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From: “James Bond 097: Skyfall” Skyfall wy PAUL EPWORTH and ADELE ADKINS Published Under License From EMI Music Publishing 1© 2012 EMI Music Publishing Ltd and Universal Music Publishing Lud All Rights Resewed Authorized for use by NOTICE: Purchasers of this musical file are entitled to use it for their personal enjoyment and masiea fulfillment. However, any duplication, adaptation, arranging andior transmission ofthis copyrighted music equires the written consent of the copyright owner(s) and of EMI Musie Publishing. Unauthorized uses are infringements of the copyright, laws ofthe United States and olher counties and may subject the user to civil and/or eriminal penalties. $ Skyfall Words and Music by Adele Adkins and PaulEpworth d=76 cm) cm Ay mt? cw Gust 6 gy Gam Play section eH Ge Ey Ba BUA B a, cont. sim. Fm? old your breath and count =—S=" and then = burst again For this hear my heart © 7012EMI Mute PubiagL onsen PUBENCEEo for use by when it sky fall. swept a-way, rm sto ‘rum - bles, AL ‘we will stand. tall, ve downed and dreamt this mom = mt, so o-ver-de, 1 len, Let the cmd faceit all together, let the D709) a a tal, facet all to-geth-er at sky a Authorized for use by sky - cm AY Fm7 cm AY where we start. athou-sand miles and poles a -part, E Fm? AL Fr Fm7 where worlds collide and days are dark you may haverny mum-ber, you can take my nity — cm a 3 s+ = ‘but you'll nev-er have my heart. Authorized for use by (Let the sky fll, when it erum-bles, ‘ve will stand tall, faceit all___to-gelh-er let the when it crumbles, ‘we will standtall, cm F D769) a a ig © He Jetthe sky fall, ‘when iterum-bles, wwe willstand tal, sky fill, when it crumbles, wwe will standtall faceit all w-gether at sky - let the sky fall, when it erum-bes, ‘we will stand tll, = Authorized for use by let the sky fall, ‘whem it crum-bles, ‘we will stand tall) Se Fe ASG Where you go, ‘what you see, T know Pd cm9/B cm9/B, om Atmaj7 ais ‘me with-out the se = ew = Fi=ty_— fof your loving arms GID. re from harm, put your hand inmy hand and we'll stand Authorized for use by A (Let the sky fal, when it cw nim = bles, when it erum-bles, we will stand Ay to-geth-ee let the wwe will sand tall, sky let the sky fal fall, (o-geth-er ‘we will stand tall, wall, when it crumbles, Authorized for use by cm A Fm? let the sky fall, wwe will stand tal, emo) fs + Authorized for use by

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