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VILLANELLE. (THE PEASANT'S SONG) (F.vander Elst.) EglishVersion by HARRISON MILLARD. Eva Dell’ Acqua. Andantino, VOICE. PIANO. Tve seen the swaHows pass Tei we pas - ser Ubi - ron- Cleaving the light cloudson high, They spread their wings and are Dans te cick pur du ma-tin: ‘Elle al - lait, @ ire s Copyright RDCOCECI by Dvr Dison mr 4.t8.s0128.8 sail - ing, Wherethebrightsun neer is fail - ing. Yes, twardsthose lands they are dai - le, Hers le pa = ys du Lap - pet = le, Vers le pays du Vap- sail-ing ‘Where suncborn flowrsneer are fa-ding, T've seen the swal-lows pass pale Le soleil tle jasmin. Sei ou passer Uki-ron ~ rit I've seen the swallows pass _ by. dd = - - - le T have fol -lowd With my eyes Fei longtemps sui - ci desyence uf ‘Ma-hy swallows traviling east-ward, ‘And my soul was waft-ed heavinavard Le wil de la wo -Yya- gen - se ‘De~puis,mon i - me re = vew ~ se 4.48.60120.6 nie Following them with glad sur-prise Ah! Tar. compa = @ne par les cieux Ah! —__ fo fair lands = up in the sky. Au pa- ys mys-te- ri ~~ eux, 4.19.00129.6 nd my hea-vy heart was light - en’d Et fawrais vou- lu comme el - le Following them so far on high. ve seen the swallows pass Suio-re le md-me che-min. Sai me pas-ser Uki> rom 4.18.60180 Tve seen the T've seen the swal-lows pass a fi-re dai. - ke Tai ou passer Uhi~ rom » cleav-ing the light clouds on high: They spread their wings and are Dans te ciel pur du ma - tin: Bille al - lait, it t-re £ ‘T'wardsthe bright raysnev-er fail. - ing, Yes, t'wards that land they are Fors le pa ys ou lap ~ pel ~ te, Vers le pa-yx ou Lap- sail-ing_ ‘Where sun-born flowts neler are fa-ding, Tve seen the swal-lows pass pelle Le so-leil ct — le jas-min.— Sai ou pas-ser Cki-ron~ 4.18.80120.6 rit by. me, I've seen the swal-lows pass by, Tve seen the swal - lows pass del ~~ le, Sai ou passer Chirondel -le! Sti on pas-ser— Uhi -ron- ‘Yes, the swal-lows pass — by! Uhi-ron- del = ~~ bel 413.so10.8

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