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4th year

Midterm Exam 2009-2010

Time Allowed : 1 H hrs

Mansoura University
Faculty of Engineering
Dept. of Computer Eng and Systems

Q1-A) Explain how labels in encapsulation headers are used to manage communication in data networks

Q1-B) Why is there at least one IP address per network interface and not one IP address per host

Network must accessed by one Add , on the other hand some host may be member in two
PDU has a different name to reflect its new appearance. If this right explain, and give a mathematical model to represent ur explanation.

Data - at the Application layer

Segment - Transport Layer its value is Data +Transport Layer Header
Packet - Internetwork Layer its value is segment +Tnetwrok Layer Header Frame
Bits - A PDU used when physically data over the medium its value is - Network Access Layer
PDU + header at physical layer
Q1-C )Suppose that Windows XP (NOS) is installed on the machine at your home and it is connected
to Internet via ADSL, (i) specify the type routing protocol will be used in such system {Windows XP
(NOS)}, (ii) If U replace Windows XP by UNIX or Linux repeat your answer.(iii) Specify the routing
protocol that is support by each one of the previous NOS.
Static , Static, routing protocol is part of the IOS within the router
Specify the information Displayed when issuing cdp neighbors command
Neighbor device ID - Local interface - Holdtime value, in seconds Neighbor device capability
code - Neighbor hardware platform - Neighbor remote port ID
Q2-D) Mansoura University has the IP address: Suppose it decides to partition its 64K
host addresses into 512 subnets.
(a) How many hosts are at most in that whole network?
(b) How many hosts will be in each subnet?
(c) What will be the subnet mask?
(d) If I am given the IP address what will be the id of its subnet?
(d) What is the class of this IP address?
(e) What is the host id of the given IP address?
In the following figure 1Mbps IP phone, FTP share 1.5 Mbps link. bursts of FTP can congest
router, cause audio packets to be excessively delayed or lost; suggest new router policy
needed to treat packets accordingly.

Adding a field to distinguish between audio and data

Given: network topology with link costs
c(x,y): link cost from node x to node y
Infinity if x and y are not direct neighbors
(i)Compute: least-cost paths to all nodes From a given source u to all other nodes
(ii) Compute Forwarding table at u

(iii) Determine the no of iterations, to know least-cost path to all nodes


(iV) Drive an equation that describe the time to reach consistent Convergence state

Time to find (iii) + Time req to update all routing table at all nodes

Q2-C) Given two routers A and B which are at the edge of two different ASs, as they have a direct link between, what is the mostly
likely routing protocol which they speak to each other across this link?


Q2-D) Routing requires us to discover information about the state of the network. Discuss what happens when a remote
host fails. How long does it take for all the routers to know that the host is unreachable?
Q4-G) How does the network layer software of the Internet protocol stack decide whether it needs to find a route for a
datagram or whether it can just pass the datagram down to the data link layer and let that lower layer find a route to the