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A transaction can be a single unit of work. A transaction in business terminology is that an

economic event that changes the financial position of an organization; often takes the form of

an exchange of economic consideration (such as goods, services, money, or rights to collect

money) between two parties. Therefore, a Business Transaction Processing System is a

system that supports a business in the delivery of its business transactions. Transactional

processing system is a basic information system that serves the operational level. It is a

computerized system that performs the daily routine transaction necessary to conduct for

example Deposits, payments, orders or reservations. Business TPS collect, store, analyse and

modify the daily transactions of an organization.

A Business TPS should have the ability to process work flows. Each state of the business

transaction can be represented by a step in the work flow. Each step in the work flow may be

composed of the following phases:

1. Work Planning - The periodic process of planning for future work. This often involves

review of historical work.

2. Work Receiving and Arrival Reporting - The process of receiving and getting control over

newly arrived work.

3. Work Monitoring - Review all available work, prioritization and scheduling the work that

have to be done.

4. Work Processing and Recording - Doing the work and recording the results of the work.

5. Work Routing - Based on the change in state to the work, pass the work along to the next

stage in the processing.

6. Work Evaluation - On a periodic basis, analyze the work. The information from this step

is often the input to the Work Planning phase.

Efficiency is defined as the most output is obtained from a given amount of inputs. It is the

art of producing more with less effort. It is the capacity to execute a task correctly, always

trying to improve one's performance. When the bank maximizes the output from the given

level of input, pure technical efficiency occurs.

To make a bank more efficient it is necessary to introduce new technologies. The

advancement of new technology has a direct effect on the efficiency of a bank. Now days

Banks are increasing their use of information technology which allow them to become more

efficient and offer new service like automated tellers, telephone banking and the Internet

banking. Financial innovation and automation have been major forces impacting on the

performance of the banking sector.

For this particular research I have selected National Bank of Pakistan as an organization.

National Bank of Pakistan maintains its position as Pakistan's premier bank determined to set

higher standards of achievements. It is the major business partner for the Government of

Pakistan with special emphasis on increasing Pakistan's economic growth through aggressive

and balanced lending policies, technologically oriented products and services offered through

its large network of branches locally and internationally.

The National Bank of Pakistan is a Commercial Bank and transacts all types of Banking

Business. The National Bank of Pakistan was established on November 29, 1949 as a semi

public commercial bank.

It has offices at all the major financial centers of the including places likes 100 wall streets,

New York and United nations Plaza. Its International net-work includes Branches at Bahrain,

Cairo, Paris, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London and Washington D.C. Karachi and representative

offices also functioning at Beijing and Seoul.

In Pakistan, the bank provides complete bank facilities to the people at over 1436 Branches

operating even at the far lug Northern Areas. National Bank of Pakistan is the first bank in the

country to introduce and implement supervised Ruler Credit Programmed help small farmer

to obtain loans at his doorsteps on easy terms and conditions.

Organizational structure of National bank of Pakistan:



Procincial Chiefs/SEVPs

Regional Chief / EVP

Zonal Chief / SVP

Vice President

Assistant Vice President

Officer Grade-I,II,III
The National Bank has great contribution towards building wide Banking structure in

Clerical and non-clerical staff

Pakistan and serving all aspects of the National life and all classes of society. NBP is fully

aware of the developments taking place in the world as well as the changes occur in the
economic and social condition with in the country. The bank is determined to meet new

challenges by redefining its goals and strategy.