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David Curran

Edmond, OK 73025
Phone: 714.612.8388 E-Mail:

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Services. Powerful communicator, adept at building highly
motivated, solution-driven teams; generating a culture of trust, adventure, and exceptional results. Cultivates
leadership, team collaboration and innovation. Entrepreneurial executive with proven track record of superior
performance in sales, marketing, training, data analytics, team and technology management. Passionate, energetic,
driven; achieving excellence through values, vision, and accountability.
Quick Look: Results

VP Enrollment/Consultant
Director of Enrollment
Enrolled 1800 students, 2013
Grew online programs 300% in 30 months
Increased Retention +15%
Improved Student Satisfaction Metrics 5-15%
Improved conversions 40%
Start-up |Marketing | Training |Systems
Grew enrollment 80% in 9 months LMS, CRM, SIS Implementation

Sales Manager
Grew revenue: $16M to $45M
Increased margin: 25% to 36%
National Award Winning Sales
Earned #1 Nationally -15 Times

Core Competencies
Business/Start-up Development
Education Recruitment Online
Sales & Service Training

Seasoned | Innovative | Proactive

Principle Centered Leadership
Positive Culture | Constant Feedback

Strategic Use of Data

Sales Pipeline Management
Simplifying Processes

ENROLLMENT-PLUS: Principle Consultant

April 2014-Present

Client Results: Oral Roberts University (ORU) Tulsa, OK. Increased enrollment 80% in 9 months. Increased
Student Satisfaction Survey Results in all areas (avg. 5%+). Created new opportunity strategy, without
adding expenses, resulting in 40% more conversions. Cut student application-to-matriculation time by 70%.

Reported to Provost, worked with C-level Executives, Deans, Dept. Directors, and each person involved
along the enrollment path to a identify bottlenecks and implement a highly efficient, collaborative strategy.

Led team to implement Desire 2 Learns (D2L : online learning platform) Insights system, negotiated contract
saving 40%.

HOBSONS EMS: Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services

(MACU) 2009-2012* 2012- 2014

Start-up. Hired, trained, and managed 55+ team members in 4 states, adding 1800 new enrollments in 2013.

Facilitated deployment of new CRM, Intelliworks, providing a more efficient platform, resulting in improved
enrollment conversion metrics by 50-100% over previous year with Mid-America Christian University.

Worked with IT to maximize Desire2Learn reporting, creating a dashboard for campus leaders, early
warning system for student services, and evaluation for faculty.

Launched innovative relationship program to develop synergy between Hobsons and client staff/faculty
resulting in fewer political roadblocks, better processes, faster timelines, and a more positive culture.

*Mid-America Christian University (MACU) entered into an agreement with Hobsons to outsource Marketing,
Enrollment Management, and Student Services. At that time, I was recruited by Hobsons, promoted, and given
the expanded role and title above. My leadership role was contiguous with my leadership position at MACU.


Grew online programs 300% in 30 months

Improved Student Satisfaction Metrics 5-15%
Start-up |Marketing | Training |Systems
LMS, CRM, SIS Implementation



Start-up. Created integrated network to buy and sell pre-owned technology, equipment, cubicles, furniture,
and office supplies in the online and local resale space.

Cold-call prospecting sales, service, and manufacturing industries.

Active Licensed Life and Health Broker, Orange County, California and Oklahoma



Promoted from sales to Sales Manager to drive the nations #1 Home Theater Store for 20 consecutive years.

Increased sales from $16M to $45M .

Simplified customer environment for fast decisions and immediate fulfillment improving closing rate.

Hired and trained high performance sales teams, all members achieving national recognition, 2004-2007.

Implemented strategic product display combinations improving gross margin from 25% to 36%.

Earned LA Times Best Places to Shop multiple years.

Worked with top executives from Mitsubishi, Matsushita (Panasonic), Yamaha, etc. as #1 retailer.


Salesmen of the Year, 1999, 2001 (promoted to management)

National Sales Winner, Mitsubishi Electronics, 2005

Multiple Quarterly and Annual performance awards, Mid-America Christian University 2009-2011

Mid-America Christian University
Bachelor of Science Management and Ethics (4.0 GPA)
Sigma Beta Delta: International Honors Society for Business, Management and Administration
Presidents Club Inductee: Sandler Training