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19th June, 2015 Vol. 7 Issue 13 |


New Zealands first Kiwi-Indian weekly newspaper

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Shri Radm
Man ierd



19 June 2015 |




RAMADAN MUBARAK | 19 June 2015




Welcome, the blessed month of Ramadan

Sheikh Mohammad Amir &
Rizwan Mohammad

and the doors of Paradise are

open for the believers.
There are few important
aspects of this holy month that
people need to observe i.e.
Suhoor (the pre dawn meal), Iftar
(Breaking fast) and Taraweeh
(Special Prayers post Isha
prayers), Lailatul Qadr (5 Nights
of Decree, Zakat (charity) and

amadan is the most

blessed month in the
Islamic Calendar, it is
the month in which the Holy
Quran was revealed as a guidance
and judgment to all people. It is
the month in which good deeds
are multiplied and sins are
forgiven. Ramadan is the month
of Allahs Mercy, Forgiveness
and emancipation from Hellfire.
In this month there is a night of
worship that is better than one
thousand months.
Ramadan is holy month
succeeding Shaaban and starts
with the sighting of the moon. In
this month Muslims around the
world fast from dawn to dusk,
that means they refrain from
eating and drinking anything
until the sun is down. Fasting is
compulsory to every Muslim man
and woman with exemptions to
pregnant women, sick, people
travelling, and old people who are
unable to fast on health grounds.
The evidence from the Quran
consists of the following two
verses: O you who believe,

Suhoor: (Pre-Dawn Meal)

fasting is prescribed for you as

it was prescribed for the people
before you in order for you to gain
God consciousness.(2:183) and,
The month of Ramadhan,
was revealed, a guidance for
mankind, and clear proofs of the

guidance and the criterion; and

whoever of you is resident, let
him fast the month. (2:185).
Islam is built upon five pillars
}} testifying that there is no
God except Allah and that
Muhammad is His Messenger


the establishment of the prayer

the giving of Zakat
the fast of Ramadan
the pilgrimage to (Mecca) the
house of Allah also known as
The month of Ramadan is
considered to be the month of
forgiveness, the devil is chained

Also called Sehri in Urdu,

it is the pre-dawn meal that a
person who intends to fast should
take before dawn Adhaan (call
for prayer). The time for the
Suhoor is between the middle of
the night and dawn and is said
to be a very blessed meal. The
importance of eating Sahoor has
been highlighted in a number of
Hadith (a traditional account of
things said or done by Prophet
Muhammad or his companions),
and it is considered a very blessed
meal. People are advised to have
Suhoor and then head to attend
the first prayer of the day, i.e. the
Fajr namaz.
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Iftar: (Breaking



After a whole day of not having

any food and water, a person
fasting should break his fast at
the call of Adhaan at sunset. A
great deal of importance is placed
on those who feed a fasting
person. Ramadan thus provides
an excellent chance to welcome
and host other Muslims for Iftar
and gain extra reward.
It is important to note that one
must endeavour to eat Suhoor
as close as possible to dawn. On
the other hand breaking the fast
at the earliest possible time,
closest to dusk, is better and
greater in reward than breaking
the fast later. Generally people
get together at the time of Iftar
and eat together in groups with a
date or a glass of water. Post Iftar
people adjourn for the Maghrib
Taraweeh: (Extra Prayers)

19 June 2015 |

on successive evenings, so that by

the end of the month the entire
Quran has been completed. To
perform Salah al-Taraweeh in the
month of Ramadan is a highlystressed as Sunnah, or what
the fiqh specialists call Sunnah




The month of Ramadan enjoys

a spiritual superiority over all
the other months of the year.
Likewise, its last Asharah or
ten days are superior to the two
earlier Asharahs, and Lailatul
Qadr or the Night of Decree falls
in it. This is the most blessed
night of the year. In fact this is
the most distinctive aspect of the
month of Ramadan. This is also
the night wherein Allah decides
the destiny, sustenance, birth,
and death etc. for His creation. It
is mentioned in the Holy Quran
that this night is better than a
thousand months (83 years &
four months).
In this night a person should
exert a little more in worship of
Allah S.W.T., even though there
is no special form of worship
prescribed for this night, one
can engage in the offering of Nafl
(optional) prayers, supplications,
recitation of the Holy Quran, or
any other deed considered good
in Shariah (Islamic law).

During Ramadan, special

evening prayers are conducted
during which long portions of the
Quran are recited. These special
prayers are known as Taraweeh.
There is a difference in opinions
among the scholars on the rakaat
of Taraweeh prayer, whether it
should be 20 or 8 rakaats. The
Quran is divided into equalparts
for the purpose of reading
sections of equal lengthduring
I`tikaf (Seclusion by staying
each of the Ramadan nights. in Mosque)
Thus, 1/30 of the Quran is read

staying in the mosque with the

intention of becoming closer to
Allah. This was the practice of
Prophet Muhammad especially
during the last ten days of
Ramadan. Itikaf of Ramadan is
considered Sunnah. There are
two other kinds of Itikaf; Wajib
(compulsory), where a person
takes a vow unto himself that he
will perform Itikaf if such and
such happens, as soon as that
thing is fulfilled Itikaf becomes
Wajib on him, the other is Nafl
Itikaf. Nafl Itikaf has no special
conditions or limitations on time.
Zakat (Charity):
Zakat is a very important
part of Islam and is even more
significant during Ramadan.
There are plenty of charitable
initiatives, Ramadan camps,
Iftar camps, care packages and
more, that can be taken up during
the Holy month. Zakat or alms
can be defined as that portion
of a persons wealth which is
designated for the poor. The term
is derived from the Arabic verbal
root meaning to increase, to
purify, and to bless. That
is why this kind of Sadaqah is
called Zakat, for by paying it one
is aspiring to attain blessing,
purification, and the cultivation
of good deeds.
Assets that attract Zakat or
Zakat are generally imposed on:
}} Gold and silver, in any form;
not on other metals
}} Financial assets such as cash,

banknotes and stocks

}} Merchandise for business
}} Livestock
}} Income derived from rental
Personal needs are not subject
to Zakat. These include, among
other things, clothing, household
furniture, utensils, cars, pearls,
diamonds and other precious or
semi-precious stones etc. Islam
does not leave the question of
charity to the personal estimation
of those in whose trust its
revenues are put, it assigns where
these revenues should go. The
revenues of charity may also be
offered to certain institutions like
welfare hospitals and schools and
to orphanages etc. Institutions
like these are established for the
welfare of the poor.
Things to do in the month of
}} Observe the Five Times
obligatory prayers
}} Fasting from Dawn until Dusk
}} Having Suhoor and Iftar
}} Attending Taraweeh Prayers
}} Reciting Quran as much as
}} Giving charity (Zakat &
}} Itiqaf
}} Worship as much as possible
and ask for forgiveness
Things to



}} Reduce watching TV, listening

to music, going to theatres etc.

}} Reduce bad habits like
smoking, chewing tobacco
}} No sexual intercourse while
}} Try not to sleep much while
fasting, it spoils the purpose of
}} Avoid too much shopping and
socialising instead utilise the
time in worshipping
}} Eat gracefully and not to
stuff oneself, it will make you
lethargic and lazy
Ramadan & Fasting:


There are a couple of

in people about Ramadan
and validation of fasting. One
common misconception about
Ramadan among the Muslims and
Non-Muslims is that Ramadan
is all about staying away from
food. Well, the concept behind
fasting is not just to control ones
yearning for food but also to sway
away from ones physical needs
during the daytime and abstain
from all the worldly desires, get
closer to God, worship Him and
ask for forgiveness for his sins.
Fasting is not merely physical, but
is rather the total commitment of
the persons body and soul to the
spirit of the fast. Ramadan is a
time to practice self-restraint, a
time to cleanse the body and soul
from impurities and refocus on
the worship of God. | 19 June 2015

The following are some answer/
clarifications to questions or doubts
about RamadanBlack
and fasting,
given below, however one should
refer to Hadiths for authenticity.
Does Medical treatment (Eye drops,
ear drops, nasal spray, injections, etc)
while fasting breaks the fast?
Ans: No, eye
drops, ear drops,
does not affect the
fast of a person.
teeth allowed
while fasting?
Ans: No, it is advised to brush after
having Suhoor before dawn. Brushing
makes the fast maqrooh (disapproves).
Instead a person can use Miswak.
Miswakis a teeth cleaning twig made from
the Salvadora persica tree as an alternative
to toothbrush.
Ate out of forgetfulness?
No, does not invalidate the fast in one
forgetfully eats food.
Is it allowed to taste food while

detract from the reward of fasting, and may

erase it altogether.
Does vomiting invalidate the fast?
Ans. NO, but deliberately vomiting does.
Does smoking invalidate Fast?
Ans: YES, no doubt about it.
Does swallowing the Saliva break the
Ans: NO, swallowing the saliva does not
invalidate the fast. So, you should not keep
spitting all day.

Ans: Yes, tasting is allowed if needed if

we make sure we do not swallow it.

Things that break the fast:

Is it better for a pregnant woman to

fast or not to fast?

drinking, smoking, vomiting deliberately,

Ans: Depends on her condition and she

needs to decide.


Does watching TV, Movies, Soap

invalidate the Fast?

Source : The above contents is a

compilation of information from various
souces and is not intended to be a
guideline, kindly refer to hadith for
clarification on correct practice.

Ans: NO, but its a SIN and these sins

Intercourse, masturbation, eating and

menstruation and Nifaas (Post Natal

Priti Clyth



19 June 2015 |

Namaz venues in Auckland

Masjid Name



AI Falah Islamic Centre

Al Farooq Centre
Takanini Islamic Centre
Al Manar Trust
Airport Masjid
South Auckland Mosque
Airport Prayer Room
AUT Muslim Prayer Space
Glen Innes Islamic Centre
Islamic Ahlul Bayt
Glen Eden- Islamic Centre
Lynfield Islamic Centre
Masjid Abu Bakr Siddique
Masjid Abu Hurairah
Masjid Ayesha
Maunatul Islam Trust
Masjid As Salam
Masjid At-Taqwa
Avondale Islamic Centre
Mt Albert Islamic Centre
New Lynn Islamic Centre
North Shore Islamic Centre
Onehunga Islamic Centre
Ponsonby Masjid
Papatoetoe Islamic Centre
Pukekohe Islamic Centre
West Auckland Mosque
Westgate Islamic Centre

1/8 Laidlaw Way

34 Portage Road
12A Tironui Station Road
72 Carr rd
91 Westney Rd
1st Floor
9 Mount St
127 Elstree Ave
27 Ben Lomond Crescent
302 West Coast Road
143 White Swan Rd
5 Cortina Place
45 Cartwright Road
96 Maich Road
45 Thomas Rd
185 Stoddard Road
3 Akatea Rd
58 Grayson Ave
122 Blockhouse Bay Rd
Rocket Park, New North Rd
13 Ward Street
9b Kaimahi Drive
140, Church St
17 Vermont St
63 Park Ave
107 Princess St
31-33 Armada Drive
144 Triangle Road

Botany (Ormiston Rd)

Mt Roskill
International Terminal
Auckland Central
Glen lnnes
Glen Eden
Mt Roskill
Mt Roskill
Mt Albert
New Lynn
Glenfield, North Shore
Ranui, Henderson

Late Taraweeh Prayers: 14a Kitchener Road, Sandringham, Auckland. Isha prayer at9.00pmfollowed by Taraweeh.
For more information visit us or

Ramadan Wishes
from our readers
Javed Dadabhai

The Auckland Eid Day team would like to wish everyone in

the community the best for the blessed month of Ramadan,
and we would love to have you all celebrate Eid al Fitr with us
at The Trust Arena (Henderson).May Allah accept our fasts
and all our prayers be answered. Ramadan Mubarak!

Kashif Quadri

Peace and blessing be up on all. May this Ramadan be

a month of love, a month of compassion and a month of
blessings for you and your family. May this month unite us
all in peace and May Allah rewards us all with goodness.

Mohammed Hayat Kabir

Wish u a very happy Ramadan Mubarak. May this Ramadan

be as bright as ever. May this Ramadan bring joy, health and
wealth to our life. Amen

Ramadan Timetable for Auckland (1436H/2015)

1 July











Dua for keeping the fast:Allahumma inni nawaito laka

sauma ramadan.
Oh Allah, I intend to keep the fast of Ramadan for Your
Daily Iftar at Masjid-e-Umar
Dua for breaking the fast:Allahumma laka sumto wa
bika amanto wa ala rizqeka aftarto.
Oh Allah, I fasted for You, I believe in You and I break the
fast with your provisions.

Dr. Sayeeda Bano

Ramadan is a very inspirational month, help strengthens

our spirituality and faith, self discipline, self purification,
sacrifice, love, care and support for friends, families,
communities and for those who are in need of urgent help
and care. May the Blessings of Ramadan be with you,
families and communities. May the blessings of Ramadan
help us remove darkness and injustice, bring happiness, health, prosperity. May
the essence of Ramadan lead us together on the path of socio-economic justice,
sacrifice, love care, peace and harmony around the world.
Naveed Ahmed

Sheikh Mohammad Amir, Chairman Ulama Board of FIANZ

During the auspicious season of Ramadan, we pray to Allah

to cleanse your body, mind and soul, fill your heart with
peace, generosity and kindness. And bring you prosperity
and happiness in this world and the hereafter. May this
Ramadan be a means to end all calamities and hardship and
bring peace and harmony to all. Wishing you and your family
a very blessed Ramadan.

The blessed month of Ramadan is here once again,Abu Hurayrah (RA) reported
that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said, Whoever observes
fasts during the month of Ramadan out of sincere faith, and hoping to attain
Allahs rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven.
Let us begin this blessed month with hearts filled with peace and love, and pray
to Allah SWT, that he forgives our sins and guides us. Let this month be the
beginning of our repentance and enlightenment. Wishing our family, friends,
well wishers and the readers a Happy Ramadan.
- Naveed Ahmed & Family and the team of Kiwi Muslim Directory

NEW ZEALAND | 19 June 2015

Pre-Ramadan Night
Market- A successful




Rizwan Mohammad

uckland Eid Day organised the

Saturday Night Pre-Ramadan
Market at the Wesley Community
Centre in Sandringham on June 13, 2015
from 4.30 pm till late.
The idea behind the market was to
give the community an evening of special
shopping for the festive month of Ramadan
that started on Thursday 18 June, 2015.
Auckland Eid Day is a voluntary
community lead organisation initially
established as Almanar Trust in 2011. The
organisation had taken the initiative to plan
and organise annual events such as Eid-ul
Fitr and Eid-ul-adha bringing together all
the Muslim community in Auckland for a
day of joy and happiness to celebrate the
two big events of the Islamic calendar.
The community centre housed 35
merchandise and bulk food stalls from
different ethnic backgrounds. The aim was
to get more wholesalers to sell their items
at a reduced price from that of the market.
A Malaysian stall selling hotdogs
and Kebabs, Afghani store selling dates,
Spanish Donut stall, Gujrati stall for ethnic
Indian dresses for women, Iraqi store
selling beautiful head scarves and Hijab
or Burqa, junk jewelleries, handbags,
hand woven warm clothes, other bulk food
stalls and merchandise corners were the
highlights of the market.
We planned to organise this small
market and it was quite a success, an

approximate of
3500 people turned up at the venue, and
it was jam packed most of the evening
says Mr Javed Dadabhai, the operations
manager of Auckland Eid Day.
Auckland Eid Day is also organising
an Eid Day Carnival at Trust Stadium in
Henderson. The event will begin with Eid
Prayers at 7:30am and will conclude at

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Dairy in Whanganui,Same Vendor
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Licensed Indian Restaurant in
Weekly Sales $6,000 Approx
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Licensed Indian Restaurant In
Auckland CBD
Weekly Sales $9,000 Approx
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Fruit & Vege In West Auckland

Weekly Sales $17,000 Approx
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Fruit & Vege In Auckland
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Subway Franchise In Auckland CBD
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Fast Food Nandos Franchise for
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Habitual Fix Franchise for Sale in
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Franchise 5 Days Cafe In Auckland
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Liquor Shop In Prime Location
Weekly Sales $25,000 Approx
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19 June 2015 |

Shri Ram Mandir, a new jewel in

Aucklands crown




Rizwan Mohammad

he Shri Ram Mandir

up for the community
after a weeklong Puja ceremony.
Saturday June 13, 2015 marked
the grand opening ceremony
graced by dignitaries from all over
New Zealand.
The function commenced at 8
in the morning with the Rot Puja
officiated by the Head Priest of
the temple Pandit Nandlal Shastri
along with Managing Trustee
Pravin Kumar and his family.
The puja followed by Mahayagya
Praan Prathista while other
devotees observed their prayers
and offerings to Lord Hanuman.
The program continued with
Whanau O Waipareira by Maria,
Kaumata by Phil Paki, Karakia and
Kapahaka. Shiu Charan, one of the
trustees then welcomed the guests
for the day and acknowledged
the contribution of the whole
community in making the opening
weeklong puja successful.
The welcome address was
then followed with a speech by
Linda Cooper and other cultural
performances such as Bhajan/
Kirtan led by Prem Ratna,
Chinese Dance, Fijian Meke and
a Rajasthani Dance performance.
An approximate of 1200 devotees
came to the opening ceremony
and another 1000 during the rest
of the day.

The event was graced by

dignitaries such as National
MPs Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi,
Dr. Parmjeet Parmar, Alfred
Ngaro, NZ First MP Mahesh
Bindra, Labour MPs Phil Goff,
Phil Twyford, and David Cunliffe.
Commander Henderson Police
Inspector Scott Webb, National
Strategic Ethnic advisor Inspector
Rakesh Naidoo and Constable
Anil Kumar also attended the
event. Deputy Mayor of Auckland
Penny Hulse, Auckland Councillor
Linda Cooper and Justice Jai Ram
Reddy were also among the guests
for the day.
The Shri Ram Mandir apart
from being a place of worship
is also a big community centre
for the public to host seminars ,
marriage and other functions.
It is a splendid venue to
organise and conduct family
functions, meetings, recitals,
cultural programs and host

exhibitions. The venue is huge

with all the amenities available for
a community function added Mr
Shiu Charan, one of the Trustees
of the Shri Ram Mandir Charitable
The Mandir on the top floor is
a sanctified place with two priests
to enable individuals, families
and kindred groups to discuss,
plan, perform rituals and other
religious ceremonies that are
exclusively distinct and of special

The Shri Ram Mandir on 11
Brick Street in Henderson has
now become a landmark structure,

being the only Ram temple in

New Zealand and one of the most
marvellously designed religious
centres in the city.

Elder Abuse Awareness Day celebrated in Auckland

Swati Sharma

hanti Niwas Charitable

the World elder abuse
and neglect awareness day at Mr
Roskill war Memorial on June
13th. Khushi, a family fun day was
organised to raise the awareness
about the sensitive issue of elder
abuse. This issue is a growing
menace not only in New Zealand
but all over the world and Shanti
Niwas has been working on it in
compliance with the NZ Police
since 2012.
Attended by around 300
guests, the family fun day included
a presentation on signs and
cure for elder abuse, wonderful
raffles and food. A large number
of attemdees aged above 50,
enjoyed every bit of the special day
dedicated to them.
Parliament, NZ Police, other
community organisations and
volunteers were present at the
event to make sure that elderly
from the community get all the

help and support they need to

Ethnic Affairs Minister Hon

keep themselves safe from abuse

Sam Lotu Liga, National MPs

and neglect.

Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and Dr

Parmjeet parmar, Labour Party

MP Phil Goff and NZ First MP
Mahesh Bindra came out in
support of the event and the cause.
Senior Srg. Rakesh Naidu
from the police, Race Relations
Devoy, and representatives of
local boards were also present and
assured the audience that they are
available for their help anytime
they need.
Mrs. Nilima Venkat, Project
Manager of Khushi, says Our
goal is to recognize, prevent and
respond to abuse and neglect of
older people and ensure their
wellbeing. Since the launch of
Khushi in 2012 by then Minister of
senior citizens Hon Jo Goddhew
they have been able to reach out
to a lot of troubled elderly and
have worked with them and their
families to help them resolve
issues. The service is free and
confidential and is provided
by trained social workers and
support staff. They work alongside
the families, govt. and non-govt.
agencies to provide best possible

outcomes for our clients.

Preventing elder abuse means
doing three things:
}} Listeningto seniors and their
}} Interveningwhen you suspect
elder abuse
}} Educatingothers about how
to recognize and report elder
Elder abuse is a societal issue
and therefore it requires us as a
civic society to recognise it in all
its forms, report and seek help.
Shanti Niwas Charitable Trust
Inc, a non-profit organisation,
has a long history of working with
socially isolated senior citizens
of Indian and South Asian origin
living in the Auckland region
for the past 21 years. Shanti
Niwas Mission is to make visible
signs of hope, empower those
whom society has neglected and
celebrate change & diversity.
If you want to seek help or
report a case please contact Shanti
Niwas. Phone 09-622101 or visit
our centre at 14, Spring Street,
Onehunga for more information.

NEW ZEALAND | 19 June 2015

Free Advisory Service for

Indian students in NZ



Dr Rakesh Shukla, Ph.D.

What is the need for this

Over 12,000 students
come every year from
India to New Zealand for
studying. Most of them are
in the very young age group
19-22 years; for most
of them its may be the first
travel even outside the city
where they live-in in India.
Therefore, after arrival in
New Zealand they feel lost
and help-less for quite
some time. Other Indian
students, who themselves
experience in New Zealand,
become their mentors.
As a result, in many cases
wrong or incomplete advice
is given and matters become
complex. Many students
also face language problems,
even though they come to
New Zealand after passing
the required English exam.
As a result of the above
employers and landlords.
For example, many students
are given lower wages than
what is prescribed by law,
made to work longer hours
without mandatory breaks
and compensation, forced


to accept unfair tenancy

terms etc. Some students
even find out after arrival
in New Zealand that they
were wrongly advised by
the student agent back
in India and facilities at
their institute of study are
not of decent standard.
invariably dont know that
they have some rights too!
Given this backdrop, I feel
that an advisory service for
international students from
India is needed to resolve
some of their problems and
for guiding them to adapt
the Kiwi way of life.
advisory service:

tenancy agreement or
quality of accommodation
}} Any other personal issues
they may want to discuss.
Cost of service: Free
Contact Person: Dr.
Rakesh Shukla, Ph.D.
first by email giving phone
personal appointment will
be fixed.


}} To mentor international
students from the India
with respect to:}} Issues regarding their
agents who advised them
in India.
}} Issues regarding quality
of tutoring, facilities and
care at the education
provider in New Zealand
where they have enrolled.
}} Issues regarding their
employers, concerning
wages, timings or suitable
working conditions.
}} Issues regarding their

About Dr. Rakesh

Shukla has high academic
and USA and working
experience of over 30 years.
He has been international
student recruiter, advisor
and tutor in New Zealand
for over 5 years and has
interacted firsthand with
students. Besides English,
he speaks fluent Hindi and

Hot Retail Opportunity

6 Arrenway Drive, Albany, Auckland

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Large 1,847m2 freehold standalone site with ample car parks
Substantial 560m2 tilt slab building with holding income
Would suit a variety of uses including retail, restaurant, showroom, childcare, subject to resource consent.

Located on the eastern side of Arrenway Drive, close to the junction with Triton Drive, neighbours include
The North Shore Plaza, Turners Cars and Fish City.
Currently occupied by Korean Sauna and The Nam San Restaurant, the passing rental provides holding income
with the option to terminate the Sauna tenancy. This property offers investors, owner occupiers and developers
an opportunity to grow the income or divide the property into a range of smaller units upwards of 80m2 and
represents exceptional value for money.
Property Details
Building Area
80m2* - 560m2 (more or less)
Business 10
Light Industry, Precinct - Albany 2
*Smaller units subject to consents

Tenancy Details
Name of Tenant Korean Sauna Limited
Net Rental
$120,000pa + GST and OPEX
Name of Tenant Nam San Restaurant
Net Rental
$43,734.70pa + GST and OPEX*
* Rental currently under review

Tony Chaudhary
M +64 21 995 121
B +64 9 271 7267

Terry Kim
M +64 274 711 446
B +64 9 489 0966

Bayleys Real Estate Ltd, Manukau,

Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd, Bayleys,

Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Michael Block
M +64 21 888 233
B +64 9 489 0973
Devereux Howe-Smith Realty Ltd, Bayleys,
Licensed under the REA Act 2008

Expressions of Interest 4pm, Thursday, 2nd July 2015

(unless sold or leased prior)
29 Northcroft Street, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand



19 June 2015 |




Youth Service delivers for at-risk young


Minister Anne Tolley says
the latest results from the
Youth Service show it is making
a difference for at-risk young
people, by supporting them to
build their skills and prepare them
for employment.
At the end of March, 86.5
per cent of the young people
enrolled in the Youth Service were
engaged in education, training
or work-based learning. This is
a 10.4 per cent increase, or more
than 1,000 clients, than at the
same time last year.Just over
half of those who left the Youth
Service remained independent
from benefits three months after
leaving the programme, a 4.9 per

cent improvement.
Its great to see that these
young New Zealanders are
responding to the intensive
support and mentoring which is

Government urged to
create development body

he Government should
adopt the Productivity
Commissions recommendation to create an urban development authority to drive large-scale
renewal projects in our biggest cities, Labours Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says.
The Kiwi dream of home
ownership is at its lowest in
60 years. A majority of New
Zealanders are renters now.
Bringing down the cost of urban
land will make housing more
affordable and make home
ownership more achievable.
The cost of the housing crisis
is measured in frustrated first
home buyers, and families living
in garages.
It is going to take the kind
of active hands-on role by
government that National has
been so reluctant to adopt as the
housing crisis has deepened over
the last few years.
onUsing Land for Housingisa
useful and timely contribution
to the debate on how to fix the
housing crisis.
A mishmash of rules and
policies have made land much
more expensive than it needs to

being provided through the Youth

Service, says Mrs Tolley.
It is targeted at vulnerable
young people, many of whom have
a history with CYF, who are at risk

Ministers welcome
International Energy
Agency report

Labours Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford

The Commission is right to
call for the Government to be
more directive about Councils
local plans.
Labours policy of a National
Policy Statement on housing
under the RMA will give local
authorities clear direction on
increasing the supply of land and
housing because building more
and better housing is a matter of
national interest.
If we dont build a better range
of affordable housing in parts of
the city where people want to live,
then we are pricing our kids out
of ever owning their own homes,
Phil Twyford says.

For all the latest Kiwi-Indian

news and updates, visit

of being long-term beneficiaries,

and gives them the opportunity to
gain education and employment
training to help them become
The programme gives them
the chance to become successful,
while also reducing future benefit
costs for taxpayers. It is estimated
that for every dollar spent on
the Youth Service, the longterm financial liability to New
Zealanders reduces by $2.53.
By giving these young people
the options they need to stay off
a benefit, we are also reducing the
risks of intergenerational welfare
dependency, as the children of
beneficiaries are much more likely
to grow up to be on a benefit.

n International Energy
Agency (IEA) report on
energy and climate change
highlights that world greenhouse gas
emissions from energy production
and use are double the level of
greenhouse gas emissions from all
other sources. It suggests a number
of strategies to reduce these.
Climate Change Issues Minister
Tim Groser and Energy and
Resources Minister, Simon Bridges,
has welcomed the report. Minister
Groser is special adviser on climate
change to the International Energy

to a low emissions economy

we have further work to do to
tackle emissions from energy,
including transport.Our worldclass geothermal energy and wind
resources, greater use of natural gas
and bioenergy, as well as increasing
public transport use, are all part of
the solution, Minister Bridges says.
One of the recommendations of
the report was to gradually phase out
of fossil fuel subsidies to end-users
by 2030.
Earlier this year Minister Groser
led a coalition of governments
calling for the phase-out of fossil

Mr Bridges says the world is in

transition towards a low carbon
future, which has significant
implications for its energy mix.
New Zealand is a leader in
renewable energy production, with
around 80 per cent of New Zealands
electricity produced from renewable
sources, the fourth highest in
the world. We are well placed
to take advantage of low carbon
technologies. But we cant afford to
be complacent.
For New Zealand to transition

fuel subsidies for environmental,

economic and social reasons.
The International Energy Agency
report was released ahead of the 21st
UNFCCC Conference of the Parties
in Paris in December where a new
climate change agreement will be
Ahead of the Paris conference,
countries, including New Zealand
will announce the action they will
take to curb climate change. Energy
will be an important part of the
discussion in Paris.

Youth Service providers are

telling us that the number of
clients achieving the goal of at
least NCEA Level 2 or equivalent
has seen a large increase, and a full
evaluation, containing updated
qualification statistics, is expected
by the end of the year.
At the end of March, there were
12,242 young people enrolled in
the Youth Service.

Dairyprice fall
continues to hit
neglected regions

ews of a seventh
successive fall in global
dairy prices will hit New
Zealands neglected regions hard,
Labours Finance spokesperson
Grant Robertson says.
Dairyprices have fallen yet
again, down another 1.3 per cent
overnight. They have fallen 30 per
cent since March and are down 55
per cent since last years peak.
These are not just numbers
on a spread sheet. The fall in dairy
prices has a significant effect on
incomes. There is an expanding
$13 billion economic black hole
that will suck in regions reliant on
dairy and supporting industries.
Comments from the Reserve
Bank last week that there is
little evidence that export prices
are about to recover shows how
overly-optimistic predictions of
price rises from National and
Treasury have been.
In December John Key said
the long-term price outlook was
strong and prices were going
tostart going back the other way.
Treasury recently forecast the
GlobalDairyTrade Index would
hit 870this month and steadily
rise; its now674and going down.
The lions share of this pain
will be felt in regions which rely
heavily on dairy farming. More
than $3 billion is estimated to
have been lost over two seasons
from the Waikato economy, over
$2.7 billion from Canterbury and
Marlborough, and almost $1.8
billion from Otago and Southland.
We want thedairyindustry
to thrive but farmers cant carry
such a disproportionate burden of
economic growth.
New Zealand needs a modern,
diverse economy that creates wellpaying jobs across all industries.
Sadly the Government doesnt
have a plan to get there, Grant
Robertson says.

NEW ZEALAND | 19 June 2015


Malaysia Airlines
here for the long haul



alaysia Airlines is back on a

strong growth path in New
Zealand with sales in the first
quarter of 2015 up 31 per cent compared
to the same period in 2014.
Its an impressive result for the fullservice carrier and comes as a result of
some great fare deals for New Zealanders
flying to Kuala Lumpur and beyond, and
having the on-going support from industry
partners and successful relationships with
chef and bestselling author Poh Ling Yeow
and tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios.
Malaysia Airlines will remain a fullservice international carrier connecting
continents with
daily operations
reservations operating as normal while
airline operations are transitioned to new

company Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAB)

which will be managing the new Malaysia
Airlines from 1 September 2015.
There are now 80 flights a week direct to
Malaysia from New Zealand and Australia
with Kuala Lumpur as the hub to more
than 60 destinations worldwide including
cities in India such as Mumbai, Delhi,
Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.
For more information or to make a
booking, visit
or call Malaysia Airlines Reservations
on 0800 777 747. Alternatively bookings
can be made through a travel agent. All
bookings must be made at least 24 hours

Ensuring Your Success Is Our Practice

An established, boutique law firm on the North Shore of Auckland, George Deeb
Associates offers legal advice and services on matters relating to:
Property Law
Residential, commercial and
industrial purchases, sales and
Subdivisions, easements and
related matters
Mortgage transactions and
Property and Joint Ownership
Agreements and related matters
Trust protection for families
Letters of Wishes
Review of existing Trusts
Estate Planning
Winding up of deceased Estates
Enduring Power of Attorney
Business and Commercial
Buying and selling of businesses
Contract negotiation
Joint ventures, partnerships and

before flight departure.

security documentation
Business Restructuring
Company matters
Company formations and
Corporate structures
Director's responsibilities
Shareholder's agreements
Sale of Shares Agreements
Resolution Disputes
Immigration assessments
Processing of Application for
Permanent Residence under
Family and Business
Business and Work Visas
Matrimonial and
Relationship Property
Dissolution of marriage
Prenuptial and Matrimonial
Property Agreements

Office Hours:
8.30am to 5.30pm
Monday to Friday


Email :

Tel: 09-486-1415
Mobile: 022-613-6480
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Auckland, New Zealand 0622

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19 June 2015 |


Politics for a better future

Barry Coates
Green Party

uilding a good society needs more

than short term politics and sound
bites. It needs a vision and a
strategy for the future.
The new Green Party co-Leader, James
Shaw, has invited the Prime Minister to
set aside petty politics and work together
to tackle climate change, the most serious
threat to our country, our planet and all
people. We need a long term approach that
builds public support for a united approach,
with stable policies across successive

We know what is needed at the global

level to avoid worsening impacts for us
and for vulnerable people in developing
countries, including small farmers, lowlying areas of Asia and Pacific islands.
New Zealand needs to signal to the United
Nations that we are willing to bear our fair
share of the responsibility to take action,
instead of making excuses. We all need a
global agreement at the conference in Paris
in December.
We also know what we have to do in New
Zealand. A long term approach would map
out a pathway to reduce and then eliminate
greenhouse gas emissions, while planting
more trees to absorb carbon dioxide from
the atmosphere.
And we know how to do it. Effective
action needs a price on pollution to ensure
that polluters pay the cost and to provide
economic incentives to switch to clean

We need investment in rail, buses and

safe cycleways so people have alternatives
to using their cars, policies to accelerate
solar power on our rooftops and electric
cars, to insulate houses, and to reduce the



emissions from agriculture.

These actions will provide benefits to us
all. We can have lower emissions together
with more liveable cities, healthier lives,
cleaner rivers and economic opportunities
in the fastest growing sectors of the global
It is a shame that Prime Minister has
rejected the offer from the Green Party for
cross-Party collaboration. Political point
scoring is holding us back.
Important long term issues should be
above petty politics. We need the kind of
politics that looks ahead and prepares us
for the future. Its time for better policies
and better politics.
See the Green Party website for details

Barry Coates is on the Green Party

list, just outside Parliament. He was
formerly the eExecutive Director of
Oxfam New Zealand.

Breaking the cycle of dependency

Kanwaljit Bakshi
National List MP

he National-led Government is
committed to helping our most
vulnerable improve their lives and
those of their families.
We are working hard at taking a fresh
approach to long-standing social problems
dependency and poor education.
To help us make the right decisions and
investment of taxpayer money, we are using
data to get a better understanding of the
people who use government services and need

our support.
For example, we now know the
characteristics of some of the most vulnerable
1 per cent of five-year-olds. They are kids who
have a parent who has been on a benefit for
most of that childs life, has a criminal sentence,
and there has been a welfare notification about
the child.
Around 600 Kiwi kids a year are in this
category, and over 20 years they create a
pipeline of 12,000 high-risk children who
are likely to become heavily dependent on
government services as adults.
We know that three quarters of these kids
will not get a high school qualification, four in
10 will have been on a benefit for more than
two years before they are 21, and a quarter will
have been in prison by the time they are 35.
On average these kids will cost taxpayers
$320,000 by the time they turn 35, and many
will cost more than $1 million each.
Now we know these things, we have a moral

obligation to act.
We are reconfiguring public services to
intervene earlier to help people lead morefulfilling lives.
Under this social investment approach,
were willing to pay a bit more upfront to get
long-term results for the most vulnerable New
We are finding that as we tackle the longterm social challenges that trap families in a

Prepay powering profits

David Shearer

Labour MP

year ago I discovered some of our

power companies were charging
our poorest households the

highest electricity rates through unfairlyinflated prepay schemes.

It was wintertime, and with up to
260,000 children experiencing hardship
in New Zealand, it sparked a lot of media
coverage and public concern.

In the year since then, Im pleased to

report that most power companies have
listened and changed their ways -- but not
Contact Energy.
Last week, I received the updated
figures. They showed that Contact Energy is
charging up to 38% more for power under
its prepay scheme still ripping off those
who can least afford to pay.
This is a company thats about to pay
its shareholders a $367million special
dividend, and whose CEO is earning
around $35,000 a week.
Meanwhile New Zealand kids are
suffering rheumatic heart disease, skin
conditions because their families cant

afford to heat their homes.

Why are they on prepay? Because theyre
already having difficulty paying their bills
and making ends meet.
Prepay schemes are great for power
companies, because theres no risk.
Payment is upfront, in advance. Therefore
prepay customers should be paying less, not
more than other customers.
I find the actions of Contact Energy in
this case opportunistic, unfair, and lacking
basic human decency.
Its pleasing however that two other
pre-pay schemes GloBug and Genesis
nowcost approximately the same as the
standard rate.
This is a marked change from last year

cycle of dependency we also save taxpayers

money, as these vulnerable families become
less dependent on government.
Last year, we reduced the expected cost of
supporting current beneficiaries over their
lifetime by $7.5 billion. There are 42,000
fewer children living in benefit-dependent
households than three years ago. And theres
been a 38 per cent drop in youth crime since
The flagship initiative of Budget 2015 is a
$790 million child hardship package, which
provides more support for 160,000 beneficiary
and working families with incomes below
$36,350 a year.
This package includes greater work
obligations for sole parents on a benefit. It
also includes more childcare support for lowincome families to help parents into work,
education, or training.
Our approach is working. Our job is to stick
at it.

and shows these companies are have

responded to the statistics I released.
Heres hoping next years statistics show
that Contact Energy has decided to do the
right thing too.

NEW ZEALAND | 19 June 2015

Home buyers
need to check
for unconsented


ucklanders buying new homes with

unconsented decks or other additions
should not assume that they wont have to
remove it, according to Ian McCormick, general
manager of Auckland Councils Building
Control Department.
From1 Julywe are introducing a new
policy that will be consistent across the
region and not a mix of legacy council
rules, he says.
The rules around unconsented works
have always been important, says Mr
What doesnt change is the fact that
anything unconsented will need to have a
Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) to meet the
current NZ Building Code, not the code at
the time of construction.
According to Mr McCormick, the new
policy is about taking a pragmatic approach
to resolving what can be challenging
To ensure the building meets the current
building code, there is a requirement for all
CoA applicants to attend a pre-application
meeting with Building Control, providing as
much information as possible.
The meeting will help decide the
councils response, including if there will be
an infringement fee.
The Certificate of Acceptance will
indicate which parts of the structure have
been assessed, and how those elements
comply with the NZ Building Code.

Do you qualify for a

rates rebate?

Employment boost
for Auckland youth

he rates rebate scheme is available for

uckland youth now have even more
homeowners on low or fixed incomes.
employment opportunities thanks to
A proportion of your rates may be refunded, another three leading Auckland businesses
depending on criteria such as income and the signing up as youth employment pledge
amount of rates you pay.
You can apply for the rates rebate scheme
AWF, Wharehine and G.J. Gardner
for the current rating year (2014/2015) until
Rodney have joined seven
30 June.
Even if you have paid
the current years rates
in full, you can still apply
pledge partners
for the rates rebate.
The Warehouse,
The rebate scheme
Veolia, Fletcher
is funded by central
B u i l d i n g ,
government and adInterContinental
ministered by councils
throughout New ZeaS K Y C I T Y
land. The Auckland
Council rebate calculation includes total rates Ne w s fro m th e C o u n c i l Group,
and water-related payAuckland
Auckland Council in a commitment to
You can apply for the 2015/2016 rates
tackle the citys youth employment issue
rebate from August, when you will receive
your new rates assessment.
The pledge initiative is part of the Tindall
To find out if you are eligible for a rates
Auckland Council
rebate, visit and
download the rates rebate application form. Youth Connections programmewhich
helps connect young Aucklanders with local
training and employment opportunities.
Mayor Len Brown said he was very
encouraged to see major north Auckland
employers stepping up to employ and
develop young people.
Visit Youth Connection website to find
out more about Youth Connections and
the youth employment pledge partnership



Public input sought

on Alcohol Ban areas

uckland Council is seeking feedback

from the public on alcohol ban areas
under the Alcohol Control Bylaw 2014.
The bylaw, a requirement under the Local
Government Act, requires Auckland to review
more than 1,700 existing alcohol bans by 31
October 2015 and to only retain those that meet
stricter national criteria. Any bans not reviewed
by this time or without sufficient evidence to
retain, will lapse. Local Boards have been given
the delegation to review the existing alcohol
bans in their local board area. Additionally,
council will review 17 bans on areas of regional
significance including Maunga (volcanic cones)
and regional facilities such as the Auckland
Domain. Submissions open on Friday, 19 June
2015. To keep an alcohol ban, submissions
should be accompanied by evidence of crime or
disorder attributed to alcohol and specific to an
existing ban area. Examples of alcohol-related
crime or disorder include:
}} Alcohol-related broken glass and/or litter
}} Inappropriate behaviour as a result of
drinking alcohol (people congregating
in public places, drinking alcohol and
being noisy and disruptive to neighbours)
people drinking alcohol which leads to
aggressive, intimidating or offensive
behaviours towards others.


M T Khan BA (Accounting) & Tax Consultant
At 357 Great South Rd, (Upstairs) Otahuhu Town, Auckland
Ph: 09 276 5650

All Overdue Income Tax, GST & PAYE returns for your:
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Financial Statements and Business Financial Forecast Plans.

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19 June 2015 |




Six more Fijians graduate from India University

Shratika Naidu

iji is going to greatly benefit

when six students, who
graduated with degrees in
various fields, return home from
Ravubale, Farzana Nisha, Arieta
Vakasukawaqa, Binita Padayachi,
Kaajal Devi and myself.
(Arieta and I are Fiji Sun
journalists and return to work next
Graduates studying in three
different states in India gathered at
Symbiosis International University
in Pune for convocation.
It was a joyous day for us as we
donned our caps and gowns and
readied ourselves with a big grin.
Graduation is an important
milestone in our learning journey

and as I spoke to the graduates,

each had their own story of struggle
to share. I would like to share these
to encourage students who are yet
to arrive in India. At the same time
it provides an opportunity for them
to convey their appreciation to

Fiji youth to receive Queens Young

Leaders Award

ts not every day, a local

youth gets to meet the Queen.
However, this will be the
case for a 28 year old local
woman Alzima Elisha Bano who
will be meeting the Queen at
Buckingham Palace to receive the
Queens Young Leaders Award.
Alzima Elisha Bano is one of
the 60 exceptional young people
from across the Commonwealth
who have been recognized by the
Queen for taking the lead in making
a difference to their communities.
In June 2014 Alzima set up
Advocacy Creative Techniques
which uses the arts to make
young people more aware of local
issues that affect the community.
Receiving the official news in
December last year, Alzima says
its truly an honour to receive a
recognition from the Queen.
Alzima will not only meet
Queen Elizabeth but will also meet
the UK Prime Minister David

Life in India over the three years

has changed my perspective as a
feminist and as a believer in Christ.
I have realised that life on this
earth comes only once and we
should make the best use of it.
Be it for oneself, helping family

Fijis flag council confirms designs

are amalgamated

Alzima Elisha Bano

Cameron at 10 Downing Street

before the awards ceremony. She
will then with the group visit the
headquarters of Twitter and meet
with senior executives at the BBC
World Service.
And with only four days
remaining for her flight on Friday,
Bano has been making formal
outfits for the special occasion that
will reflect the diverse cultures
in Fiji and thats fit for meeting
the Queen. The award ceremony
will take place at the Buckingham
Palace Monday.

Fiji launches first three-wheel electric

car- Zippee

ijis first three wheel vehicle

which runs on clean, renewable energy with zero smoke
emissions, has been launched.
The CEO for Tebara Transport
Limited, Arvind Maharaj says the
three- wheeler know as a Zippee
will not need too many repairs.
The difference I guess, is you
do not have to do any servicing, any
maintenance, it doesnt have any
engine, so you dont have to worry
about oil change or oil filters or fan
belts or radiators, water getting
hot, over heating so that is all out
basically and this vehicle does not
require any maintenance at all.
The Zippee It runs on batteries,
with eight hours needed to charge
and can cover a distance of fifty
kilometres. Tebara Buses is working

family and friends in Fiji while they

wait to collect their certificates and
These students came to India
under Indian Cultural Centre for
Relations (ICCR) scholarships to
pursue different degree courses.

The Zippee

with a Japanese company which

already sells these three wheelers in
India and Indonesia. The Minister
for Local Government, Praveen Bala
says, the government fully supports
this initiative.
Its expected in the market
next year once Tebara Buses has
fully tested the vehicle to suit Fijis
climate and road network.

members or encouraging friends to

chase after their dreams.
I am very thankful to God for
blessing me with loving parents,
supportive siblings, relatives, friends
and Fiji Sun workmates who have
always encouraged me through
phone calls and social media to
accomplish my purpose of stay in
Despite being faced with so many
health problems and challenges, I
am full of gratitude because life in
India has laid the foundation of my
Thank you ICCR and Fiji
government for awarding me this
I would like to encourage
youngsters in Fiji to choose to be
educated and make a good career.
The future belongs to those who
believe in the beauty of their dreams.

committee member overseeing the public competition to design Fijis new

flag has confirmed that members
composed the 23 final entries themselves, selecting elements from submitted designs.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the National Flag Committee member says the group reports
directly to the Attorney General,
Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, and was told
to go back to choose more after it
selected five final designs. Of the 23
final entries, nine feature a triangle
emerging horizontally from the left,
while five feature an identical wave
and sail design, four have an identi-

A selection of the finalists of Fijis new flag

cal boat on a straight line, and four

others feature yellow stars or a sun.
The public is now giving feedback
on the designs. At the end of June,
the entries and feedback will go to
Cabinet for consideration before a
vote in parliament. Despite ruling
out a referendum on the change of
flag, Mr Sayed Khaiyum says the

Indian High Commission to

celebrate yoga on June 21

he International Day for yoga will

be celebrated on June 21.
The director for Indian Cultural
Centre, Kishan Lal Kanojik, said; The
United Nations General Assembly has
declared 21st June 2015 as International
Day for yoga.
The main purpose behind the
celebration is to let the world understand
the benefits and importance of yoga, he
The High Commission of India in
Suva will be organising International
Day for yoga in Fiji with its six accredited
countries Cook Islands, Kiribati, Nauru,
Tong, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, he said.
The event is expected to include
items like pre-selected yoga exercises
by participants, light yoga exercise and
mudras a symbolic hand gesture used
in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies and
statuary, and in Indian dance under the
expert guidance of a yoga expert he said.
The High Commission of India is
organising the main event in Lautoka at
the Girmit Centre where a large number
of people are expected to take part.

process has been consultative.

Some Fijians who entered their
designs in a nationwide competition
to select a new flag are reportedly unhappy that their designs have been
modified. The leader of the Sodelpa
Youth Council, Peter Waqavonono,
says the process has been undemocratic from the start because the
government ignored a petition with
2,000 signatures to take the matter
to a referendum.
Mr Waqavonovono says reports
of the flag committee amalgamating
entries have further alienated the
public. Peter Waqavonovono says he
is organising a peaceful march in October against the new flag.

Fiji supports India at the ILO

ijian Minister of Employment, Jioji Konrote

spoke at the International Labour Organisation
Committee on Standards in
Geneva, in support of India.
India has recently declared
its intention to reform procedures on the inspection of work
places, to ensure greater transparency and accountability of
factory inspections.
However, the Indian Centre of Trade Unions has complained to the ILO about the
proposed reforms, saying that
the declared reforms contravene a key ILO Convention.
Speaking during a discussion
on the complaint, Jioji Konrote
said India had displayed a long
term commitment to the values of the ILO and that Indias
labour laws were complex and
The Minister expressed the
view that India should be given
the time and space to pursue

Fijian Minister of Employment, Jioji Konrote

its reform agenda, and the the

ILO should lend to India technical assistance to ensure that
the reforms were conducted
within the requirements of ILO
laws and practices.
The complaint against India
was discussed by the Committee on Standards, together with
complaints against Guatemala,
Spain, Italy, Honduras and Kazakstan, amongst other countries.
The Governing Body of the
ILO will discuss Fijis case in
November this year.

FIJI | 19 June 2015

Striker Roy Krishna honoured


oy Krishna Black
became a life Orange
member of Then India
Sanmarga Ikya Sangam Fiji
in Labasa.
The Wellington Phoenix striker
was honoured at the TISI Sangam
Nursing School.
I would like to thank TISI
Sangam for inviting me and my
family, Krishna said.
I wish to congratulate TISI
Sangam for its great work and its
commitment in supporting our Roy Krishna became a life member of Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam Fiji in Labasa.
communities. Im humbled by the family as well.
Krishnas Wellington Phoenix
The golden boy also thanked TISI
fact the leaders have found it suitable
for me to be given such an honour. Sangam for honouring him because will be touring the country later
And to be awarded with this title he did not dream to be awarded the this month in partnership with Fiji
means a lot not only to me, but my lifetime membership.

Indian Govt helps
schools to get laptops

he Ministry of Education will

soon allocate laptops to schools
particularly in the maritime areas.
Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy says
they have received assistance from the
Government of India for some of these
We are happy to disclose that the Indian
government has provided us money to
procure 5000 laptops from India. So we
have rolled out the process now of procuring
that and that will be sent out to schools
where they dont have PCs .Schools in
primary and secondary so that students get
basic ICT laptop education.
The ministry has made ICT education
one of its priorities in schools.

Unprecedented interest from Fiji in

NZ immigration ballot

immigration ballot has left
Fijian applicants with a less
than three per cent chance of a place
in the draw to come to New Zealand.
published the list of successful
applications last Friday, a week after
the Pacific Access Category Ballot
draw took place.
Almost nine-thousand Fijians
paid the equivalent of $50 US
dollars for only 250 ballot places,
which gives them a chance at a
residence visa. It is the first time
Fijians have been allowed to apply
since the military coup of 2006 and
immigration adviser, Russell Page,

Starting from



Starting from

Starting from


Hate Story 3 to be shot

in Fiji

ollywood thriller film Hate Story

3 will be extensively shot in Fiji,
t h e
According to The
Mumbai Mirror, the erotic
revenge thriller will roll in July.
It will be shot extensively in Fiji. Some
parts will also be filmed in Mumbai.
The film which is a sequel to the 2014
hit thriller Hate Story 2 has Sharman
Joshi, Karan Singh Grover, Zarine Khan
and Daisy Shah in the lead roles.
Actress Khan is no stranger to Fiji as
she performed in stage shows here last
year and had also indicated her desire to
return and shoot one of her movies in the
country someday. The film is produced by
T-Series and written by Vikram Bhatt and
Madhuri Banerji and is scheduled to be
released in December, 2015.

We valid
any fare*


Challenge on ban

estle India has challenged a ban

imposed by Indias food safety
regulator on its popular Maggi
noodles.The Food Safety and Standards
Authority of India says tests have found
instant noodles unsafe and hazardous and
has accused Nestle of failing to comply with
food safety laws. Nestle said it had gone to
the High Court in Mumbai seeking a judicial
review of the order. The company insists the
noodles are completely safe.
In a statement, Nestle India said it had
approached the court as part of the effort to
resolve the matter and was raising issues
of interpretation of Indias food safety laws.

says its not surprising the interest

was high.
It could be a natural bottle-neck
or build-up caused by the fact that
Fijians have been excluded from that
category for quite some time since
Mr Bainimarama came into power.
Russell Page says parents
and siblings find it harder to get
residence in New Zealand than in
the past, so the ballot offers a chance
for people who are not eligible for
other visas.
He says successful applicants
face the difficult hurdle of finding
employment before can they can
take up their chance at residence.

Eco Travels Special

for Indian Subcontinent
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Loyalty program
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in lucky draw
on 1st juLY 2015
Lucky winner of

Eco Loyalty Programe

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Thought of the week

There are t wo primary choices in life;
to accept conditions as they exist, or accept
the responsibility for changing them.


- Denis Waitley

From the desk of the

Managing Editor

Anything but funny

Limits begin where vision ends. You have to see yourself as a no-limits
person. For years, breaking the four minute mile was thought to be physically
impossible. Then in 1951 - Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3.59.4 minutes.

Over the next two years, fifty other runners broke that barrier. Why? They had an
image. In Bannister they had a model for success. Gary Mack
In life we all have images of what can be done and what cannot and unconsciously
we find ourselves conforming to those images. It often takes someone to step outside
the box to really show us that what we thought was impossible is actually achievable.
The story of Indian Weekender has, I daresay been somewhat similar. When we
started this publication, recession was at its peak and everyone suggested that it
was impossible to run the publication for even a year. Now six years later we have
not just grown to be the number one choice of the community, we are also the first
publication to have gone weekly. So we have not just managed to shatter the image
once (when we started) but yet again (by going weekly). Like Bannister we would
like to think we are a model for those who may want to follow.
I do also have to mention here, the recently organised Kiwi Indian Hall of Fame.
This was its third year and yet another shattering the image milestone for us. We

Pick of the week

do hope that our hard work and persistence and constantly proving that everything
is doable as long as you have the determination, constantly inspires the members of
our community to keep pushing beyond their limits.
The holy month of Ramadan is upon us. We have tried to put together our
cover story related to welcoming the Ramadan. I would say that this month in
itself is an example of how we can all achieve when we really devote ourselves to
anything. It shatters the image of needing our square meals and regular drinks of
water to go through our everyday grind. Even little children prove through their
sheer determination and devotion that this is indeed doable. Let us look out for our
Muslim brothers all through this month and beyond in the true spirit of the secular
India. On behalf of the Indian Weekender Family, I would like to wish everyone
Ramadan Kareem! Lets take time to get together with our friends, share and feast
on the Iftar meals that are also the highlight of the month. There is indeed nothing
better than to be able to celebrate with family and friends.
We do hope that you have been enjoying the various columns that we have
worked hard on, to put together. We do really like hearing back from our readers so
please keep writing in and together we can grow our network.
I would like to sign off with a message to look after your health. Winter can be a
time when we are all susceptible to different flus and bugs. It is therefore important
that we look after ourselves, keep warm, get those flu shots and stay well. Until next
Giri Gupta

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Huge waves pounded into the east coast of Wellington near the airport
disrupting road services and surface damages last week.
Photo Courtesy:

Tip from the trenches

Ramadan Legacy App (Free)

It is that time of the year again. As Muslims brothers and sister are
preparing for the month of Ramadan,
which begins on 19th June, there is a
new app in the App Store that aims to be
a companion providing a combination of
planning, information and social tools to
accomplish the month ahead. | 19 June 2015



How to teach a teacher a lesson?




We want to voice what affect us; we want to be heard. This is our platform to stand united against all odds
Paula Ray

ina came home

and told her
mum that her
teacher does not like her.
Why do you feel that
way? asked her mum;
lets call her Mandira.
Often, Mina complains that
if she tries to talk to her teacher,
the latter tells her off. She says,
she is busy and asks her to stop
talking. Mina is nine years old and
is taught to speak politely at home.
This behaviour of her teacher has
left her confused and unhappy.
She is also buddied off with
a classmate who was known for
being a bully and caused Mina
more unhappiness. Mina would
tell her mum about how she
solved some math problems that
the teacher had asked them to
and her buddy tore off the paper
before she could show the answers
to her teacher.
This time Mina explained to
her mum that her stationery had
gone missing; the scissors have
disappeared, the pencils have

In this column, I share my

experiences that would
perhaps be familiar to
you too.
If you can relate to them,
please share your thoughts
or similar experiences.
been snapped into halves and
some of the colour pencils from
the Faber-Castell set are also not
there in the box anymore. So Mina
had gone to tell her teacher about
this, when the teacher snapped at
her again.
unpleasantness on a daily basis,
Mandira decided to request for
an appointment with the said
teacher. Meanwhile, she had also
made some mental notes of what

needs to be discussed.
The teacher wrote back an
extremely polite reply, and fixed a
date for the meeting.
On the day of the meeting,
Mina was asked by her teacher to
be present too. Mandira was quite
taken aback at how polite and
friendly the teacher was, not only
to her but also to Mina. She even
praised Mina in eloquent terms,
about her progress in class as well
as for being a very well-mannered
student. Quite naturally, Mina
was very pleased with herself and
even started preening.
Mandira took a step back to reevaluate the situation. Was this a
ploy of an extremely clever woman
to cover up for her shortcomings
as a teacher? Has the teacher
pre-empted the purpose of the
Every time she raised an issue
to discuss, the teacher tried to
come up with an explanation. To
top it, Mina even started covering
up. When it came to discussing
her buddys behaviour, the teacher
asked Mina, Why didnt you come
and tell me what she did with your

math worksheet?
To Mandiras horror and
surprise, Mina replied, I didnt
tell you anything because she said
sorry to be many times and told
me she ripped it accidentally. She
is now very polite and plays with
me too during play-time.
Mandira could not believe her
ears. Is this the same child who
about how rude
her teacher is
and how rude
her buddy is?
She felt like the
a waste of her
time. She felt
she was a victim
to the clever
teachers ploy.
After an hour or so, she left the
room fuming and disappointed.
On their way back home, she
took out her frustration on Mina.
She told her off for going back on
everything she told at home. By
the end of it, Mina started crying
and told her mum, For once I
was happy with my teacher and

tried to be nice and polite. But

you still shout at me and make me
That shut up Mandira and
left her wondering what is the
best course of action to tackle
the situation without hurting her
childs confidence or taking away
her innocence and happiness.
Do you have a suggestion?

Railways reforms can transformatively impact

1.2 bn Indians
Amit Kapoor

he railways sector has

seen some activity in the
past few months. Not only
are operational changes being
brought about but a long-term
strategic view seems to be in sight.
The operation changes in tatkal
remuneration in respect to
cancellation as well as the choice
to upgrade to a domestic airline in
case of waitlisted seats are steps
that are beneficial to customers.
The long-term view seems to
come from the recently constituted
under the chairmanship of
economist Bibek Debroy on
Mobilizing Resources for Projects
and Restructuring of Indian
Railways. The report proposes five
fundamental points for the IR,
specifically and the railways sector
to look into:
First, what is the core role of
the IR in India? This question
is pertinent to understanding
the core activities and the
peripheral ones and separating
the commercial from the social
role of the IR. At present, there
are a lot of activities that take up
considerable time and effort on
the part of IR. These include the
medical service that IR runs with
an infrastructure of 125 hospitals,
586 health units and 14,000 beds.
Also, pertinent in this regard is the
1 degree college and 168 schools
that IR runs. These along with
the railway protection, catering,
real estate development, housing
and the like, according to the

committee, are non-core activities

that can be clearly outsourced.
Second the report calls for
proper accounting procedures and
commercial considerations in IR.
A formally reformed accounting
system will enable the Ministry of
Railways that has administrative
control over 6 established
production units and 16 public
sector undertakings (PSUs) to
keep proper accounts. Similarly, it
will also enable the understanding
the level of subsidization in the 17
zones and 68 divisions into which
the IR at present is bifurcated. A
case in point that finds mention is
the Kolkata Metro rail. Any future
suburban systems according to
the committee should be built on
a JV route with state governments
(on a 50:50 basis), and the cost

should not be borne by IR.

Third, the report recommends
streamlining the HR procedures
and processes in IR. It is
fundamental to carrying out the
It is primarily to be achieved by
merging and consolidating the
eight Group A services into
two services. These could be
respectively called the Indian
(IRTechS) comprising of the
existing five technical services
and IRSS) and the Indian Railway
comprising the three nontechnical services (IRAS, IRPS
and IRTS). Aligned with the
streamlining of HR procedures
is the decentralization of the

authority and responsibility to

at least the level of Divisional
Railway Manager (DRM). The
DRM is in charge of one of
the 68 divisions of the IR. The
financial authority, as well as
the power in handling tenders
connected with works, stores
procurement, to DRMs, ensures
that departmentalism is reduced and there is accountability within
the IR.
Fourth, is the issue of ensuring
competition and liberalization in
the railways sector. The committee
has for specific reasons refrained
from calling the liberalization of
the railways sector as privatization
or deregulation. Essentially the
committee recommends and
encourages open access to private
players who want to operate trains

on tracks. It is in line with what

is practiced at present in some
parts of Europe and Australia.
Liberalization and open access
also call for an independent
regulator for the sector and the
committee report recommends
setting up the same statutorily
with an independent budget. The
regulator - Railway Regulatory
Authority of India (RRAI) - for
economic regulation, including,
Fifth, the report proposes
progressively phasing out of
the rail budget and merging the
same with the general budget.
It reflects the need to define
clearly the relationship between
the government and the IR. The
recommendations also call for
ending the system of paying
dividends and reduction in the
gross budgetary support carried
out between the government and
The recommendations of the
report are timely and present a
systematic roadmap to restructure
the IR behemoth in specific and
the railways sector in general.
However, as with the previous
committee reports much will
depend upon the acceptance
of the report and ultimately its
implementation on the ground.
One will have to wait and watch as
to how the strategic restructuring
in this critical sector unfolds over
the next decade. It truly has the
capability to have a transformative
impact on the lives of Indias 1.2
Billion people.



19 June 2015 |



Modis challenges: Matching

expectations with content
Amit Dasgupta

rime Minister Narendra

Modi has started his second
year with a reasonably
positive track record. He, however,
faces four clear challenges that
he needs to urgently address if he
aspires for a second term.
First, the biggest challenge he
faces is with regard to the aspirations
and expectations of domestic
industry - and from the international
This is unprecedented in terms
of both scale and speed. UPA 2
had regrettably earned the tab of
stand-still governance. Both within
India and abroad, there was clear
frustration at the manner in which
UPA-2 demonstrated utter disregard
for Indias future.
When Modi spoke of better
days, it was hugely appealing to a
population that had only seen the
Indian economy slide for five years.
In the biography of individuals, five
years can be an interminably long
Consequently, expectations in
terms of what better days meant were
considerable in terms of both scale
and speed. Five years of inactivity

had made people impatient. They

needed to catch up on lost time. This
was fast-forward aspiration. The
demand was to cut red tape, create
a forward looking budget and to put
in place incentives that would spur
economic activity and create jobs.
But more importantly, the demand
truly was to get all of this done
As the past one year has
demonstrated, this is a Herculean
task and constitutes a significant
challenge for the prime minister and
his cabinet.
If the second year of his

governance does not show a positive

turnaround, the Opposition and the
international community would,
most certainly, dub him as being
high on intentions and low on
delivery. He is confronted with a
genuinely serious challenge.
The second challenge is with
regard to the bureaucracy and
this is, to a considerable extent, a
consequence of his personal style of
functioning. Known to be a person
who makes up his own mind, he has
so far only succeeded in springing
surprises on the bureaucracy
and clearly leaving them out of

the loop when he makes public

announcements. While this might
win him applause from crowds in
Madison Garden and the Sydney
Olympic Stadium that he appeared
to revel in, it does not necessarily
translate into approvals.
The yardstick of good governance
is verifiable translation of promises.
Today, there appears to be - at least
in terms of perceptions - a serious
shortfall between promises and
Consider, similarly, the strong
manner in which the government
has made its intentions clear with
regard to zero-tolerance towards
corruption. With the repeated
allegations of corruption during
the previous regime, this anticorruption move has been largely
welcomed. However, corruption
cases, as we all know, are difficult to
prove and where, indeed, traps have
successfully ensnared officials and
others, these are few and far to have
any significant impact in curtailing
prevalent levels of corruption. Focus
on Swiss bank accounts, while
important, ignores how deeply
corruption has become an integral
part of our everyday biography.
The third challenge is from his
cabinet and party colleagues. At one


level, clearly irresponsible statements

by many of his party members have
been a cause of serious concern
because of the manner in which they
have been perceived as imposing a
Hindutva agenda and challenging
the secular fabric of India. The prime
minister has chosen to keep silent
on every occasion and opted for an
alternative course where he has,
through his own public statements
and personal meetings, sought
to assuage fears among minority
communities. While this is good, it is
not good enough because it does not
unambiguously demonstrate clarity
on how the prime minister himself
Modi has given sufficient
evidence to demonstrate that he
possesses all the tools to be a master
tactician and strategist. But as
Capablanca, the great chess genius
advised, Play chess backwards; start
from the endgame. Strategies and
tactics or the how works only when
you first have clarity on the why and
the what.
After a year of governance, sadly,
the prime minister appears to have
been so fascinated by his own style
that he has mistaken it for content.
This is his fourth challenge and one
which is self-imposed.

INDIA | 19 June 2015





Sushma in row over helping Lalit Modi with

travel papers

xternal Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was at the centre of a row after admitting to
having helped former IPL chief Lalit
Modi procure documents to travel
to Portugal last July on humanitarian grounds with the Congress demanding her resignation for gross
Sushma Swaraj, in a series of 14
tweets, said she helped Lalit Modi,
who has been staying in London
since 2010 following allegations of
financial impropriety, after he approached her last July, saying his
wife was suffering from cancer and
was to undergo surgery in Portugal.
Sushma Swaraj, however, denied
having sought any favour for her
nephew Jyotirmay Kaushal with regard to his admission in a law course
at Sussex University.
What benefit did I pass on to
Lalit Modi - that he could sign consent papers for surgery of his wife
suffering from cancer? He was in
London. After his wifes surgery, he
came back to London. What is it that
I changed? she said in angry tweets.
Sushma Swaraj is reported to
have spoken to Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the matter, even
as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) chief
Amit Shah and Home Minister Rajnath Singh came out in support of
the senior minister.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj

While the Congress demanded

the ministers resignation for gross
impropriety for having helped Lalit
Modi, against whom the Enforcement Directorate has filed charges,
many BJP leaders, as well as Samajwadi Partys Ram Gopal Yadav,
came out in her support.
Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister
Shivraj Singh Chouhan tweeted his
support: Sushma Swaraj Jis life is
an epitome of transparency and probity in public service. Any attempt
to misconstrue humanitarian action
will fail.
Ram Gopal Yadav said: Sushma
Swaraj has done nothing wrong, its
unfortunate that people have hyped

this matter.
The incident was triggered after
Britains Sunday Times reported an
email exchange between influential
Labour MP Keith Vaz and head of
UK Visas and Immigration Sarah
Rapson, citing Sushma Swaraj, to
facilitate travel documents for Lalit
The Sunday Times reported:
Leaked correspondence reveals how
Vaz cited Sushma Swaraj, Indias foreign minister, to the Home Office in
an effort to expedite the case of Lalit
Modi, a mutual acquaintance.
... Lalit Modi spoke to me that
his wife was suffering from cancer
and her surgery was fixed for 4th Aug

in Portugal. He told me that he had

to be present in the Hospital to sign
the consent papers, Sushma Swaraj
He informed me that he had applied for travel documents in London
and UK government was prepared to
give him the travel documents. However, they were restrained by a UPA
Government communication that
this will spoil Indo-UK relations,
she added.
Taking a humanitarian view, I
conveyed to the British High Commissioner that British overnment
should examine the request of Lalit
Modi as per British rules and regulations. If the British Government
chooses to give travel documents to
Lalit Modi - that will not spoil our
bilateral relations, said the minister.
Keith Vaz also spoke to me and
I told him precisely what I told the
British High Commissioner, she
Sushma Swaraj said: I genuinely
believe that in a situation such as
this, giving emergency travel documents to an Indian citizen cannot
and should not spoil relations between the two countries.
She said that a few days after that,
the Delhi High Court quashed an
order by the erstwhile Congress-led
United Progressive Alliance (UPA) to
impound Lalit Modis passport.

Software, hardware industries to partner

for Digital India

ndian software and hardware

industries are partnering to
make the NDA governments
Make in India and Digital India
initiatives a reality soon, their officials said.
The partnership will create a major force in the Electronic System
Design and Manufacturing (ESDM)
industry and the IT landscape to
position India among top five economies in the next decade, top officials
of the hardware and software industries associations told reporters.
The partnership between the software and hardware representative
bodies - the National Association of
Software and Services Companies
(Nasscom) and India Electronics
and Semiconductor Association
(IESA) - is aimed at making India a
leading player in the IT and ESDM
space over the next decade, they
The partnership will enable us to
draw a common agenda to guide the
industry and the government, frame
policies and build an ecosystem for
developing ESDM (hardware) and
IT (software) products, solutions
and brands, said IESA chairman

The Union Minister for Communications and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad witness the signing
of the MoU between the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) and India
Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA) to speed up `Make in India` and `Digital India` agenda for
electronic system design and manufacturing (ESDM) and IT during a programme in New Delhi.

Vinay Shenoy.
With electronics, computing and
communication paradigms shifting at a faster pace and from mainframes to the new Internet of Things
(IoT), hardware, software and services have converged.
The $120-billion IT industry has
emerged as a global leader in building and delivering software and IT
services and contributing nine percent to the countrys national gross

domestic product (GDP), while the

ESDM market is projected to growth
to $94 billion this year from $76 billion in 2013.
As technology innovation requires electronics, computing and
communications to converge and
deliver a holistic solution to meet
the industry demand, Nasscom and
IESA will drive the Vision 2025 to
enable hardware and software to
jointly contribute 25 percent to the

Smart cities, defence and IoT
have been of interest for both of us.
By joining, we are better able to address adevice-infrastructure-application and the interplay between
them, Shenoy said.
Nasscom president R. Chandrashekhar said India had evolved
into a global powerhouse for delivering software and services for
customers across geographies and
In recognition of the transformative impact of IT on the economy and the governments vision of
Make in India, we believe there is
an equal opportunity for India to win
the next wave of electronics design
led manufacturing, said the former
telecom secretary.
Vidyashankar said the partners
would bring key stakeholders from
industry, government, academia
and investment community close
and identify areas of investment to
develop an ecosystem for solutions
spanning hardware, software and
services to meet local and global

With regard to her nephews admission, she said: Regarding Jyotirmay Kaushals admission in a law
course at Sussex University, he secured admission through the normal
admission process in 2013 - one year
before I became a Minister.
Congress leader Digvijaya Singh
demanded Sushma Swarajs resignation on moral grounds.
The minister backed a person
like Lalit Modi, against whom a lookout notice was there. All this is very
The external affairs minister is
supporting a person who is on the
run, he said.
Digvijaya Singh also demanded
a clarification from Prime Minister
Modi on the issue.
Congress spokesman Randeep
Surjewala said the incident exposed
a clear nexus between a money
launderer and match-fixer -- referring to Lalit Modi and the Bharatiya
Janata Party (BJP).
I want to ask the prime minister, home minister and (BJP
president) Amit Shah, if tomorrow
Dawood wants help on humanitarian grounds, will they help, he wondered.
He demanded her resignation on
moral grounds and asked for an explanation from the government in
the matter.

BSF takes to yoga

to bust stress

he Border Security Force

(BSF) has introduced yoga
and meditation sessions
for its personnel manning the
India-Bangladesh border as stress
The Guwahati frontier office
of the BSF, that monitors the
stretch of the international border
in Assam and West Bengal,
organised a three-day meditation
camp at Patgaon, about 30 km
west of Guwahati, from June 13.
Fifteen officers and 90 personnel
of the BSF and the National
Disaster Response Force attended
the camp.
The initiative has been
necessitated due to the escalating
stress level in the BSF personnel
because of very hectic duties and
isolation from their families, BSF
spokesperson Jitu Deori said.
It has been observed that these
meditation programmes greatly
help the personnel of the force to
cope with these pressures and also
in enhancing their performance
and health, Deori said.
India has a 4,096 km long
border with Bangladesh of which
262 km are in Assam and 2,217
km in West Bengal. The yoga
programme was initiated as
part of the forces golden jubilee



19 June 2015 |

Now bulk of Maggi noodles

worth Rs.320 crore is fuel
for cement factories
Bhavana Akella

aluing its Maggi noodles

stocks at around Rs.320
crore, Nestle India on
Monday said a good part of it was
being incinerated at five cement
factories across the country into
The company also said the recall
process is one of the largest in the
history of Indias food industry.
The actual recall of Maggi
noodles from the market is
an immensely complex and a
mammoth activity - he largest in
the history of Nestle, Luca Fichera,
executive vice president of the
supply chain in India, said in this
Haryan town, some 90-odd km
from the national capital.
The trust of our consumers is
extremely important for us and
despite the enormity, we are focused
on completing this efficiently and as
fast as feasible, Fichera added.
He said at the Nestle warehouse
here that an estimated 27,420
tonnes of Maggi noodles were in the
market on June 5, when the product
was decided to be recalled.
Explaining the process of recall as
complicated, Fichera said Nestle has
eight factories across India, out of
which five produced Maggi noodles.
The company has 38 distribution
centres where the products are
stored. Maggi noodles are thereafter
sold to 1,400 distributors across the
country, following which they are no
longer under Nestles direct control.
They are sold to other distributors
or to retailers, he added.
Nestle India said stocks of Maggi
noodles worth Rs.210 crore were
being withdrawn from the market
and destroyed even as another
Rs.110 crore worth of finished and
related material stocks remained
at its factories and distribution




India-China ties could be 21st

centurys most significant: Speaker

ndias ties with China could be one of the most significant

bilateral partnerships of the 21st century, Lok Sabha Speaker
Sumitra Mahajan said.
At a meeting with a parliamentary delegation from China,
Mahajan said the relations with China figure among the highest
priorities in Indias foreign policy, an official release said.
She said India attaches a lot of importance to the visit of the
Chinese parliamentary delegation as it is taking place after a gap of
over 14 years.
The delegation is led by National Peoples Congress standing
committee chairman Zhang Dejiang.
Stressing india-China ties could be the most significant bilateral
partnership of the 21st century, Mahajan noted that Prime Minister
Narendra Modis recent visit to China marked a milestone in SinoIndian relations.

Indias wholesale inflation still

negative, but tad up

These are broad estimates
because it is impossible to calculate
the final figure while the withdrawal
is taking place, the company added
in a filing with stock exchanges.
According to Neilsens survey,
Nestles Maggi noodles are expected
to be in the shelves of about 3.5
million retail outlets across the
We need to source over 1.4
million cartons to transport all the
Maggi packets to our facilities, as
they are no longer in cartons but
in packets on the shelves. This also
involves thousands of trucks and
manpower to collect the packets,
said Ashish Pande, the head of
supply chain in India.
As by end of last week, 5,848
tonnes of Maggi noodles were
collected from the market shelves
by Nestle distributors and 5,635
distribution centres from where 169
tonnes of noodles were incinerated

SC scraps pre-medical entrance

test, orders new one in four weeks


n a major verdict, the Supreme Court has scrapped

the All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test (AIPMT)
for 2015-16 following the leak of its question paper
and circulation of the answer keys through electronic
devices at different examination centres in 10 states.
The AIPMT was conducted for 15 percent all-India
quota seats. A vacation bench of Justice R.K. Agrawal and
Justice Amitava Roy, while cancelling the examination
and directing its re-conduct within four weeks, said: We
are aware that the abrogation of the examination would
result in some inconvenience to all concerned and that
same extra time would be consumed for holding a fresh
examination with renewed efforts.
While directing the re-conduct of the entire test,
the court rejected the Central Board of Secondary
Educations (CBSE) plea not to scrap the test as it would
affect 6.30 lakh students and also the re-conduct of the
examination could not be completed before four months.
While ordering that the exam be re-conducted, the
court noted that on previous occasions such type of
examination had been held anew within a period of one
The courts order came on a PIL and other petitions
seeking the re-conduct of the examination in the wake
of the leak of the question paper, contending that it has
compromised the integrity of the entrance test.

so far. The process of incineration

has been operational since June 9.
This was the most environment
friendly solution to destroy the
recalled Maggi noodles -- to convert
them into fuel, said Fichera.
The current capacity of
destruction is 700 tonnes of Maggi
noodles across five incineration
facilities. It will take at least 40
days to completely destroy 27,420
tonnes, Pande said.
The food safety regulator
had ordered Nestle to withdraw
Maggi noodles after some samples
were reportedly found to contain
higher-than-permissible levels of
lead -- a finding that was rejected
by the company, saying its own
otherwise. The company said it
halted the production of Maggi
noodles in its factories since June
5 and decided to withdraw it
from the market. It has continued
to maintain: Maggi is safe for

Education important
for progress in SAARC
region: Modi

rime Minister Narendra Modi said education was important for progress and development of the South Asian Association for
Regional Cooperation region.
Releasing a book Education of Muslims: An
Islamic Perspective of Knowledge and Education
- Indian Context in New Delhi, Modi said:
Education can become the strength of the entire
SAARC region. If the region does not embrace
modernity, it will get left behind, as the rest of the
world progresses.
He described ilm (knowledge) as the focal
point of all religions.
The prime minister said it is the good fortune of
people living in India that we have the opportunity
to follow, understand and learn so many different
religions, and strands of thought at one place.
Modi said that as India is now free of polio, it
is ready to assume responsibility for eradicating it
from the entire SAARC region.
He also spoke about Indias plans to launch a
SAARC satellite, which will work for the benefit
of the entire SAARC region. About the book, he
said, it can help us in understanding each other understanding different points of view.

ndias annual wholesale inflation continued to be in the negative

in May but moved up slightly to (-)2.36 percent from (-)2.65
percent in the previous month, mainly on account of a rise in
prices of food articles, official data showed this week.
The annual inflation rate based on the Wholesale Price Index
(WPI) was recorded at 6.18 percent in May 2014.
During the period under review, the index for food articles was up
3.8 percent in May mainly due to a 22.8 percent increase in prices of
pulses and 20.41 percent in that for onions. Potatoes, however, were
cheaper by 51.95 percent.
Among the other major sub-indice of the WPI, the annual inflation
for fuel in May was (-)10.41 percent, data released by the commerce
and industry ministry showed. The prices of liquefied petroleum gas
(LPG) fell by 5.18 percent, petrol became cheaper by 11.29 percent
and diesel cost came down by 11.62 percent. The manufactured
products sub-indice also declined. It stood at (-)0.64 percent. The
primary articles sub-indice was marginally down by (-)0.77 percent.
On a month-on-month basis the annual inflation successively
decelerated in the past six months -- from 1.66 percent in October
2014 to (-)0.17 percent in November to (-)0.5 percent, (-)0.95
percent, (-)2.06 percent, (-)2.33 percent and (-) 2.65 percent,
respectively, in the next five months.

Haryana to release pending

rewards of Rs.70 crore to players

n amount of nearly Rs.70 crore will be released by the

Haryana government to sportspersons of the state who
have won medals in various international and national
competitions, a minister said this week.
State Sports and Youth Affairs Minister Anil Vij said that the
government would soon pay the cash awards, amounting to Rs
70 crore, to the medal winners. He said that the rewards were
announced by the previous Congress government last year but were
left unpaid, as it did not provide the budget for the purpose.
Sportspersons, including women, from Haryana have excelled in
boxing, wrestling, athletics and other sports in recent years. They
have won medals in Asian and Commonwealth Games and other
international and national championships.

Indian entrepreneurs launch new

social networking app

ndian entrepreneurs Gurnam Sunny and Inderdeep Bassi have

come up with a social networking app which they claim has a lot
of semblance to Facebook.
The app called Aashiqui allows users to set a background cover
image for their profiles and choose two profile photos.
The posts (users and their group of friends) made via the app
including status updates, photos, check-ins and the music they
are currently listening to are seen in a straightforward, reversechronological timeline. Also, there is an option which lets users
update their statuses in two different ways: Users can either update
a status the traditional way, or they can use a photo from Aashiquis
gallery. Gurnam Sunny, CEO of Aashiqui, said: It was my dream
to make social networking more interesting and unique. Through
Aashiqui App you can do everything you do on Facebook but we have
managed to add several unique features.
The hashtag feature is also available and clicking on hashtags will
take the user to feeds of public posts that contain the same hashtag.
There is also an instant messenger option for group chats. The
app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

INDIA ABROAD | 19 June 2015




Three Indian Americans shortlisted

for White House Fellowship
Arun Kumar

hree Indian Americans

are among the national
finalists for the 2015-16
White House Fellowship that offers
exceptional Americans first-hand
experience working at the highest
levels of the federal government.
Patel and Anil Yallapragada are

among those representing an

accomplished and diverse crosssection of professionals from the
private sector, academia, medicine,
and armed services.
Luxme Hariharan from Madison, Wisconsin, is Paediatric Cataract, Glaucoma, Cornea and International Health Fellow, Childrens
Hospital of Los Angeles, University
of Southern California Eye Institute. Payal Patel from Houston,

Texas, is Infectious Diseases Fellow, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical

Centre, Harvard Medical School.
Anil Yallapragada from Myrtle
Beach, South Carolina, is Medical
Director, South Carolina Stroke
Institute, Grand Strand Medical
Under the programme founded
in 1964 by President Lyndon B.
Johnson, selected individuals
spend a year in Washington, DC

working full-time for cabinet

secretaries, senior White House
staff, and other top-ranking
government officials.
There are more than 700
White House Fellow alumni, a
distinguished group that includes
former secretary of state Colin
Powell, CNN chief medical
correspondent Sanjay Gupta, and
Pulitzer Prize-winning author and
historian Doris Kearns Goodwin.

My journey from New York to Himalayas

inspired The Seeker: Karan Bajaj
Kavita Bajeli-Datt

e left his cushy job as a

top executive in a New
York firm to search for
that elusive answer about death
and suffering.
After a year-long sabbatical
through a Buddhist retreat in the
Scottish highlands to the rugged
terrain of the Himalayas, writer
Karan Bajaj says he has just
scratched the surface and one
lifetime will not be enough for his
quest. But the outcome of his soul
searching journey is his third novel,
The Seeker (Rs. 200 on Flipkart).
Published worldwide by Penguin
Random House India and released
in India on June 11, The Seeker is
the story of an investment banker
in New York who embarks on a
journey to become a yogi in the
In an interview, Bajaj, 35, whose
first novel Keep off the Grass was
a bestseller which is now being
turned into a movie, said he is
trying to live like a yogi. Even after
returning to New York and joining
another firm as an executive, he
is trying to work with complete
selflessness and honesty.
Asked why he chose the
unconventional path of leaving
everything in search of answers,

Bajaj said: The Bhagavad Gita

says that each mans soul cries
for the infinite in the finite world,
hence that indescribable feeling
of something missing from ones
grasp even in moments of deep
We all hear that call. I think
it was less courage and more
necessity that made me answer it.
My mothers young, untimely
death from cancer unsettled me
quite a bit and forced me to confront
the questions about the cause of
suffering and death that had been
in the back of my mind for years,
said Bajaj, who spent his childhood
almost like a nomad changing 12
schools in as many years as his
father was in the Indian Army.
So, did he find the answers after
his roller-coaster journey in which
his wife Kerry was also a partner?
I ask myself that question often. I
think I came back because I still feel
a need to push myself more in the
man-made world before I opt out of
it, Bajaj said.
Im still in the growth phase and
want to push myself more in my
writing and my career. If I enter the
detachment phase, my choices may
become different, said Bajaj, who
graduated from the Indian Institute
of Management-Bangalore in 2002
after obtaining an engineering
degree from the Birla Institute of

Technology, Ranchi, in 2000.

Recounting his year-long spiritual and creative sabbatical, Bajaj
said he and his wife first went to
a Buddhist retreat in the Scottish
Highlands, then traveled from
Europe to India by road in buses,
trains and ferries and also hiked,
with no particular destination in
mind. Once in India, they stayed
at the Sivananda Ashram in south
India and learnt to become yoga
teachers, then lived in the Himalayas, learning meditation and
hiking. Thereafter, en route to the
US, they spent three months in an
artists residency in Portugal, researching and writing.
So how much of his journeys are
reflected in his third novel?
The protagonist Maxs rugged
external adventure from the dark
underbelly of New York to a world
of hidden ashrams, surreal night
markets, and remote caves in India
is partially inspired by his journey,
said Bajaj, who was selected as
one of the top 10 young business
leaders of India by the Aditya Birla
Foundation and has worked in the
Philippines, Singapore and the US,
as also in Europe.
He has of course fictionalised it
to make it much more pulsating
and interesting.
The couples sabbatical did
change them - so much so that

Lifetime award for Indian head of Doha Bank

R. Seetharaman has
been conferred with the lifetime
achievement award at the Banker
Middle East Industry Awards in
Dubai, the bank said.
Highlighting Qatars largest
private commercial banks key
initiatives leading to its expansion
in the region, Seetharman said
winning major corporates and
providing value advantage to
customers were rewarding, as they
led to economic development of
the Gulf Cooperation Council in the
Sustainable development mis-


sion should aim for poverty eradication, environmental sustainability,

sustainable consumption and production. Our bank advocates and
practices green banking as one of its
core philosophies, the official said.
The banks programmes like
Eco-school programme works with
educational institutions in the region to build awareness of key environmental issues.
The banks eco-friendly initiatives like green credit card, green
accounts, internet banking, SMS
banking, phone banking, e-remittances and online bill payments
promote the concept of paperless

they now have stopped drinking

alcohol and try not to waste time in
superficial chatter.
Even their friends circle has
We got rid of our TV. Were
reading books much more
selectively than before so as to
keep our ideas pure. Every day,
something changes, explained
Bajaj, who practices yoga and
mediates every day as he feels it is
crucial to his well-being.
Also, in his quest to live like a
yogi, he said he is trying to imbibe
the yogic ethos of dissolving
narrow sense of self and becoming
a mere medium for consciousness
to express itself.

The bank recently opened its

Sakhar Bhavan branch in Mumbai
to serve the needs of about 600,000
Indians living and working in Qatar.
The bank has two branches in
India - one each in Mumbai and in
Kochi, Kerala.

US Surgeon-General Vivek Murthy.

r Vivek Murthy, the

surgeon general, also
known as Americas Doctor,
has been presented with the Pride
of the Community Award by the
Hindu American Foundation, a
Hindu advocacy group.
Accepting the award at HAFs
annual Capitol Hill reception
last week, Murthy, son of Indian
immigrant parents, said that he
draws inspiration from the life of
Swami Vivekananda.
HAF also honoured Senator
Mark Kirk and House member
Joe Crowley, with Friend of
the Community awards at the
reception attended by over a
dozen lawmakers.
professor of religion at St. Olaf
College was presented with
Dharma Seva award while
Harpreet Singh Mokha of the
Justice Department was given the
Mahatma Gandhi Award for the
Advancement of Pluralism.
Tulsi Gabbard, the only Hindu
member of the US Congress, said
it was a proud moment to see the
continued progress made by HAF
over a short period of time.

Indian diplomat develops blood

donation database

Doha Banks chief executive R. Seetharaman

Doctor Vivek
Murthy gets
Pride of

diplomat with the Indian

consulate in Dubai has
database of blood donors in the
United Arab Emirates (UAE), a
media report said.
Consul (Economic and Education) Tiju Thomas who developed
the web portal,
will officially unveil the website on
June 21, on International Yoga Day,
Khaleej Times reported.
The Indian community has the
largest number of blood donors in
the UAE. I would like this to be considered as a gift of the Indian community to the UAE, Thomas said.
We have a huge database. I will

consider my whole work rewarded

if at least one persons life can be
saved through this, he added, urging donors with rare groups to be
more forthcoming to register with
the site.
Name, age, blood group, last donated date, mobile number of donors and their emirate will be listed
on the website, which includes an
emirate-wise blood group search
facility, and carries the details of all
blood donation centres in the UAE.
The UAE has been honoured
by the World Health Organisation
(WHO) for being among the top five
countries with the best blood transfusion services.



19 June 2015 |




Changes in the rules for English

requirements for International students
IWK Bureau

Authority, this week has
amended the Program
approval and Accreditation Rules.
The amendments to Rule 18 and
Appendix 2 came into effect on
7 June 2015. The changes are as
Changes to Rule 18: English
international students
According to latest amendment
in this rule, Category 1 and
approved Category 2 providers
can now use internal English
proficiency assessments only
for international students from
countries with an annual student
visa approval rate of at least 80
per cent.
However, Category 1, 2 and 3
providers can now use previous
study at schools where English
is the medium of instruction as
evidence of English proficiency
only for international students
from countries with an annual
student visa approval rate of at
least 80 per cent.
As per the Immigration New
Zealand Student Visa Approval
Rates data for the year 2014, the
approval rates for India is 62%,
which will now halt the number
of Indian students coming to NZ.
The breakdown of the Student
visa applications from India for
the year 2014 is as below;


Nationality: India
Approved: 12,345
Declined: 7,672
Total: 20017
% Approved: 62%

What do the changes to Rule

18 mean for providers?
requirements remain the same
for international students from
countries with a student visa
approval rate of at least 80 per
Providers can still enrol
countries with a student visa
approval rate below 80 per cent.
However, these students must
use one of the following methods
to demonstrate that they have

UC living-learning adventure
for Auckland students

Canterbury (UC) has
experience to encourage Auckland
students to study at UC in
Christchurch in 2016.
The Go Canterbury grant is
open to current Year 13 Auckland
students with a minimum of
NCEA Level 2 Merit and a taste for
personal leadership and outdoor
adventure. The offer is open to
both domestic and international
students already in New Zealand.
the benefits of studying in
Christchurch the gateway to
South Island outdoor adventures
the Go Canterbury grant also
marks the recent opening of
UCs new Auckland office and is
a response to Aucklands high
housing costs.
In Auckland, it can take 90
minutes just for students to get

from flats they can afford to

their campus. In Canterbury,
you can get to a skifield, beach,
high country track or a myriad of
other recreational activities in that
time, University of Canterbury
Vice-Chancellor Dr Rod Carr says.
The Go Canterbury grant
will enable Auckland students
to get a quality UC degree while
experiencing the South Island
outdoors through a first year
adventure experience package. The
three components of the grant are
personal leadership development,
a $5,000 accommodation grant
and a range of adventure activities
such as skiing, tramping, visits to
UC field stations and community
Applications for the grant
open on 6 July and are due by 30
September. Successful applicants
will be notified by 7 October visit
the UC websitewww.canterbury.
ac.nzfrom 6 July for more details.

the required level of English

proficiency to study in New
Providers must ensure that
the student:
}} Has gained NCEA level 3 and
met New Zealand University
Entrance requirements; or
}} Holds a Bachelors degree of
at least three years from New
Zealand, Australia, Canada,
the Republic of Ireland, South
Africa, the United Kingdom or
the United States of America;
}} Has achieved a Certificate in
English Language Teaching to
Adults (CELTA); or

}} Has achieved the required

score in one of the following
English proficiency tests within
the preceding two years:
Language Testing System (IELTS)
-University of Cambridge
Certificate in Advanced English
-University of Cambridge
Certificate of Proficiency in
English (CPE)
-University of Cambridge First
Certificate in English (FCE)
-International English for
Speakers of Other Languages
qualifications by City and Guilds
-Pearson Test of English
(Academic) (PToE)

-New Zealand Certificate in

English Language (NZCEL)
-English Language proficiency
test of the Educational Testing
Service (TOEFL)
The required score for each
programme level is set out in
theTable for Internationally
Recognised English Proficiency
Studentscontained in Appendix
2 of the NZQF Programme
Approval and Accreditation Rules
2013 and can be accessed through
NZQA website.
The changes will be applicable
to the student visa application
submitted to Immigration New
Zealand from 1 October 2015.

Runaway house prices could

send grads offshore

tudents are dreading what

the latest house price
figures mean for their
prospects of getting of entering the
housing market, with the national
student union expecting more
graduates to leave the country for
Government valuer QV has
reported a 9 per cent climb in
national property prices in the
year to June, while Auckland
house prices shot up an incredible
16.9 per cent. The rise represents
the fastest increase in over a
The average Auckland house
price was $828,502 in May,
seventeen times the annual
median wage for an Aucklander.
president Rory McCourt says
many students are wondering
how theyll ever get a foot on the
property ladder.

Most students are graduating

university or polytechnic with
tens of thousands of dollars of
debt. How will they ever buy a
first house when theyre 50k in
the red and property prices are
uncontrollably rising?
The real risk is that we load
up this next generation with debt
from their studies and condemn
them to a life of never owning their
own home. What reason have they
got to stay in New Zealand? Many
will be heading for the departure
Mr McCourt says while

a minority of students have

always intended on leaving New
Zealand permanently, housing
unaffordability will make those
considering returning to settle
down to think twice.
Toxic student debt, insane
house prices and flat wages: what
happened to opportunity in New
Government must do more
to support first-home buyers,
particularly in Auckland, and take
a look at the impact of ballooning
student debt on home ownership.

SPORTS | 19 June 2015




India bags four medals on final

day of Asian Cadet Wrestling

oman wrestler Divya

Kakran bagged a gold
as India earned four
medals on the final day of the Asian
Cadet Wrestling Championship at
the K.D. Jadhav Wrestling Stadium
in the Indira Gandhi Indoor Sports
Complex here on Sunday.
Byambadorj Tsetsegbayar 3-2 to
win the yellow metal in the womens
70 Kg competition, while Deepak,
Sumit and Monu won bronze
Deepak finished third in the 85
Kg Greco Roman style category
as Sumit claimed the third spot
in the 100 Kg. Greco Roman style
event. Free Style wrestler Monu
won the bronze medal in the 46 Kg
Overall, Iran became champion
in Free Style by securing 77 points
while India got second position
by securing 74 points. Uzbekistan
secured third position with 59
Iran was also champion in Greco
Roman Style by securing 82 points,
while Kazakhstan and Krygyzstan


Harbhajan eclipses
Akram in highest Test
wicket-takers list

secured second and third position

by winning 65 points and 63 points
respectively. Indian team secured
fifth spot by winning 56 points.
In the female category, the

Japanese team secured first position

by securing 92 points, while India
was runner-up by securing 80
points. Kazakhstan team was third
with 67 points.

Thousands paid tributes at

Jerry Collins funeral

housands of mourners, including

rugby greats Jonah Lomu and
Tana Umaga, attended the funeral
of former All Black Jerry Collins on
Wednesday this week who was remembered
as wicked, mischievous young man who
never forgot where he came from.
Collins, 34, and his wife Alana died in a
car crash on, in France on 5 June.
The couples three-month-old daughter,
Ayla, remains in a serious condition in a
French hospital.
A bus collided with their car, and their
two-month-old daughter survived but is
in serious condition, according to initial
reports by
34-year-old Collins made his debut in
2001 and won 48 caps. The flanker had
been playing for French side Narbonne.
More than 3,000 people packed the Te
Rauparaha Arena on Tuesday this week in
the suburb of Porirua north of Wellington,
where Collins was raised.
Many thousands more stood outside
as family, friends and former teammates
remembered the famous All Blacks
Collins started his career at Wellington
in the National Provincial Championship as
well as playing for the citys Super Rugby
outfit Hurricanes.
Renowned for his bleach-blonde hair
and tough tackling, he made his All Blacks
debut against Argentina in Christchurch in

ndias veteran off-spinner

Harbhajan Singh eclipsed
Pakistan pace legend Wasim
Akram to jump to the ninth
position in the all-Time highest
Test wicket-takers list.
He jumped to the ninth spot
in the elite list when he dismissed
Imrul Kayes for 72 at the Khan
Shaheb Osman Ali Stadium in
Bangladesh last week.
It was his 415th wicket, claimed
in his 102nd Test. Akram has 414
from 104 matches.
Harbhajan ended the Test
with figures of 3/64 that took
his overall tally to 416 dismissal.
He has made a comeback to the
Indian team after a lengthy spell
on the sidelines due to poor form.
Another major landmark awaits
Harbhajan, he is just 20 wickets
shy of surpassing compatriot and
pace great Kapil Devs haul of 434
Legendary spinner Anil Kumble
heads Indias all-time list with 619
wickets, followed by Kapil.

Harbhajan Singh

India and Bangladesh played

out a rain-enforced draw in a oneoff Test match on Sunday.




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Jerry Collins

He captained the side three times and
played for New Zealand at the 2003 and
2007 World Cups.
His last match for the All Blacks was
the 2007 World Cup quarter-final loss to
France in Cardiff.
A biography on the New Zealand Rugby
website said Collins was one of the toughest
and most uncompromising forwards to ever
play for the All Blacks and his ferocious
tackling and intimidating presence made
him feared by every opponent.

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19 June 2015 |




By Rudra

Full. Stop
Once upon a time there was
little guy called . Stop!
Im not not little you are lit
Said full stop. Me why me?
Said the narrator. Just be qu
iet ok said
the full stop then exclamatio
mark came bursting into the
what is it exclaimed exclama
mark. Be quiet said the libra
you know what. Narrator co
with the story said comma as
audience. Ok said the narrat
and so full stop met exclama
mark and lived happily ever
after. The End.
Oh, dont forget me THE EN
Full Stop

Sports Crossword Puzzle



4 This sport is played on a large
field where players can only use
feet to kick a ball into a goal.
7 This sport is played on the ice
and the
players use sticks to hit a puck
into a
8 This sport is played on a diamond
shaped field where players run
bases and score homeruns.
9 This sport can be played on the
beach where players hit a ball over

, poems and
Send us stories, drawingsyour little
other contributions by
ones along with their photeditor@
for this page. Email us at nz

1 This sport is played with 10 play
on the court. Players can shoot
ball into the hoop or slam dunk
2 This sport is played with a rack
et and
a yellow ball that players hit over
3 This sport has many players on
field and on the sideline. They scor
touchdowns and kick fieldgoals.
5 This sport is played outside whe
players hit a small white ball with
6 This sport is played by throwing
a ball
down an alley. If you hit down all
pins you get a strike.

WORD BANK: Baseball, basketba

ll, bowling, football, golf, hockey,
tennis, volleyball.

Answers to the last weeks Country Word Scramble

1. Spain, 2. Chile, 3. Australia, 4. Norway, 5. India,
6. England, 7. Belgium, 8. Japan, 9. Canada, 10. France,
11. Brazil, 12. Singapore, 13. Denmark, 14. Portugal, 15.
Egypt, 16. Fiji, 17. Germany, 18. Turkey, 19. Ireland, 20.

FEATURES | 19 June 2015


From the desk of




The bold and the beautiful

Esha Chanda

he world around us is evolving;

our perceptions are changing. Last
week, our column spoke about
Piplantri in Rajasthan that planted 111
saplings for every girl child that was born
in the village. The former chief of the village
spearheaded the movement that has been
termed as eco-feminism, and nine years
later, every villager was still following the
India is going through an interesting
phase; a time when the lawmakers and
the people of the nation are walking on
two distinct paths. On one hand, we are
looking at a country that is still clinging to
old laws and, on the other hand, her people
have broken out of those shackles and are
moving forward.
The latest Indian television commercial
aired last week demonstrates the same. It
broke all norms; it created ripples on social
media platforms. It is an ad by Myntra,
one of Indias fashion and lifestyle e-store.
The company released an advertisement
for their in-house clothing brand Anouk
that features a lesbian couple. Titled The
Visit, the ad has been praised for being
the first commercial to feature a same-sex
couple. In a country, where a large portion
of the population is still hanging on to their
antediluvian thoughts, Myntras ad offers a
refreshing change.

We have come a long way from the

time when every lawbreaker was sent
to the gallows. We live in a world that
has progressed, where archaic laws have
made way to accommodate the changing
perceptions of the people. Yet, we are still
a part of a society that looks down on some
India made headlines around the world
when in December 2013, the Supreme
Court of the country re-criminalised
homosexuality. It was a huge step backwards
for a country and its people. Accusing the
lawmakers of having obnoxious beliefs,
many took to the streets to show their
In an age when we still wake up to the

news of homosexuals defending their

rights, Myntras ad breaks down all barriers
and stigma attached to homosexuality. It is
It sends across a strong message. It
showcases a conversation between two
girls who are in a live-in relationship and
it beautifully captures the emotions of a
girl who is introducing her partner to her
parents. The storyline is simple. It has a
classic meet the parent setting. Yet the
ad delivers a message so strong that it
challenges inequality that is still prevalent
in many parts of the Indian society.
The campaign comes out soon after the
country woke up to find a matrimonial ad
placed by a Mumbai resident in a tabloid
that would soon go viral. Padma Iyer,
mother of Harrish, is searching for a suitable
partner for her son. Nothing strange about
it in a country where marriages are still
arranged by parents, but she is not looking
for a bride, she seeks a groom. She wants
what every mother wants for her childa
Myntras ad sets another example
of how the society is slowly accepting
homosexuality. Back in 2009, Hindustan
Times released an ad where a man hits his
friend with a newspaper for making fun of a
gay couple. In 2013, Vodafone brushed the
topic with an ad where a mother constantly
calls her son and urges him to get married.
The commercial ends with the mother

calling her son again when he is in a car

with another man, and she asks, You do
like girls, dont you? The son doesnt reply;
he merely glances at the man sitting next to
Today, we are looking at a country
where events such as the Kashish Mumbai
International Queer Indian Festivalnow
in its sixth yearhas been commended for
the efforts taken for the LGBT community;
where pride parades have seen hundreds
take to the streets; where a mother doesnt
think twice before placing a matrimonial ad
for her gay son. Yet, sadly, we are looking at a
country where homosexuality can sentence
you to 10 years of imprisonment. India
is going through a period where policymakers are still adhering to outdated laws,
but the countrys people have embraced
new ideas and philosophies.
Ad campaigns such as Myntras showcase
how the mindset of the people is evolving.
Individuals are no longer discriminating
someone on the basis of caste, gender,
colour or their sexual preference; they
understand love and relationships and
respect individual choice.
Love has no gender. It has no boundaries.
Policy-makers cannot ask you whom to fall
in love with it. The ad might not reflect
the attitude of a majority of Indians, but it
is uplifting to see that the media is giving
voice to a section of the society that has
accepted homosexuality.

Mt Albert | Royal Oak | Manukau | Henderson | Lincoln North

Using a blender, make a paste of ginger,
garlic and green chillies, keep aside.
Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan, add


Preparation & Cooking Time :
35 Minutes Serve 6


400 gm Paneer
3 Green Cardamom
2 Cloves
1 inch - Cinnamon stick
2 Onions, medium and crushed
or grated
}} 1 tbsp. - Garlic paste
}} 1 tbsp. Ginger paste


2 to 3 Green chillies
6 tbsp. Yoghurt, plan and thick
1 tsp. Coriander powder
tsp. Pepper powder
tsp. Paprika
tsp. Turmeric powder
tsp. Garam masala powder
Salt according to taste
4 tbsp. Cream
2 tbsp. Oil for cooking

crushed onions, saute on medium heat for 3 to

on and let the paneer cook for 2 to 3 minutes

till the paneer softens.
If you want, you can add little water to thin
out the sauce.
Taste and adjust the salt.

Add cream to the paneer, mix well on

5 minutes, till onions are golden brown. Add medium heat. If you feel that paneer is too dry,
garlic, ginger and green chilli paste, stir for 1 you can add little more water.
to 2 minutes.

Lower the heat and add coriander powder,

pepper powder, paprika, turmeric powder
and garam masala powder, mix well, whisk
yoghurt and add to the masala.
Cook on medium heat till oil separates from
the sides.
Add paneer to this onion masala, put the lid

Serve warm with naan or rice.



19 June 2015 |


Sanjay Dutt will

be challenging
character to
essay: Ranbir

hile film director

has admitted that
Ranbir Kapoor is the only actor
he has spoken to about playing
the lead role in a biopic on Sanjay
Dutt, the actor says it will be an
immensely challenging part to
Talks have been on about
Ranbir getting cast for Sanjays
role in the movie. But the actor,
who has shown his versatility
through films like Barfi! and
Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani,
told reporters: Biopics are hard
because you have to celebrate
such a giant mans life on screen...
I would really look forward to
getting Sanjay Dutt alive on
screen.Its a very challenging
character, very colourful... hes
had a very challenging life and
I think it will be interesting to
portray him on screen.
However, Ranbir clarified that
since Hirani is still writing the
script, nothing is finalised yet.
Hirani, in the meantime, has
said that he will be starting the
film next year.

Karan Johar
to work with
Akshay Kumar

Brothers is the first

collaboration between lead
actor Akshay Kumar and
producer Karan Johar, and the
filmmaker says the wait has

been worth it.

Akshay was the one person
who I was dying to work with
since two decades, Karan, who
has produced Brothers, said.
The wait has to be worth it
and there couldnt have been a
better film than Brothers for
Dharma Productions to work
with him. Even Akshay will agree
to this, he added.
Akshay has had an action
heros image since the 1990s for
his daredevil stunts, which he
performs on his own.
So, Karan calls Akshay an
indispensable casting for this
film. Karan feels Brothers and
Akshays performance in the film
will stand out.
Directed by Karan Malhotra,
the movie also features Sidharth
Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez
and Jackie Shroff.

film that questions the societal

definition of love and raises
pertinent questions whether
marriage is the only culmination
of love.
The Fox Star Studios film,
which features Vidya Balan,
Emraan Hashmi and Rajkumar
Rao, released last week.

Richa Chaddas
first look from
Cabaret revealed

ctress Vidya Balan, who

features in a prominent
role in the Mohit Suri
Kahani, says it is not a womancentric film.
I wont call it a woman-

a black long skirt with thigh high

slit. She teamed the skirt with a
midriff revealing black top. The
look was completed with a big
maang tika and smokey eyes.
According to sources, Richa,
who is currently in Jaipur
shooting for Cabaret, will soon
be finishing her first schedule of
the film.
Cabaret, as the name
suggests, is based on a dance,
which Richa has been extensively
learning and practicing for a long
time. However, speculation is
rife that the film is inspired by
yesteryear actress and cabaret
queen Helens life.
Richas character is a dancer
from small town who goes has
a dream to go big. According to
Pooja, this film will give Richa a
new image.

No numbers
game with
Salman, SRK,
says Aamir

fter Salman Khan, even

Aamir Khan has come
forward to announce
that theres no numbers game
between them and Bollywoods
third Khan, Shah Rukh.
There is no numbers game,
Aamir said.
Just earlier last week, Salman
had taken to social networking
site Twitter and shared: SRK n


To be directed by Vishal
Pandya, Hate Story 3 will also
feature Zarine Khan.
Clarifying it, Sharman said: It
is a film I wanted to do, but the
dates were preponed, so I was out
of it. But later they went back to
the old schedule and they asked
me if I would be interested, so I
went back. Thats all I know.

ABCD 2 a very
emotional film:
Remo DSouza

icha Chadhas first look

upcoming film Cabaret
has been unveiled. The actress is
seen flaunting her toned body in a
figure revealing outfit.
In the photograhs shared, the
Fukrey star was seen wearing

Hamari Adhuri
Kahani isnt a
film: Vidya

centric film because its actually

a love story. We havent had an
intense love story in a long time.
There was Aashiqui 2, but it was
a younger love story, while this
is a more mature love story like
Silsila and Aandhi, she said.
The actress, who is working
with the Vishesh Films banner
for the first time, says she wanted
to work with Suri after watching
Aashiqui 2.
When I walked out after
watching Aashiqui 2, I told
Mohit Suri that I wanted to work
with him ... this is for the first
time that I have said this to a
director. He just smiled because
he thought I had got emotional
after the movie.
So, I called (Mahesh) Bhatt
saab and told him I want to work
with him. But I had just said it
spontaneously not thinking that
they would actually go ahead,
she said.
Hamari Adhuri Kahani is a

Aamir Khan r my friend toh buss.

Bhad mein gaya No 1,2,3. Samjhe
kya? (sic).


He was upset about his fans

taking digs at other celebrities.
Reacting to it, Aamir said:
See, this is Salmans love and his
emotions. And in my heart I feel
the same thing for Salman. Trust
me, among us, there isnt any 1,
2, 3 number game. Salman and
Shah Rukh are very big stars.
Aamir believes in taking
opinions on the social media
From a very long time, not
only I, but Shah Rukh, Salman,
Akshay (Kumar) and Ajay
(Devgn)... we all have been
working successfully. People love
our work. Above all, people on
social media sites keep saying
different things all the time, so we
shouldnt take all that seriously,
he said.

about bold
scenes: Sharman

irector Remo D Souza

says his forthcoming
venture ABCD 2, a
sequel to his 2013 film ABCD:
AnyBody Can Dance, is a very
emotional film.
Both ABCD 2 and ABCD:
AnyBody Can Dance are dance
based films and when asked
if he doesnt want to tap other
aspects of his personality, he
said: Of course I want to hence
I am making an action film
(Turbanator with Tiger Shroff).
In fact, my first film
F.A.L.T.U was not a dance film
but an educational film which
culminated in a dance. ABCD...
was a dance movie but it had an
emotional story and now ABCD 2
is a very emotional film too.
ABCD 2 features Varun
among others. The film is slated
for a June 19 release.

Amitabh to
promote new
mobile video app


e is aware that Hate

Story 3, the third
Bollywood erotic thriller franchise
film, will have bold scenes but
Sharman Joshi isnt apprehensive
about it.
Sharman told reporters:I have
not seen both the Hate Story
movies, but I have heard this
story and its a fine drama. Apart
from that, its an erotic thriller,
so there will be some shedding of
clothes and lovemaking scenes.
I have done such things in my
earlier films. Its part of my work,
so I dont think much about it. I
dont have any apprehensions
about going bold.
He says he doesnt have any
reservations about the erotic
genre as he himself enjoys it.

Bachchan has shot a
commercial for a new
mobile video sharing application
called Wacau, which will enable
actors to put up their videos and
get instant feedback from their
The application is said to be
created by Big Bs digital team.
No... Its not an ad, shoot for
a mobile... That is to come later..
This is for the new App, that we
and our digital team intend to
launch called WACAU, the
72-year-old wrote on his blog.
Where celebrities shall be able
to put up videos to connect with
their fans and get back responses
too.. Will be fun..., he added.
Amitabh, who was last seen
in filmmaker Shoojit Sircars
Piku, also posted some of the
photographs from the shoot of
the mobile app.
He will next be seen in Wazir,
which also stars multifaceted
Farhan Akhtar. | 19 June 2015





International Yoga Day @ Manukau


from 8 AM to 10 AM

International Yoga Day

@ Manukau
Be a part of history and celebrate Yoga in a big way.
Its a FREE family event.

Join us for the first Yoga International Day

celebration @ Manukau on
Sunday 21st June from 8 AM to 10 AM.
Manukau Indian Association (MIA) is organising this
International Yoga Day event under the aegis of
Yogathon NZ and supported by Art of Living.
The session will be run by trained Yoga Instructors.
We are inviting all Yoga enthusiasts, family and friends to
come together and celebrate the first historical day of Yoga.
Where: Vodafone Events Centre
770 Great South Rd, Wiri, Manukau 2104
When: Sunday 21st June
What time: 8 AM to 10 AM
8.00 AM - Arrive and assemble
8.15 AM - Inauguration
8.30 AM - Yoga exercises, breathing and relaxation led by
trained yoga instructors
9.30 AM - Yoga practice
Please bring your own mat.




19 June 2015 |


Roy actress.
The Dharma Productions film
is an official Hindi adaptation of
the Hollywood film Warrior and
tells the story of two estranged
brothers. The film also stars
Siddharth Malhotra and Jackie

Produced by Karan Johar,

Hiroo Yash Johar and Endemol
India, the film is presented by
Fox Star India, in association with
Dharma Productions, Lionsgate,
Endemol India.
Heavy on action, the movie will
hit the theatres on August 14.

SRK nostalgic about again

working with Kajol

sense of nostalgia seems to have




Shah Rukh Khan, who has started

working with Kajol for Dilwale, five years

after featuring with her in My Name Is
The 49-year-old posted a collage on microblogging site Twitter. The collage is like a walk
down the memory lane, starting from their
1993 film Baazigar to Karan Arjun (1995),

scheduled to release on Christmas this year.

Somedays its good to ponder over
the journey as you embark upon a new
destination, Shah Rukh captioned the image.
Earlier, he also posted an ageless
photograph with his Kajol from the films set,
saying: Count ur age by friends, not years.
Count ur life by smiles, not tears. Lennon. By
that maxim this team is ageless.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge (1995), Kuch

Apart from the duo, Dilwale also stars

Kuch Hota Hai (1998), My Name Is Khan

Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Boman Irani and

(2010) and their next film Dilwale, which is

Johnny Lever.

Yoga Day

Date: Saturday June 20

Time: 10 am - 2 pm
Place: Mt Albert War
Memorial Hall, 751 New
North Rd, Mt Albert
International Yoga Day
- Cultivating peace and
harmony worldwide. Expo
featuring Radha (Meditation
NZ), Kara Leah-Grant (Yoga
Lunchbox), Yoga Rhythms
(R.I.A. & Kara Leah-Grant),
Nikki Ralston (Urban Ashram),
Kirtan (Meditation NZ).
BYO yoga mat. Free Entry.
Contact: 09 3022332 or

Auckland Eid Day

- Eid ul Fitr
Date: 17 or18

July(Dependent on sighting
of the new moon)
Time: 7:30am - 4pm
Venue: Trust Stadium Henderson
Auckland Eid Day is NZs
largest congregational
prayer and celebration of
Eid, to mark the ending of
the Holy month of Ramadan.
To receive the official FIANZ
moon sighting notifications
for Ramadan and Eid, please
text EID8 to 5775 (one off
cost of 20c).

Sargam Fusion

Date: Saturday 25th July,

Time: 6:30PM
Venue: Blockhouse Bay
Community Hall.
You are invited to be a part
of an upcoming music
experience by Sargam


People think intelligent films arent

my cup of coffee: KJo

Role in Brothers was

challenging: Jacqueline

Fernandez, who will be
seen in Karan Malhotras
directorial Brothers, says that
her role as a young mother in the
film was challenging.
The role was challenging for
me, because I am not a mother.
And it wasnt really an ordinary
situation, or an ordinary family,
it was a lot more dramatic, says
It is a young mothers struggle
with her husband and daughter.
And I am grateful to Karan,
because I was really thrown to
deep ends with this role she
further added.
In the movie, Jacquelines
daughter suffers from kidney
failure and her husband, Akshay
Kumar, takes on a fight challenge
to win prize money in order to get
her better treatment.
Whatever I have learnt
from this movie, has helped me
immensely as an actor, says the


who has been one of
mainstream Hindi cinema, is
disappointed with the lack of
interest independent and intelligent
filmmakers show in him.
Anything that is cerebral or
intelligent, they (people) think its
not my cup of coffee, he said.
The 43-year-old also said that
he is open to supporting all kinds
of cinema, but independent
filmmakers rarely knock at his
Im open to supporting all kinds
of cinema, but unfortunately some
of them never come to me. They
rather knock on Kiran Raos door
for these kinds of films, he said.
Karans Dharma Productions
had backed the internationally
The Lunchbox, which stars
Irrfan Khan, Nimrat Kaur and
Nawazuddin Siddiqui. The 2013
film went globetrotting and was
lauded at several international film
extravaganzas in Cannes, Zurich,
London and Toronto.
Such rare endeavours are
extremely few and far between, he
Karan had recently shared

that he was a huge movie buff

irrespective of the various genres
involved in them.
Its a lesser known fact that Im
a huge lover of cinema. I dont have
a life, I dont have a relationship and
I dont have a spouse or children.
Im married to my company and Im
married to cinema, he added.
venture Shuddhi will go on the
floors after the release of Brothers
in August.

Ajay is like an elder brother

to me: Rohit

ilmmaker Rohit Shetty, who has

clocked close to 25 years of friendship
with actor Ajay Devgn, says the latter is
like family to him.
Their friendship is one of the strongest in
the Hindi film industry, and together, they
have worked as an actor-director team in
nine films, including the Golmaal series,
Singham and Bol Bachchan.
Talking about their bond, Shetty said, I
never realised when this friendship reached
such a tremendous level. We kept on working
with each other and today we are close to
completing 25 years of friendship.
This continuous working together created

Fusion - a band that brings

together a unique ensemble
of Indian musical offering with
a Western touch, backed
by vocal brilliance covering
a range of genres. Limited
Seats, Tickets: $15. Available
at Sargam School, 419
Blockhouse Bay Road and
Yogiji Food Mart, Carr Road

Dance By Janani
Date: Saturday 4 July 2015
Time: 5:30pm
Venue: War Memorial Hall,
May Road, Mt Roskill,
You are invited to attend a
classical Bharathanatyam
Dance performance by
Janani Comar. Admission is
FREE. Its a 2 hr program.
All are welcome. Visit www.

a bond between the two of us and it developed

into a relationship. It grew so much that Ajay
is now like an elder brother and family to me.
Gradually, we started involving ourselves
deeply in terms of content for the films that
we were doing together and also as coproducers, he added.

Citizen Advice
Workshops for

CAB Manurewa
Date: Saturday 20th June
Time: 10:00am- 3:00pm
Venue: Citizen Advice
Bureau Manurewa, 7 Hill
Road, Manurewa
CAB Manurewa will hold
a Settlement Support
workshop for all new comers
& families. Light lunch will
be provided. Please register
and to know more about
this workshop please call
Monica at 266 5729 or email
at Settlement.manurewa@ before Thursday
18 June.

Love the Hutt What our

city offers you CAB Lower
Date: Friday, 26 June 2015
Time: 10.15 am to 12.15 pm
Venue: Memorial Library,
Corner of Queens Drive and
Laings Road, Lower Hutt
The seminar will be facilitated
by English Language
Partners. There will also be
a talk about the city from
Councillor Gwen MacDonald
and a tour of the 360 website
showcasing events and
activities in the Hutt Valley.
Please confirm your place
by phoning our CAB Lower
Hutt office on (04) 566 6039
or email at lowerhutt@cab. | 19 June 2015








19 June 2015 |

An artist with a musical soul

Swati Sharma

reative and artistic to the

core, 21 year old Rhea
her heart out while talking to
Indian Weekender. A commerce
student majoring in marketing
and entrepreneurship, Rhea is
originally from Mumbai, India
and is passionate about singing
and painting.

Rhea Maheshwari

How and when did you start

A lot of the women in my family
are singers so I was brought up
surrounded by music. I have been
singing informally since I can
remember. In 3rdstandard (year
three) I once sang a Hindi song
in front of my class for something
like show and tell and my
teacher was extremely surprised
and from then on, really pushed
me to perform on stage. I guess
thats when I realized I have a
I took Hindustani classical
lessons on and off since I was
about 15 but like most teenagers,
was easily distracted and lost
interest, which I really regret not
sticking with. I also was quite a shy
kid and used to get terrible stage
fright. It was only just over a year
ago that I decided I wanted to take
it up again, this time seriously.

Both music and art are such a

big part of my identity so I guess I
just realized it would be silly not to
take all these opportunities I have
been given with full force.
What inspired you to opt for
Its difficult to pinpoint one
thing that inspired me to actually
want to pursue singing. It may
sound really weird but a big part
of it is my entrepreneurship major

in commerce.
Of course many people have
talents, but it is, having the
courage, drive and skills to pursue
them, that really matter. In a
nutshell, it stressed the idea of
having a vision, using your core
competencies (strengths) and
continuously learning in order
achieve it.
I kind of realized that this is a
raw talent that I want to hone, I
have so much to learn. But thats


really the best part about it,

having the thirst to actually want
to put in the hard yards and keep
growing in my crafts, be it singing
or painting. I used to dread going
up on stage because I was shy and
afraid, but if anyone asked me
to sing now I would happily do
so, and as unapologetically as I
possibly can.
Personally I also believe we,
the younger generation have
somewhat of a responsibility to
learn about and keep these aspects
of Indian culture alive and strong
in an increasingly globalized world
But if I had to choose one
person it would be my great aunt,
Asha Puthli, who was an extremely
established jazz singer on a global
stage, and this was back in the
60s. Its just really inspiring to
have someone like that to look up
to, someone who was not afraid to
break the mould.
How do you keep yourself
going with this musical
Currently I am learning
Hindustani classical with my guru,
Vidya Teke, twice a week. I am so
blessed to have her as my mentor.
She is extremely knowledgeable in
Hindi music from classical to film,
and is such a lovely person too!
She has really been a big part
of sparking my interest and



keeping it there. She keeps me

encouraged to go out and perform
publicly as much as possible to
overcome stage fright, which I
really appreciate, even though
its scary! Otherwise, I try and fit
in a bit of riaz (practice) everyday
if possible. Its quite a meditative
process and allows me to
understand the different registers
we can use while singing. Its all
very interesting stuff.
Where all have you performed
till now?
I have sung in a few shows
such as Indian Diva, Kaun Banega
Superstar, and Old is Gold a
while back. This year, I sang in
two charitable events one for the
victims of Nepal and recently for
Elder Abuse Awareness Day. I will
be singing in Vidya Tekes show
Khamoshiyan Gun Gunane Lagee
in September, so hope to see you
all there!
Where do you see yourself in
next few years?
I graduate by the end of this
year so things are pretty up in the
air as of now, but Im definitely
excited and optimistic about
the future. All I can say for sure
is I will definitely keep singing
and painting. If things go well,
hopefully even have an exhibition
by the end of the year!

FEATURES | 19 June 2015





Who are we?

Southern Institute of Technology (SIT)
is a New Zealand Government Institute
of Technology operating for the last 44
Why Free Fees?
SIT is dedicated to assisting with the
practical up-skilling of the NZ workforce,
and what better way to show our
commitment then to offer selected
programmes on the Free Fees Campaign.
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Adult Education and Training

Occupational Health and Safety

Intakes starting: 10 August, 21 September

Intakes starting: 10 August, 21 September

National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 5)

National Diploma in Adult Education and Training (Level 6)

Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (Level 6)

Professional Communication
Intakes starting: 29 June, 17 August, 21 September

Applied Management
Intakes starting: 13 July, 17 August, 21 September

Graduate Certificate in Applied Management

Graduate Certificate in Event Management
Graduate Diploma in Applied Management
Graduate Diploma in Event Management
Intakes starting: 10 August, 21 September

Bachelor of Professional Communication

Graduate Certificate in Communication (Local Government)
Graduate Certificate in Communication (Public Relations)
Graduate Diploma in Communication (Local Government)
Graduate Diploma in Communication (Public Relations)

Bachelor of Applied Management (Applied Management major)

Project Management

Intakes starting: 10 August, 21 September

National Certificate in Project Management

Diploma in Project Management

National Diploma in Business (Level 5)

Intakes starting: 13 July, 17 August, 21 September

Intakes starting: 29 June, 17 August, 21 September

Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Graduate Diploma in Project Management

National Diploma in Business (Level 6)

Intakes starting: 29 June, 17 August, 21 September

Intakes starting: 10 August, 21 September

Business Enterprise

National Diploma in Project Management

Intakes starting: 10 August, 21 September

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Enterprise

Hotel Management
Intakes starting: 29 June, 17 August, 21 September

Diploma in Hotel and Tourism Management

*Direct material costs apply

This offer is valid in 2015 only

The Zero Fees Scheme applies to all New Zealand citizens, New Zealand
residents/permanent residents and Australian citizens residing in New
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