask. [Zaf, Snarl and Dimented]
ASA ACLs do not have an implicit deny all at the end, whereas IOS ACLs do.
ASA ACLs use forward and drop ACEs, whereas IOS ACLs use permit and deny ACEs.

Multiple ASA ACLs can be applied on an interface in the ingress direction, whereas
only one IOS ACL can be applied.
ASA ACLs are always named, whereas IOS ACLs can be named or
numbered. [Johnny]

18. What is the best way to prevent a VLAN hopping attack?

Use ISL encapsulation on all trunk links.
Disable STP on all nontrunk ports.
Disable trunk negotiation for trunk ports and statically set nontrunk
ports as access ports.
Use VLAN 1 as the native VLAN on trunk ports.

19. Why have corporations been shifting remote access security policies to include
support for ASA SSL VPNs?
to have stronger encryption options
to support secure access for users on a multitude of devices [nuno and
to have stronger authentication options
to provide stronger overall security [Dimented]
(ref: Implementing SSL VPNs Using Cisco ASA)


Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of the object group-based ACL?

It allows users on the network access via HTTPS to remote




and networks. [nuno]

It allows devices on the,,,
networks to receive TCP-based broadcasts. [Rahul]
It allows any TCP traffic with port 443 from the,,, and networks access to the network.
It allows devices on the network to have telnet and web access to the,,, and networks.


Refer to the exhibit. Based on the output from the show secure bootset command on
router R1, which three conclusions can be drawn about Cisco IOS Resilience? (Choose
The Cisco IOS image file is hidden and cannot be copied, modified, or
A copy of the router configuration file has been made.
The Cisco IOS image filename will be listed when the show flash command is issued on
A copy of the Cisco IOS image file has been made.
The secure boot-config command was issued on R1.
The copy tftp flash command was issued on R1.
(Ref: As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

22. How would a network security professional mitigate a DoS attack?

Implement a strong password policy.
Deploy antisniffer software.
Include a firewall and IPS in the network security design.
Design the network by using the principle of minimum trust.

23. Which three statements describe limitations in using privilege levels for assigning
command authorization? (Choose three.)
The root user must be assigned to each privilege level that is defined.
It is required that all 16 privilege levels be defined, whether they are used or not.
Views are required to define the CLI commands that each user can access.
There is no access control to specific interfaces on a router.
Creating a user account that needs access to most but not all
commands can be a tedious process.
Commands set on a higher privilege level are not available for lower
privilege users.
(Ref: As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

24. Which algorithm is used to automatically generate a shared secret for two
systems to use in establishing an IPsec VPN?
(Ref: As appeared on Chapter 7 v1.1)

25. What type of security key is generated by the local user software when a user is
connecting to a Cisco ASA through a remote-access SSL VPN?
asymmetric key
digitally signed private key
shared-secret key
digitally signed public key

26. What is one advantage of using a Cisco ASA for remote networking VPN
deployment compared to a Cisco ISR?
support for SSL VPNs [Zaf and Dimented]
support for more concurrent user sessions [nuno, Kiros, Johnny and Zen]
support for IPsec VPNs
support for AAA external authentication

27. What will be disabled as a result of the no service password-recovery command?

aaa new-model global configuration command
changes to the configuration register
ability to access ROMMON
password encryption service
(Ref: As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

28. In what two phases of the system development life cycle does risk assessment
take place? (Choose two.)
operation and maintenance

acquisition and development

29. What is one benefit of implementing a secure email service by using the Cisco
Email Security Appliance (ESA)?
ESA provides isolation between processes.
It obtains real-time updates from the Cisco SIO.
It uses the network infrastructure to enforce security policy compliance.
It combines advanced threat defense and secure mobility for email.
(Ref and


Refer to the exhibit. The administrator can ping the S0/0/1 interface of RouterB but
is unable to gain Telnet access to the router by using the password cisco123. What is a
possible cause of the problem?
The Telnet connection between RouterA and RouterB is not working correctly.
The enable password and the Telnet password need to be the same.
The password cisco123 is wrong.
The administrator does not have enough rights on the PC that is being used.
(Ref: As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

31. A network administrator configures the alert generation of an IPS device in such a
way that when multiple attack packets that match the same signature are detected, a
single alert for the first packet is generated and the remaining duplicate alarms are
counted, but not sent, for a specific time period. When the specified time period is
reached, an alert is sent that indicates the number of alarms that occurred during the
time interval. What kind of alert generation pattern is configured?
composite alerts
atomic alerts
summary alerts
advanced alerts

32. Which STP port type is permitted to forward traffic, but is not the port closest
to the root bridge?
root port
designated port [abd, Snarl, Johnny]
backup port
alternate port [Dimented]


Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of the ACLs?

to deny inbound IPv6 and SSH traffic unless it originates from within
the organization [nuno, Arab guy and Zen]
to allow inbound traffic from only designated sources
to allow SSH connections initiated from the Internet to enter the network
to deny all inbound traffic and log TCP and UDP transmissions [Rahul]
(ref: Reflexive ACLs)


Refer to the exhibit. An administrator is examining the message in a syslog server.

What can be determined from the message?
This is a notification message for a normal but significant condition.
This is an alert message for which immediate action is needed.
This is an error message that indicates the system is unusable.
This is an error message for which warning conditions exist.
(Ref: As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

35. What is the basic method used by 3DES to encrypt plaintext?

The data is divided into three blocks of equal length for encryption.
The data is encrypted using a key length that is three times longer than the key used
for DES.
The data is encrypted three times with three different keys.
The data is encrypted, decrypted, and encrypted using three different

(Ref: As appeared in Chapter 7 v1.1)


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator configures AAA authentication on R1.

The administrator then tests the configuration by telneting to R1. The ACS servers
are configured and running. What will happen if the authentication fails?
The enable secret password could be used in the next login attempt. [Dimented]
The authentication process stops.
The enable secret password and a random username could be used in the next login
The username and password of the local user database could be used
in the next login attempt. [Rahul, Paul]

37. Which two security features can cause a switch port to become error-disabled?
(Choose two.)
storm control with the trap option
PortFast with BPDU guard enabled
port security with the shutdown violation mode
root guard
protected ports
(Ref and

38. What are three goals of a port scan attack? (Choose three.)
to identify peripheral configurations

to discover system passwords

to determine potential vulnerabilities
to disable used ports and services [Zen]
to identify operating systems [Johnny, Snarl]
to identify active services
(ref: / As appeared on Final Exam v1.1)

39. Which security policy component would contain procedures for handling an issue
where someone followed a network administrator into the server room without the
administrator noticing and the person removed some storage drives?
information preservation policy
security policy
operations and maintenance document
security initiation document

40. What question is answered by the risk analysis component of security policy
What is the cost versus benefit analysis of implementing various
security technologies?
What are the reliable, well-understood, and recommended security practices that
similar organizations currently employ?
What are the current procedures for incident response, monitoring, maintenance, and
auditing of the system for compliance?
What are the most likely types of threats given the purpose of the organization?

41. What are two characteristics of an acceptable use policy? (Choose two.)

It should be as explicit as possible to avoid misunderstanding. [Johnny]

It should specify who is authorized to access network resources. [Dimented]
It should identify how remote users will access the network.









It should enforce minimum password requirements for users.
It should be vague to allow maximum user flexibility.


Refer to the exhibit. Which pair of crypto isakmp key commands would correctly
configure PSK on the two routers?
R1# crypto isakmp key ciscopass address
R2# crypto isakmp key secure address

R1# crypto isakmp key ciscopass address

R2# crypto isakmp key ciscopass address

R1# crypto isakmp key ciscopass hostname R1

R2# crypto isakmp key ciscopass hostname R2

R1# crypto isakmp key ciscopass address

R2# crypto isakmp key ciscopass address

(ref: As appeared on Chapter 8 v1.1)

43. What are two features of Cisco Easy VPN Server? (Choose two.)
It requires Cisco routers to act as remote VPN clients.
It enables complete access to the corporate network over an SSL VPN tunnel.
It enables an ASA firewall to act as the VPN head-end device in remoteaccess VPNs. [Johnny and Snarl]
It requires remote access to the corporate network via a web browser and SSL.
Cisco Easy VPN Server enables VPN client remote access to a company
intranet through creation of secure IPsec tunnels.


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is troubleshooting a GRE VPN tunnel

between R1 and R2. Assuming the R2 GRE configuration is correct and based on the
running configuration of R1, what must the administrator do to fix the problem?
Change the tunnel IP address to
Change the tunnel destination to
Change the tunnel IP address to
Change the tunnel source interface to Fa0/0.
Change the tunnel destination to

(Ref: As appeared on Chapter 8 v1.1)

45. Which spanning-tree enhancement prevents the spanning-tree topology from

changing by blocking a port that receives a superior BPDU?
BPDU guard [Dimented]
root guard [Johnny and Snarl]
BDPU filter

46. In deploying an IPS in a corporate network, system operators first create a profile
of normal network operation by monitoring network activities in normal network uses.
After the profile is incorporated into the IPS triggering mechanism, alarms will be
generated when the IPS detects excessive activity that is beyond the scope of the
profile. Which signature detection mechanism is deployed?
pattern-based detection
policy-based detection
honey pot-based detection
anomaly-based detection

47. Why does a worm pose a greater threat than a virus poses?
Worms are not detected by antivirus programs.
Worms run within a host program.
Worms are more network-based than viruses are.
Worms directly attack the network devices.

48. Which security feature would be commonly implemented as part of a large

enterprise wireless policy but would not typically be used in a small office/home office
not broadcasting the SSID
using WPA2
not allowing personal wireless devices [Dimented]
using an authentication server [Snarl, Johnnys friends]

49. Which two commands are needed on every IPv6 ACL to allow IPv6 neighbor
discovery? (Choose two.)
permit ipv6 any any fragments
permit icmp any any nd-ns
permit icmp any any echo-reply
permit icmp any any nd-na
permit tcp any any ack
permit ipv6 any any routing
(ref: As appeared in Final Exam v1.1 )

50. A network technician has been asked to design a virtual private network between
two branch routers. Which type of cryptographic key should be used in this scenario?
asymmetric key [Dimented]
hash key
symmetric key [Snarl, Johnny]
digital signature

51. A company is designing its strategy of deploying Cisco Secure ACS to manage user
access. The company is currently using a Windows server for the internal

authentication service. The network administrator needs to configure the ACS to

contact the Windows server when it cannot find the user in its local database. Which
option of external user database setup should be configured on ACS?
by specific user assignment
by unknown user policy [Johnny and Snarl]
by administrator privilege
by user priority [Dimented]


Refer to the exhibit. What is the purpose of the highlighted inspect line?
It is

the action

to take


the traffic from


network. [Rahul and Zepo]

It specifies the named class-map to apply to the traffic_going policy.
It dictates to the firewall to track all outgoing sessions no matter the source in order
to determine whether a return packet is allowed. [Dimented]
It is the command used to apply a rate limit to a specific class of traffic. [abd]

53. Which two options are offered through the Cisco TrustSec Solution for enterprise
networks? (Choose two.)
Easy VPN solution
IPsec VPN solution
802.1X-Based Infrastructure solution
NAC Appliance-Based Overlay solution
Firewall and IDS integrated solution

54. Which statement accurately describes Cisco IOS zone-based policy firewall
Router management interfaces must be manually assigned to the self zone.
A router interface can belong to multiple zones.
The pass action works in only one direction.
Service policies are applied in interface configuration mode.

55. Two devices that are connected to the same switch need to be totally isolated
from one another. Which Cisco switch security feature will provide this isolation?
BPDU guard [Zen]
PVLAN Edge [Snarl]

56. Why is a reflexive ACL harder to spoof compared to an extended ACL that uses
the established keyword?
It provides a secure tunnel for returning traffic.
A reflexive ACL provides a lock-and-key function.
It allows incoming packets only after the 3-way handshake is completed.
It provides more detailed filter criteria to match an incoming packet
before the packet is allowed through.

57. Which security feature helps protect a VoIP system from SPIT attacks?
BPDU guard
authenticated TLS

58. What are two protocols that are used by AAA to authenticate users against a
central database of usernames and password? (Choose two.)

59. Which security organization updates the training material that helps prepare for
the Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC)?

60. Which three wizards are included in Cisco ASDM 6.4? (Choose three.)

ADSL Connection wizard

Advanced Firewall wizard
High Availability and Scalability wizard
Security Audit wizard
Startup wizard
VPN wizard
(Ref: Chapter 10 Test v1.1)

61. Refer to the exhibit. An administrator has configured an ASA 5505 as indicated
but is still unable to ping the inside interface from an inside host. What is the cause of
this problem?
An IP address should be configured on the Ethernet 0/0 and 0/1 interfaces.
The no shutdown command should be entered on interface Ethernet
The security level of the inside interface should be 0 and the outside interface should
be 100.
VLAN 1 should be the outside interface and VLAN 2 should be the inside interface.
VLAN 1 should be assigned to interface Ethernet 0/0 and VLAN 2 to Ethernet 0/1.
(Ref: Final Exam v1.1)

62. Refer to the exhibit. What will be displayed in the output of the show runningconfig object command after the exhibited configuration commands are entered on an
ASA 5505?
host and range
host and host

host, host, and range

(Ref: Chapter 10 Test v1.1)

63. Refer to the exhibit. According to the command output, which three statements
are true about the DHCP options entered on the ASA 5505? (Choose three.)
The dhcpd auto-config outside command was issued to enable the
DHCP client.
The dhcpd enable inside command was issued to enable the DHCP
The dhcpd address [start-of-pool]-[end-of-pool] inside command was issued to enable
the DHCP client.
The dhcpd auto-config outside command was issued to enable the DHCP server.
The dhcpd enable inside command was issued to enable the DHCP client.
The dhcpd address [start-of-pool]-[end-of-pool] inside command was
issued to enable the DHCP server.
(Ref: Chapter 10 Test v1.1)

64. Fill in the blank.

In a syslog implementation, a router that generates and forwards syslog messages is
known as a syslog clients
(Ref: Syslog clients: Routers or other types of equipment that generate and
forward log messages to syslog servers)

65. Which three types of remote access VPNs are supported on ASA devices? (Choose
Clientless SSL VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect Client
SSL or IPsec (IKEv2) VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect Client
IPsec (IKEv1) VPN using a web browser

SSL or IPsec (IKEv2) VPN using the Cisco VPN Client

Clientless SSL VPN using a web browser
IPsec (IKEv1) VPN using the Cisco VPN Client
(Ref: Chapter 10 Test v1.1)

66. Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is configuring the port security
feature on switch SWC. The administrator issued the command show port-security
interface fa 0/2 to verify the configuration. What can be concluded from the output
that is shown? (Choose three.)
The switch port mode for this interface is access mode.
The port is configured as a trunk link.
Three security violations have been detected on this interface.
This port is currently up.
Security violations will cause this port to shut down immediately.
There is no device currently connected to this port.

67. What is an advantage of using CCP rather than the CLI to configure an ACL?
IPsec is supported.
CCP applies the read-only quality to manually created access rules so that accidental
modification cannot be made.
CCP automatically applies a rule to the interface or zone most appropriate.
Traffic rules do not have to be configured when CCP is being used.
CCP provides default rules.
(Pending for answer)

68. What is a CLI initiated script that locks down the control plane of a Cisco router in
one step?

Control Plane Protection

Cisco AutoSecure
IP Source Guard
Control Plane Policing
(Ref: 1. CCNA Security Chapter Released in IOS version 12.3, Cisco
AutoSecure is a feature that is initiated from the CLI and executes a script.

69. Which three statements should be considered when applying ACLs to a Cisco
router? (Choose three.)
Generic ACL entries should be placed at the top of the ACL.
A maximum of three IP access lists can be assigned to an interface per direction (in or
An access list applied to any interface without a configured ACL allows
all traffic to pass.
Router-generated packets pass through ACLs on the router without
More specific ACL entries should be placed at the top of the ACL.
ACLs always search for the most specific entry before taking any filtering action.
(Ref: Final Exam v1.1)

70. What is one way to prevent attackers from eavesdropping on VoIP conversations?
Use Forced Authorization Codes.
Implement separate voice VLANs.
Configure IP phones to use only signed firmware files.
Create ACLs to allow only VoIP protocols.

71. A large company deploys several network-based IPS sensors for its headquarters
network. Which network service configuration will help the process of correlating
attack events happening simultaneously in different points of the network?
Multiple DNS servers with fault tolerance
Distributed DHCP servers
A syslog server for each IPS sensor
A centralized NTP server

72. What is the role of the Cisco NAC Manager in implementing a secure networking
to assess and enforce security policy compliance in the NAC environment
to perform deep inspection of device security profiles
to provide post-connection monitoring of all endpoint devices
to define role-based user access and endpoint security policies
(Pending for answer)

73. What command must be issued to enable login enhancements on a Cisco router?
privilege exec level
banner motd
login delay
login block-for
(Pending for answer)

74. Refer to the exhibit. An administrator creates three zones (A, B, and C) in an ASA
that filters traffic. Traffic originating from Zone A going to Zone C is denied, and
traffic originating from Zone B going to Zone C is denied. What is a possible scenario
for Zones A, B, and C
A DMZ, B Inside, C Outside
A DMZ, B Outside, C Inside
A Inside, B DMZ, C Outside
A Outside, B Inside, C DMZ

75. In a corporate network where SAN is deployed, what happens if the SAN fabric is
Data is compromised.
Server CPUs become overloaded.
Configurations can be changed or lost.
End devices become infected.
(Ref: Chapter 6, SAN Management)

76. What three phases would be addressed as part of doing business continuity
planning? (Choose three.)
a recovery phase
an emergency response phase
a quarantine or containment phase

a return to normal operation phase

a reaction phase
an initiation phase
(Pending for answer)

77. Logging into a computer as the administrator just to surf the web is a violation of
which security technique?
process isolation
utilizing a reference monitor
access control to resources
least privilege
(Pending for answer)