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Primero Project Brief Protection partners from UNICEF, IRC, Save the Children, UNFPA, DPKO and OSRSG-CAAC

Primero Project Brief

Protection partners from UNICEF, IRC, Save the Children, UNFPA, DPKO and OSRSG-CAAC have embarked upon a process of innovation to provide more effective and secure information management (IM) support to country offices and field-level protection partners. In order to meet the IM standards outlined in the Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action, modern data management systems are required. Work on this strategic priority is advancing rapidly towards the goal of deploying a common protection IM system which brings value to field-level practitioners while providing evidence for programming and policy at national, regional and global levels.

The Information Management and Innovation to Protect Children in Emergencies project has developed a software application that will help partners securely collect, store, manage, and share data for protection-related incident monitoring and case management. The new system is called Primero (Protection-related Information Management). It is a “next generationof the field-tested inter-agency CPIMS and GBVIMS systems, currently in use in 20+ countries. These systems, along with the MRMIMS, operate as separate modules on the Primero platform. The inter-agency Steering Committees that govern their use will continue to support these new modules.

Primero is flexible and adaptable to accommodate a broad range of protection concerns including GBV, family tracing and reunification, and grave violations of children’s rights in situations of armed conflict. To meet operational challenges, the application was designed to function both on- and off-line, with limited or no connectivity, and in multiple deployment configurations. A strong emphasis has been placed on security and confidentiality. Tiered access and granular, role-based security ensures that only those who need to see data will have access to it. All system transactions are time stamped, password protected and encrypted.

Primero has a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools, facilitating the work of field personnel while decreasing security risks and duplication. The application also takes advantage of mobile data gathering tools such as RapidFTR on smart phones and tablets. In order to optimize results, Primero was designed to be able to exchange data

internally between modules, as well as externally with other IM systems. In addition to imports and exports, Primero has a highly secure application program interface (JSON API). Ownership of data remains with the implementing agency. Data exchanges between organizations will be governed by endorsed information sharing protocols adapted to local contexts. Primero design is based on the “need to know” principle; it does not impose data sharing, but facilitates it when consent is provided, and when it is deemed appropriate and safe by partners.

Primero was designed by users, for users. The application has been rigorously tested, including field tests in Kenya/Kakuma, Jordan/Za’atari and Somalia/Mogadishu. Primero underwent a comprehensive third party security assessment and planning for phased roll-outs in 5-7 countries in 2015 has begun. UNICEF NYHQ March 2015

countries in 2015 has begun. UNICEF NYHQ – March 2015 Coming soon: