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Jana Rosinski

jrosinsk [at] syracuse [dot] com

[digital humanities] [affect] [material rhetorics]
PhD Student, Composition & Cultural Rhetoric
Syracuse University

Doctor of Philosophy, Composition and Cultural Rhetoric
Syracuse University, 2013Masters of Arts, Written Communication
Eastern Michigan University, 2011-2013
Michigan Education Professional Certification in English and Sociology
Michigan State University, College of Education Post-Baccalaureate Certification Internship Program,
Bachelors of Arts, English
Michigan State University, 2004-2008
English Literature Summer Study Abroad Program
Michigan State University, 2007

Academic Employment
Syracuse University
Graduate Instructor, Writing Program, 2013RSA Electronic Resources Intern, 2014Consultant, Syracuse University Writing Center, 2014

Eastern M ichigan University

Graduate Assistant, Written Communication Program, 2012-2013
Consultant, University Writing Center, 2012-2013
UPOD (University Prep Opening Doors) Program Writing Consultant, 2012-2013
Rosinski CV 2015

Kuebrich, Ben, Tamara Issak, Karrieann Soto, Allison Hitt, and Jana Rosinski. Thinking Collectively
about Academic Labor. Present Tense 3.2 (2014): Web.
Mueller, Derek, Jana Rosinski, Chelsea Lonsdale, Becky Morrison, and Adam Nannini. Lessons in
Generative Design, Publishing, and Circulation: What EM-Journals First Year Has Taught Us, Kairos
Praxis Wiki 17.2 (2012): Web.

Imperfect Tools, January 2016, Digital Humanities Mini-Conference, Syracuse, NY
Instruments of Intensity, October 2015, Practising Affect: Exercises, Techniques, Methodologies
Stream, Affect Theory Conference: Worldlings, Tensions, Futures, Lancaster, PA
New Materialist Rhetorics Workshop Participant, June 2015, RSA Summer Institute, Madison, WI
Technes Instrumentality: Posthuman Craft, May 2015, Panel Mattering: Resonating Materialities
with Jack Hennes, Computers & Writing, Menomonie, WI
(Un)Familiar Faces: Digital Agential Design, October 2014, Panel The Situated Seen and Heard:
(De)Constructing Digital Material Contexts with Tessa Brown and Albert Rintrona, Cultural Rhetorics,
East Lansing, MI
The Scale, the Interface, and the Network of Composition, June 2014, Presentation with Seth Long,
Computers & Writing, Pullman, WA
cut, copy, and compose: DIY publishing and ecologies of materiality, March 2014, Panel
(Re)Opening the Ditto Device: DIY Publishing as Crafting Agency with Jason Luther and Becky
Morrison, Conference on College Composition and Communication, Indianapolis, IN
Techne-cal Composition, October 2013, Presentation, RSA@SU Graduate Student Forum, Syracuse,
Regionalism, Heterotopoi, and Circumferences: Rethinking Distant Reading, May 2013, Presentation
with Joe Torok, Computers & Writing, Frostburg, MD
Technical Composition, May 2013, Workshop, Graduate Research Network, Computers& Writing,
Frostburg, MD
Technical (dis)Composition(ism), February 2013, Presentation, Networked Humanities, Lexington, KY

Rosinski CV 2015

Technical Composition: What It Means to Compose with Things, November 2012, Presentation,
MMLA, Cincinnati, OH
Clocking Composition: Exploring Chronography With Timeline JS, October 2012, Make
presentation with Derek Mueller and Joe Torok, WIDE-EMU, East Lansing, MI
Compositions Objects: Taking Stock Through Tiny Ontology, October 2012, Presentation with Joe
Torok, WIDE-EMU, East Lansing, MI
Student Writing Made Visible: Questions About Publication, October 2012, Interactive
presentation/zine dialogue with Becky Morrison and Chelsea Lonsdale, WIDE-EMU, East Lansing, MI
Page Tectonics: A Fluxus Rhetoric, March 2012, Interactive poster presentation, Graduate Research
Fair, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI
"Lessons in Generative Design, Publishing, and Circulation: What EM-Journals First Year Has Taught
Us", March 2012, Poster presentation with Derek Mueller, Becky Morrison, Adam Nannini, and
Chelsea Lonsdale, Conference on College Composition and Communication, St. Louis, MO
The EM-Journal Experiment: Selected Lessons in Launching and Maintaining an Online Journal,
March 2012, Poster presentation with Derek Mueller, Becky Morrison, and Chelsea Lonsdale, Michigan
Academy of Science, Arts & Letters, Alma College, Alma, MI
Page Tectonics, October 2011, Digital presentation, WIDE-EMU Conference, Eastern Michigan
University, Ypsilanti, MI
The Challenges and Successes of Student Teaching: Intern Panel, 2009, Selected speaker for
Michigan State Universitys College of Education, Bright Ideas Conference, East Lansing, MI
Student Representative of Michigan State Universitys College of Education, 2009, Bright Ideas/MCTE
Spring Conference, East Lansing, MI

Academic Activity
Rhetoric Society of America at Syracuse University Student Chapter, 2013Co-Chair, 2015-2016
Communications Officer, 2014-2015
Producer, This Rhetorical Life, a podcast dedicated to the practice, pedagogy, and public circulation
of rhetoric, 2014-2015
CCR Graduate Circle, a student organization committed to enhancing the social, civic, academic, and
professional aspects of graduate student life, 2013Rosinski CV 2015

Web Editor, 2014-2015

Opatio Reading Group, student-led reading group and blog carnival of contemporary theory and
methodology, Eastern Michigan University, 2012-2013
Written Communication Reading Series, reading focused professional development group of
professors and students, Eastern Michigan University, 2012-2013
Managing Editor, EMJournal, a flexibly refereed online journal featuring writing produced by
students of Eastern Michigan University, 2011-2013

Awards and Honors

HASTAC Scholar, MacArthur Foundation and Duke Universitys Humanities, Arts, Science and
Technology Advanced Collaboratory, 2014-16
Distinguished Student in Written Communication, 2013

Professional Affiliations
Rhetoric Society of America (RSA)
Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC)
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC)

Rosinski CV 2015