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s. JUST KEEP WALKING 1. THE LOVED ONE 1. DON’T CHANGE 2. ORIGINAL SIN 2.1 SEND A MESSAGE se. BURN FOR YOU 3. WHAT YOU NEED «3. THIS TIME 4. KISS THE DIRT (FALLING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN) se. LISTEN LIKE THIEVES e. NEED YOU TONIGHT 7. MEDIATE 7. DEVIL INSIDE sz. NEW SENSATION ss. NEVER TEAR US APART ss. SUICIDE BLONDE x. DISAPPEAR to. HEAVEN SENT 10. THE GIFT 1s. THE STRANGEST PARTY (THESE ARE THE TIMES) 10. DELIVER ME JUST KEEP WALKING WORDS & MUSIC BY INXS 4.90 E A BOE A ie ie el ie na 1.3. Green fields, grass and earth, — bro-ken bot-tles, 2. Cis ty pent-house, the kitchen liv-ing ‘a coun-ty home, it's a TT Ee Sun- shine sooth-ing clouds are ha - zy, dark street_cor- ners ‘mo-ney can buyal-most. a - ny- thing,- but a= ny-thing’s no - thing feel - ing la - zy. When you're dead, Fast car driv- ing— o ° E ©. LF pub- lie trans- port, — ppho- tos. wait- ing. — Blood andglass, points of pain, ccar- pet lin - ing, — seats re- clin- ing,— iz er EBB nc. (2. Chords ad lib. o + ree a = pate == © Coda t., ss Se amet Bes HE He BE ae os . —— Pte SSS SS 4 = SS =o Cle-ver words—on smooth tongue talk-ing, shove it bro- ther, just keep walk-ing. oD In 10 THE LOVED ONE WORDS & MUSIC BY LOVETT, HUMPHRIES & CLYNE she comes my way.— her long black hair, walk = ing like— He a Ha i os nS == ———<—_—_— tnd tk = ing Te, want = ing te shecomes to me. Oh ba-by I love you I. RD Help- less e = vil child, Tveknown you well, and if you want to. stay that's al- right, You want me a-gain, that’s al right, that’s al - right, that’s al - right, — Oh ba-by 1 = want you back, 1 can't go Verse 2: ‘And now she’s gone She's walking away Red dress on. Her long black hair. Tove her so ‘And now she'll come running Anytime I say now, ‘Anytime I say. 15 DON’T CHANGE LT'm stand - ing (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyric) hm 7 things hhave been aA To Coda ® am ff Ie. D.C. al Coda Pt ope ® Coda am D Bn Fim Verse 2: found a love I had lost, It was gone for too long ‘Hear no evil in all directions, Execution of bitterness ‘Message received loud and clear. Verse 3: 1'm standing here on the ground, ‘The sky above won't fall down See no evil in all directions, Resolution of happiness ‘Things have been dark for too long. a ORIGINAL SIN WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE, 4.132 You might (Ba? En? a play with of the mur-der _ com- mit En Ba? EE Ea you thought what a pi = ty. A Bm Em, cry ir on—— black girl, black girl_— to find your dreams are washed a - way. Fim 2 ie > Deus! D Iz Asust Fim we A ce if ia on— black boy, black boy, = Flin A find your dreams are washed __a - way.— bn’ i Repeat vocals a lio fade Verse 2: ‘There was a time when I did not care ‘And there was a time when the facts did stare. ‘There isa dream and it’s held by many ‘Well I'm sure you had to see its open arms. Dream on white boy, white boy Dream on black girl, black girl ‘And wake up to brand new day. | SEND A MESSAGE WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE 1.136 si - lence I think of (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyric) cm Think of the dis - tance, think of the miles, — > cm while I miss the peo - — - ple, 1 miss the fun, — SS e ie + s SSS Ss = pS 4 SS $s Bm 1am Be To Coda ® ¢ 8 “a 2 its Guitar solo ad lib 7 a o D&. al Coda (without repeat) 3. Here in the Gm Dm the peo - you're my ap - pa-ri - Verse 2: ‘And I imagine you standing there Like some animal, so inspirational ‘Mad at the world for all the good reasons ‘Take away the pain and drink the wine. Verse 3: Here in the silence, I think of you I send a message and hope it gets through ‘Think of the distance, think of the miles Over the valleys could take a while. 31 BURN FOR YOU WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE Ja15 , Ge S. 2. rm C® mr 1. Is no use pre- tend - ing,— (Werse 2 see block lyric) hide and __seek we play with facts, — Be and bum hm, I like the look jin your eyes— | a a ae * * —=—+ oe = SE) — ; = = % o & Whenwe're not to- ge - it does-n't feel so bad Ws no - ‘cause I un = der-stand we could beso far a - part the hide and seek we play with facts [a ‘D&. al Coda © Coda # Repeat ad lib. Verse ‘Minding my own business ‘When you came along, ‘Temperatures were running hot Fever was so strong. ‘Tilt my hat atthe sun ‘And the shadows they burn dark. Light me and I'll burn for you ‘And the love song never stops. It’s always an adventure ‘The fantasies we make a fact, You're the secret I desire can’t keep that to myself. 37 WHAT YOU NEED WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE. 118 Ft cy # ae = =F 1. Hey, (Verses 2 & 3 see block iyric) by pptiiptcre pte ——— ° get a-bout your trou-ble in life.— Don’t you know it’s not i ES) 1 I I = es SaaS = SS _ _ SSS eee ee ee ee ; easy When you got - ta walk— up - on that frp 2 ——— oo Pa sy To Coda ® 4 aE, Ff a a ee ates = at. = pote _ you need, idle = S5 git vi aie ae ——o ie po Sa a) vie ooh thar’s-_ why, this is what you need, I'll give youwhat you need.— ' a. Ne. This is what_you need, I'll give you what_ you need,— —— p> what you need. I'll give you what you need, what you need, this is what you need,~ I'll give you by ft} what you need. D&. al Coda Repeat to fade Verse 2: Don’t you get sad and lonely You need a change from what you do all day ‘Ain't no sense in all your crying Just pick it up and throw it into shape. Verse 3: Hey you, won’t you listen This is not the end of it all, Don’t you see there is a rhythm T'iltake you where you really want to be. 42 THIS TIME WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS if you say its true, gil, you know need — Bp emp 1. T've seen you be = fore, (Verses 2 & 3 (8) see block lyrics) it’s just a game En, AL Asut A Em we're pray - ing, fight like 3. You ‘This time. Verse 2: We are always wanting ‘Things we cannot find ‘You know that we are always Wasting time. Verse 3: ‘You know I can forget We have fought before I've seen inside your heart ‘And I know it’s breaking. ar KISS THE DIRT WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE 4-116 FH (FALLING DOWN THE MOUNTAIN) ee + ter them with yourtears, don’t think a- ——— __ we 1. Phy - ing in the dim, — (Werse2 see block yi) - - ———_—— EE Bs | * SS — = — Pa a a Dim fs ae ae bi ——_ — == = + SSS SS == z 4 we find the seeds of doubt — sont wae Pair ——— } : SS Se a SS Dim Fe Dim 2 i fat ? bout all. the years, os « # sus* T find the seeds of love, oT rn 49 Ft 8 oE (2%ad lib.) Fall - ing down the moun - tain, = ser, some-times. it would- n't hurt.— a by D&. al Coda Verse 2: Playing in the dirt We find the seeds of fun ‘And we scream like alley cats Tearing down what we attack ‘To prove that we are one. Cutting through the night And we find the seeds of lust ‘And lose our minds on one intent ‘These passions never seem to end. Ds. (Cutting through the night ‘And we find the seeds of lust ‘And lose our minds on one intent ‘These passions never seem to end. 52 NEVER TEAR US APART WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE d.6s An? Ema? fe] ask me what you know is don’t have to Pry nnn oe = ae two worlds ded— and they could Hittite a SESS = = ae —— = # =| = y- os boa 2S SSS S| from your tears, ie ei fz told you— that we could fly but some of us don't know why, 55 you know it’s true,— you were there, 1 was there, we're— shin- and they and they could could 7 two worlds two worlds Repeat to fade os F LISTEN LIKE THIEVES WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS, MICHAEL HUTCHENCE & GARRY BEERS Jas Bm Bm ery Ey 1. On the talk back it on the ra = di- atthe to the end of town, where they ass pares : == ; aaa A he ae — — BSS > See oe 7 - lo cal bay — in the hot traf - fic by the have con = tol but they're los - ing touch when the red taillights. lights go out Ev-'ry- bo- dy's— down on their knees, lis ten like thieves— g. ie ae bbut who needs that when it’s all in your hands.— oa aly Ev- ‘ry- bo- dy's down on their knees, got it all in your hands, it’s all in your = ten Tike thieves forthe o # hands, . it’s all__in your AB, you are all you and that is ev = ‘ry- thing Ae net] there's no time to waste, you just 0 it foryour 6 downon theit knees, vA ie wk vs iH a listen like thieves ut who needs that — ge —<— To Coda © S. when it’s all in your hands. You get it all— PD GA Ho > you got it all, — i’s all in your hhands,. (Solo ad lib: 1° tenor sax; 2° guitar) “Bm A ia i you got it all, you got it all. py D&.alCoda = @ Coda A za - Tsaid all in your hands. NEED YOU TONIGHT WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE Ss Eb Dm Sc ai “Ee eg ie LAll you got is (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyric) the twen-ty first’ cen= tury’s Eo Sr 2 ==: SSS SSeS ves you can ewe all yo an = == — ee Saas $e Ss gee sc SSS SSS = Z i eo te F Eo ev 'ty- bo dy does, yeah iS Fr so mis : Sa Z mee momen your z = Be “Be Ee ae = — = SSS Se 3 moves ae mm «Te geht kok te Ge ig] =a ¥ x —— vee * - ee ws go 10 let you know You're one of my ind r SS] Se BE = = Se = =————_ © FI Eu 2. ——— SS —= How do you feel? Tm lone = ly © as & a a J Wea So yeu ti? cm tik ah ‘What cha gon-na do? Gon-na live my life, + ment, your moves are so raw, Treg ce a] HE to let jou__-know, Eh a SS] aa be . i 0 c Bb Dm ie “ag ag got to let you know. You're one of =my—— kind. | =] SS BE = = = = = cS € =| Sa a D&. al Coda igs oR Te (without repeat) $ 6 z = vu FI c SS = && age How do you feel? rm 5 " bi Pp ¢ Pr a ey i SSS SSS lone -y. What do you think? Can't think at all x SS] == SS ee Fe eset s te ssw sass az = == z = B =e Se = a Ff Fe eee — What cha gon-na do? Gon-na live my life So and give me & mo- ment, your moves got to Iet__ you know, Tve got to let you know, so got to let you know. Verses 2 & 3: | need you tonight Cause I'm not sleeping ‘There's something about you girl ‘That makes me sweat. MEDIATE WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS + civmate,. de~ se~ gre- gate, me-di- ate al - le~ vi-ate- try 8: = = —=- ——— 2 = not tate, — Jove your mate, don't suf- fo - cate on your own hate, de - sig- nate your love as fate, a one world state as hhu- man freight, 70 “Be ———S——— SSS Ss = = SS SS num - ber eight, @ white black state aa gen-tle trait the bro-ken crate. =A. SSS] BS we SS SS eS hhea - vy weight or just too late like pret-ty Kate. as sex or = mate, now a z eS aaa == te === Se va = state,— ap- pre = ci- de - pre - ci- ate, fab - ri - cate, ~ mu- late, the truth dilate, spe-cial date, the an - i- mal we ate, “aS Ar: bet-ter rate, the youth i ~ rate, b S————— SS Ss 7 Sa Ti = ber- ate too -mo- der- ate, — fe cre- ate or de - to - nate, an me - di-ate,— clear the state, FE Ey aes tis vae_ wow ras dinatg a perc feet tte, food on plate, SS Se 3 = Dae aE SS => SS 6S Saae SS SS gas vi = te the eats own weigh, de-sig- nae. the lover’ fae, SSS ws Be Se a = —— ———n SS ee ee ad nine - ty eight, we all rotate, Hal - lu - ci- nate, de = se = gre- gate, et ss = o= = ce ae SS SSS eee =—S SF me - di- ate al = de = viv ate, try, —not to —_hate,— ove your mate, don't suf-fo - cate. on your own hate, de-sig-nate-your loveas fate, a one world state as hu-man freight... the = SSS = number eight, a white black state gen - tle trait. the bro-ken crate A SSS hea- vy weight or just t00 late like pret-ty Kale. has sex or-nate, now de-va-state,-ap-pre-ci-ate,— de- CTsust “2 pre ci-ate,—fab- ri-cate,- €- mu-late,. the truth di-late, spe-cial date, the a- ni-mal we ate, — the edge de ~ bate— ser rate, guilt lis be- rate, fas-ci-nate,.de- virate, re in-state, Ti - be-rate,- too = Repeat adi, fade 5 DEVIL INSIDE WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE 4-150 with the look inher ines! | raised on leath- er with flesh on my = = shar- per than knives, makes you won - der how the —oth-er half— g, Em, £ i _ = = t= ~ makes you won - der, ii 1. But here come the man (Verses 2 & 3 see block lyrics) with the look in his eye, — fed on no-thing Dut full of —— pride.— Look at them— go, 78 SS Seas look at them— kick, — makes you won - der how the oth-er half live.— [Not on 8 c at Sot cHORUS c FIC qi a de- vil in side, the de vil in side,— ev- ‘ry sin- gle one of us,— the = = = “erereeer Peete cee 9S SS SSS SS SS SS SS SSS de- vil in = side.— De- vil in ~ side,— the de- vil in - side, | or aan ac To Coda @[1. a Ne SSS ev- "ty sin- gle one of us the de - vil in - side. frre rerjPtt ftir oe = Ie SS az =z ae a be ft a iz Di. repeat coras But Repeat to fade BYP OE BYP FO BYF Verse 2: Here come the world With the look in its eye Future uncertain But certainly slight Look atthe faces, listen to the bells t's hard to believe we need a place called hell. ‘A place called hel. 81 Verse 3 Here comes the woman With the look in her eye She's raised on leather With flesh on her mind Words are weapons, sharper than knives Makes you wonder how the other half die NEW SENSATION WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE 2.116 . whe ah ta Et! | i] ‘20 whe EE ra Mr E —— 1. Live ba- by live,— (Verses 2 & 3 (8, see block lyric) [Ror Bsust ei HE the night Got - ta hold on to you A % ee Tes gon- ma take To Coda ® _f 5 you ov - A Verse 2: Dream baby dream Of all that’s come and going ‘And you will find out in the end ‘There really is, there really is no difference. Cry baby ery ‘When you got to get it out Tl be your shoulder, you can tell me all Don't keep itn you. ‘Well thats the reason why I'm here. ‘Are you ready for a new sensation, New sensation Right now. Gonna take you on a new sensation New sensation. Verse 3: Hate baby hate When there’s nothing left for you You're only human, what can you do I'll soon be over, Don’t let your pain take over you Love baby love It’s written all over your face ‘There's nothing better we could do ‘Than live forever Well that’s all we've got to do. Hey now, I'm gonna take you over, [New sensation Right now, Gotta hold on you, a new sensation New sensation. DISAPPEAR WORDS & MUSIC BY JON FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE Steady rock tempo doo doot-n doo doo doo doo doot-n doo doo pies o | ‘doo doo doo doo— doo doo doo doo. dog.doo doo doo— doo doo doo doo. Lote go o SSS SS 94 and give your-self to the ook = ing at feel = ings, look - 10 = fe - ing— and he snp ae _ aryou ae are ‘ne i ie ngs ta Wo noe Se Be ate em A — & free. te can't ev - — you do. so well. — Words are heal - ing sweet the deal ings. Tum a - round, am I = er be de nied and 1 ne - yer will —— ms ti ci pa - tion mak - ing spells look - ing at sal - va = ‘tion’. Make me ore al - ise = butwhen I you com - ing — can take the sha-dows close—_ in, Falla cross all yes = — all that Tam, ut the light in-side— this man. it all. ter ~ days. P Eee ap Het at a ——— —— # x “ —} You're so fi lose my mind, and the world we. 2. a Hee Hy pgttcre ——— So —— f ¥ + ¥ a2 vS = # =< 2 —— seems to dis- ap = pean All the prob = lems, all the fea. and the world seems to D ae a ia a ; doot-n doo— doo doo doo doo doo doo -—-dog_doo doo doo doo doo doo doot-n doo doot doo doo doo doo doo doo Baers SS SS Pt ALLE « « wu ww au « « —— == You're so fine, lose my mind, fag a faa fae it (gee 2S 2 — and the world seems to dis - ap = pear All the prob - oreo P " ae. ates P we ae if ae a8 gta — S = - eee Ss Se | = lems,- all the and the world seems to. dis- ap - pear— — dis- ap - pea diss ap - pear, dis-ap pea a et 7 a a aw en doo doo doo doo— doo doo doo doo — doot-n doo doot-n ahs oP ee a D&. al Coda doo doot-m doo doo ‘dog_doo doo doo— doe dee doo 7 lose my mind, £ 1S x a) owe @ a a) Boe P Bae ab, E. Pp in i i ip ag 7 = ———— Hs + gi! is se4S5 SS and the world seems 10 dis ap = pear All the probe === a uP HE Repeat and fade Jems,— all the fears — and the world seems to dis- ap - pear. SUICIDE BLONDE WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE Steady rock beat Ee GA, OE fil ac ie ig’ Instrumental solo woh HEE, tion save you from your mi - for a se-ry— like lost lost, the plan, — } a You want to make— her, Love de-va- sta = tion, su i- cide blonde, — frre rye su - i- cide blonde. Love de-va-sta - tion su = yee! blonde. ‘You want to make her, i cide blonde... (=e a ce clothes stay on. White light we ¢ ff: you can't see a thing. mad, sad ‘mo - ment > Bao Ae Bas S. A ia fs fel in of-fupte eee ppp ee ie on at SS fe == fot. Glory to you— glo-ry to you take me there, —_— potter ge aoe ae eee ° a == = SS = FE = == — ~ E54 SS SS SS SS ae A En? A Ty fas ii pt _ - ee = S3 = —s Instrumental solo En? D&. al Coda “A © Coda i-cide blonde, take me! (You want to make...) = En? es P (You want to make.) You want to make- her, You want to make. eA o ER, wok, Env That's the stomry. ~*ry-thing you wan — na be, En? A, Bn, You want to make her, Repeat to fade A a] ay ei blonde... 93, HEAVEN SENT WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS +139 ¢. WA c. & i pe ie é : SS Your eyes are like —_ (0. see block lyric) fe = deep__wells of de - si'- re, Once in your arms— 100 You were sent. (28 see block Iyric) : — Bil, so per-fect- ly true. Changing _my —3— 3 Hea-ven_sent, 4 101 g. Em, To Coda © ¢ Bm & HE is a ae that’s what I call—_ you. One day you'll | seo what an - gels can see,— 3 she comes back,— 1 think Tl Tose— my ea DS&. al Coda 102 Hea- ven what call—_you. Hea-ven sent. hhea- ven g. ANG einai ana —— SS — SS SSS see ee oe Verse 2: Late at night ‘When the evening fire has died There's a look in your eye Sedictive images fy. Verse 3. Di. ‘Tuesday she works Tn the library uptown Some useful knowledge Can always be found. Don't burn the library Till you've read all the books ‘Sometimes in life You get a second look. 104 THE GIFT WORDS & MUSIC BY JON FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE GP, é s See ee deste ee geet tide ed ae i : = 1 65 Dm 1. Oh. so fine,— we. (Verse 2 see block lyric) Nv 3S you take me 0 Ee Pri?pit? fae SSS SS it a ce do, all these scars are mine, do do, do. p =e S= fp = s—r—* = I__ was think - ing, got the — feel - ing, i ist $4 : BE = s pope ee = ci Be cin, BoA ig) oe i ii er SS SS — S = pee | = the gift you gave is gon = ma last fors €- ver 107 I. f Dm CLD, Dm op, the ies you find, the truth you see, rise and fall — but I know what's mine — I was think - ing, got the — feel - ing, = + ? ——— the gift you gave Di. repeat chorus to fade Verse 2: Here we ie Looking up to Empty sky ‘And the promises we find. Thm not the first one Toask why. Do do do do do Do do do do do All we ever try. 109 DELIVER ME WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE 120 En? He 7 = SSS Ss ae os te 2 es ft i ES SS SS —= — SSS = 1, Deep down i inthe mys- (Verses 2, 3,4 & 5 see block lyric) a aera a SS SS + 7 = = I ao a z : pa => a eS your ways are tak - ing of the ap - ple in my eye from your spell, — or give. ome, give. me more of __the Em a Em 7 from your spell, — m 3, A 44 a tee ait more, give me more, give me more of the same, © Coda ‘more, give me more, give me more of the same, De - 13 or give me, give me more of the same. ‘more, give me more, give me more of the 114 AIE, sive me, give me, give me, give me, give me, give me more of the same.— Em, ATE, Eq? Repeat ad lib. to fade AVE. char! Verse 2: T'm in a crowded room Can't hear a single word they say ‘They're just talking faces don't believe I know your name, Verse 3: ‘Smell ya on my fingertips hear ya whispering [feel ya all over me I'm never gonna be the same. Verse 4: What ya trying to do to me Please tell me the rules of the game Can you see me shaking right through It’s no surprise I'm looking this way. Verse 5: ‘What ya try to do to me Just tell me the rules ofthe game T’m just out of my skin With the bones of the questions that remain, 15 THE STRANGEST PARTY (THESE ARE THE TIMES) WORDS & MUSIC BY ANDREW FARRISS & MICHAEL HUTCHENCE 4-116 2 's like we're star- ing atthe sun.— = Ev- y- bo- dy’s got + vi- t@ - tions, and we're hop ing that you're gon-na come. what are we — wait AEs x Ares Bhsust "7 ‘These are the times, 19 a “ee o De Fsegue] eb o bb Verse 2: ‘You're part of the solution or part ofthe problem ‘You're gonna have to dance with one |f you're giving up on your future honey Til count you out of having some. 120