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Department of Computer Engineering



SYSTEM CARE (Software)


A Mini Project submitted

For the partial fulfilment of the degree of
Bachelor of Engineering in
Computer Engineering (Morning Shift)
(Session 2014-2015)

Project Guide:

Project Coordinator:
Mr Mohit Tiwari

Sandeep Sharma (04211502712)


Submitted by:





System Care is a Computer tool for Windows Operating System, used to improve computer
performance and speed. It includes various functionalities Like Antitheft, Scanning for
Malware, Disk Defragmentation. The "Single Click Care" option scans the computer for
optimization all areas of the computer. This program features an "Optimization" tab, which is
used for memory optimization and to free up memory of the computer.
The purpose of the Software is to provide an easy and user friendly GUI with
effective tools for Computer Safety.
System Care has utilities for optimization, speedup, clean-up, memory management,
etc. Its utilities include system cleaners, system and memory optimizers, junk file cleaners,
privacy protectors, start-up managers, security tools and other maintenance tools and includes
a file eraser. There's a "what's recommended" link, which is used to find the problems on
the PC, to give info on how to speed up the computer, or to show settings of various program
features with the scheduler.
Benefits for using the software should include:
Real-Time Protection: Actively scan files as they enter your computer. If any infected
file or program is encountered, it can delete it on the spot or moves it to a special
"quarantine" folder. When your antivirus quarantines a file, it prevents it from interacting
with the rest of the computer
Protection from Viruses: It will prevent you from getting viruses such as
Trojans, malware and spyware. Not only can a virus destroy all of the
valued data on your computer, it can make the computer utterly worthless
by infecting and destroying processes vital to your computer's
Protecting Personal Information: It will protect you while you surf the
Internet, preventing hackers from gaining access to personal things such
as credit card information and bank account access. The firewall feature
will block any unauthorized incoming connections to your network or
computer, preventing hackers from digging their hooks into your life and
your computer.

Some of the Major features of the Software include the following pages/subsections:

Disk clean-up: Disk Clean-up is a computer maintenance utility included in System

Care designed to free up disk space on a computer's hard drive. The utility first searches and
analyses the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use, and then removes the
unnecessary files.
History Cleaner: Removes browsing and search histories, including the history stored by
many popular applications.
Script Blocking: Script languages are frequently used to execute malicious code from web
sites. Many antivirus programs have the ability to monitor Java, ActiveX, Visual Basic and
other script files and detect and block malicious activity.
Memory Management: Removes bad Sectors from the Drive. Also helpful
in Disk Defragmentation.

The basic problem faced by users is inconvenience of downloading different
softwares for each and every requirement viz. System cleaner, memory management, History
For such functionalities a user is required to download different softwares which is really
time consuming and expensive.
When there is need to update different softwares in PC, in such cases it is difficult for user to
ensure that every Software is up to date. All the updates should be ready to install at one
place. So System Care gives Flexibility and provides a platform for all these features at one
3. Working of Software
System Care is user friendly and it doesnt requires any training or extra effort to use
it properly. It provides a number of facilities on a single click of mouse.
This system is aimed at the smooth functioning of the Computer. In order to achieve this
website contains following features:

Disk Scan
Disk Defragment
Privacy Sweep
Script Blocking
Memory Management
Single Click Care " option that scan the computer

Junk Files Clean

Shortcut fixes
Update PC
Platform Specification:
Software Implementation Software:

Windows Operating System.

Hardware specification

Pentium III processor

Minimum 256 MB RAM
20 GB Hard disk.


This system is aimed at the smooth functioning of the System Care Software.
A user-friendly interface
Maintaining a feedback column will help us to frequently update according to user
Help Section is provided for the users.

The outcomes expected are as follows:

Smooth and effective functioning of System Care Software.

Security of User private Data is first priority.
Easy GUI, Effective and Flexible features.
Blocking any external Script and asking for user permission to run it.
Timely and up to date information about every Software installed on PC.
Spyware Detection
Real Time Protection