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January2010—Volume 4, Issue 1 - HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
Marina Village at Atlantis, Paradise Island Open Daily 10am –10pm ▪18 Village Road Open Mon-Fri 9am –5pm
P.O. Box N-1207▪ Nassau, Bahamas ▪ Tel (242) 363.1313 / 394.1886 ▪ ▪ Website:
PROMOTING THE VISION: ”By the Year 2020 more visitors will be attracted to The Bahamas by Bahamian
Art, Culture and Heritage than by Sun, Sea and Sand.”

Brigitte Bowyer Carey’s Watercolor Art Show

“Island Scenes” Opening Photos


Brigitte’s ISLAND SCENES Opening Photos 1

Transforming Spaces 2010—Save the date 2

New Additions & Art News 3
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SAVE THE DATE Sat & Sun, March 13 & 14

The time is fast approaching DOONGALIK STUDIOS experience. Forgive my use of

for this year’s popular Trans- Village Road formal terminology but I really
forming Spaces Art Tour want to emphasize by using
PRESENTS these terms that the works on
which is celebrating its sixth
display have not been arbitrarily
EARTH TO put together as a mis-matched
Patrons purchase a $30.00 survey of Bahamian art, but that
ticket for the day which al- there has been a focused discus-
lows them to be driven along sion and planning process in-
volved in order to ensure that the
with other art lovers in the
audience will be exposed to the
comfort of an air-conditioned rich quality of the art and the
bus with it own knowledge- FLIGHT amazingly diverse talent of the
able Tour Guide to visit dif- artists.
ferent Art Spaces located a collaborative visual
Transforming Spaces serves as a
throughout the island. The experience of recurring yearly reminder of the
spaces are specifically Painting and Sculpture necessity to see visual art within
‘transformed’ for the occa- by the context of place and each
sion and patrons get the op- Averia Wright space will offer a distinctive per-
portunity to meet and interact spective on Bahamian art. Every
and member of the audience will be
with the artists, view and pur-
chase their works and enjoy
Toby Lunn taken on a visual art experience
More info in next month’s Newsletter that at its heart has a narrative
delicious food and drink! ******************** which raises questions about the
This year the following nine Doongalik Studios extends a nature of art both within the con-
spaces will be participating: warm welcome to the New text of the gallery space as well
Doongalik Studios Art Gal- Acting Director of the National as within the context of the role
and nature of contemporary art in
lery, Ladder Gallery, New Art Gallery of The Bahamas,
the wider Bahamas.
Providence Art & Antiques, David Bailey, MBE who had
Pink ‘Un, Popop Studios, this to say about the Tour: We are now in the 2nd decade of
Post House Gallery, PRO the 21st century and are witness-
“It is important to ing the legacy of the economic
Gallery, StingraeStudio
note that the crash as well as recent ecological
and The Hub.
Transforming disasters in our neighborhood
Tickets will soon be available Spaces event is country of Haiti. It is in times like
for purchase from the Na- created by a cu- these that we need to look to-
tional Art Gallery of The Ba- ratorial collective wards the visual arts for inspira-
hamas (NAGB), Doongalik made up of many of the self-run tion, encouragement and the abil-
Studios, Village Road and visual art spaces, who come to- ity to progress forward and it is
gether to ensure that over a for this that I welcome you to join
The Ladder Gallery. Tele- us on our Transforming Spaces
weekend Bahamians and visitors
phone us for more info. journey.”
are given an intense visual art


Our Doongalik Family cele-
brated the New Year by getting
together for our annual Staff
breakfast. We were happy that
former Sales Rep Marie Du-
AMOS FERGUSON— Bahamian puch who was home visiting
master, the late Amos Ferguson, from her rigorous studies
depicts these captured turtles in WILLICEY TYNES—We are abroad could attend! A great
his signature style. pleased to be featuring this strik- time was had by all!!
ing female bronze bust by Wil- 
licey in the Gallery. NATIONAL ART GALLERY
DEBATE—A Day of Absence


This new
print of an is-
land horse
TOBY LUNN—New abstract dip- from Susan
tychs by our Sales Rep. including joins her other
oils and stains as well as inks on popular ma- Doongalik Owner, Jackson
paper are available. Don’t miss rine images. Burnside (left) was invited to be
his upcoming work for Transform- a guest speaker along with Dr
ing Spaces! Nicolette Bethel (centre) and
Ward Minnis in a debate dis-
cussing the importance of Art-
P. NEKO ists in the Bahamian commu-
MEICHOLAS nity. View the ongoing dialogue
at and
We have two
new interesting
clocks by Neko
with marine mo- Don’t forget that if you would like
tifs! us to feature your Bahamian art-
JANE WATEROUS—Welcome work purchase in its new home in
back to Jane with this colourful
heart of resin on canvas. We also
your part of the world, please
have a few more of her fascinat- send us a digital image for publi-
ing figure paintings for sale. cation!