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Solar Power Solution For Egypt

Solar Power requirement
TPS Offer
Discussion points

Shankar KM
May 2014

World Solar Energy potential

Average: 5.75 kWh/m2/day

2100 hours/year of 1 kW/m2
2012 IBM Corporation

Africa and Middle East Solar Energy flux

Shankar KM
May 2014

Solar Powered Data Centers


Bangalore India

50 KW



Rio Rancho, New


10 KW



New St. Louis




Maiden ,N.C







DuPont Fabros

New Jersey

2.17 MW


IBM's solar-power array atop the roof of

the company's software development lab
in Bangalore, India

An aerial view of the massive solar power array on the

roof of the DuPont Fabros NJ1 data center in New Jersey
Shankar KM
May 2014

A Clean, Green source of

50.4kW Solar power Grid
connect solution
Feeds ~20% of IBM
Bangalore data center IT load
Highly efficient Si-based
solar modules : 34V x175 W
/per panel x 288 panels
72 x 5'' crystalline Solar
Cells (125x125mm) in series
per panel
Digital Signal Processor
based automatic Grid Export
Conditioner (GEC)

Key Objectives
Showcase solar power for data centers
Showcase solar power distribution to IBM High Vdc racks

Frame foundation is capable

to withstand up to 75Kms / hr
wind pressure
Equipped with earthing and
lightning protection
Eliminates need of Battery

Showcase solar power distribution to generic 208 Vdc racks

Develop IBM DCS offering for solar fed data center
2014 IBM Corporation

Solar-HVDC Multi source for zEC12/vdc servers

Grid 440 V AC

Multisource 380 vdc

DC Power

380 vdc

Key Objectives

Solar mono crystalline modules

34.5V*175 W *12 Nos * 6 Arrays

380 vdc

Goal : To set up the P7 IHS

Mariner Server with the Chilled
Water Connectivity ,Integrated
Solar +HVDC
-Multi source Infrastructure
which is suppose first of its kind
deployment across IBM Globally
Demonstrate to Clients as "
Technological Innovation "
(Combination of HPC+ Chilled
water + HVDC Solar )

P7 IHs Mariner

To Set up P7 IHS Mariner Server

Via Solar Multi Source DC Power
Work in Progress
Chilled Water Infrastructure @
the Data center is ready
Facility Chill water Connection

Under Deployment Work in Progress

2012 IBM Corporation

Solar PureFlex at Nairobi Research Lab

4 kW Solar Array @ IBM Research Center
Load type: Single node Pureflex / System
Module mounting structure: roof
mounting / ground mounting
Special foundationless structures
Hybrid MPPT UPS systems with 3
hours battery backup

India Software Labs shares expertise with the team in Nairobi to energize PureFlex system
Shankar KM
May 2014

Solar Power Requirement @Egypt

Site and Facilities team -recently signed off contract with the Client for the Design
and Build a Data Center @ Egypt
1) 2x 100KW UPS (for redundancy)
2) Turn-key Project including all engineering disciplines (cooling, power,
architectural, BMS, fire, security, cabling etc.).
Client extremely enthusiastic about solar energy for DC


Solar energy




Average Solar
irradiation is 5.5
Hours , Remaining
hours to be powered
thro the battery back

2012 IBM Corporation

TPS Proposal

2012 IBM Corporation

TPS Proposal


Costs ( @ Ex. works )

Solar Inverter Costs

Option 1

96 KWp with 6 hours of battery

Back up - 300 wp -MultiCrystalline -Silicon Model * 320
Nos - 20 KW*4 nos of grid
Interactive - Solar Inverter -415 V
AC output , 5 * 48 V * 2000 Ah
@ 10 C SMF VRLA Battery Back
up for 6 Hours of time duration &
all those necessary cabling /
accessories for the Plant

378,037 USD
( Tentative Cost Break up-Panels
upto 60 % , Inverter - 8 to 9% ,
Batteries 20 % & Installation &
Commissioning and Accessories
10 % )

31000 USD

Option 2

120KWp with 24 hours of

battery Back up
300 wp -Multi- Crystalline -Silicon
Model * 400 Nos - 20 KW*4 nos
of grid Interactive - Solar
Inverter-415 V AC output , 5 * 48
V * 6000 Ah @ 10 C SMF VRLA
Battery Back up for 6 Hours of
time duration & all those
necessary cabling / accessories
for the Plant

626,530 USD

31000 USD

Option 3

120KWp Grid Interactive / Grid

tied concept - ( No battery Back
up )

~ 375 K USD

2012 IBM Corporation

TPS Proposal

2012 IBM Corporation

TPS Proposal

2012 IBM Corporation

TPS response
IBM Questions

TPS Response

Local representation and support. This is a BIG concern, because we

would be tied to the "local" rep's skills. So we would like to know who
that rep is and have the chance to check him out.

Presently I&C is not included in the offer. However we are appointing an

Agent to deliver I&C services which shall be concluded and ready for
operation in 2-3 weeks.

The offer is clearly turn-key. However there are many items which we
need to procure locally, such as the power board (Schneider from the
Egypt plant), power cables (local UL listed manufacturer) etc. It does
not make sense to import power cables !

since the capacity is small we will not be able to locally source presently. We
can decide on local inputs once our Agent is on board i.e. in 2-3 weeks.

Batteries : I have noted that the batteries brand is not specified. They
are also specified as VRLA which seems to be a concern. We had a
very long discussion with the Socomec specialist regarding battery
technologies which are best matched for PV storage, and there are
clearly very intricate issues in this area

The batteries selected is VRLA which have been widely used by Telecom and
UPS manufacturer for back-up application. We will be pleased to evaluate
socomec battery technologies and see its pros and cons. Could you furnish
these details please?

What about Thin-Film PV sheets ? They are 20-30% cheaper, and their
maintenance issues can be easily resolved. Are the "TPS" type
specified in the offer thin-film ?

we do not supply thin film products. However pls note that over 80% of
worldwide installations are Polycrystalline modules which are more proven
and widely deployed due to their bankability. Even today thin film products do
not have a clear warranted degradation pattern.

2012 IBM Corporation

Observations around Solar Power

Solar power can provide an excellent alternative for a country like India & Egypt
that has shortages of power
Solar power can reduce the dependence on the diesel power generators
thereby reducing the cost of data center operations; and solar power provides a
clean source of energy
Solar technology is continuing to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic panels and
reduce their cost
New generation IT systems that run on DC voltage can run directly off DC voltage
from the PV panels

2012 IBM Corporation