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Curriculum Vitae

Adrian Paul Jackson

147 Torbay Rd,

Allesley Park,

Home Tel: 02476 769710

Date of Birth: 27-8-1964
Status: Married with two children


• A reliable manager with extensive experience in Automotive

Component Manufacture.
• Progression Press Tooling and Automated Assembly Equipment are
the strong areas.
• A ‘can do’ attitude and good motivator with drive.
• Man-management abilities have been demonstrated from the rare
experience of building/developing a complete, and very strong, team of
180 personnel in an operations area.
• Have had considerable customer exposure and comfortable
communicating at all levels.
• Proactive decision maker with attention to detail.
• A disciplinarian.

General Education

1975.1980 The Woodlands School

Qualifications O’Level – Engineering

Technical Drawing
CSE English

Further Education

1980.1981 Midland Group Training Services

Broad based training and Mechanical Engineering.

1980.1982 Tile Hill College of further education
City and Guild Basic Engineering Craft Studies Part I.
City and Guild Mechanical Engineering Craft Studies Part II.

1983.1984 Coventry Technical College

City and Guild Mechanical Craft Studies – Specialised
Technical Mathematics.

1994.1996 Midland Group Training Services

National Examining Board of Supervisory Management
Introductory Award.
Full Certificate Award.

2000-2001 Coventry University

MSc modules in Automotive Component Manufacture:
Japanese Manufacturing Methods (Lean Manufacturing)
Financial Decision Making And Risk Analysis.

Training Courses

QS 9000
ISO 14001
VDA 6.3
Procedure Writing and Flow Charting
Internal Auditing
FMEA and Control Plans
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
MRP System Overview
Kaizen Leadership
Kaizen Plant Layout, Process Flow, Line Balancing and TAKT Time.
Kaizen Materials And Information Flow (MIF)
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
Computer Courses – MS Outlook, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Project, CadKey
Project Management
Safety Awareness
SPC and Total Quality
Problem Solving using Cause and Effect, Brain Storming, 8D and 5Why’s.
Abrasive Wheel and Grinding Safety
Power Press Safety for Managers and Supervisors
Overhead Crane
Counterbalance Forklift


1999-Present EU-Matic (Division of Multimatic)

World leaders in hinge and Door System design and
Manufacture for first tier supply to the Automotive
Assistant General Manager (Plant/Operations)

• The objective being to increase company profitability by providing

manufacturing and support departments with leadership, technical
expertise and clearly defined goals while ensuring quality, safety,
production, environmental and financial measures are met.
• Responsible for all operations areas running 24hrs 7days a week:
Assembly(90 personnel), Press Shop(13 personnel), CNC
Machining/Robot Weld Cell(29 personnel), Manufacturing and
Tooling Engineering(10 personnel), Toolroom(18 personnel),
Maintenance(12 personnel) and a total of 6 Managers.
• First tier supply to the following customers: Ford (shipping to
Belgium, Turkey, Spain, Germany and UK), Mazda (shipping to
Spain), Honda (shipping to UK and Turkey), SAAB (shipping to
Sweden and Austria), Mercedes (shipping to Germany), Jaguar
(shipping to UK), Volvo (shipping to Belgium and Sweden) and
Land-Rover (shipping to UK).
• Extensive travel within mainland Europe and Canada
dealing with customers and suppliers.
• Problem recognition, prioritising and promoting solution/decisions as
• Represent the General Manager in his absence as required.
• Monitor compliance to meet safety, quality, financial, QS 9000, ISO
14001, customer and business requirements.
• Final sign off of Assembly lines, Tooling and Checking Fixtures.
• Review component production feasibility prior to new business
quotation (tolerances etc.).
• Review Capital Equipment (capacity) and Manpower requirements.
• Train, coach and assist departmental personnel in the development of
continuous improvement (Kaizen).
• Conduct managers performance reviews and evaluate training needs.
• Work within agreed budgets and apply cost down controls as required.
• Ensure that the objectives of the business plan are met.

1997.1999 EU-Matic (Division of Multimatic)
World leaders in Hinge and Door System design and
manufacture for first tier supply to the Automotive
Toolroom and Press Department Manager.

• The objective was to increase company profitability by providing

manufacturing with well maintained press tools and fixtures while
ensuring quality and ability to meet production requirements.
• Responsible for Toolroom, Press shop and Tooling Engineering.
• Quoting for new business, Progression Press tooling (developing blank
layouts, preparing strip layouts, blank weights, tool costs, run rates and
all related gauging costs).
• Source and project manage all progression tooling and gauging using
sources in North America, Mainland Europe and UK.
• Set up Toolroom in new facility, purchasing of all toolroom machinery
and equipment. Also designed Toolroom layout.
• Set up Press shop in new facility, purchasing all related equipment.
• Developed procedures and job instructions for Toolroom, Tooling
Engineering and Press Department to achieve QS 9000 accreditation.
• Prioritising Toolroom tasks, supporting all production facilities.
• Maintain perishable tooling inventory.
• Coordinate work with outside suppliers for spare parts.
• Coordinate continuous improvement on tooling.
• Review tool service reports and schedule repairs as required.
• Ensure all personnel are working in safe and efficient manner.
• Conduct employee performance reviews and evaluate training needs.

1994.1997 Adwest Johnson Controls

Manufacturers of Reclining Seat Mechanisms for the
Automotive Industry.
Toolroom and Press Shop Supervisor.

• Day to day planning, organising and controlling of the Toolroom and

Press shop departments.
• Scheduling Press shop to the customers requirement.
• Prioritising work through the Toolroom.
• Monitor tooling performance and improved productivity.
• Introduce preventative tooling maintenance system.
• Set up reduction (SMED).
• New tooling development from design review to production.

1993.1994 Adwest Johnson Controls

Manufacturers of Reclining Seat Mechanisms for the
Automotive Industry.
Press Toolmaker.

1993.1993 Sertec (Birmingham)
Press and Assembly workers for the Automotive
Press Toolmaker.

1990-1993 Vulcan Australia

White Goods Manufacturer (Heating, Boilers and
Washing Systems).
Press Toolmaker (Lead Hand).

1984.1990 Carbodies Ltd.

London Taxi Manufacturer.
Press Toolmaker.

1980-1984 Carbodies Ltd.

London Taxi Manufacturer.
Apprentice Toolmaker.


Spending time with family, keeping fit, cycling, swimming and running.


Available upon request.