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June 28



Living 50 Plus

June 28, 2015


S Common

As men and women age, their

risk for cataracts increases.
Starting at age 50, cataract risk
rises, and that risk only grows
more significant as men and
women get older. The National
Eye Institute predicts that, by
the year 2050, 50.2 million
Americans will experience
The lens of the eye is normally clear,
but as a person ages, the lenses can
begin to cloud and lead to impaired
vision. Cataracts can cause blurry
vision and increase the glare from
lights, affecting how a person can
manage daily activities. Cataracts
also may make it more difficult for
eye doctors to examine the back of
the eye during routine visits to detect
conditions such as age-related macular
degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.
Eye experts routinely recommend
cataract surgery when cataracts
interfere with daily activities, such as
driving, watching television or even
reading medication bottles. Surgery
is a safe and common way to treat
The American Optometric

Association says cataract surgery

involves the removal of the natural
lens of the eye, which is replaced with
an artifical lens. This clear, plastic
intraocular lens, or IOL, requires no
special maintenance and is designed
to properly focus. In many cases,
the eye doctor will make a small
incision in the side of the cornea,
where he or she inserts a tiny probe.
This device will use ultrasound waves
to soften and break up the lens into
small pieces, which are removed
by suction in a process known as
phacoemulsification. The cataract lens
is removed, but the thin, outer layers
of the lens, called the lens capsule, are
not touched. Afterward, the IOL is
placed in the lens capsule.

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If the cataracts have advanced and

phacoemulsification is not an option,
the eye doctor will have to find
another way to remove the lens.
The IOLs used may be monofocal,
fixed-focus, accommodating, and
multifocal lenses, and which type of
lens is best for a patients needs will be
determined by the eye doctor.
Cataract surgery may only take 15
minutes, though patients will likely
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704 . 440 . 4554


704 . 765 . 0566

Hearing Instrument Specialist

*Studies conducted at the University of Northern Colorado (2014) and Oldenburg Horzentrum (2013) showed that
Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT) in cocktail-party situations improved 2.9 dB for wearers with mild to moderate
hearing loss using GENIUS with Directional Focus, compared to people with normal hearing. This corresponds to over
25% improvement in speech understanding.

June 28, 2015

Living 50 Plus

Statesville Record & Landmark 3

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spend more time at the surgical

facility to allow for prep time
and post-operative evaluation.
Recovery will involve the use of
medicated eye drops several times
daily, and a protective eye shield
should be used while sleeping.
As the eye recovers, a special pair
of post-operative sunglasses are
required to protect the eyes from
bright light. Eye doctors also
advise patients to avoid strenuous
activity, including exercise, for at
least the first week of recovery.
Water splashed in the eyes can
cause infection, so swimming
should be avoided and caution
should be taken when bathing or
All About Vision says it can
take several weeks for the eye
to heal sufficiently. If both eyes
require surgery, doctors will often
wait one to three weeks before
performing surgery on the second
Learn more about cataract
surgery by speaking with your eye
doctor or visiting
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What to
Eat &
What to

Healthcare professionals
note that the foods women
eat can affect how they feel
during menopause. Some
foods may reduce or eliminate
troublesome symptoms, while
others actually may make
conditions worse.



Weight gain, hot flashes, lack

of energy, and mood swings are
some of the more widely known
symptoms of menopause, which is
the time when a womans menstrual
cycle permanently ceases due to
the natural depletion of ovarian
follicles and oocytes. Elevated follicle
stimulating hormone, or FSH, and
low estrogen levels are consistent
with menopause and can cause
any number of symptoms. While
hormone replacement therapy is
one option, women may find that
changing their diets is enough to

Call today
for an appointment with
no obligations!

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Why not plan your final wishes?

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make them feel better and may even

help them reduce their risk for certain
diseases and better manage some of the
negative side effects of menopause.

Living 50 Plus
some weight during menopause. Data
from the International Menopause
Society and the Mayo Clinic point to
decreases in metabolism as the source of
menopausal weight gain. Women should
cut back on fatty foods and trim any
visible fats from the foods they cook.
Eating foods high in complex sources
of fiber can help a person to feel full on
less food.

omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming whole

grains, lentils, flaxseed, and oily fish can

Risk for other diseases:

Women who are menopausal are at
an elevated risk for breast cancer and
Osteoporosis: Menopausal
even cardiovascular disease. The North
women are at a greater risk for
American Menopause Society says such
osteoporosis, a condition in which
women should cut down on alcohol
bones become weaker and more brittle.
consumption, which can contribute
Increasing ones intake of foods rich
to increased risk for both of these
in calcium and vitamin D can help.
conditions. Women who have between
fluctuations may lead to mood swings
Calcium-rich foods include low-fat
two and five drinks per day are one and
yogurt, sardines, broccoli, and firm tofu.
Improve mental well-being by increasing a half times as likely to get breast cancer
than women who dont drink at all.
intake of foods rich in B vitamins and
Weight gain: Its possible to gain

Tips for

who are once again thrown into the

caregiver arena may need a crash
course in childcare or a few pointers on
parenting in the modern age.
Get the right equipment. Children
certainly require a lot of gear, more than
grandparents likely used when raising
their own children. Certain safety

June 28, 2015

Fatigue: Foods can control how
the body sustains energy levels. Sugary
foods may provide a fast jolt of energy,
but that boost often dwindles shortly
thereafter. Look for carbohydrates from
fruits and vegetables, as such carbs
provide longer-lasting energy. Boosting
iron intake also may provide more pep
and may even boost metabolism.
Smart food choices can help
women reduce the severity of some
uncomfortable symptoms and side
effects of menopause.
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requirements are in place to safeguard

young children, and that often means
investing in new cribs, car seats, high
chairs, and other items. Grandparents
should resist the temptation to use old
items they may have kept in storage,
as such items may no longer be safe
and could put grandchildren at risk for

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Helping to
Raise Children

As retirement age approaches,

many older adults envision
themselves downsizing
and moving to a quaint
community to enjoy their
golden years in as relaxing a
fashion as possible. However,
for a growing number of
seniors, their retirement years
are being spent helping to
raise grandchildren.
United States Census data from
2010 indicates 4.9 million American

children are being raised solely by their

grandparents. CanGrads, a National
Kinship Support organization, says
approximately 62,500 children are
being raised by grandparents and other
family in Canada. Many grandparents
provide part-time care when their older
children have to move back home with
their families, as roughly 13 million
children are now living in homes with
their grandparents.
Although being raised by grandparents
may not be the ideal situation for all
parties involved, such situations are a
necessity for many families. Seniors


Iredell Home Health delivers specialized medical care in the comfort of your
home. Our experienced team of skilled nurses, therapists and dieticians work
with your physician to provide you with an individualized care plan.

704-872-6552 888-872-6552

Living 50 Plus

June 28, 2015

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themselves caring for a child may be

eligible for financial assistance. The
Temporary Assistance for Needy
Families is a joint federal and state
program that can provide need-based
financial assistance. The AARP or the
organization GrandFamilies may be
able to put grandparents in touch with
financial advisors in their areas.

Gather important documents.

Grandparents should keep pertinent
documents in one easily accessible place
in their homes should an emergency
arise. These include birth certificates,
health immunization records, death
certificates (if the childs parents are
deceased), dental records, school papers,
citizenship papers, and proof of income
Contact schools and daycare
and assets.
centers. School-aged children will need
to be enrolled in school. Grandparents
Speak with an attorney. Lawyers can
should contact the department of
help grandparents wade through legal
education where they live to learn about
arrangements, such as filing for custody,
local school systems, especially when
guardianship or adoption. Options vary
grandkids are moving in with their
depending on where petitioners live,
grandparents. Some grandparents can
but lawyers can provide peace of mind
qualify for free or low-cost daycare, and
to grandparents concerned about their
such programs can be discussed with
grandkids futures.
local Social Services offices. Enrollment
in school or daycare can provide
Investigate financial assistance.
grandparents with much-needed free
Seniors may not earn the income they
time during the day.
once did and may be on assistance
programs or living off of retirement
Find emotional support. Taking
savings. Grandparents who find
care of grandchildren is a full-time job.

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At times, grandparents may feel stressed

or out of sorts. Having a strong support
system available can help grandparents
work through the peaks and valleys of
this new and unexpected stage in life.
Church- or community center-based
counseling services may be available.
Grandparents also can check with
their healthcare providers to determine
if counseling or therapy sessions are
covered under their plans.

Caring for grandchildren is a lifechanging event. Although it can be

fulfilling, it also requires a lot of energy
and commitment. But grandparents
neednt go it alone, as there are
numerous resources available to seniors
who suddenly find themselves caring for
their grandchildren.
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Life is complicated.

Healthcare doesnt have to be.

160 Medical Providers. 32 Specialties. One Choice. Piedmont HealthCare.

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Living 50 Plus


for Those Age 50+

June 28, 2015

Routine immunizations
can keep people safe and
healthy. Certain vaccinations
can prevent diseases from
producing symptoms,
while others can lessen the
duration of an illness or make
conditions less severe.
Vaccination schedules become a way
of life for parents to young children.
But vaccinations arent just for kids,
and adults should keep tabs on their
immunization histories to ensure
theyre up-to-date with vaccinations
for their particular age group and
The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention warns that the elderly
are more likely to die of a vaccinepreventable disease than other age
groups. The immune system begins
to decline as we age, so the body
can benefit from the disease-fighting

jobs or

boost provided by vaccinations.

Individuals at any age should discuss
immunizations with their doctors,
but its a particularly important
conversation for those age 50 and
Vaccine schedules and
recommendations may vary
depending on where a person lives,
but the following immunization
recommendations are offered courtesy
of the CDC.
Influenza: An annual flu shot
can help prevent the nearly 36,000
deaths that occur due to flu each year
in the United States. The flu vaccine
is designed to combat the current
strain of flu, so it is recommended
anytime between September to
March, which is the prime flu season.
People age 50 and older should opt
for the injection rather than the nasal
form of the vaccine.
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Take your retirement

savings with you.
Rolling over your 401(k) to a
State Farm IRA is easy. I can
take care of the paperwork while
helping you with a retirement
plan that meets your needs.
Like a good neighbor,
State Farm is there.

Andrew Whitaker, Agent

1056 Crossroads Drive Statesville, NC 28625
Bus: 704-873-7710

State Farm, Home Office, Bloomington, IL

Living 50 Plus

Statesville Record & Landmark 7

calcium work in concert, with vitamin
D helping the body to absorb calcium
so it can find its way into bones. Experts
advise getting the right ratio of calcium,
protein and vitamin D to safeguard
against osteoporosis. The Institute
of Medicine suggests that adults get
between 600 and 800 international
units (IUs) of vitamin D every day, and
between 1,000 and 1,300 milligrams
of calcium daily. Dairy products, such
as low- and nonfat milk, yogurt and
cheese, are high in calcium. Dark green
vegetables and almonds contain calcium
in smaller amounts. Obtaining calcium
and vitamin D through natural sources
is always preferable, but doctors may
suggest supplementation if foods are not
providing what a person needs to meet
the minimum recommended levels.

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Tdap: This vaccine

protects against tetanus,
diphtheria and pertussis
and is especially necessary
for people who have close
contact with young infants.
Pertussis, or whooping
cough, can be passed on to
youngsters and make them
very ill. If youve never
received a Tdap vaccine,
the CDC suggests getting
it at least once. Individual
tetanus boosters should be
received every 10 years.

Adults who are avid

travelers to various parts
of the world that may
bring them in contact with
animals or people who do
not receive the same course
of immunizations may
need additional vaccines.
Speak with a doctor about
which immunizations are
recommended before travel.
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Exercise is another important

component of building strong bones.
The National Osteoporosis Foundation
says 30 minutes of exercise each day can
help. Higher-intensity exercises should

strong bones

Osteoporosis, a disease that causes

bones to become weakened and brittle
over time, affects millions of people
across the globe. The International
Osteoporosis Foundation says an
osteoporosis-related fracture occurs
roughly once every 3 seconds,
accounting for more than 8.9 million
fractures a year.

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Here for you since 1950!

and here to stay

Ken Chapman

Terry Bebber

Tara Travis

Stephen Wellman

Younger individuals typically heal from

fractures more quickly than older adults, who
often discover that fractures greatly impede
their mobility and quality of life.
Bone health is important at any age, but it
is particularly crucial as a person gets older.
Without a strong framework of bones, the
body collapses on itself and rates of fracture
increase. Fortunately, there are several ways to
keep and maintain strong bones.
Bones are largely made up of a protein called
collagen, which is bound together by calcium
and other trace minerals. Vitamin D and

Anita Dailey

Mai Lee Chang


Narriman Ladd



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phone: (704) 873-7612

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HWY. 70


Hepatitis A: Individuals
with medical, occupational
or lifestyle conditions, such
as healthcare workers or
people with chronic liver
disease, may need a twodose series of the hepatitis A

How to build and maintain


Pneumococcal disease is
an infection caused by the
pneumococcus bacteria.
It can cause pneumonia,
blood infection, ear
infections, and even
bacterial meningitis. This
vaccine is given to adults
age 65 and older or to
younger adults at their
physicians discretion.


June 28, 2015

Living 50 Plus


June 28, 2015

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be mixed with lower-intensity

workouts for the best results.
Weight-bearing exercises, such
as hiking, dancing and stairclimbing, can build between 1
and 3 percent of bone. An exercise
regimen also should include lifting
weights or using resistance bands.
Activities that promote good
posture and flexibility can help
improve balance and alignment

of the body. Perform stretches

smoothly and slowly after
exercising to maintain your range
of motion.
Quitting smoking also can
promote strong bones. Smoking
has been linked to poor skeletal
health in both men and women,
and the longer one smokes, the
greater ones risk for fracture.
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Travel benefits

perks available to men and women over

50. All consumers need to do is inquire
about such benefits. When in doubt,
log on to the companys website or give
their customer service department a
Here are some other ways to secure
deals on travel and other services.

for those ages

50 and up
One of the best things about
aging is being able to enjoy the
fruits of your labor without
as many obligations as you
might have had when you were
a younger adult. For example,
many men and women have a
lot more freedom to travel once
they turn 50.
Many of todays older adults have
a wealth of discretionary time, and
those who focused on retirement
planning from an early age have the
money to fund a recreational lifestyle.
Travel companies and other businesses
understand that Baby Boomers and

other seniors are valuable customers

and are rolling out the red carpet with
a bevy of discounts and perks.
AARP Services, Inc. has long been
a trusted resource in senior-based
information and resources. The
organization continues to broker
relationships with various companies
to arrange deals on travel-related
services and products for older men
and women. Members of AARP can
link directly to deals through the
organizations website.
In addition to companies that work
with AARP, many other travel
companies have discounts or other

Do some networking. Fellow

seniors who log in to chat rooms or
who are members of social clubs may
have the inside scoop on age-based
travel deals. Learn the ropes from others
who have been there before you and
take notes on which companies offer
the best deals.
Read the fine print. Understand the
details of senior discounts and compare
them to other promotions offered to
anyone, regardless of age. You may be
able to get a better deal or combine
offers if youre not locked into a senior

plan. Also, check the dates when deals

are valid to ensure you can travel when
you want to.
Always carry proof of age. Whether
it is a drivers license, AARP card,
passport, or birth certificate, carry proof
of your age at all times. You do not
want to miss out on a discount because
you cannot verify you are 50 or older.
Though being mistaken as younger
could be a boost to your ego, it will not
benefit your bottom line.
Explore airline perks. Men and
women 55 and older may be eligible
for golden-agers discounts at major
airlines. Such deals are not typically
advertised, so you may need to speak
with an airline representative to secure
the discount. Seniors also can request
special services, such as baggage
assistance, priority seating and a ride to
the gate, at the airport.
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The Areas Oldest & Finest Glass Company Est. 1951

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1539 Shelton Ave. Statesville, NC 28677

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Living 50 Plus

June 28, 2015

Statesville Record & Landmark 9

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Try negotiating with vendors. If you

cannot find a senior discount, consider
negotiating with vendors for deals. Local
hotels or businesses may prove more
flexible than national chains. It never
hurts to ask for a senior discount.
Embrace flexibility in scheduling.
Unlike students or business travelers,
seniors tend to have freedom with
regard to the days of the week when
they can travel. You have the flexibility
to go and come as you please without
having to coordinate with vacation
time or school breaks. Use this to your
advantage and travel during off-peak
times when crowds will be small and
rates may be lower.
Dont feel down if youre approaching
another milestone birthday. Entering
into your golden years gives you access
to a variety of perks and discounts that
can save you time and money on travel.
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From a
Late Start to


Some people do not have the

ability to begin saving for
retirement early on. Others
may have brushed retirement
savings aside for so long that
they are now worried that its
too late to begin socking away
money for retirement.

While its best to start saving for

retirement as early as possible, the
good news is that its never too late
to start planning for retirement. If
your 40th birthday has long passed
and youre finally thinking ahead to
retirement, consider these catch-up
Research tax-advantageous

Lifee insurance
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8822 (12/14)

In the Nation, we plan

for the later years.

retirement savings plans. A financial

planner can point you in the right
direction, or consult with your employer
about employee programs. Deposit
money into a 401(k) or 403(b) plan or
another retirement vehicle. Jump on
any opportunities when your employer
matches invested funds. Investigate
an IRA and find out if there are any
government incentives. Depending on
your age, you may be able to deposit
more money into such accounts than
other investors.
Cut back on expenses. Cutting
back on unnecessary expenses is a
great way to save more money for
retirement. Figure out where you can
save some money you can then allocate
to retirement savings. Maybe you can
reduce insurance coverage on an older
car or raise your deductible? Downsize
cable packages or skip that costly cup of
coffee on the way to work. Perhaps its
time to look for a smaller, less expensive
home or a compact car instead of an
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We plan for our future, so our loved

ones dont have to do it for us.
Nationwide offers long-term care
options to help you financially prepare
for unexpected events down the road.
This way you can spend more time
with your family, and less time thinking
about what if?

William A. Dotson, HIS, COHC
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Contact your Nationwide agent today to

learn more about long-term care options.

Sissy Carney Groce, Agent

Earl Carney Insurance
333-A Brookdale Drive
Statesville, NC 28677

William A. Dotson, HIS, COHC


703 Bryant Street


North Wilkesboro
400 8th Street


114 Morlake Dr, Suite 101A


Dr. Jill Howard, Au.D.

Deanna Howard, A.S., BC-HIS


Living 50 Plus

June 28, 2015

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SUV. Any money saved now

will benefit you when the time
comes time to bid farewell to the

How to eat
after 50

Delay your retirement. Many

people who retire find themselves
bored and looking for ways to fill
their time, and as a result more
and more people are delaying
their retirement, which also gives
them more time to save for that
day when they do call it quits.
If you want to work less, discuss
and negotiate a phased retirement
with your bosses that allows you
to stick with your employer but
gradually work fewer hours until
you retire completely. You may be
able to work part-time for several
years and retire when youre most
Consider more aggressive
funds. Even if you are 50 you
still have a few decades before
retirement, which leaves lots of
time to grow your retirement
savings. But you may want to
consider more aggressive funds
that can help you catch up more
quickly than less aggressive
investments. Just know that
aggressive funds may also leave
you susceptible to substantial
Dont amass debt. If youre
saving for retirement but only
paying minimum balances on
your credit cards, then youre not
really saving. Pay down credit
card debt before you begin to set
aside money for retirement.
Delaying retirement planning
may mean you have to work a
little harder to build up a solid
reserve. But by following some
financial tips and persevering,
you can still enjoy retirement
with security.
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As people age, their dietary

needs begin to change. Foods
that were once staples of your
diet as a youth may be restricted
once you hit a certain age, while
other foods you may have always
avoided may now be necessary to
fuel and support a healthy body.
Eating healthy foods and exercising
may not be enough to sustain health,
as hormonal changes and other health
effects as a person reaches age 50 can
have a profound impact on his or her
nutritional requirements. The following
are a few things men and women over 50
may want to consider as they look to eat
a healthy diet for years to come.
Vitamin D
Both men and women age 50 and up
have a reduced ability to produce vitamin
D through exposure to the sun. Extra
vitamin D will be needed from foods
and supplements. Everyone over the

age of 50 should take a daily vitamin

D supplement of 400 IU (10 g),
according to Canadas Food Guide.
Without adequate vitamin D, bone
strength and health can deteriorate
because vitamin D promotes calcium
absorption. Vitamin D also has other
roles, including helping neuromuscular
and immune function and reducing
Friendly fats
People over age 50 should increase their
intake of unsaturated fats and reduce
consumption of saturated fats. Nutrientrich unsaturated fats can guard against
heart conditions, protect against stroke,
keep skin supple, and even help men
and women maintain good neurological
health. Omega-3 fatty acids can be
found in nuts, olives, seeds, and fatty
Increase protein
According to Christine Gerbstadt, MD,
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New Omelette & Waffle Station



3103 Taylorsville Hwy. | Statesville, NC


Living 50 Plus

June 28, 2015

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RD, a spokesperson for the Academy

of Nutrition and Dietetics, as they age,
men and women need more protein
in their diets to maintain their muscle
mass. The amount of protein needed
at a younger age no longer may be
adequate. Look for lean sources of
protein from fish and poultry. Beans are
also a low-fat source of protein that can
help fulfill daily protein requirements.
More fiber
Eating more fiber can help with
digestive and intestinal problems, such
as constipation. Constipation can
occur when fiber intake is not enough,
coupled with a more sedentary lifestyle.
The best way to get fiber is through diet.
Leave the skins on fruit and vegetables
and choose whole fruits over juices.
Whole-grain breads and cereals also are
good sources of fiber. Dry beans and
lentils can add a fiber boost. Always
increase fiber slowly to determine your

Statesville Record & Landmark 11

Fewer calories
The National Institute on Aging says
women over the age of 50 need between
1,600 and 2,000 calories, depending
on how physically active they are. Men
need between 2,000 and 2,400 calories
per day. With each passing year there
is a decrease in the energy required to
maintain body weight, so caloric intake
should be adjusted accordingly.
More water
As a person ages, his or her body may
not signal it is thirsty as well as it
once did, so its possible that you may
not recognize when you are thirsty
or dehydrated. The Mayo Clinic
recommends around nine to 10 cups of
beverages per day to remain hydrated.
Eating healthy and changing ones diet
is important as a person ages, as dietary
needs at age 50 may be quite different
from what they were at age 30.
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To us, its personal.

Each Home Instead Senior Care franchise office is independently owned and operated.
2015 Home Instead, Inc.


Living 50 Plus

June 28, 2015

Join the Circle!

If youre 50 or better,
join the circle for just $15 a year.
Benefits include:
Prescription Drug Discounts
Hearing Care Discounts
Vision Care Discounts
Dental Discounts
Personal Emergency Response
Health and Wellness Talks and Screenings
Travel Opportunities
Fellowship, Fun and Lifelong Learning
Health and Fitness Classes

Have the time of your life,

in the prime of your life!
The next Senior Circle meeting and program at Davis Regional Medical Center is Tuesday, July 28, at 3 p.m.
The next Senior Circle meeting and program at Lake Norman Regional Medical Center is Wednesday,August 5, at 3 p.m.
For more information or to join, visit or
call 704-660-4859 (Lake Norman Regional) or 704-838-7235 (Davis Regional).
Lake Norman Regional Medical Center is directly or indirectly owned by a partnership that
proudly includes physician owners, including certain members of the hospitals medical staff.