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Event: Septic Tank 1

First Step: Establish proposed working platform -> Earthwork Activities


1 Minimizing earthwork after completion on septi

2 Ensure the ease of earthwork excavation on sep
3 Ensure the stability of one metre main drain be
4 Stabilize the hazard zone first. Fill the septic tan

Second Step: Dewatering

1 Establish a well or shoring (proposed level= min

2 It seepage through it and the water being pump
Third Step : Ensure Protection on Main Drain

1 Strengthening the soil stability and avoid loosen foundat

Apply Steel Plate along the main drain 2m*3.9m
Ascertain the location and nature of any existin
rock used for riprap will be done by a layer thick

Forth Step: Temporary cut off pile at level 0m

1 to ease the placement the piling machine on 13
2 to ease the excavation of septic tank

Fifth Step: Piling on Septic Tank A

1 Approximation piling works 2 days on septic tan

Six Step: Ready for fabricating and locating rebar on septic tank foundation base
Seventh Step: Fabricating fwk on foundation base
Eight Step: Concreting
Ninth Step: Fabricating rebar fwk on septic tank reaining wall
Tenth Step: Plumbing installation
Eleven Step: Concreting Retaing wall
Tweth Step: Locating Septic Tank and fill water by 2/3 volume of septic tank

Critical Part
1 Piling
2 Rebar

Insufficient piling point

Rebar fabricating on septic tank base is not started.



Driveway Ramp


Road Fdn

0.17m > 2.1m


Driveway + Septic Tank

2.10m 350mm

Driveway Ramp

1.85m 350mm

hwork Activities

after completion on septic tank construction. Less fill and cut activities afterward.
hwork excavation on septic tank
one metre main drain beside fencing - platform level of Zone B to be maintained 1.75m
ne first. Fill the septic tank area to stabilize the area as excavation can be done speedy.

ing (proposed level= minus 2m) depth which allow water seepage.
nd the water being pump direct to nearest drain.

and avoid loosen foundatoin on main drain

the main drain 2m*3.9m on 1.80m below. Method: Vibration on steel plate and bakau as anchoring
and nature of any existing substructures and services, and shall take every necessary precaution against damag
l be done by a layer thickness of 1m which from 1..0m ~1.8 m

the piling machine on 13/4/2015

of septic tank

orks 2 days on septic tank 1

ptic tank foundation base

volume of septic tank

ase is not started.

Asph Road

Ext Subgrade Lvl

Subgrade Proposed Lvl










ned 1.75m
ne speedy.

nd bakau as anchoring
ecessary precaution against damaging or interfering with them during excavations


Cut 0.3 m

Cut 1.2 m for septic tank fdn

cut 0.3m