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Community and Public Health

Group 2


This rating sheet will serve as the evaluation of the assessment, clean-up drive and
interventions the group 2 of BSMT-2B has completed and accomplished to check if the
group has reached its objectives for the community.
Calculate and Build a good relationship to the individuals, families
and residents of Purok 8C.
1. Did the families of Purok 8C greeted & welcomed you throughout
the community exposure?
2. Did the residents of Purok 8C cooperated & helped you to rebuild
their community?
3. Did the individuals such as the children, the parents especially the
Purok leaders accepted you and your interventions?
4. Was your relationship to the Purok 8C residents meaningful?
Impart a good mark of Influence in terms of:
House Cleanliness:
1. Did the residents of Purok 8C improved the cleanliness of their
2. Are the changes in cleanliness maintained by the residents?
3. Did the families of Purok 8C atleast tried to make their houses
A pristine ones?
4. Are their any changes in the inside part of their house?
5. Are their any changes in the outer part of their house?
Proper Hand washing:
1. Did the individuals of Purok 8C atleast uphold to wash their
Hands properly?
2. Did they learn and apply the steps to proper hand washing?
3. Are they following proper hand washing before and after
4. Are they following proper hand washing before preparing



Proper Hygiene:
1. Did the selected residents who received the Hygiene Kit
improved their Body Hygiene?
2. Are their any improvements of the childrens nails?(cleanliness)
3. Are their any improvements of the families hair if its properly
clean and groomed?
4. Are their any improvements of the mouth and teeth of the members
of the families in terms of clean and protected mouth?
5. Overall Body Hygiene, is there an improvement?
Promote a proper, well-segregated, clean and systematic Garbage
1. Did the residents of Purok 8C identified already the difference
between Biodegradable and Non- Biodegradable?
2. Did the residents know what to and what not to throw in
Biodegradable and Non- Biodegradable?
3. Did the Proper Garbage Disposal Frame Program was a useful
tool to alter garbage problems?
4. Was the Proper Garbage disposal Frame Program used by the
community in Purok 8C?
5. Did the Garbage Disposal Program lessen the garbages and trashes
in the surrounding?
Contribute a livelihood that could be: 1st, a part of a Mini-Business and
Money Making Procedure and 2nd, for lifestyle and Health Environment
A. Hanging Bottles

B. Alternative Candle

C. Plastic to Useful Things

1. Did it amazed the community?

2. Was it of useful purpose to showcase it to the community?
3. Was the livelihood introduced by the group spares knowledge to the
4. Could it be for money making purposes?
5. Could it help their lives in terms of their needs?
Leave a firm and adequate health and mental promoter materials such as
Garbage Disposal Frames and Plastic Bags, Broom and Dustpan, Hygiene
Kit and School Supply for the children.
Hygiene Kit:
1. Was the Hygiene Kit a tool to have a clean and hygienic body?
2. Was the Hygiene Kit mark a change for the people in Purok 8C?

Garbage Disposal Frame and Plastic Bags:

1. Was it a tool to have a clean Purok after it was provided?
2. Was it properly used by the Purok?
3. Did it change the Bad habits of the residents when it comes to
Proper disposal?
Broom and Dustpan:
1. Did it make the Purok more clean compared before?
2. Was it useful?
School Supply for the children:
1. Did it enhance the skills of the children in Purok 8C?
2. Dd the school supply help sharpen the childs mentality?
3. Did the school supply atleast enrich the learnings, knowledge and
Skill of the child?