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Attention Getter: So, youre planning a get together with all of your
friends. Almost everyone shows up, but one. You ask yourself Why isnt
he here?. So you call him up, and he doesnt answer. You accept the fact
that hes not going to show up, and go on with the gathering. You see him
again the next day, and you ask him Hey, what happened? I didnt see
you last night. Because... he says, uhh...I had other stuff to do, and
he walks away. Later on, you find out from another friend that he was
sitting all day, and all night playing World of Warcraft on his computer.
Relevancy: Video game addiction is a rather new issue, and it is still in
debate whether or not one can be addicted to a video game, although
people do say that they their friends and loved ones have been sucked
into a game, isolating themselves from the rest of the world.
Preview: What Im going to discuss today is video game addiction, what
are some of the causes, and how you can go about solving this problem
with someone you love, or maybe even yourself.
Transition: First off, let me explain that I am addicted to video games
myself, so I can relate to some of these issues.
First Main Point: Video game addiction is a proposed form of a compulsive
use of computer and video games. People can experience several different
symptoms such as carpal tunnel syndrom, sleep disturbances, back and
neck aches, head aches, dry eyes, and failure to eat regularly or neglect
personal hygiene. Now, different age groups handle this situation a little
differently from others. Children will spend most of their non-school hours
on the computer or playing video games, or fall asleep in school. They will
neglect their assignments, and their grades will worsen. They also will
drop out of their social groups, such as clubs or sports. Adults tend to
become obsessed or pre-occupied about being on the computer, even
when not connected. Hours playing video games or on the computer also
increase, seriously disrupting family, social or even work life. It sometimes
replaces the emotional life with their partner. And, with the introduction of
online games, the need to go out of their house and stop by the local
arcade has vanished.
Transition: Now you know exactly what the problem is, here are some of
the possible causes.
Second Main Point: As I mentioned earlier, World of Warcraft is what you
call an MMORPG, which stands for Massive Multiplayer Online Role

Playing Game. I, personally, have never played this particular game

myself, but I have played other games falling under the same category.
With games like these, you can connect online, and interact with
thousands, maybe even millions at one time. This can ultimately replace
ones social life as they no longer need to go out and spend time with their
real life friends as that void is filled up by the game. They find that the
game is too much fun and much better than the world outside of them.
It also incites competitiveness: striving to be the best, to be the first, to be
well-known, etc. Makers of these games understand that desire, and make
it so that its not easy for the average player to achieve that goal, as to
promote individuality, and demote a melting pot society within the gaming
community. Serious time and dedication is needed. But, it also holds true
with games that dont connect to the internet; playing a competitive game
with a real life friend can also incite such behavior. One other cause is
that people who usually play these games tend to have low self-esteem,
and playing video games is a way to escape from ones own life. Academic
problems, harassment at school, as well as social issues may cause a
desire to escape from reality.
Transition: Now that you know what the causes are, heres how you can
solve them.
Third Main Point: If you, or someone you love, is addicted to video games,
you can take these approaches. Try to plan more events with your friends
so that you can take yourself away from your house. Longer periods spent
away from the computer, or the console, will decrease the need and the
addiction for video games. Also, competition is not healthy. In the end, its
not going to matter how many levels you earn or how many victories
you obtain. Its not something that would particularly stand out in your
resumes, so please, make playing video games fun, and light hearted.
And, if video games are a way to escape from reality, then seeing a
psychiatrist may help with getting your self-esteem back.
Conclusion: Sure, video games are a lot of fun, and can be a great way to
get loads of stress of your back sometimes. But, too much of a good thing
can be bad, and same can be said about video games. Moderation is the
key. So, go out there, and live the "real life", not some fantasy.

The negative effects of playing video games
Have you known that video games can be a dangerous as drugs and
alcohol? Well, video games are placed in a less-concerned category;
should we play more video games? The answer is NO! Video games
create many negative impacts teenagers as well as many adults.

Therefore, they should be limited. According to recent studies, video

games can cause serious addiction, affect physical and mental
health, and some violent video games cause changes in a persons
behavior and their personality.
One reason that video games should be limited is addiction. Pretty
similar to other addictions, games addiction can easily ruin a
persons life. According to many experts and Translational
Psychiatry, the study about the neutral basic of video gaming,
frequent video games players brains produce enormous amount of
the feel good chemical dopamine. They can be classified as a
similar brain structure to gambling addicts. Therefore compulsive
players often have a hard time of tearing themselves away to the
computer screens. On the other hand, the majority of video game
players insist that video games help they relax and reduce stress.
Yet many researchers found out that video games cause obsession
and decrease responsibly to the people that are addicted. There are
also many reports that adults neglect their children and family. In
2007, there was case about Parent Neglect Starved Babies to feed
their Video Games. Each of them faces a maximum 12-yearprison
sentence. There are also financial problems when people spend all
their money to feed their thirst of video games. Video games create
many negative effects on teenagers as well as many full-grown
Similar to addiction, playing too much video game can certainly
affect a person mental and physical health. The most common
problem that video gamers face is obesity. According to many
studies, teenagers that are hooked by video games often have lack
of exercises. They spend their all day in front of the monitors playing
and eating unhealthy snacks. Video game players may have
separated themselves from physical activities and the society in
term of anti-socials. Many psychologists have classified it as a
mental problem that players are unaware of. People who spend 3-4
hours of playing video games per day often experience symptoms of
headaches and sleep disturbances like insomnia, sleep apnea,
narcolepsy, parasomnia, sleep walking or talking, and nightmares.
The reason for sleep disturbances is the excessive stimulation
caused in some parts of the brain. One of the major factors

contribute those sleeping disturbances is playing video games

continuously long durations. Also playing video games causes neck
pains and backaches with no proper posture maintained for long
time. On the other hand, some video games experts say that some
video games provide mental stimulation and require some form of
problem solving. There are also some game consoles like Wii and
Xbox 360 involve in physical activities like dancing and exercises.
However, they are not as active as normal exercises outside in fresh
air with sunshine. Exposing to video games too much can also really
damage your eyesight especially kids were born with weak eyesight.
Everything has its consequences so as playing video games.
The third reason that video games should be limited to children and
teenagers is the exposure of violent content in some video games.
According to Dr. Vincent Matthews and his colleagues at Indiana
University, violent video games may increase aggressive thoughts
and emotion in a persons brain. These effects seem to be stronger
in people who already tend to be aggressive. Therefore young kids
and early teens are very susceptible to these bad influences.
Researchers also found out that many older teenagers are attracted
to violent video games. Some reports said that they have been
desensitized to the violent content when games reward players for
doing immoral actions. Little do many of them aware that those
games are bad or try to convince themselves they wouldnt be
influenced by those actions. Desensitization is when someone
gradually begins to feel that violence is completely normal because
they dont have to face the consequences. All most every M-rated
video game uses inappropriate language. It is a big contributing
factor for a bad habit when young teenagers frequently use
inappropriate languages in everyday conversation. However, these
games are viewed as a totally exception to adults. Well not every
game tends to be bad. Some of them involve in education and
exercises. Video games can actually help kids to learn patterns and
improve hand-eye coordination. Many parent said that they pick the
video games that fit for their children. But the question is can
anyone prevent violent video games from kids and teenagers?
These bad influences can be passed by friends to others especially
in junior high schools. Some reports say that 89% of video games

involve in physical violence. For example Grand Theft Auto isnt an

appropriate game for children and teenagers under the age of 16.
The male characters seem to be aggressive and female character
usually being sexualized. Some video game consoles like Xbox 360
and Wii, put teenagers into deeper stimulation by requiring them to
move their arms and legs to execute any action they wish to
perform. Not every game is violent but most of them are and some
of them are pretty gruesome. Video games create bad influences for
children and teenagers.
Playing video games can ruin a persons life just the matter of time.
Video games promote serious addiction, affect physical and mental
health, and some violent video games cause changes in a persons
behavior and their personality. Many results have shown that they
put immense impacts on many teenagers as well as many fullgrown. Video games are not complete bad but they should be
strictly limited to kids and teenagers.

Video games promote negative impacts to university students.
Central idea: to tell the negative impacts of video games and its solutions.
General purpose: to persuade audience
Specific purpose: to persuade audience to control the addiction of video games.
Body 1
There are several negative impacts to university students who were addicted to play video

Too much video game playing makes us anti-social. Also, we may spend less time
in other activities such as doing homework, reading, sports, and interacting with the family
and friends.

Video games do not exercise our imagination actually. Using imagination may be
important in developing creativity.

Some video games teach us the wrong values. Violent behavior, vengeance and
aggression are rewarded. Women are often symbols of weaker characters that are helpless
or sexually provocative. Besides, Games can confuse reality and fantasy.

As university students, our priority is our academic performance. Academic

achievement may be worse if we spent our time more to play video games. Studies have
shown that the more time a university students spends playing video games, the poorer is his
performance in academic.

Furthermore, Video games may also have bad effects on health, including obesity,
video-induced seizures. and postural, muscular and skeletal disorders, such as tendonitis,
nerve compression, carpal tunnel syndrome.

When playing online, you can pick up bad language and behavior from other
people, and may spoil your mother tongue.

Transition~ from the beginning of my speech, I just keep talking about the effect of video
games. But, now I going to tell you about the solutions to control all of those effects as we are
university students. Now we go one by one.
Body 2

Accept responsibility. The problems lie within the individual, not the game. The
problem is not the existence of video games, the content of games, but the person who
chooses to play them. We are matured people, so it is depend on us to make a decision.

Identify the impact. How many hours a day do you spend your time to play games?
Do you normally go out on weekend? When was the last time you read a book? By identifying
the negative impacts of the addiction will help you focus on positive improvements and get
back what you missed.

Avoid blaming others. Blaming others for problems that you need to control does
not solve the problems. Gaming industry or manufacturers not the cause of this problem, and
blaming them does not solve the problem.

Set limits. If you decide that you only have 1 hour to play game, so stick to that.
Choose your game correctly! Be a person with self-esteem, doing good things continuously.

As the conclusion, video games actually have good and bad effects. But, the bad effects are
more apparent. Even though, it has a bad effects, all of these can be overcome by few steps,
and depending on us whether to avoid it or not


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