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Indications of low iman

While there isnt a popup notification to tell us when our iman is low, there are
several tell-tale signs that we can look out for. They are:
Lack of guilt for misdeeds
When knowingly doing something against the teachings of Islam, the heart feels
no remorse. Delaying taubah, thinking that there is still plenty of time and
continues to indulge in unlawful acts.
Deferment or not doing good deeds
It starts with delaying salah just a little bit even though it could have been done
right away then the delay gradually increases to the point nearing the end of the
time period of a particular salah or skipping it altogether. The same pattern
applies to the reading of the Quran (delay turns into abstention) as well helping
the needy.
Belittling the good deeds of others
Seeing the good that other people do as small and insignificant be it on its own
or when comparing to what the self has accomplished.
Pleasure in the misfortune of others and resentful of their successes
The Its not enough for me to succeed, everyone else must fail mindset. Being
openly or secretly gleeful of the failures or trials that has befallen a particular
person or people in general regardless of what they may have said or done.
Jealousy that does not drive self-improvement but instead makes one distrustful
and breeds rancour in ones heart.
Seeing the dunya as an end to a means instead of a means to an end.
Loving wealth and status to the point where everything else is secondary and
losing them would be like losing the purpose of living. Unconcerned with the
repercussions of the Hereafter.

Thinking highly of ones self, seeking only to please the selfs desires with little
or no regard for others. When doing something good, it is to seek praise from
others and not for the sake of doing good in itself and Allah.

To increase our iman through actions, there are a few things we can do:
Fulfil Our Obligations As Best As We Can
It is imperative that we establish salah on time and every time as it is during our
salah we break away from the distractions of Dunya and devote our time solely
for Him. It serves as our connection to Allah and were renewing it regularly. As
for our other obligations such as fasting in the month of Ramadhan, payment of
zakat and going on Hajj, striving for excellence in them gives us a better
appreciation of Allah.
Be With People Who Can Remind Us
No matter what we do, we all need to be reminded of Allah. Being with people
who can do that would be able to help us in facilitating the next action:
Think of Allah in Whatever Were Doing and Know That He is Watching
This way if were about to do something which Allah has prohibited, wed stop,
think about and be fearful of what we would get in return for it. If were doing
something which Allah encourages then knowing that He is watching would give
us immense pleasure and satisfaction. Recognition from people becomes less
important. When were sad or worried about our sustenance, wed find solace in
Him and this reduces our attachments to the material and people.