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SKEMA LTS 06 014


(SET 1 – SET 3)


1 D B C
2 C C A
3 A D B
4 C B B
5 A C B
6 C B C
7 B B C
8 C B C
9 A C B
10 B C C
11 B B A
12 A B A
13 C A C
14 C B C
15 A C A
16 A B B
17 B A A
18 D C A
19 A B B
20 C A C
21 B A B
22 B A D
23 B C A
24 D D A
25 B B A
26 C A A
27 C D D
28 B B C
29 B B D
30 C A B
31 A B B
32 C D D
33 A A C
34 A C C
35 C A A
36 C A C
37 D D A
38 B D C
39 D A B
40 D B A

014 LTS 06 1 SKEMA

SKEMA LTS 06 014


Paper 2 – Question 2 (a)



Instructor Kamaro Yamata Mrs Joseph Eu Miss Mandy Pillai
black belt expert from Well-experienced
Instructor’s retired music lecturer
Shanlun Martial Art KEMAS sewing
Experienced from New Zealand
Temple instructor
Days Tuesday, Friday Sunday Sunday, Tuesday
Time 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. 4.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
Fee RM80.00 RM50.00 RM40.00


Baju Melayu Dhoti Samfoo

Price RM85 RM90 RM95
Discount 20% 30% less RM10
Colours green, yellow white white, blue
Tailoring period 2 weeks 3 weeks 1 month
Material cotton polyster silk


Fruits Papaya Kiwi Mango

Price RM9.00 RM15.00 RM10.00
Skin yellow brown green
Flesh red green yellow
Taste sweet sweet sweet, sour
17 times more vitamin C
Nutritional value rich in vitamin C rich in vitamin C
than oranges

014 LTS 06 2 SKEMA

SKEMA LTS 06 014


1.0 General Instruction to Examiners for Marking Question 1,2 and 3

a) Read the answers given. Check to see if the task is relevant to the assessment
objectives specified.
b) All the answer should be considered at sentence level.
c) All types of errors should be noted.
d) Candidates’ abilities to express ideas and usage of interesting expressions should be
given due consideration.
e) Candidates may or may not use all the words given.
f) Candidates need not comply to the word given.
g) The quality of the answer should be given greater consideration over the quantity or
length of the answer.

2.0 Checklist for Marking

 Read the answer script as a whole
 Place in bands
 Reread and identify the errors
 Use the given symbols to highlight the errors of additional details like new words or
interesting expressions
 Reconfirm band
 Award marks accordingly

3.0 Assessment Objective for question 1

To assess candidates’ ability to construct sentences.

Task : To write grammatically correct sentences using the given words and stimulus.

4.0 Assessment Objective for question 2

To assess candidates’ ability to transfer information accurately and appropriately from a text
into a given framework.

Task : To transfer information from one text type into a given framework. To write a
short paragraph or paragraphs on ones’ decisions or choices.

5.0 Assessment Objective for Question 3

To assess candidates’ ability to express ideas in sentences with correct structures.

Task : To write sentences about the picture{s} in a paragraph using the given words
and express their ideas creatively.

014 LTS 06 3 SKEMA

SKEMA LTS 06 014

Marking Scheme for Question 1, 2 and 3


Excellent Excellent and confident use of the language. Ideas conveyed clearly
through a variety of sentence structures. Confident use of new words to
express ideas. Ideas are well-planned, relevant and are linked so as to
sustain the interest of the reader. Overall accurate use of spelling and

Credit Confident use of the language throughout. Attempts made to construct a

variety of sentence structure but occasional errors occur. Most ideas are
well-organised, relevant and conveyed clearly. Ideas are well-planned but
links may be absent or inappropriate but overall meaning is still clear.

Achievement Generally confident use of the language. Simple sentences with minor
errors but meaning is still clear. Satisfactory presentation of ideas.
Vocabulary is adequate to convey meaning. A few punctuation and spelling
errors may be found in the script.

Low achievement Poor use of the language. Multiple errors found in sentences. Ideas are
incomprehensible even after a few reading. Limited and incorrect use of
vocabulary. Many spelling and punctuation errors.

014 LTS 06 4 SKEMA