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The magician displays a handful of paper clips and asks the spectator to select
any one of the paperclips he or she chooses. The spec. then proceeds to bend the
paper clip so that it is complete and unquestionably straight. The magician then takes
the paper clip and holds it with only 2 fingers and visibly causes the paperclip to warp
and melt down. The paperclip is then immediately handed back as a souvenir.

cliptrip is an effect that will take about 5 min to learn but 5 hours for the
spectators to stop talking about it. The effect as well as the handling is strait forward and
simple. To begin you must have a spectator straighten any paperclip that they
is important that you emphasize to the spectator that the paperclip needs to be as
straight as possible.if they are having difficulty with parts try to help them..though it
is very important that you touch the paper clip as little as possible to get the right
effect sometimes the spectator will have
trouble straightening the very endif you
happen to carry a pair of pliers then give
them that ..???? but if not like most of us
just help them the best you canit is very
important that if you do help them you
should make sure to give the clip back to
them after you are done straightening
you want to put the image in their head
that you never touched the clip. Once they
are done take the clip back with your right
1st and 2nd finger and thumb a little to the
right of center in a sort of Ive got your
nose... position fig.1 now as you bring your
hand back towards you, your thumb is going
to push against the clip giving a rough 45
degree bend. Now the 1st finger and thumb
pinch the clip right at the bend so that the clip
is horizontal to the floor and
the bend is even with their now have the perfect optical illusion that you are
simply just pinching a straight clip..hehethis is a nice spot to be inhehe. Now
the secret to making the warp look good is all in how you handle the clip.what you
want to do is let gravity take the clip down..when you first start you are going to want
to roll the clip downbut it is very very important that you not move your hands.just let
the gravity take the clip down.alsothe illusion looks much better if you keep the short
side, or the side that is towards your palm, straightso that it looks like the left side of
the clip just melts down. Once the clip is warped look straight into the spectators eyes
and hand them the paperclip..many will think that they know how to do it but as soon
as you give it to them all thoughts go away

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In todays times of new age smoke and

mirrors it seems that everybody as been
pushed to dig into the creative portion of
their mind.although I am a big believer
of thinking out side the box that does not
mean that I am against performing
classics of magic, professors nightmare,
torn and restored newspaper, and many
others are effects that have been
made popular due to
the fact that they are
classics doesnt mean
that they cannot be done
with a style suitable for
todays image. While away
on a tour I had the privilege
of meeting up with a friend
of mine who happened to
just get back from a tour that
he had done in Japan. Japan need I
say more heheh. While showing each
other our latest moves and double lifts ,
heheh, he decided to show me a bar
stunt that was popular with the kids in
Japan quite some time ago.although a
bar stunt this little gem floored me.i
had no idea how it was possible to make
happen.tricky, tricky, tricky when I
learned the like always I
thought that this was to good to be a bar
stunt and I combined this simple stunt
with a classic of magic The Traveling
Match the result was a beautiful piece
of bar magic that looks unreal. The
combination of the two turns the classic
piece into nothing short of a modern
miracle. The effect is as follows The

Magician displays a matchbook with a

number of matches inside it is
described that actually possible to make
objects and matter travel by using
smoke.everything is made up of
smoke which is why things smoke when
they are burnt..heheh he then
pulls a number of matches out
of the book and places them
on the table. He then
proceeds to demonstrate the
mumbo jumbo that is coming
out of his mouth a match is
lit and is used to light the
whole matchbook on fire. The
book is extinguished and is
places in a spectators
hand. Another match is
picked up and vanishes with out any
kind of funny moves..then suddenly
smoke starts to billow from the
magicians much smoke
comes out that the magician starts to
blow it at the matchbook in the
spectators hand. The spectator then
opens the book and finds the unburned
insideeverything can be examined
before and after and the beauty is that
there is no set up involved and the effect
is 100% safe to perform. i dont
recommend that you teach your 5 year
old but other than that the effect is as
safe as can be. The only thing needed
is a matchbook and your charming yet
mysterious personality heheh

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Explain.ok the explanation for this effect is

very very simple. you begin with the standard
traveling match scenario only the opposite
.show the matchbook with your left hand and
pull out about 5 8 matches and place them
on the table.while you are placing them down
bend one of the unlit matches down with your
left thumb and hide it under your thumb you are going to light the whole
book of matches with one of the matches on
the pick it up and strike the
matchbut as you do so as soon as the
match lights hold the match about 8 10
directly below your nose and slowly inhale
fig.2 .this is going to shock you when
you first try itso be prepared what is
happening is that you are inhales all the
clear sulfur fumes that are coming off the head
of the match..DONT WORRY its safe as
soon as you stop feeling the fumes stop inhaling
and light the book of matchesafter the whole
book lights.shake it out and close the book while
loading the unburned match back into the book
and place it in the spec. hand. Remember you
should still be holding your breath fig. 3 .
Now.just mock picking up a match and
pretend to stare at it.slowly open your fingers
and show that it its open your
mouth as in fig. 4 and let the smoke billow
out.blow it at the matchbook and
have the spec. open the book and
start a religion over you!!!!!!

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at any time the magician
causes a credit card to float without any
setup or gimmicks..whatsoever

This is one of those tricks that is meant to

be as a through away.although it can
stand up on its own . The effect is much
better when done off beat.the effect is
very straight forwardat any time the
magician can cause a credit card to float
with out any set up or gimmicksthe trick
relies on angles and the do
the effect you must get a credit card or
drivers license.actually anything will pretty
much work..if you can do a card
spin.then do one right now with your right
hand..this is flashy and will get the
attention of the spec..also sometimes
spectators will think that the card
hoversthis is turn 90
degrees to the left so that you right shoulder
is facing the spec. nowthe trick from
here relies on want the
spectator to assume that both of your hands
are doing the same thing.but in actuality
your left hand is going to do all the dirty
dirty.Hold the card between both hands
with all your fingers and line up your ring
finger of your left hand in the middle of
the card so that the card can balance on you want both hand to look the
same as you open them and stretch the
fingersbut all the fingers are going to
open except the ring finger which is what
the card is being balanced
move your hands forward so that it
appears as though the card is floating
away from youfig 1.2.3 shows you the
angle and the hand positions.

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Once again you have found yourself
standing around a Coy pond with
friends, chatting about the latest movie
that you saw after you have just finished
your 4th bee.uuuuuu..drink.
Your friends all reach into their pockets
and pull out a cigarette and with all the
peer pressure you get out your own out
and notice that it is you and
onlylucky cig. THEN out of the blue
your friends say do a trick
Unknown to themyou are you light your cigarette
with your fire wallet and proceed to do a
trick..You slowly lift the cellophane up
on your cigarette box and just as slowly
push your cigarette thru it all the way so
that comes out the other side..then
after you take a drag while it is still in the
plasticyou pull it out and mend the the
plastic until it is fully
Basically what this routine is, is another
twist on a classic effectthe idea for
this came behind the old Resealable
Cig. Pack trickthe effect is very
easy to do but get a great reactionTo
start the effect what you do is pull the
cellophane up about an inch off the box
and turn it 90 degrees now

the cellophane down again so that you

know have 2 flaps coming off the box
Fig. 1 . Now fold the flaps in and hold
then against the box.. now take your
cig. out of the box and light it..pull the
cellophane up about a inch. But keep
the flaps down against the plastic Fig. 2
now push the cig. right through the
center of the raised cellophane and
extract it from the other side.if you
want you can take a drag while the cig.
is still in the plastic. Now to restore the
wrapper all you have to do is reverse
the moves that you did to set up the
pack.just twist the wrapper and pull
down.this is all done under the cover
of you rubbing the when
you look at the wrapper the holes will be
on the sides of the box as opposed to
the faces.take the box and put it

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The effect is a very simple cap in bottle

routine that is completely impromptu.this
routine is designed for a bar or club type
atmosphere where alcoholic beer bottles
are present..if you happen to have a beer
bottle at the next show you do then you can
perform it thereactually I recommend
you take a 6 pack to the next show you do
just to perform this effect.but you have to
have an empty bottle so you have to drink
whole 6 pack first.dont will
relax you and take away all the tension
before the show.come onevery is
doing itok ok ok.the best bottles for
the effect are brown beer bottlesalthough
pretty much any kind of beer bottle will work
for the effectThe set up takes approx. 5 sec. And can be done right in front of the
spectatorsall you have to do is take a bottle cap and fold it in put the cap
in right hand thumbclip fig. 1 and you are ready to go.ask your friend for his bottle and
grab the bottle with your left hand and load the cap into the bottle neck as you take hold
of the neck with your right should now be holding the bottle and the cap in
your right hand fig. 2 .now ask for the bottle cap and place it in the palm of your left
handnow tap the bottom of the bottle
with your left hand and the cap and on
the second time slam the cap against
the bottle so that the bent cap flies into
the bottleimmediately drop your left
hand ,still holding the reg. Cap, and
begin to shake the bottle so that they
can hear the cap in the bottleshake it
at their eye level so that they can see
the cap in the bottlenow turn the
bottle up side down..and continue to
shake the bottlethe momentum will
out.practice this so that you can do it
as slow as possible.for extra
safety..let your right ring finger cover
the bottle opening so that the cap
immediately place the bottle straight
down into you left hand on top of the
bottle capfig. 4 and tell them that

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there are many ways that you could get it could shake it outbut the cap is
to big for the opening. As you say this
shake the cap out of the bottle and into you
closed right spin the bottle so
the neck is facing up and say I could break
the bottle.but that would get messy as
you say this reach into your pocket and
grab a coin or a lighter.anything that
could possible break the bottleand ditch
the folded cap. Now say so we will take it
out the way we put it in.. when you begin
to say this cup your left hand and shake
the bottle so that you hear the cap rattle
against the bottle now lift up the bottle to
eye level and let the cap fall out of you
hands.had them everything so that
they can exam it.then have them by
you a cookie .

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What we have here in

a nice 3 phase routine that
uses two rubberbands and a
routines are easy to do but
describe on paper.the
photos will help so pay
extreme attention to the
hand placement and the
placement of the ring and
rubberbandas you will
seethe routine starts
with a spectators ring
rubberband then
jumps from one band
to another bandthen
back again to the other.then back
againand againand again.and
again.until you feel that you have
spectators you cause one of the
band to vanish .followed by the
ring vanishing while still tied to
the rubber band the ring then
reappears visibly and is taken off
the band.the band is stretched and
the ring is visibly pushed right
onto the center of the is
then lowered into the spectators
hand and is caused to melt off the
a okkinda a
cute trick.hehehThe routine is
very easy but will take 5 years of
practice. Each segment is broken
down and can be done on its
own.but when put together it is
some amazing
magic with two rubbers and a ring..please look at the credits so that I can give credit
where credit is due...

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The first effect is and effect that is called

rubberbound..this is the actual ring
jumping from band to bandas stated
before the effect is easy to do..just
hard to describe on paperlook at
figures carefully so that you can see the
exact positioning of the hands and start off you need to
have about 5 rubberbands around you
right are

going to use these as camouflage for

the next move coming up.take one of
the bands off of your wrist and loop it
through the ring and back on itself so
that you have a not around the
ringfig. 1 now hold the rubber band
stretched between your right second
finger and thumb with the ring on the
bottom and the closer to your
thumbfig. 2 you are now going to

mock or pretend to take off a rubber

band from around your left
thumb goes under a single band and
pulls up stretching it fig.3 now you
rotate the band around you wrist so that
the band is being stretched towards

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now you left 1st ans 2nd finger clip the

band with the ring with you 2nd finger on
top and your 1st on the bottom turn your left hand palm up
and let the band on your thumb slip off
back onto you should now
be in the position as fig. 5 your left
thumb is now going to go into the loop
closest to your left hand and you are
going to pull you left 2nd finger out so
that you are in the position as fig. 6 now
just touch your you right second finger
to your left 1st finger and it will appear as
though you have 2 rubber

band and
pull your
down to
the back
of your
fig. 8it
two separate band now on to the
next effect.

make the ring jump all you have to do is

turn your wrist so that your thumbs
touch and your fingers are separate
fig.7 do this motion a couple of times
the ring
band to
make the
jump to

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This next effect is where you

are going to make the one of the rubber bands
and the ring need to start off
with the rubber band in the position as you
ended the last routine [fig 8 on
rubberbound] what you are going to do to
make the one band vanish is squeeze your
right fingers together that have the band on
them and twist your hand to the left as you
lower your hand down to the other band
fig. 1 now rub the other band so that it
appears that the band just melts into the
othernow display the band and the ring
and say that the band didnt vanish it just got
taken into the other band.explain that you will do the same with the will now
reposition the ring so that you can stretch the
ring on the band like a slingshot fig. 2 you are
now going to point the ring at the spec. as you
do this there natural reaction will be to squint
their eyes and lean this misdirection
you are going to place the behind your fingers and
close the gapsfig. 3 regrip the band and let it
snap as you show the palm of your hand fig. 4
this will look like the ring are now
going to do a card pivot type motion to show the
other side of your hand emptyas you turn your
hand open your fingers and let the ring slip to the
palm side of your hand as you display the back of
your hand

Fig. 5 and 6 shows the

motion that

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You are going to be doing. Now grab the ring

and the rubber band with your right hand and
stretch the band between you handthe ring
will be hidden behind your right fingers.if
you want you can display the band palm out if
you close your place your left
thumb into the band from the outside and twist
your hand left hand palm up so that you look
like you are going to shoot the hidden ring at
the spectators knees fig. 7 now with one
motion you are going to lower your right hand
to the left hand..pinch the other side of the
band and let go of the will appear as if
the ring just appears on the rubber band.
Fig. 8 that is the end of the second
phasenow on to phase 3.

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This is the last and final phase of the

stretch this routine the
spectators ring will penetrate the rubber
band visibly.then melt off the rubber band
in their hand..
the handling once again is very easy
but difficult to put on
make sure to pay attention to the
diagrams.start by placing the ring
on your right pinky and stretching the
rubber band between your pinkies of
both while you holding
on with your pinky take the ring off
your right pinky with your left 1st
finger and thumb fig. 1 now place
the ring from your left hand to your
right 1st and second fingernow
place your right ring finger into the
band fig. 2
now close your fingers so that it appears that you
are holding the band stretched between your left
pinky and right ring finger and the ring at your
right 1st finger and thumb fig. 3 now turn your
right hand so that the ring touches the band and
at the same time extract your right ring finger from
the band so that it looks like the ring penetrates
the band at the point where you touched it
are now going to cause the ring to melt off the
rubber band in the spectators hand start off be
repositioning the rubber band so that the ring is in
the center of it and the band is stretched between
the 1st, 2nd finger and thumb.make sure you are

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pinching the band and that you are not

curling your fingers to are
basically going to do the
crazymans handcuff move but with two
handstiming for this is very critical
ask the spectator to hold out their hand
palm upstart to lower the ring into
their waiting hand while at the same
together.Now the time for this must
be perfect.look up and ask them to
close their hand around the ring and
rubberbandas you look at them your
finger tips touch each other.your right
1st finger and thumb let go of the rubber
band so that it is only around the right 2nd
fingerthen the same two fingers regrip the
band where the left hand is holding it fig.
4at the same time the right 2nd finger
releases the band and the right hand moves
to the right allowing the band to slide so that
everything is back to its original position
except now the ring is off the rubber pull the band out of there hand
as in fig. 5 and it will look as though the band
penetrates right in their hand now everybody
has their property and you can pull your lip
over your head and swallow.fig. 6

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There are many people who I
would like to give credit to and others
that would like me to give credit to
themfor nothing more than sitting
down and saying. I were you I
would. But thats okcredit needs
to be given from those that inspired the
tricks in these notes to those that merely
stated You flashed heheh either
way each one of you played and still
play an important part in the role that I
am continuously playing.First of all I
would like to thank Chris Kenner for
continuously putting up with my phone
calls and tedious questionswithout
him these notes probably would not
have been is always great
when you become friends with someone
that you have always admiredthere is
a certain amount of kindness that can
be given to a personand it seems that
he has passes that limit 10 times
over.i would also like to give credit to
my good friend Brian Brushwoodfor
going to Japan and for sharing a silly
little bar trick with me..i would also like
to thank the inventor of that bar
trickbut im going to let you talk to
Brian about who that isnext I would
like to give credit to a very creative
friend of mine who has more talent in his
left afro curl than i will ever have in my
right afro curl.Marcus Eddie needs to
be given credit for being the total
inspiration for parts of Stretch . His
original idea and handling is great and if
you ever see him have him buy you
lunch..i would also like to give credit
to every other magician out there who

has come up with any kind of similar

ideas or the exact same ideas as in this
set of notesthere always seems to be
at least one in every state that has come
up with the same ideas all by
themselves.ironically it seems that it is
a week after I have left that state from
convention..isnt that weird..but in
all seriousness those who have come
up with similar ideas.i encourage you
to keep thinking that are the
future of magicno matter what I say
about youhehehehjust kidding
..last but not least..i need to
give thanks to the Houston Crew made
up of .Alex Rangel, David Rangel,
Chris Grant and Gerald Torregosa.
Without this set of guys I would have
never started doing anything with my
magic career. these are the men who
constantly kept on me about getting off
my assssss.and doing something almost seems weird that
everything started with a 30 min. video
that they we all were involved with
called Torn These are the men that I
am proud to call my brothersthanks
again for everythingI couldnt have
better friends if I paid them..hehehe.
Special Thanks
To Daniel & Diana Garcia for never
giving up on me and for always giving
me more support than I could ever ask
forwithout you this would not be reallyyou had me

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