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Harshvardhan Kulkarni
mobile: +91 9873253389 email:
current location: Gurgaon, India
Professional Career Summary:
Above 5 years of total IT experience in application analysis, design, development/enhancement,
debugging, unit testing, bug fixing, peer review activities in universal banking, capital market and
money market.Possess analytical, logic building, prioritizatation, multitasking, debugging skills, and
adaptive nature.

Currently serving Polaris Financial Technology as a Money Market and Foreign Exchange
back office settlement system-WSS Oracle Reporting DB developer in Royal Bank of
Scotland from Sep 2013 to present.
Previously served Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets (erstwhile Headstrong Services),
Bengaluru as a FISS(Barclays in-house Settlement system) Oracle Developer in Barclays
Investment Bank from June 2011 to August 2013 (2 years and 3 months).
Served Oracle Financial Services Software (erstwhile i-flex solutions), Bengaluru as a
developer for universal banking solution (FLEXCUBE) from Oct 2008 to May 2011 (2 years
7 months).

Software Competencies and Skills:

Operating Systems: UNIX and Windows

Programming Languages:
o Primary: SQL and PL/SQL on ORACLE 9i, 10g and 11g
o Secondary: UNIX commands and Shell scripting, Debugging skills in JavaScript and
Java, Autosys Jil Scripting
o Oracle: SQL*Plus, PL/SQL developer, SQL Developer, and Toad
o Version Control: SVN, Perforce, and Clear case (GUI)
o Requirement or Bug Management: Atlassian JIRA, and OFSS in-house tool Bugz
o UNIX: Putty, and WinScp
o Scheduling: Autosys and Job Information Language (jil)
o Rapid Application Development: OFSS in house RAD(MICON) to create GUI
Artifacts and Documentation: Experience in creating, reviewing and understanding,
Functional Specification, Design Specification, Program Specification and Unit Test Plans
,Technical Specification based on Business Requirement Document using MS Word, Excel,
MS Paint or Atlassian Confluence, comfortable in working on shared and versioned source

Project Highlights:

Employer-1: Polaris Financial Technology, Gurgaon (Current Employer)

Project-1: M&IB Rainbow Program (Current Project)
Design, code and unit testing for Reporting Schema.
o Duration: from September 2013 to present
o Application Overview:
o Domain :Money Market(MM) and Foreign Exchange(FX) settlement system
o Team Size: 9
o Technology:
SQL and PL/SQL on ORACLE 10g and 11g,UNIX Shell Scripting,
Autosys JIL scripting
Harshvardhan Kulkarni

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Role : Database Application Developer
Analysing business requirements, Liaising with Business Analysts or
Experienced members or stakeholders to get the requirement clarified,
then coding and unit testing
Creating and keeping Functional Spec, Tech Spec, User's Guide up to
Migrating required objects and data to generate required reports.
Building SQL and programs to generate financial reports, scheduling
their generation and transmission to respective contact.
Deciding re-run, archiving and purging mechanism for the data in
reporting schema.
Helping and reviewing work of peers.
Employer-2: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets, Bengaluru(Previous Employer)
Project-1: Transitional Enhancements (Previous Project)
Development, maintenance and enhancement activities for a trading settlement
system of an investment banking Client
o Duration: from April 2012 to August 2013
o Application Overview: Back Office Settlement System for Equities and Bonds
o Domain: Capital Market
o Team Size: 12 team members
o Technology:
SQL and PL/SQL on ORACLE 11g,UNIX Shell Scripting, Pro*C
o Role : Database Application Developer
o Responsibilities:
Analysing business requirements, estimating impact and effort of change
Documenting design and unit testing approach, developing and unit
testing of the code
Doing check -in of the final source code in version control repository
Reviewing design document or code developed/ modified by peers
Supporting to business users during UAT phase
Developing new reports and modifying existing reports as per business
Correcting SWIFT messages for various events in trade settlement
Modifying DB related objects, Shell Scripts and Pro*C according the
changes required in GUI of Settlement System
Participating in defect detection and prevention processes to bring the
quality in the application, modifying review checklist, Standard docs
Comparing, analysing large set of data and made decisions based on it
Understanding, modifying long and complex sql queries and tuning
queries and routines for better performance

Employer-2: Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets, Bengaluru

Project-2: Equity Day2
Enabling new features or enhancing existing features to GUI of Settlement system
o Duration: from June 2011 to March 2012
o Domain: Capital Market
o Application Overview: Back Office Settlement System for Equities and Bonds
o Team Size: 10 Team members
o Technology:
SQL and PL/SQL for ORACLE 9i, Basic UNIX commands
o Role: Database application developer
Harshvardhan Kulkarni

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o Analysing business requirements provided by Team Leads
o Documenting the design and unit testing approach, developing and unit
testing of the code, fixing system testing and UAT defects.
o Developing, modifying PL/SQL procedures, SQL queries according to the
business requirements, base lining source code file in version control tool, if
needed comparing and merging the code
o Performance testing and tuning of SQL queries using TkProf trace files

Employer-3: Oracle Financial Services Software, Bengaluru

Project-1: Implementation Support
o Duration: 1.5 years from Dec 2009 to May 2011
o Application and Domain: Core Banking Solution for Universal Banking
o Technology: SQL and PL/SQL for ORACLE 11g
o Team Size: 15 Team members
o Role and Responsibilities:
Liaising with implementation teams across the globe and Kernel Team
for analysing and fixing bugs/difficulties during implementation phase of
the product FCJ for all the versions FCUSB 10.x, 11.x
Simulating issues, debugging code using tool PL/SQL developer, putty,
clearcase and bug tool, MICON(RAD) Tool, Visual Studio, Jdeveloper,
Weblogic, FCJ Installer
Fixing defects and developing new functionality based on
implementation requirement complying with the standards and processes
of the organisation
Employer-3: Oracle Financial Services Software, Bengaluru
Project-2: FCUBS Development:
o Duration: 1 year from Oct 2008 to Nov 2009
o Application and Domain: Core Banking Solution for Universal Banking
o Team Size: 35 Team members
o Technology: SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle 10 g and 11g
o Role and Responsibilities:
Understanding various technologies, functionalities, and architecture of
core banking solution (FLEXCUBE) and doing hands on of the tools like
RAD/MICON tool, Installer, Jdeveloper.
Developing GUI and DB related units for FCUSB versions 10.x, 11.x
across various modules including primarily Teller, Inventory and CASA
Documenting of the requirement, implementation approach,
comprehensive testing of the code, fixing the issues/defects

Educational Details:

Bachelor of Technology from GLAITM, Uttar Pradesh Technical University in

Electronics and Communication Engineering in year 2008 with 70.0%
12th (PCM) from Uttar Pradesh Board in year 2003 with 79.6%
10th from Uttar Pradesh Board in year 2001 with 80.5%

Personal Details:

Date of Birth: July 15, 1986

Language Known: English and Hindi
Passport: Indian, H1221969, valid from 24-Oct-2008 to 23-Oct-2018
Harshvardhan Kulkarni

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Onsite Travel Experience: Short term in Singapore as part of Knowledge Transition team
Native Place: Gautam Bhawan Near SDM Court, Navin Basti, Town-Bidhuna, DisttAuraiya, State-Uttar Pradesh, Pin-206243.
Local Address: House Number 429, Sector-21, Pocket A, Near Anand Farm, Gurgaon,

Sign: Harsh Place: Gurgaon

Date (dd-mon-yyyy):

Harshvardhan Kulkarni