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February 7, 2010

Dear Mr. and Ms.:

I am sending my resume in response to the advertisement located on

the internet site for the Pharmacist position located in the
Colorado Springs, Colorado area. I am confident that with my work
experience and qualifications, I can make an immediate and long-term
contribution to the success of your organization.

With an impressive and extensive work history in hospital, retail,

clinical, and long term care pharmacy at Family Pharmacy, Moose
Lake, Minnesota, managing five pharmacists and eight technicians,
increasing prescription commerce from 900 to 1500 prescriptions
weekly, advancing I.V. and compounding procedures and
implementing a patient pharmaceutical care program, I look forward to
new challenges and bringing my expertise to your company.

I do believe in the mission of caring for the physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual health and wellness of the patient I may come
in contact with indirectly or directly. I believe in the very best of
pharmaceutical patient care in an innovative patient care environment,
such as what I see your family standing for. This is the reason I have
been interested in working for your organization.

Briefly, my qualifications include:

 Supervised four pharmacists and eight technicians.

Responsible for pharmacy operations, including compliance with
all pharmacy laws and regulations where I consistently met or
exceeded corporate goals.
 Implemented and improved drug-inventory management
system to reduce waste.
 Improved morale of coworkers by rewarding good work
performance, leading by example and using humor to diffuse
stressful situations.
 Established and implemented pharmacy related patient
care standards for the hospitalized patient upon admission,
during stay, upon discharge and homecare follow-up.
 Initiated, implemented and advanced I.V. and TPN
preparations, meeting all standards of sterile product
preparation standards.
 Initiated and advanced compounding preparations,
meeting all requirements of compounding standards.
 Established a 24-hour unit dose system and
documentation policies for institutional facility for increasing
standard of patient care, employee handling and quality control.
Additional capabilities are listed within the enclosed resume. In an
effort to discuss this matter further, I can be reached at (719)683-3754

I look forward to visiting with you. Thank you for your consideration.


Teresa Buschmann, RPh

5450 Calhan Road South
P.O. Box 7
Calhan, Colorado 80808
Teresa Buschmann, RPh
5450 Calhan Road South • Calhan, CO 80808
Home: (719) 683-3754

My resume is being sent in response to the advertisement on the

internet site for the Pharmacist position located in the
Colorado Springs, Colorado area.


Licensed Colorado pharmacist with a successful 30 year work history

with independent and chain retail pharmacies, and hospital
pharmacies. Motivated team player with the expertise to promptly and
accurately compound and dispense medications, provide patient
counseling, administer vaccines, and develop friendly and productive
relationships with physicians, patients and coworkers. Dedicated to
enhancing the lives of patients and assisting the company with
achieving and surpassing its operational goals.

Summary of Skills

 Accustomed to working in demanding, fast-paced environments
with the ability to think quickly and successfully handle difficult
 Communicated effectively in oral and written form as the
Pharmacy consultant for P and T Committee, Pharmaceutical Care
Contract Committee.
 Provided problem identification and resolution to staff and patients
as an effective Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacy Liaison.
 Exceptional interpersonal skills, ability to work well with others, in
both supervisory or support staff roles, with patients, or
 Developed action plans to meet service goals, and created and
implemented training programs for pharmacy staff and other
medical personnel.
 Interacted with patients regarding health maintenance, health
promotion, and risk reduction through the development of
community health programs.
 Implemented and conducted drug utilization review standards
for patients for improved drug outcomes. Counseled patients and
customers on prescriptions and OTC medications, including natural
and alternative therapies with specialties in medical supplies.
 In-depth ability to apply common sense understanding to carry
out detailed, both involved and uninvolved, written or oral
 Coordinated and implemented the logistics for the Spring and
Fall Pharmacy Health Fairs.
 Worked effectively with interdisciplinary treatment teams in order
to meet the individual needs of each patient; assigned reasonable
workloads and monitored productivity.
Managerial Functions
 Responsible for pharmacy operations, including compliance with
all pharmacy laws and regulations while achieving departmental
and organizational goals.
 Improved morale of coworkers by rewarding good work
performance, leading by example and using humor to diffuse
stressful situations.
 Dispensed and compounded medications in a busy retail
pharmacy averaging 200 prescriptions per day with speed and
 Processed insurance billing and third-party adjudications.
 Provided consultation to patients on medications. Implemented
a community ‘Brown Bag’ community program for the senior
 Maintained drug inventory management system to decrease waste
and reduce back orders. Implemented a reorder system to
automatically process drug orders.
 Provided consultation to nursing home settings in accordance with
patient medications and care per charting.
 Provided a pharmaceutical care program for incarcerated patients
with the support of the staffing meetings and patient contact.
 Implemented a 24-hour and a 48-hour unit dose system with 24-
hour on call pharmacy staff for the patient care support system of
the long and short term care of institutionalized and incarcerated


JT Ranch and Iron Horse

Christian Youth Ranch
Calhan, Colorado and
Falcon, Colorado
Ranch Manager 6/2008-

Falcon, Colorado
Staff Pharmacist 6/2007-

Family Pharmacy/
Mercy Hospital and Care Center
Moose Lake, MN
Pharmacy Manager
Austin, MN
Staff Pharmacist 9/2000-

Webber and Judd Company/

Long Term Care and Hospice Pharmacy/
Compounding Pharmacy
Rochester, MN
Pharmacy Manager, Staff Pharmacist

Peterson Drug
Plainview, MN
Staff Pharmacist 2/1998-

Olmsted Medical Center and Community Hospital

Olmsted County Health Department
Rochester, MN
Director of Pharmacy

Mayo Clinic Pharmacies

Rochester, MN
Staff Pharmacist 6/1991-

Community Memorial Hospital and Care Center

Cloquet, MN
Director of Pharmacy, Staff Pharmacist

Family Pharmacy/
Mercy Hospital and Care Center
Moose Lake, MN
Director of Pharmacy

Medicine Shoppe
Cloquet, MN
Staff Pharmacist 6/1981-

Brainerd State Regional Care Center

Brainerd, MN
Staff Pharmacist, Medical Technician

College of Pharmacy, University of Minnesota

Minneapolis, MN
Bachelor of Science Degree—Pharmacy—1977
License: Colorado license #17826 valid to 2011
License: Minnesota license#112819 valid to 2011

Brainerd Community College

Brainerd, MN
Associate Arts Degree—Chemistry, Biology—1973

Community Service

College of Pharmacy, University of Colorado

Denver, CO
Orientation Keynote Speaker

Rx Drugs. Not Yours. Not Safe Drug Abuse Week

Colorado Proclamation, Governor’s Office
Keynote Speaker, advocate, participant

Peer Assistance Services

Denver, CO
Consultant for professional drug-related concerns or problems

College Of Pharmacy
Regis University
Denver, CO
Orientation Keynote Speaker

Mission Wolf
Westcliffe, CO

Ruby Ranch
Falcon, CO