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‘ GIMME SOME LOVIN’ Words and Music by STEVE WINWOOD, MUFF WINWOOD and SPENCER DAVIS Moderato. I ‘Well, my temp era—ture's ris—ing and my feet left the floo, —————— Ex plod—— ing and T'm Mloat-ing to" sound, -—————— cva-zy peo-ple knockin’ cos they’rewanting some more — Jetme in Ba-by , 1 don't (oo mueh is hap pen-ing "cos you're a round,— It's beens. hard day and’ no-thing © 1966 sland Misi Lad, Londoc WS 9QB ana FS Mute Lid, London WIY SFA i lel a now whatyou'veget — but you'd bet-ter take it ea—sy ,— this — place is hot; and I'm Bent tod ean Yin Nfoatea “Teniax ©" fike — “ew——Pry—bo ay shouldand Im rt glad —— we made — it, Gim-mesome a —~ lov-in', Gimmesomea-—lov-in' —ev-er-y ih B (2) Well, my head's VERSE 3. Well, feel 80 good —Everything 1s getting hot, You'd better lake Some time off 'cos the place is on fire, Better start Baby, ‘cos 1 have so, much to do, We made it Baby. and it happened to you. {to Chorus).