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Maricela Ramirez

5463 Yvonne Circle Las Vegas NV 89122

Home (702) 489-3015
Cell (702) 666-7028
Seeking a chalenging position in the areas of Spanish speaking communication field. that
will utilize my working knowledge, ability of both written and verbal Spanish and English skills.
ability to be a hard worker, a fast learner and a team player to bring profits to chosen


• Boze Elementary School Distric Number 10

• Starling Cactus Interpreters
• Note World
• Universal Language
• Language Connection, LLC
• Seattle Interpretation Services, Inc.


Boze elementary} Worked as a teacher assistance for early child hood. Career
achivement, responsible of with assistance from childcare cordinator, design and arrange space
allowing for a variety of activities to promote children independence in using the classroom,
responsible of teaching the children Spanish, and help Spanish speaking children to learn and
understand English responsible to maintain safety of classroom enviroment and inform Spanish
speaking parents if their kids where in dangared. Tutored English as a second language for

Starling Cactus Interpreters} Responsible of calling my patients one day before their
doctors appointment, and schedule new appointments, keep in touch with doctors to keep my
patients inform about their new doctors appointment.

Note World} Responsible for front desk coverage, customer service representative, sign-
in and sign out logs by accupants and verified incoming calls, update customers charts, data
entry, answer phones, schedule customers, greet customers, provide English/Spanish services for
staff and customers

Universal Language} Conduct medical and general interpreting for staff, patients, doctors,
and their families. Assess and monitor interpretation activities according to hospitals standars.

Language Connection, LLC} Maintain confidentiality in all matters related to patients

Seattle interpretation Services, Inc.} Worked for four of the main hospitals in Seattle
Washignton which are the following. Seattle Childrens Hospital, Swedish Hospital, Seattle Harbor
View, University of Washington
Swedish Hospital has been the premier health care provider in the Pacific Northwest, and
trusted resource for people when it trutly counts.
Seattle Harvor View Medical Center is one of the Natio's leading academic medical,
centers and the only level one adult and pediatric trauma and burn center serving, Washignton,
Alaska, Montana, and Idaho.
Seattle Childrens Hospital specializes in meeting the unique physical, emotional and
developmental needs of children from infancy through young adult hood.
University Of Washington Medical Center, UW Medical Center was named the nation's
first Magnet Hospital for excellence in nursing care by American Nurses credentialing Center
which has continued to honor UWMC every four years.
Working for this hospital gave me truly and unique experience.
Responsible to translate Spanish/ English childbirth physicians and families, participated in
childbirth education classes, worked with High-Risk pregnancies and newborns, Follow-Up care
and support, with moms, dads and babies, worked with Maternity Support clinics, surgical
services,Assisted anesthesiologist, explained pattient risks about anesthesia, assisted patient to
understand risks and help them with paper work before anesthesia was given, because
anesthesia is critical process. Assisted surgeons in the operating room with verbal translation from
Spanish to English , while patient was having a C-section , assisted in the recovery room.
Harvor View and Swedish Emergency Room (ER) Teams, translated Spanish/ English to (ER)
physicians, ability to to handle most urgent illnesses and injuries, be aware that most can handle
the mayorty of emergency needs such as gunshots wounds, or massive burns, Ability to arrive
with wait time much shorter than regular average
Seattle Childrens Hospital, Spanish/English.. Assisted physicians at the following
departments. Airway, Breathing and lung conditions, Bone, Joint and Muscle Conditions, Brain,
Nervous System, and Mental Conditions, Cancers and tumors,
Chromosomal and Genetic conditions, common, Childhood conditions, Digestive and
Gastrointerstinal conditions, eye, ear, Nose,and Blood conditions, Infectius, diseases, kidney,
reproductive and urinary condition.


Westminister High School Graduated/Diploma CA

Golden West Comunity College Graduated/ Diploma CA

Business Computer Technology Institute Graduated/Certificate WA


Fluent In English, Spanish, Excellent customer service skills, detail oriented with the ability
to multi-task,
Knowledge of medical terminology, general knowledge of the subject to be interpreted,
ability to express thoughts clearly and concisely in both languages computer software literate,
excellent note taking technique


High Levels of enthusiasm and commitment to a succesful communication career.

Strong leadership qualities; able to schedule priorities and perform, delegate accordingly to
effectively accomplish task at hand. Working knowledge of both written and verbal Spanish and
English, I'am flexible, reliable. Team player to do telephone interpretation works, available for


Active Reading Stratergies, Cycling Training, Kickboxing,