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Project Synopses

Project Title

: School ERP System



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It needs to have one centralized system, which keeps, maintains and updates all the activities related
to your reputed Institution It needs to have simplification of complex business processes for taking active
decisions and total control over every (small or big) issue, related to planning, implementation and review of
the System.
Once you start growing, it's really cumbersome to handle all activities of Students as well as
Employees. Here comes School ERP System that will ease the process of each and every aspect of a School,
be it Admission, Transport, Examination, Library, Robust Time Table, HR & Payroll etc.
When you move forward with automation, you face few usual obstacles, such as Cost, Extra Man Hours
Deployed To Customize ERP, Weird Processes of the Application etc. Luckily, School ERP System saves you
against these usual worries.

Company Profile:
is the leading India based software development company that
provides software consulting, Resource outsourcing, Enterprise application services and
provides the smart solutions with strong relationships in the domain
of schooling ERP and oil industries.

Feasibility Study:
Technical Feasibility As the targeted users of this system are Student, Parent, Employee,
Admin essential to develop a system which is available to all and must have a capability of
simultaneous multiple user access too. The user-interface must be very much user-friendly to enable
every individual use it efficiently. This system deals with all Admission, Transport, Examination ,
Library, Robust Time Table, HR & Payroll etc, Sites and projects Management hence it should be highly
secured and robust. The data stored in database must be very well maintained for future use. And
finally, various reports must be easily generated on real-time basis to avoid loss incurred to the

Economic Feasibility Every school has lots of paper work like, Admission documents, Exam
papers, Exam report, attendance catalog and many more. It wastes lots of papers and the place
acquired by the old records files and also it is very difficult to maintain that data in efficient manner
and required more time for searching. The communication between the students, parents and
teachers is very easy and convenient by using the SMS and Email modul.

Operational Feasibility The proposed system gives a standard uniform systematic approach
to handle various operations of the organization for proper functioning of the organization. There is
no need of special training to be provided to the users. Since the manual work is replaced by
automated system, the productivity of the organization is increased and lesser man power is
required. The proposed system is capable of handling almost all operations of the organization by
using various modules, thus no need of carrying out the tedious and slower paperwork.

Purpose Of School ERP System

The whole purpose of School ERP System is to record each information related to working of your
organization such as registrations, payment details of students, along with every detail of teachers. You can
also plan out time-table, your class-schedules for a period.
Along with this, School ERP System provides you the facility of maintaining records related to your daily
monetary transactions such as student fees records, teacher's payment records, loan/advances to employees as
well as records related to Bus operations, Library, Payroll, Infirmary, Front-Office and amazingly, all this
under one Platform School ERP System.
School ERP System provides you Data Security Feature with minimum user level Access Control. You may
view various reports for smooth functioning and standardization of all system activities taking place inside
your Institution.

Hardware Requirement:

Dual Core Processor or Higher

1 GB of RAM
5 GB of Hard Disk

Windows XP/ Seven/Linux

Apache Tomcat Server 7.0
Internet Explorer 8 /Firefox /Chrome


My SQL Server

Software Requirement:

Front-End :

Back-End :

Modules :
1. Admission
Fully flexible Admission Module of School ERP System gives you real flexibility by having control over
almost all Parameters, e.g. Class, Section, Caste, Blood Group, Religion, Parent's Occupation etc. to name a
few. Admission Module of School ERP System System gives access to Old Students even. This module of
ERP has numerous reports to cater your need. You can get reports created as per your choice even.


Complete Flexible Fee Module of School ERP System gives you enhanced control over your school's fee
structure. You can collect fees term wise, Head wise etc. Can define concessions here only. Can collect
multiple term fees in one go.

3. Transport
Transport module of School ERP System takes care of Buses, Routes, Stops and relevant charges. You
can Add/Edit/Delete as many buses. You may define routes as per your wish. Stops will be defined under that
route. Students of the school will be attached toa Stop only.
4. Accounts
Almost all relevant Accounts Activities are provided into Account Module of School ERP System.
You can create Account Groups, Enter All Vouchers Cash Receipt, Bank Receipt, Cash Payment, Bank
Payment, Contra Entries, Journal Entries and view Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet etc.

5. HR
HR Module of School ERP System gives you flexibility to Add Employees of different Departments,
Designations, Allowances, Deductions, Loan/Advance to Employees, Generate Salary Slip on the fly and
numerous MIS Reports. You can integrate any third party gadget, viz. Finger Sensor, Smart Card etc. too at a
nominal cost.
6. Class Teacher
School ERP System has this Class Teacher module available for Allocating Time Table, Taking
Attendance, Going Through Topics Uploaded by Admin, Edit Student Details and view relevant utility


Examination module of School ERP System lets you add different Exams, Shifts, Add Questions, Enter
Marks as per subject; Get Report Cards printed on a single click and have various Reports.
8. Library
Library Section of School ERP System provides you total flexibility under Library wherein you can Add
Book Categories, Add Books, Issue Books, Deposit Books and Receive Late Fine etc.
9. Principal
Principal Module of School ERP System has almost all utility Reports at his disposal. Principal of the School
can view New Admissions Made, Browse through Homework given, Salary Bill, Fee Bill, Attendance of
Employees as well as Students etc.
10. Hostel & mess
Hostel & mess module is a unique module wherein you can have night attendance, warden comments, Mess
In-charge comments, Mess Define Menu, Guest Adjustments etc.
11. User Acess
You can create multiple users for restricted access to the School ERP System using Security module of School
ERP System has complete control over Users, Modules Used by Users and even Forms used under Modules.

12. Student
Student Module of School ERP System has almost all utility Reports at his disposal. Students of the
School can view Homework given, Assignments, Events, Attendance News and Results, Time tables.

13. Parents
14. Reports
15. Email
16. Bulk SMS
17. I card .