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Tips for 3 rd year 2014

3 rd year is much harder than 2 nd year; you should know what to study and how to study because you usually got 3 quizzes a day. You need to prioritize the semestral subject if youre struggling, but if youre running for honors then go ahead study everything. Classes are usually tiring. Classes usually start early and ends late; that is if you attend all of the classes. You should know what to cut and when to cut. Time management is the key for you to pass 3 rd year.

What to read in the summer?

Sec C and D- Medicine 2

Sec A and B- Ophtha, Medicine 2

Med 2

ID rheuma- 50% pretest, 25 % post test

Be sure to read the samplexes around 20% comes out but most are book based memorization especially the ID part which ask dosage and specifics. Also take note who gives the test, some profs are samplex, some have no mercy at all

Aim to pass all the quizzes

Although they curve the grades, still a lot of failures

GI Hema- 50 % quizzes

Quizzes are modified samplexes. They only change the wordings

Hema Onco is very difficult to understand be sure to just read the important topics, most quizzes are samplex

Long quizzes are difficult because they are specific and you should enumerate/ fill in the blanks

Curves quizzes

Cardio Nephro- 60 % quizzes

Quizzes are modified samplexes. They only change the wordings

Quizzes are copy pasted from the book, check it out

Read the powerpoint and handouts

Dont curve, expect to have a lower grade even the subject is not too difficult

Attend the lectures and workshops, dont miss it

Pulmo Endo- 50% quizzes

The most enjoyable module of all

Just listen to the lectures and don’t skip classes

Attend the lectures and workshops, don’t miss it

This subject is more important than ophthalmology so don’t cut the lectures

Endo quizzes are 70 % samplex, 30% lectures

Pulmo quizzes are taken from handouts and lectures

Don’t need the book

Gen Surg- 50% quiz 50% SGD (32% of surgery grade)

Most quizzes are samplex

Dont forget to recite (50%)

Don’t take this subject likely as they have 20 remedials and 5 irremediables for 2013

Finals 20%- deadliest of all, in 2013 only 50% pass so they curve, 2013 samplex is around but only few students have it and too bad it was not shared

Surgery subspecialty (48%)


Exams are the most difficult

Dr. Maglinao’s class has post quizzes

Dr. Tan and Enrile have no attendance

3 Long Quizzes are from lectures and samplex

Plastic surgery

No attendance

Quizzes are samplex and lectures

Pedia surgery

Dr. Cua- the best prof, gives quizzes every meeting, no finals

Dr. Regal- reports, quizzes, finals


Pure samplex

Dont forget to recite (50%)


Read the donkey notes


Lectures and Samplex

Pedia 2

GI- ok

Neuro, Rheuma- difficult subjects, memorization

Pulmo, endo- ok

Nephro, Neonate- most difficult, a lot of memorization

Quizzes are modified samplexes

Bulk of the grade came from quizzes and LE

Long quizzes are case base matching type

Finals most are cases, don’t need to memorize

PCC- difficult practicals, memorize the milestones, a lot fail in the practicals (15%)

Community- most enjoyable (15%)

Neuro and Behmed 2

Difficult subjects


No attendance, attend Dr. David because she likes making new questions

Read the samplexes and handouts

Usually 2 of 4 LE are not samplex

Finals is pure samplex

Remember short quizzes are 3% each while Long quizzes are 20% each

OB and Gyne

Difficult subjects (20+) remedials every year

Attendance and recitation around 10%

Usually the first 2 quizzes are pure samplex then they’ll be merciless afterwards

Always read the samplexes before taking any quizzes try to also read the finals/ prelims because they just jumble the questions

Bulk of the quizzes are made by the 2 Dr. Gonzales, so there class have high yield notes

Finals is usually deadly and ruthless

Prevmed 3


Have attendance, 95% samplex

Family Medicine

Sometimes the 20% quiz is given as surprise so take note of the date

Half of the class usually fails the 20% quiz

Read the book

Memorize a lot

Applied Epid

Computations and memorization

Grade is very dependent on the Faci (you can get a 90 or 70)

Finals is 50% samplex

Clin Epi 3

Random attendance

Try to attend to learn how the reporting works and how they ask questions

Study the search strategies

Always consult Dr. Alejandro if you want to pass

Don’t expect to pass the 2 long exams, but try to get as much points as possible

Remedials usually less than 5 per year- Critical Appraisal


Lectures and Samplex

Read the book if you have time

Some topics are taken directly from the book, but most are samplexes

Sometimes have Post tests


Very dependent on the faci, it can be an easy subject or the hardest subject

It can go from 0 remedials in a class to more than 10 remedials in a class


This is the most overrated class in 3 rd year; it’s like pharma in 2 nd year

Don’t piss off or complain too much to the facilitator because you might get what you want

14 quizzes- most are basic knowledge and they are extremes. Some are mostly samplex and some are very difficult.

Quizzes are multiple choice and true or false

Read the book as well as the handouts

Usually 2-4 quizzes are remove from the 14 quizzes

Long exams are terribly hard but they do give additional grade.

Don’t memorize the book because you’ll end up frustrated if you fail and your seatmate got a perfect score just by guessing the answers.

Dr. Sua usually gives the exams and they are the “must knows questions”

Usually around 3 quizzes are extremely hard, the rest are passable

Know the anatomy very well, almost every test there are related questions in anatomy


8 quizzes that are mostly samplex while around 2 quizzes are extremely hard

2 Long exams that are 40% book base and 60% lecture and samplex

No attendance


5 quizzes are mostly samplex and lectures

OSCE are basic questions and must knows

Know the Dermotome and Myotome pretty well

Finals is 50% samplex 20% hard questions


Quiz 1 and 3 are 95% samplex

Quiz 2 is made by Dr. Laygo, it also dictates if you’ll get exempted or not

Legal Med and Bioethics

Be morally and legally good to attend the classes

95% samplex

Dont worry about the post quiz at bioethics from Dr. Monzon