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Legendary Lover Volume III

Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

Copyright 2003. All rights reserved

General Agreement
You must always practice safe sex. Besides AIDS, there is chlamydia, genital warts, gonorrhea,
herpes, and unwanted pregnancy. If youre not practicing safe sex, please read other books or
check the Internet for more information before proceeding with the techniques in this book.
Taking care of your health is your responsibility.

This book is for informational purposes only. You assume full responsibility for your actions when
using the information in this book. Legendary Lover will not be held responsible in any way
resulting from your actions.

By reading this book you are agreeing to be bound by this agreement. If you do not accept this
agreement, do not need read this book and return it for a full refund. Otherwise, please continue.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

Legendary Lover Volume III

Table of Contents
General Agreement...

Table of Contents..

Part 1: Warming Her Up....

Environmental Cues..

The Erogenous Zones.....


Erogenous Zone Power Touch...


Breast Play for Breast Lovers..


Massage Tips....


Dirty Talk....


The Art of Tantric Practice and Philosophy...


Tantric Lovemaking Technique...


Seven Shallow Thrusts Tantra


Part 2: Getting Her Off.... 34

Her Orgasms.....


The Art of Cunnilingus.....


Developing tongue stamina.


The Secrets of Female Ejaculation....


G-spot Stimulation.....


Part 3: Sexual Nutrition and Health.... 54

Nutritional and Supplements


Stress and Sleep


Exercise and Physical Fitness. 60

More Information

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Part 1

Warming her up

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

Environmental Cues
Being a great lover means taking full advantage of Cuing.

Cuing refers to the fact that many of our biological drives require an environmental cue or signal
to make us aware of them. For instance, if you are busy or distracted you may not notice youre
hungry until you smell some burgers.

Sexual arousal works in a similar way for women. Cues help her to become aware of her sexual
needs and desires.

Cue: Room Lighting

Good lighting can be just as effective as any mood-altering drug. With

the right light, even the dumpiest room can be a place that encourages

Women dont like bright lights. Instead, you want to have low, indirect,
and diffuse illumination that creates a provocative effect. Pink light bulbs are easy on the eyes
and flattering on the skin. Red, orange, and yellow lights all resemble firelight. Using an up
light from the floor with colored bulbs can create a dramatic effect.

Women get turned on in the presence of flickering firelight as well. Everyone looks more sexy
and heroic in the glow of firelight. This doesnt mean you need to install a fireplace in your room.
Just have some candles ready to be lit.

Cue: The Bed

Most people shift positions about 40 to 60 times a night. And the bigger the bed, the less likely
youll roll on top of your woman. The best size bed for making love is a queen size or king size.
If your hallway is too narrow to fit a queen size or king size through, purchase a split instead,
which is a two piece box spring foundation that is assemble in the bedroom.

If you have the room and the money, consider investing in a

4-poster bed (see picture). Darker colors such as cherry
wood, suggest more masculinity. Make sure to have plenty

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

of fluffy pillows and a thick bedspread for maximum seductive effect.

If your mattress is more than 10 years old it may be time to buy a new one. A lot of bed swindlers
out there would love to take your money, so here are some tips when buying a new mattress.

Blowout sales: Blowout sales happen all the time, although advertisers would like you to think
theyre rare. Whats more, bargain prices are often discounted from phony retail prices, resulting
in little actual savings.

Slippery prices: List price on beds is often a made up price that you should never pay,
accompanied by a much lower discount price. You should try to negotiate on the discount price
as well.

Bait and switch: Youll often see an ad for a name-brand mattress at an incredibly low price (for
as little as under $100 sometimes). However, once you arrive at the store theyre sold out and
the salesperson will try to sell you a costlier mattress.

Same name, different product: Manufacturers often change the mattress specifications and
materials, even though the model name remains the same. So sometimes the showroom sample
could be different from the mattress that arrives to your home.

Aroma Sheets Seduction

Got some time to kill? Spread this little concoction in your sheets and women will
say ooh-la-la.
Mix together a blend of:
1/2 cup of corn starch
1/8 cup of baking soda
Add a dozen drops of scented oil, fragrance or perfume.
Mix it all together into a fine powder. Then sprinkle it into your bed sheets for a
night of extra hot sex, surrounded by an erotic aroma and powdery sheets.

Cue: Lovemaking Mirrors

Many women like to look at themselves in the mirror while making love. A mirror can show you
many angles that you would never otherwise see and give you the feeling that youre starring in

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

your very own porno. People are visual creatures and the more we see, the sexier the
experience. And no, putting your shaving mirror next to your bed isnt going to cut it!

Yet you probably dont want to have wall mirrors installed around your bedroom, unless youre
willing to spend the bucks to have it professionally done.

The easiest, cheapest way to get a high quality sex mirror into your bedroom is to purchase a
metal or wood cheval mirror or a paneled floor mirror.

Cheval mirrors are not only inexpensive (about $100 to $150 apiece), but you can move them
around your bedroom to experiment with different viewing angles. Not only that, a mirror might
distract a woman with issues with their appearance rather than enhancing the experience. If
thats the case, all you need to do is turn the cheval mirror around to face the wall.

A paneled floor mirror, which is consists of 3 mirrors paneled together into one piece of furniture,
will give you more viewing area than a cheval mirror. However, theyre more expensive expect
to pay about $200 to $300 apiece.

Cheval mirror, wood

Cheval mirror, metal

Paneled floor mirror

You can buy cheval and paneled mirrors online at

Cue: Seductive Music

The right music can subliminally put a woman in the mood for sex. Its been shown that slow,
heartbeat music makes our heart rate slow, muscles relax, posture become looser, and skin to
conduct more heat. Music also helps us experience trance-like states of altered consciousness
and let go of the normal, everyday distracting thoughts in her head.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

Even if her response is not obviously apparent, shell respond to music in subtle ways without
conscious thought. Scientific studies show that people return to the same store more often when
music that they like is playing in the background, even if theyre not fully conscious of it. Scientific
studies also suggest that music listening seems to encourage the release of endorphins that help
to block out feelings of pain and stress.

So get yourself a stereo that can play CDs and place it in your bedroom. Youll want to get a
multi-disk player that can handle three discs or more. And if you can create your own custom,
MP3 file CDs on your computer, youll want a stereo system that also plays MP3 CDs.

A budget stereo system for under $200 should get you a three-disc CD
changer, a cassette player, and halfway decent speakers. This is fine for a
small bedroom and you can find one at stores like Target, K-Mart, Circuit City,
and Wal-Mart. Unfortunately, most manufacturers have made most of the
inexpensive systems very bright and flashy, so if you want a more elegant, sophisticated look,
you may end up paying more for a higher end model.

For an enhanced playing experience, and if you have the money to

spare, you may want to get a package that includes a subwoofer and
four speakers for true 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound playback.
True surround sound creates an enveloping sound field that comes
from all directions for an almost surreal, immersing experience.
Expect to pay $400 or more for such a system. Best Buy and Sound Advice carry systems in
this range.

If youre lovemaking music collection is sparse or nonexistent, here are some suggestions to get
your basic collection started.

If We Fall In Love Tonight

By Rod Stewart

In this collection of love songs, Rod Stewart will bring her to new heights with
his beautiful, seductive voice thats perfect any night of sensual, sexy

Lets Get It On

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

By Marvin Gaye

A steamy swirl of seductive saxophone, this CD will bring her to a higher plan of true love and
uninhibited lovemaking.

Dirty Dancing
Motion picture soundtrack

For some playful fun in bed, play Dirty Dancing will bring back her old
memories and make her laugh. She may even know all the words by heart!
Great for some fun and romance.

Bill Withers Greatest Hits

Bill Withers

Smooth and sexy love songs that burn with fire.

No Angel
By Dido

Didos relaxing voice and beautiful melodies will give your lovemaking an extra
punch of intensity and emotion.

Shepherd Moons
By Enya

Probably the best-loved Enya CD, Shepherd Moons has a dreamy quality that
will take her away to an entirely new place of feeling and ecstasy.

By Andrea Bocelli

Bocellis album captures the archetype of romantic Italy. For a special night of
romantic lovemaking, touch her heart and sweep her away to old Europe.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

By Jesse Cook

Make some exciting, forbidden, spicy lovemaking with the music of the Spanish

My Name Is Joe
By Joe

Sexy rhythm and blues music that will have her humping you under the sheets.
Do her slow and cool, Joe style.

Roxy Music

Soft, atmospheric music for warm sex.

You can purchase any of these CDs at

Cue: Running Water

The combination of flickering candlelight with rippling water can create a uniquely spiritual,
relaxing mood for lovemaking. Putting a candle next to rippling water also creates all sorts of
interesting light reflections. You can usually find elegant but inexpensive fountains for as little as
$20.00. Here are some examples.

Cue: Smell

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline

Smell places a larger role in a womans sex cues than men realize. This is because women have
a keener sense of smell than us men so we dont take it into account. Youll get mega extra sex
points if you do.

Though you may feel pressure to splurge on the latest $50 cologne or exotic incense scent,
scientific studies show that women get most turned on by baby powder, lavender, and pumpkin
pie (of all things). Musky smells conjure up feelings of sex and seduction. Spice smells are
mysterious and exotic.

In the bathtub: add a little bath oil to the tub. When it mixes with the hot water, it gets mixed into
the evaporation a direct pipeline to her nose!

For the room: Buy some good incense. If you have a variety of aromas, you can let HER pick
which she likes best.

For yourself: Some say that women are more turned on by smell than any other sense. Even if
this is exaggerated, keep clean and use deodorant. If your deodorant is old, throw it out.
Deodorant will only last for about a year before it goes bad and makes you smell foul.

Cue: Chocolate

Chocolate stimulates the release of endomorphins in the brain, pleasure messengers that signal
a feeling of well-being and happiness. These same endomoprhins are released when you fall in
love. Chocolate therefore makes you feel more receptive to sexual activity. Chocolate also
contains L-arginine, which helps with erections in men and arousal in women.

Keep a box of individually wrapped chocolates on a table in a strategic place. Most women cant
resist an open treat like that and youve covertly drugged her into the right mindset. Just dont
let chocolates sit there for more then 3 months without changing them.

Cue: Bedroom

Your bedroom should be a tantric temple of comfort and sex. Dont clutter it up with crap that has
nothing to do with sleep or sex. Get the dirty pile of laundry off the floor, put that exercise gear in
the closet, and hide away your home computer.

And yes, the television too! Get the TV out of there!

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


When you bring work and a mess into the bedroom, you begin to associate your bedroom with all
kinds of negative emotions stress, work, mess and so on. This is called negative anchoring.

Rather, keep your bedroom pure and true. Replace the television with candles. Replace the dirty
laundry with a rich oriental carpet. Put a collection of incense where the computer was. Over
time, you and your woman will begin to associate only good times and good sex with your
bedroom. In effect, if the sex cues are powerful enough and your bedroom is free of negative
anchors, women will go into an automatic sex trance as soon as they walk in.

You may be in a small apartment or house with limited space. Dont go crazy trying to make it the
perfect sex bedroom. Be practical. Do what you can.

Cue: Hot Water Spa or Jacuzzi

Theres something about big round hot tubs and hot water that make women go bonkers horny

As soon as a women jumps into bubbling hot water, her blood circulation races faster all along
her skin, including through her pelvic area. Its kind of like getting a sensual massage all over
your body all at once. Ive watched Blind Date a number of times only to see guy after guy
blunder their way through the date and get rejected at the end of the night. But whenever the
show involved the couple stepping into a Jacuzzi, the woman would let her date put his hands all
over her and the night was a sexual success.

Now how in the hell DO you exactly get a hot spa?

Unless you have unlimited amounts of money, you do NOT want to build a hot spa into the floor.
Instead, youll want to get a model that sits upright, out and off of the floor. The prices vary, but
expect to pay $3,500 for a good one that holds 5 people, dozens of water jets, and a digital
temperature control panel.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The Erogenous Zones

Touch actually wires the brain and if children are not touched enough they can suffer from
behavioral and learning disabilities. Adults who dont get touched enough can suffer from whats
known as touch hunger, resulting in reduced sexual interest, emotional disturbances, and even
a weakened immune system.

Exteroceptors are the skins sensory nerves that sense touch. Even though you have millions of
them, most are concentrated around the lips, tongue, hands and fingers. However, other skin
areas have concentrated bundles of sensory nerves as well the erogenous zones.

Every woman has erogenous zones and knowing where they are gives you can incredible
advantage in the game of seduction. By stimulating a womans key erogenous zones youre not
only telling her subconsciously that youre an incredible, experienced lover, but you increase her
overall sexual energy and awaken her libido, making her ready and eager for orgasm.

Blood flow

So how does this work? The pressure of your touch increases blood flow to that area which
creates warmth and arousal there. Even if shes at first not in the mood, a little extra blood flow
will get her quickly aroused.

But dont over do it! Less is more. Grabbing and groping and hard rubbing will turn her off. A
soft touch goes a long way to a hard orgasm.


Women enjoy having their ears licked, sucked or kissed. However, contrary to popular myth,
dont blow into a womans ear its uncomfortable.

Backs of the knees

The backs of the knees are packed with sensory nerves. Women go wild when you gently lick or
nibble on them. But dont over do it. The area is very sensitive and you can make the sensation
annoying by touching too much or too roughly.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Front of the neck

Just breathing on the front of her neck will give her goose bumps all over. Using your tongue or
vampire bites feels even better.

Lift her hair up if its in the way and nibble it gently, pulling on her hair slightly so as to give her
that I want you so bad impression.

Inner thighs

The inside of the thighs are highly sensitive to touching, stroking and licking and just about any
kind of touch will turn her on like crazy. Just avoid biting this area too much as it is very sensitive,
or else you might end up with a boot in your face.


Believe it, its true. Women like it when you play around with their behinds. Some like mild
spanking and squeezing. But some women like having their butts licked, sucked and penetrated.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Erogenous Zone Power Touch

Use the Erogenous Zone Power Touch turn on a woman before a session of lovemaking. The
Power Touch touches her in ways and erogenous zones that most men never new existed! The
key to pulling off the Erogenous Zone Power Touch is to move slowly and enjoy each moment for
the sake of the moment. Focus on enjoying the process, not on the completion.

Keep the following in mind:

Touch her slowly, softly, and gently.

Change the way you touch her every minute or so. Alternate sensations from
lighter to harder touches and back again, building the sexual charge.

Notice skin areas that feel cool. Softly stroke her cold spots until they warm up
and blood is flowing through them, making her aroused in that area.

As you do the Power Touch, imagine that your hands are hot with white light and
energy. Your hands will actually become warmer to the touch this way and shell
feel it.

Keep at least one of your hands on her at all times as you transition from
erogenous zone to erogenous zone. Always maintain physical contact with your

How to Learn the Power Touch

You do not need to have the entire Power Touch perfectly memorized for it to be effective. Play
and experiment. If you have trouble learning it, keep in mind that you are progressively working
your way from the top of her body to the bottom. You may also want to keep a small note card
listing all the erogenous zones in the Power Touch so that you dont forget.

Self-hypnosis is an extremely quick and effective way to learn the Power Touch as well. As you
read the different strokes involved, imagine a scene in your head where youre performing them
on a woman. Notice how your hands get hot, how she moves at your touch, becomes aroused

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


and how she sighs with pleasure. Keep practicing the scene until youve experienced it so many
times that it seems like second nature to you.

Before sex, tell your girl that you want to make her feel very good and relaxed. Have her take off
all of her clothes (including her socks and panties) and have her sit down on the floor or bed,
cross-legged facing you. You should be naked too. Look into her eyes and begin.

Erogenous Zone #1: The Eyes

The first Power Touch is the area around her eyes. As you touch them, keep your eyes open and
gaze steadily into hers, even if she drops her eyelids. Keeping eye contact maintains that sense
of connection for her and in some cases makes her feel a huge amount of sexual energy.

Erogenous Zone #2: Nose Loops

Next, use the tip of her nose as the starting point for your touch. The tip of her nose is an anchor
point you will use to connect the rest of her body through touch loops.

To begin, lightly caress her nose with your fingertip. Gradually extend the caresses down to her
neck, and then back up to her nose (the first touch loop). Now trace a touch loop from the tip of
her nose to her armpits then loop from her nose to her breasts her nose to her stomach
her nose to her thighs, and back up again to her nose, slowly creating a circle of energy which
encompasses her from nose to hips. Imagine that hot, white light is burning from your fingertips,
warming whatever they touch.

Erogenous Zone #3: Beneath the Eye

Begin from beneath the eye and lightly stroke down her cheek. Continue working your hand very
gently down her from her cheek to her neck, breast, and down to her knee, keeping in line with
her eyes pupil. Repeat on her other eye.

Optional: Next, move from beneath her eye down to her breast kissing and nibbling your way

Erogenous Zone #4: Inside Upper Lip

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The inside upper lip is the connective tissue inside your mouth between your upper lip and your
gums. Gently suck her upper lip between your lips so that your lower lip lightly rubs this sensitive
connective tissue.

Erogenous Zone #5: Back of the Neck

Gently bite and suck the back of her neck. The back of her neck may carry a lot of muscle
tension that gentle sucking, kissing, and biting releases. Slowly move up the back of the neck to
the base of the skull, alternating between biting and sucking.

Erogenous Zone #6: Thyroid Glands

The thyroid glands are located on either side of the throat, just behind the jawbone and a couple
of inches down from the earlobe. Gently massage her thyroid glands with your fingertips.

Erogenous Zone #7: Upper Neck

Reach your hands around her back and between her shoulder blades. Lightly rub the area
between her shoulder blades to warm it up and get the blood flowing. Slowly move closer to her
until your chest is pressed close against hers, continuing to massage her between the shoulder
blades. Continue massaging while holding her in your arms.

Erogenous Zone #8: Breast Nipples

Tickle, tease, caress, nibble and kiss her nipples. Dont hang from them or bite hard. Be gentle
like youre touching delicate china.

Erogenous Zone #9: Wrists

Massage and apply pressure to her wrists.

Erogenous Zone #10: Below Her Bellybutton

Touch right below her bellybutton with soft, light touches.

Erogenous Zone #11: Lower Back

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Move to her lower back, starting with light pressure and gradually deepening it. Do not put
pressure directly on the spine, but rather focus on massaging the muscles around the spine.
Massaging the lower back increases the amount of blood flow to the pelvis and accelerates her

Erogenous Zone #12: Outer Vaginal Lips (Labia Majores)

Gently massage the outside of her vaginal lips. Dont open the outer lips up or try to insert your
fingers as it might irritate her if shes not wet. Slowly caress and tease the outer area only. Then
stroke down the inside of her thigh on one side and stroke back up on the other side. She will
become very aroused and wild with anticipation at this point.

Erogenous Zone #13: Inner Vaginal Lips (Labia Minora)

Place your right palm over her vagina, like youre cupping it and place your left hand on her heart,
linking her pleasure and passion together. Gently squeeze the palm cupping her vagina to drive
her wild with anticipation.

Erogenous Zone #14: Ankle Hollow

Using two hands, massage the hollows on both sides of her left or right foot, located between her
Achilles tendon and the anklebone. Then massage the ankle hollow of her other foot. By moving
away from her most highly erogenous area that by now she wants touched very badly, you only
heighten the sexual urgency she has.

Erogenous Zone #15: Between Her Toes

Slide your fingers along the connective tissue (known as the web) between her toes. Do this for
each foot for about 30 seconds each.

No man will ever have taken the time to touch her like that before in her life. If shes not already
man-eating you alive by now, begin a hot, passionate lovemaking session!

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Breast Play For Breast Lovers

The breasts are one of the most sensitive erogenous zones for most women. So any great lover
should have a basic idea of how to touch them.

Breast Sensitivity

The sensitivity of womens breasts varies considerably. For some women, their nipples are highly
erogenous zones 24-7 and have learned to have hard orgasms just by having them licked and
sucked. Other women find breast stimulation neutral when they have their minds on other things,
but pleasurable once theyve become aroused. Some women find their breasts very tender
(especially before their menstrual period) and having them kissed and sucked can be almost
painful. And yet other women love intense and even painful stimulation.

As a general rule, small-breasted women have more breast sensitivity than women with big
breasts because the sensory nerves in small breasts are packed closer together. However, its
difficult to predict how a woman will react to stimulation large or small, some women have more
sensory nerves located in their breasts than others. The only way to find out is to try them for

How to drive her crazy

Heres the general guide on how to touch her breasts right.

If its your first time with a particular woman, treat her breasts like theyre made of delicate crystal.
Run your fingers around the contours of her breasts. A little secret: The underside of the breast
is especially sensitive and will respond well to your touch.

Slowly make circles around her breasts with your hands, continually making smaller and smaller
circles until youre right at the areola (the colored area around the nipple) then stop! Before you
touch the nipple itself, blow a warm breath on it to tease her. Then lightly flick your tongue once
across each nipple shell start to go wild with anticipation. Half the pleasure and fun is in the

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


If her breasts are large enough, put a hand on each side of her two breasts, then slowly push
them together. Pushing them together will feel really good to her. Hold them pushed together for
a few seconds, then slowly run your tongue up between them a couple of times.

Proceed to kiss and lick her nipples as if youre licking whip cream off a pie. Most men make the
mistake of biting or being to rough (unless she specifically requests that). A light touch goes a
long way.

Pay attention to her breasts for at least five to ten minutes. If shes really hot for it go on for
another ten. Shell love you for it.

Here are some tongue techniques you should be familiar with.

The Whirlpool Lick

Swirl the tip of your tongue around the outer edge of the areola in a circle, getting closer and
closer to her nipple with each rotation. Start slow and go faster. Use a gentle, butterfly-like

The Tongue Flick

Once her nipple is stiff and erect, use the tip of your tongue to flick the tip of her nipple back and
forth. Start slow and build to a faster pace.

The Mouth Suck

Slowly take her nipple into your mouth and gently suck it and knead it with your mouth and
tongue. Press her nipple between your tongue and the roof of your mouth.

The Cool Blow

Once her nipple is wet, blow cool air on it for ten seconds. Shell feel a cooling sensation. Then,
immediately switch to the warming Mouth Suck technique. Shell like the contrast of sensation
between your cool breath and your warm mouth.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Massage Tips
A well-rounded lover should at least know the very basics of massage. Women don't know how
much stress they're carrying until they have one and then they're able to feel it and let go of it.
Not only that, but massage puts women into a natural trance-like state which is perfect for
seduction or to be followed up by a hypnotic induction (see Volume II); deep relaxation, better
circulation, relaxed state of alertness, a calmer mind, a feeling of well-being, and reduced levels
of anxiety.

However, learning how to give a massage like a pro can take a lot of time and money. But you
can give any woman a good experience is you follow some of he basic rules.

Never put direct pressure on her bones, especially her spine. Work with the surrounding
muscle and tissue only.

Keep your fingers closed together (not spread apart) and massage with the entire flat of
your hands. Use your finger pads only for working her particularly tight spots.

Maintain a consistent rhythm, which has a sensually hypnotic effect.

Always maintain contact with her skin. Keep one hand on her even when changing
positions or adding more massage oil.

Make sure the room is warm before you start. As she begins to relax, her metabolism will
start to slow down and shell feel chilly otherwise. Also, as a general rule, women feel
comfortable at a slightly warmer temperature than men.

Turn down the lights or use candle illumination to make the experience more relaxing and
sensual. Put on some soothing but not distracting music.

Dont feel as if you have to give your woman a twenty-minute massage every time. Five
minutes is all it really takes, and if you keep it short youre more likely to give them.

Using lotion will reduce uncomfortable skin friction and feel a lot nicer to her. For a long
time I gave women massages with no lotion and they would always find an excuse to

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


get up and go after about five minutes! Now I ALWAYS use lotion and they never want
me to stop.

If you use your hands and arms to apply all of the pressure youll get tired quickly. Lean
into the massage with your body weight so that you can last longer.

Heres a little trick I learned: if youre not really sure if she likes what youre doing,
IMAGINE what it would feel like if you were on the receiving end. Did that feel good or
awkward being stroked like that? Yeah, it might sound crazy but it works!

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Dirty Talk
Think you like dirty talk? You may be as surprised to learn that 99% of the women out there love
it too. In fact, women are even more sexually excited by the power of words than men. Even if
shes too shy to confess up to it, sexy talk, dirty talk, or any kind of talk allows them to be the bad
girl they desperately want to be in the bedroom. Dirty talk gives sex a sexual tension and a
naughty edge that creates hot excitement.

Dirty talk doesnt have to be limited to the bedroom either. If she calls you on the phone and asks
what youve been doing you can tell her, Well, I just took a hot shower and jerked off while
thinking about fucking you. You can learn to talk dirty to her during anytime of the day and in
any situation.

How dirty is too dirty?

However, a particular womans idea of dirty is often different from a mans. If she says, Talk
dirty to me, and you say, Suck my cock, you filthy little whore, she may freak out because what
she wanted to hear was, I love your delicious pussy juices, honey. If she says Tell me about
your wildest fantasy, and you say, Piss all over me, she may freak out because what she
wanted to hear was, I want to lick whipped cream off your nipples. So start your dirty talk out as
PG-13 and gage your womans reaction before getting into the really nasty talk.

Also, dont confuse dirty talk and her fantasies with what shell actually go through in real life.
Even if you describe a fantasy to her of getting gangbanged by bunch of construction workers
and she says, I want it! while enjoying sexual intercourse with you, doesnt mean shell go
through with a gangbang in real life. In your arms she knows shes safe and secure in being
open to the thrill of the idea of being served by several men while avoiding the complications that
would result if it really happened.

Dirty Word Strip Down

Your woman might be a little gun shy about using words like cock, pussy, or slut. If so, you
should play with this game with her.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


First, explain to her that you want to have a little fun using dirty words that you wouldnt normally
use. If shes resistant, tell her that you think shes the kind of woman who is open minded and
that you really love that about her.

In this game, start with a keyword like penis and take turns thinking of synonyms (other words
that have the same meaning for it) like cock, pecker, and dick. First you think of a synonym
and then she has to think of a synonym. Then your turn again. Keep a clicking timer so that she
only has 30 seconds to think of one or she loses!

Whoever cant think of another synonym within the 30 seconds time limit gets playfully spanked
and has to take off an item of clothing. Just remember to be playful and fun and take any
plausible sounding synonym as a good answer, even if it doesnt technically exist.

Here are some keywords you can use to spin synonyms off from.










Vaginal Juices Butt




Testes (males balls)

Oh yes!



Technique #1: Pace the sex action

Pacing the sex action means describing the sex thats happening in the moment. Here are some

As you press your penis into her vagina say, Putting my cock into your tight
pussy feels sooo good.

As you penetrate her from behind doggie-style say, Your ass looks so good up
in the air like that as I pound your pussy with my dick.

As she gives you a blowjob say, Youre just like a total slut when you suck my
cock nasty like that.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Technique #2: Pace her inner desires

Pacing her inner desires means telling her how much she really wants sex and how much she
really wants to be dirty. For example;

You know you want to suck your strong mans cock.

It feels good, doesnt it, you like that dont you.

The more you feel, the better it is and the more you want it.

You like it when I touch you this way. Youre just a little slut deep down inside,
arent you?

Youre a very naughty little girl arent you?

You enjoy to be told what to do by a man.

You love watching your dirty ass ride up and down on my hard dick. That
makes you so fucking hot.

Even though many of these are phrased as questions, you should say them to her as commands.

Technique #3: Double Affirmations

If you tell her, Youre a little slut arent you? make sure that you get some form of agreement
from her like a nod of the head or a yes. This is an affirmation and makes it more real to her
when she responds herself.

For an even more powerful effect, especially when she doesnt say yes like she means it, have
her give you a double affirmation or even a triple affirmation. Each time she should agree with
you with even more conviction that shes a slut/nasty/horny girl or whatever. Heres an example
of a triple affirmation.

You: Youre a very horny little girl arent you?

Her: yes

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


You: You didnt say that with very much conviction. I want you to tell me that youre a very horny
little girl like you mean it.
Her: Im a very horny little girl...
You: Tell me like you mean it. Tell me how horny you are. Tell me how much you want my cock
inside youre so horny. I want to hear it.
Her: Im so horny I want your cock inside of me! please

Also, in the second or third affirmations avoid asking open-ended questions like, You didnt say
that like you meant it! In what way are you horny? She will have to think too much and it will
break her highly aroused state.

Technique #4: Madonna-Whore Duality

Women get turned on when you directly contrast her outer Madonna that the world normally sees
to her inner slut.

For example you might say to her, To everyone else you act like such a nice, innocent girl but I
know that deep inside youre just a horny cock-sucking slut who likes to be talked dirty to. If only
they all knew what a little slut you really were inside.

Technique #5: Get her dirty-talk trance words

The words that she repeats frequently are her dirty-talk trance words. For instance, when you
talk dirty to her she might often use the words cunt and dick rather than pussy and cock.
By using those very same words she tends to use, you will tap directly into her subconscious
desires and fantasies. After all, those are the words she will be thinking with and most familiar
with. When she hears you use her very same dirty-talk trance words, shell feel you understand
her completely and whatever you say much more likely to be liked.

Technique #6: Commands

Even high-powered career women enjoy giving up control and being submissive in the bedroom.
The simple act of commanding a woman to perform such-and-such nasty act on you is its own
form of dirty talk. For example,

I said get on your knees now spread those legs wide.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Put your head down here now lick those balls as wet and dirty as you can
thats it.

Finger yourself as you suck me off.

Assume the position and take it up the ass like the horny little girl you are.

Watch yourself in the mirror as you impale your cunt on my dick.

Technique #7: Describe a forbidden fantasy

You can also tell your woman a forbidden fantasy while you make love to her. Remember, what
makes dirty talk exciting is that its forbidden, so explore her boundaries a little. In any case, be
as vivid and detailed as possible to make it real in her mind. For example, Take my hard cock
and let it slowly slide in and out of your hot wet mouth until some of that excess saliva which
hangs between your tongue and the tip of my cock finally snaps and lands on your face, is vivid
and, Suck my cock baby! is not.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The Art of Tantric Practice and Philosophy

You could say Tantra is a lost art, recently diluted by western new-age fluff. In this section we will
outline the basics of Tantric practices and philosophy in a way thats easy to understand.

Originally, Buddhist yogis believed that a celibate lifestyle represented a mastery of ones
sexuality which helped lead toward enlightenment. However, a few began to believe that a
celibate lifestyle did not, in fact, represent a mastery of ones sexuality but rather a repression
and fear of ones sexuality. They believed that sexuality was an extremely powerful, primal, and
irreducible aspect of human nature and that if you took vows of celibacy, there was no way you
could actually achieve mastery over the sexual impulse.

In fact, without the practice of sexual union with a partner, they believed it would be impossible to
attain enlightenment (at least in your present lifetime). Thus, Tantra was born from this basic
idea of embracing and developing ones sexuality.

However, the Tantrics realized that celibacy is appropriate for some people because of where
they are karmically. They did not negatively judge those who did not want to incorporate sexual
energies into their spiritual path. But some people have an abundance of passion a very
sensual, sensuous, aesthetically alive emotionally intense character. Tantra is for those people
who dont want to waste all the sexual energy at their command. Tantra is for passionate people.
The idea is this: If sexual energy is there, USE IT.

What is Tantra?

Many people think that Tantra is a set of skills and positions to attain by practicing certain

There is nothing to attain!

There is no effort, no goal, no path. The only thing to do is to let go and unlearn our prejudices
about sexuality. A Tantric attitude requires a totally open mind. We are conditioned to see
sexuality as a sin or at least something to be kept secret. After letting go of our judgments and
shame-based attitudes, Tantra is what remains.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Here are some of the basic premises of Tantric philosophy:

Through this process of letting go, your consciousness and perception is expanded.

Lovemaking has a spiritual value sex is a form of meditation with profound spiritual

The very sexuality that many try to repress can be used wisely for spiritual uplifting and
be transformed into a miraculous cure. Sex is not impure, but considered a sacrificial

Your sexual drive is the souls yearning for spiritual perfection, to reach the spiritual bliss
of drunken sexual satisfaction.

Tantra is a journey of self-discovery without judging or expecting anything in advance but

living passionately in the moment. Do not expect insights to lead to anything and do not
force them to lead to anything. Follow the natural course of things and go with the flow.

Communication With Your Partner

In a genuine Tantric relationship, a couple should grow to express their thoughts to each other
exactly the way they are as their real selves, free from disguise, duplicity, or pretense (this has
nothing to do with hurting your partner with inappropriate frankness, which is often selfish and
rude). A Tantric couple should be able to express themselves freely to each other without ego so
that they may feel fulfilled. This kind of communication can only be attained by spiritually mature
people with a sense of humor about life.

Communication is non-verbal as well. For example, discovering the beauty of seeing your
partner, of touching her, and of listening to her voice.

The Role of Men and Women

According to Tantric practice, men are to worship and revere women as bringers of powerful
energies into the world. It is the role of the man to be the recipient of those energies and honor
them and their source, the woman. Thus, a woman is to be treated as a Goddess, and the path
of the man is to transform her into a deity. The path of the women is to realize that she is, in
essence, a goddess or female Buddha. The mans treatment of her supports her in her emerging
realization of her enlightened essence.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


(This kind of treatment of women, of course, has nothing to with the behavior of some men who
spend excessive amount of money on expensive dates, dinners, and gifts to get into their pants
or win their approval. And this not meant to give women the right to abuse you, walk all over you,
or do whatever she wants.)

Embodiment as a deity is also the goal of the man. However, the proper expression of his
Buddhahood is to her honor her divinity. You may or may not agree with this view of men and
women, but this is the original Tantric philosophy.

Controlling Your Sexual Energy Though Seminal Retention

Tantra is a discipline because it means controlling and retaining your sexual energy. The secret
of retaining your sexual energy is through semen retention.

According to the Trantric practice, ejaculation represents a serious loss of power and hinders the
attainment of bliss. You need to control and over time even completely eliminate ejaculation.
This may sound extreme, but the idea is that by retaining your semen, you conserve sexual
energy and are able attain higher states of sexual pleasure.

Keep in mind, that ejaculation is NOT the same as orgasm. Ejaculation and orgasm are NOT the
same thing. Orgasm, unlike ejaculation, is an intense state of consciousness and canceling of
ego with profound harmonizing, relaxing, and regenerative effects. With practice, you can learn
to get the full benefits of orgasm without ejaculating and wasting sexual energy for no purpose.
This practice can offer a number of benefits.

Through the practice of seminal retention, Tantra allows an endless exchange of love and delays
male ejaculation to the point of disappearance. You can prolong the lovemaking an indefinite
time, offering yourself and your woman the greatest possible degree of satisfaction and

The satisfaction in this way is much greater than the usual approach of sex which is a hurried,
forced event, in which a womans orgasm is relatively rare and the mans ejaculation is quick and
premature. The following chart offers a basic comparison.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Ordinary Orgasm (with ejaculation)

Tantric Orgasm (no ejaculation)

Erotic energy is lost suddenly and uselessly.

Sexual energy gradually accumulates, leading

to increasingly intense states of pleasure.

Over in a relatively amount of short time.

Lasts indefinitely. Man can share a womans

multi-orgasmic capacity without losing erection.

Testosterone levels and sex drive plummet

Testosterone levels and sex drive continues to

after orgasm and ejaculation. Hormones that

peak through each orgasm.

cause sleepiness kick in.

Hurried want of getting an orgasm.

Can have multiple orgasms. Independence.

Dependency on your partner.

Heavy breathing.

Easy, calm and quiet breathing.

Instinctual act leading to loss of control.

Conscious, fully controlled act, thus more likely

to lead to erotic abandon and happiness.

Over years time, loss of sexual power and

Over years time, unlimited sexual energy and

energy. Increased difficulty getting erections

availability for sexual experiences that can last

as the energy is spent.

eight to ten hours without interruption.

Fear of undesired pregnancy.

Complete freedom of any restrictions or fears,

assuming you and your partner are free of

Monotony of lovemaking sets in overtime.

Habit cannot easily survive in the hyper-intense

environment of spontaneous Tantric sex.

If you are interested in practicing semen retention and ejaculation control for yourself, see
Volume I for sof the Legendary Lover series for specific exercises.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Beginning The Journey

Tantra has originally passed down directly from master to student, not through books. You may
want to seek out a teacher to get you started.

Ultimately however, Tantra is a personal journey of spiritual and sexual awakening and
enlightenment, and through personal meditation, letting go of your prejudices and ego, and
reframing lovemaking as a spiritual endeavor, you will be much farther along the journey than
those looking for answers outside of themselves.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Tantric Lovemaking Technique

You don't need to become a yogi meditating alone on a mountain for ten years to give your
woman the intimate experience of Tantric sex or at least the new age version of it.

Many men make love to women to gratify their ego or for sexual release and complete the act as
quickly as possible. Even genuine, considerate lovers get wrapped up in the goal of giving her an
orgasm - putting hurried pressure on her to perform.

Tantra instead focuses on enhancing your awareness of pleasure IN THE MOMENT and
achieving a deeper sexual connection with your woman. Erotic kissing, sustained eye contact,
synchronized breathing, moving slowly, and not considering orgasm the end goal is a good start.

The following exercise may sound simple, but I've known women to even cry because of its
intensity and close intimacy. You may have trouble with it at first yourself... but I guarantee it will
make her feel sooo close to you which women love!

Explain to her that you want to try something new with her - a Tantric technique you read in a
book because you "love to feel close with her".

Lie together on the bed, touching each other but with enough room apart to look into each other's
eyes. Match her breathing until you're both breathing together synchronized. Let go of any
distracting thoughts and focus only on her. Let the rest of the world met away. If you have
trouble synchronizing your breathing with hers, stop trying, relax, let go and it will come naturally.

Also, stare deeply into her eyes. Keeping eye contact is one of the best ways to create intense
intimacy. Imagine you can read everything about her by reading her eyes.

Make love to her as you normally would but keeping your breathing synchronized and maintain
eye contact. When you get close to orgasm, stop moving. Hold still for several minutes.
Concentrate on the sensations you experience in the moment of being inside of her. Use the
stillness to notice how it feels to have your skin touching hers. Notice what her breathing is like.
Reflect upon the intimate union with your partner.

By practicing sexual activity without the goal of orgasm, you may notice other sexual pleasures
and intimacy that you filtered out before. Its kind of like a meditation session while you're having

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Seven Shallow Thrusts Tantra Technique

Ever notice how sometimes the very first thrust into a womans vagina feels the best? And on
the other side of the coin, being filled inside is very satisfying to a woman - that contrasting
sensation of being empty then full.

In this technique, based on ancient tantric practices, you will alternate between shallow and deep
thrusts with your penis, giving her that feeling of being filled; then empty and then filled again.

Begin with seven shallow thrusts, and then one deep. This varies the stimulation. However,
even on the shallow thrusts, always remain in contact with her vagina and never withdraw
completely. Always maintain a one-inch depth. Also, thrust in SLOWLY and withdraw more
RAPIDLY. This speed pacing feels particularly good to a woman.

Step #1 - 7 shallow, 1 deep

Step #2 - 6 shallow, 1 deep
Step #3 - 5 shallow, 1 deep
Step #4 - 4 shallow, 1 deep
Step #5 - 3 shallow, 1 deep
Step #2 - 2 shallow, 1 deep

Keep in mind, Tantric practice is mental as well as physical. Focus on the thought that each
thrust is an act of love for your woman. Be aware of each thrust as a moment of lovemaking.
Shell feel moved if you project that kind of loving energy.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Part 2

Getting her off

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Her Orgasms
Womens capacity for orgasm is much greater than that of mens. Women can cum over and
over and still want more. Some women have learned how to induce the vaginal contractions of
orgasm just by thinking about it. Some women simply sigh and shudder during orgasm, other
women moan or cry out and throw their bodies around. Other womens bodies become rigid with
sexual tension.

However, most men dont realize is that women can have many different kinds of orgasms.

Clitoral Orgasms

Many women orgasm most easily through having their clitoris stimulated. Clitoral orgasms are
sharp, sudden, and explosive. Only the outermost part of the vagina contracts in a clitoral
orgasm, narrowly focusing the sensation. Unlike a mans orgasm, which once started no force on
earth can stop it, a clitoral orgasm can easily stop midway through if stimulation is stopped before
the orgasm is completed.

Vaginal Orgasms

Vaginal orgasms (sometimes called g-spot orgasms) feel different than clitoral orgasms. Rather
than focused and sharp, vaginal orgasms feel deeper, last longer, are more relaxed, and for
many women feel more satisfying. They spread in warm waves throughout her body. Rather
than only the outermost part of the vagina contracting, the whole uterus, vagina, and pelvic region
will contract. And unlike clitoral orgasms, which can stop halfway through, a vaginal orgasm
continues through to the end once it begins.

Blended Orgasms

A blended orgasm is the best of both worlds; the simultaneous contractions of the outer vagina
and clitoris (clitoral orgasm), and contractions in the vaginal, uterus, and pelvic regions (vagina



Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline





Outermost 1/3 of the

The uterus, vagina,

Entire vaginal and

vagina contracts

and pelvic region

pelvic region



Sharp, sudden, and

Deep, long lasting,

Combination of both.


relaxed. Wave-like
through body.

Orgasm can stop

No stopping it once it

midway through


Nipple Orgasms

Some women have learned how to orgasm through stimulation of their breasts and nipples alone.
This kind of orgasm, like a vaginal orgasm, is fuller, more complete feeling, and less sharp than a
clitoral orgasm.

Serial Orgasms

Most men get multiple orgasms confused with serial orgasms. Multiple orgasms happen
immediately right after one another with uninterrupted stimulation. Serial orgasms, on the other
hand, happen over intervals of time in one session. All women who have had an orgasm are also
capable of having serial orgasms.

Multiple Orgasms (multi-orgasmic)

Multiple orgasms are experienced like repeated shot gun fire, one immediately after another with
continued stimulation.

About 15% to 25% of women report that they are multi-orgasmic. The recorded record is 134 in
one hour! And research indicates that at least 60% of women are at least physically capable of
having multiple orgasms.

However, not all women enjoy being re-stimulated shortly after orgasm. Her clitoris may be to
sensitive to touch immediately after orgasm. In this case, shell feel more at home with serial
orgasms rather than multiples. Thats okay though theres not necessarily any relationship
between sexual satisfaction and having multiple orgasm.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The Art of Cunnilingus

n. Oral stimulation of the clitoris or vulva.

Cunnilingus is called by a lot of names; oral sex, eating pussy, going down, tongue thrashing,
giving head, and muff munching to name a few. But whatever you call it, women love it.

Even if youre the Biggest Loser On Earth, women will go crazy if youre able to give them the
orgasm exploding tongue thrashings. You can easily compensate for having a small woodywoodpecker if she knows shes found a rare treasure tongue and she wont let go of that easily.
For some women, oral sex is the only way shes trained herself to have an orgasm; for others, its
the most intense.

You can move your tongue in ways your penis never could. Even better still, your tongue is
naturally lubricated.

However, cunnilingus is not a natural skill that youre born with. If you dont take the time to learn
the skill, women wont get the thrill. And fortunately for you, many guys are reluctant even to put
their face in a vagina giving you an incredible potential advantage over her previous lovers.

Love it or eat it

About 90% of men complain that cunnilingus takes too long, is uncomfortable to perform, or
tastes funny.

Imagine this scenario. A sexy, beautiful woman sits on your bed. You ask her for oral sex. She
declines saying she doesnt like the taste, put finally agrees to go ahead with it. She pulls you
out, takes a look and frowns. Ugh, she grunts as she takes the tip of it into her mouth. After a
few minutes she asks, Arent you going to cum yet?

Not very hot and sexy was that? Most of the fun of getting a blowjob is getting a good blowjob
and knowing that the girl loves giving it. Its no different for a woman getting it from a man.

Now imagine this scenario. The same sexy, beautiful woman is sitting on your bed. She
unclasps your belt, wetting her lips with her tongue. I find you so sexy, she says and her eyes

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


smile when your cock springs to attention for her. Taking your cock in both hands she smiles
from ear to ear with the devils grin. Hmmmm Im going to love sucking your cock. She
slowly licks the underside of your dick, sucks your balls, and takes you down her throat until wet
saliva covers your shaft. Hmm I love the way your cock tastes in my mouth. Dont cum yet
its so sexy.

The difference between bad oral sex and good oral sex is attitude. Its the way the giver enjoys
what theyre doing without inhibition. Nothing is hotter to a woman than for her to think that you
find her pussy the most delicious dessert on Earth.

Let her know (or at least fake it) that you love eating her pussy out. Pretend her vagina is a
cherry lollipop that youre dying to lick. You love the way she tastes. You love the way she
smells. Youre NOT giving her oral sex for her pleasure youre giving her oral sex for your
pleasure. You eat her pussy is its own reward.

And given the sorry state of your competition, its relatively easy to be the best lover shes ever
had if you abide by the following.

Eye Contact

Men make the mistake of not keeping eye contact. Although more easily said than done, keep
eye contact with her as you move toward her pink treasure. Glue your eyes to hers a little longer
than you would normally, even during silences. A gaze that stays overtime awakens primal
feelings. When you must look away, do so reluctantly. Drag your eyes away slowly, as though
they had been stuck with warm taffy.

To spice things up more, throw her a devilish look that conveys lust. Throw her one as youre
licking and sucking your way down her stomach. Stop and look. Install the feeling that youre a
bad boy in your head, make eye lingering contact, and slowly lick your lower lip.

Smell and Taste

Most womens vaginas taste like hot-sweet-sticky-kind-of-salty candy. However, her specific
taste will vary depending on her period, hormones, medical conditions, contraceptive method,
what she ate that day, and her age.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Whether shes worried about vaginas smell or taste or not, be sure to tell her how much you love
it so that youre sure that shes relaxed about it. When you first put your face in her inner thighs,
breathe in deeply (loud enough so that she can hear you) and say to her, Hmm you smell
really nice down here.

This next trick gets a woman really turned on. Once her pussy is soaking wet, stick your finger
inside her vagina until its slick and shiny with her vaginal juices. Pull your finger out and suck her
vaginal juices completely off while making eye contact. Tell her, Hmm your pussy juice tastes
sooooo good. I could just eat down here all day.

If it turns out that she smells or tastes downright foul and skanky, this is caused by out-of-control
bacteria, not her natural vaginal moisture. Dont tell her that she stinks of skank. Tactfully
suggest that you take a shower together first so that youll both smell clean. Also, a lot of the
odor collects in a womans pubic hairs, so if shes got a wild bush suggest that you both trim or
shave it together. As one of my friends put it, Im not down there to floss.

If after all that she still tastes foul, it may be because shes abusing drugs or alcohol. Meats,
alcohol, tobacco and many kinds of drugs give the pussy a bitter and acidic taste. Sober
vegetarians taste sweeter!


Above all else, make sure that YOU relax or she wont! If youre squeamish and tense, shell
sense that state immediately and follow you right into it. Remember, youre the leader and youre
setting the tone.

So relax. Dont worry. Given whats in this section, theres almost nothing you can do that wont
feel terrific. Even if at times you may feel confused and uncertain, shell be in heaven. Any
licking and sucking of her vagina or clitoris is going to feel great to her. After all, youre already
ahead of most of the men who are too timid to go down there.

Sexing her up with teasing

Most men enjoy having their genitals touched at any time, whether theyre aroused or not. This is
not the case with women. Most women need a good bit of stimulation before having a targeted
tongue attack on their clitoris. Unless her clitoris is engorged with blood, it will be too sensitive to

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


touch directly. So dont dive right in without a little prep work. First you need to get her drippingwet hot.

Begin at the top, not at the bottom. Start with some lip-to-lip kissing, neck nuzzling, and breast
caresses. Once shes giving you signals like rapid breathing or rocking of her hips, move toward
her pussy.

Approach her pussy slowly. Women, even more than men, love to be teased. Make her
anticipate the sensations.

Kiss and lick her inner thighs first.

Begin licking her perineum which is the smooth area of skin right below her
vagina and above her anus hole.

Lick the groove where the inner thigh meets the outer vaginal lips. Go up to the
very edge of her pussy licking long strokes. This will drive her crazy.

Before you actually touch her vulva (the external vaginal area or pussy), gently
use your softest, warmest breath on the whole area. Come dangerously close to
her pussy and then float away.

Next: The Vulva

Once shes hot and wet, move onto the main feast. Give her pussy a tongue-lashing, but dont
touch her clitoris yet youre still warming her up and her clitoris might be too sensitive.

Move in and out of her pussy lips and around and around with your tongue. Keep your tongue
moist. But dont slobber and drool everywhere either. Err on the side of drooling versus being
dry however.

Now almost all men get this part wrong. Dont extend, tense or point your tongue like you see in
porno flicks. These are actors putting on a show for the camera. Its better to use the whole
surface or the flat of the tongue rather than just the tip. Just try licking your own hand with the
point of your tongue and then again with the flat. Which one feels better?

Dont be rough. This is womens biggest complaint. Be gentle.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Again, tell her how much you like eating her. Sigh as if youre in heaven. Say, I looove eating
you out, I could be down here all day, or simply Mmmmmm. And dont forget to tell her how
great she looks!

Follow this advice and shell feel good. Not rip-the-sheets mind explosive orgasmic, but good.
Shell certainly feel better than with most men shes been with. And lastly, never blow air directly
into the vagina since it can enter her bloodstream and be dangerous.

Next: The Clitoris

After youve pleasured her pussy to the point shes really juicy, move on to her clitoris. A
womans clitoris is the most pleasure-sensitive part of her vagina and thats where youll want to
devote your attention. In fact, the tiny little clitoris has more sensory nerve endings than the
entire penis! Imagine the sensation of your entire dick being stroked all at once in the space of
green pea. In other words, be gentle! Most men make the mistake of licking the clitoris too hard.
Keep the pressure light, especially at first.

However, every woman is different. Some women will love it if you suck hard and directly on their
clit. A few may shriek in pain at direct contact, even if theyre excited (in that case, you have to
stimulate her indirectly through her labia). For most women, what would have felt rough at first
will feel fine once shes very excited.

One side of her clitoris will be more sensitive than the other. For most women this is in the 1
oclock position. If she doesnt know which, experiment to find out.

Ever have trouble finding that magic button?

Its the little head at the top of the vaginal
opening (see image). Some clitorises are
small and withdrawn within folds of skin so if
you cant find it at first, dont worry. If all else
fails, ASK!

Variety is the spice of life

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Think variety. Be sure to vary your stimulation. Dont change tongue strokes every ten seconds,
but if you repeat the same motion too long, shell become temporarily insensitive to it. Here are
some variations shell love.

The Alphabet Tease

Write the letters of the alphabet with the flat of your tongue on her vulva. This is more of a
teasing technique to start out with, but shell enjoy the variety of strokes and sensations.

The Long Lick Tease

This is another teasing technique to use before attacking her clit. Lick the outside edge of her
outer vaginal lips (labia majora) with long strokes, from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Then
move inward and directly lick each vaginal lip, tracing it from the bottom to her clitoris. Move
inward even more and lick between the inner and outer lips, tracing it up to the clitoris.

The Ice Cream Tease

Similar to the Long Lick Tease. Flatten your tongue and start your stroke from the perineum, the
skin area located below her pussy. Slowly lick all the way up to her clitoris in one long stroke,
covering as much of her vulva as possible as if youre licking an ice-cream cone.

The Tongue Thrust Tease

Press your mouth against her vulva and thrust your tongue in and out of her vagina hole as far as
you can. You can also move your head forward and back to make your tongue go in and out.

The Clit Suck

Give her clitoris quick little sucks by pulling it into your mouth momentarily and releasing it.
Knead it gently with your tongue, lips and mouth. Be gentle and dont bite!

The Clit Swirl

Press your mouth over her vulva and swirl the tip of your tongue around her clitoris. Start slowly
and pay attention to her reactions.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The Clit Flick

Take the very tip of your tongue and put it directly on her clitoris. Move your tongue very, very
slowly in a very small circle, or left to right, or up and down. You should be barely moving your
tongue. Start slowly and go faster to see which speed she responds most favorably to.
Experiment to see which stroke she responds to best.

The Cool Breath

Once her clitoris and vulva are warm and wet, blow on it with a very soft cool stream of air to
provide a cool sensation on her clitoris (never blow air directly inside however). Then
immediately follow up with a warm, hot stroke. The contrast of your cool breath followed by your
warm mouth will make her feel great.

Experiment, experiment, experiment

All women respond uniquely to different motions, pressures, and strokes. You may have driven
your last lover crazy with ecstasy, but youll have to learn what to do all over again for the next
girl. Of course, you can always ask her what she likes best.

However, even if you ask, she may be quite unhelpful. Many women simply arent in tune with
their bodies enough to know what they really like. Theyll say, I dont know it all feels good.
Youll be lucky if she tells you to go harder or slower.

Add a finger or two

You can also insert your finger while you eat her out. Usually your tongue combined with
fingering will quickly bring her to an intense orgasm. Women love it!

Wash your hands well. Trim your fingernails so that the nails do not extend past your fingertips.
Make sure that there is no dirt or crud under the fingernails either.

Start with one finger only and dont put it in if shes not completely wet. If shes not wet, shes not
ready. Womens biggest complaint is that men push their fingers in too soon. Even if she is wet
enough, it doesnt hurt to lubricate your finger with your mouth first or otherwise you may cause
her more pain than pleasure. A simple but effective technique is to stroke her G-Spot. (see the
section on G-Spot stimulation)

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


If shes responding well, add another finger. Just be careful: too much rubbing will make her
sore! Be gentle!

Taking her over the edge

Shes getting close to orgasm now. Yes, varying your stimulation is good for getting her there,
but once shes close to orgasm you want to keep a steady rhythm and intensity. When it comes
to clitoral orgasms, wandering off or changing technique when shes on the verge of cumming will
only sabotage it.

Okay, youve got her hips bucking up and down, shes pressing against your face and she starts
to have an orgasm dont let go of that clit! Most men make the BIG MISTAKE of stopping too
soon. Hold in there no matter what. If shes bucking up and down, try to move with her as best
you can. Unlike men, women enjoy strong stimulation while having an orgasm.

So how long should you keep going? Until she makes you stop. Usually youll know when she
suddenly pushes your head away or says, Stop! because her clitoris will be very sensitive after
shes through having her orgasm. Otherwise, shes one of those women who can have more
stimulation after orgasm and can have multiples, in which case just keep going.

Okay, youve been down there for over an hour, tried every technique you know of and she STILL
hasnt cummed. Dont worry about it. Unlike for a guy, oral sex for a woman doesnt need to
include orgasm for it to be very pleasurable and satisfying.

Cumming Down

Remember, womens excitement does NOT drop off as sharply as yours. A woman stays
sexually excited for about half an hour AFTER shes had an orgasm. When she comes down,
move your tongue in and out of her pussy. Many women would like to come again, but need five
minutes rest before you bring them to the heights of pleasure again (otherwise known as serial

Even if she is finished for the night, shell still be aroused, unlike a man who can get off and go to
sleep minutes later. So be sure to cuddle with her afterward.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


A man is sitting on a train across from a busty blonde wearing a tiny mini skirt.
Despite his efforts, he is unable to stop staring at the top of the females
thighs. To his delight, he realizes she has gone without underwear. The
blonde realizes he is staring and enquires, Are you looking at my pussy?
Yes, Im sorry replies the man and promises to avert his eyes.
Its quite alright, replies the woman, Its very talented, watch this, Ill make it
blow a kiss to you.
Sure enough the pussy blows him a kiss. The man, who is getting really
interested, enquires what else the wonder pussy can do.
I can also make it wink, says the woman.
The man stares in amazement as the pussy winks at him.
Come and sit next to me, suggests the woman, patting the seat. The man
moves over and is asked, Would you like to stick a couple of fingers in?
Stunned, the man replies, No Shit!! It can whistle too?!

Variation: Delaying her Orgasm

Women fake orgasms because they dont want to hurt your feelings if they dont have one or they
think you wouldnt possibly want to expend the effort it takes for them to have one.

To prevent this, say to her one evening that you want to do something special. Tell her to lie on
her back and that shes to resist having an orgasm for as long as she can while you give her a
good tongue lashing. Tell her that you read somewhere the feelings are more intense that way.

When you tell her to delay her orgasm you relieve her of the pressure to perform. She has
enough time to have an orgasm. She doesnt have to act. And shell feel that you really enjoy
eating her out without a goal in mind.

Variation: Tongue Joy

Next time you want to use your tongue on her you may want to try this little toy.
Tongue Joy is a vibrator that you put right now your own tongue! Not only does
she get the naturally lubricated, agile movement of your tongue, but she gets the
sensation of a vibrator as well. You can also wear it on your finger. My girlfriend
got a real kick out of it and sometimes we use it just for some playful fun!

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


You can find out more about Tongue Joy by visiting

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Developing Tongue Stamina

A lot of guys ask us, How long should I do it? And we answer them, How long can you last?

A lot of women might take 60 minutes OR MORE before they reach the heights of ecstasy. Yes,
you heard me right. 60 minutes or more! So be patient. Expect to linger in the palace a while.
Quite a while.

Unless you want to wear crutches in your mouth, developing a hardy tongue is key. But dont
expect to become Super-tongue in one day. Strength requires exercise.

The following exercise will allow your tongue to last for as long as you need it to, allowing you to
give her prolonged, orgasmic pleasure shes felt with no man before. Youll need a clock or stop
watch to count out the seconds. Practice each day for 2 weeks.

Legendary Lover Tongue Exercise


Stick your tongue out of your mouth as far as possible.


Reach for your nose with your tongue.


Move your tongue around clockwise for 60 seconds.


Move your tongue around counterclockwise for 60 seconds.


Move your tongue up and down for 60 seconds.


Take a quick break and then repeat the exercise twice more for a total of three times.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The Secrets of Female Ejaculation

Can women really ejaculate like men do?

Yes. And the idea discovery isnt new. Even as far back as the 1700s it was commonly thought
that female ejaculation was required to conceive a baby.

Female ejaculate is produced and released from the bodys Skene glands, also called the
paraurethral glands. The quantity, size and placement of the Skene glands vary from woman to
woman, but all women have them.

The Skene Glands

During sexual arousal the Skene glands fill up with the same ejaculate fluid as in men but without
the sperm. All women produce female ejaculate at least in small amounts varying from a few
drops to a few teaspoons. The ejaculate fluid is clear, milky, and odorless with a watery
consistency. Female ejaculate is not urine.

When ejaculate fluid shoots from the Skene glands through the urethra when she cums, it causes
a more powerful and intense orgasm, similar to the way a liquid rushing through the penis creates
an intense climax in a man. The exploding sensation of the rushing hot liquid adds to the
intensity. As long as she ejaculates, it feels extra terrific.

Urine versus Ejaculate Fluid

You may have watched porn or heard stories where the woman ejaculated quarts across the bed
in streaming jets. However, biologically the Skean glands can only produce a few teaspoons of
ejaculate fluid at a time. Any more than a few teaspoons and she is shooting a mixture of
ejaculate fluid and diluted urine. About half the women who learn to ejaculate expel a mixture.
The women in porn are intentionally squirting urine to put on a show, not ejaculating.
Nevertheless, it still feels great for her.

Some women produce so little ejaculate that its not even noticeable. At best, a little may drip out
rather than squirt. So dont believe those that would claim that every woman can ejaculate and
those who dont are missing out. This only pressures a woman to do something she may not be
biologically equipped to do.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


If you want to see a demonstration of women squirting, purchase the VHS video How to Female
Ejaculate online at Good Vibrations (

How to trigger ejaculation

Women who have their G-spot stimulated tend to report ejaculation more often then women who
dont. Some women can orgasm and ejaculate when their G-spot alone is stimulated. For some
women the urge to ejaculate may never occur without G-spot stimulation.

However, this doesnt mean that all women need G-spot stimulation for ejaculation to occur.
Many women learn to ejaculate without and G-spot stimulation at all. It just seems that
stimulation of the G-spot makes fluid expulsion more likely to occur for most women, but not all.
A woman can learn to ejaculate under any kind of stimulation as long as when she orgasms, her
pelvic muscles contract intensely enough to expel the ejaculate fluid.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


G-spot stimulation
The Grafenberg spot (commonly referred to as the G-spot) is an area on the front wall of the
vagina, about two inches in, which is often found to be extremely sensitive to stimulation.

When you give a woman an orgasm through G-spot stimulation, she may ejaculate. Female
ejaculation for many women is most easily accomplished the first time with G-spot stimulation but
this is far from a hard rule.

Also, G-spot response varies from woman to woman. Some will love it, others wont. Be flexible
with how she responds to you.

Explain the process to her

Her first ejaculation through G-spot stimulation, if shes even capable of it, may take from ten
minutes to over an hour. So you may be in for a workout!

Before beginning the first time, tell her that you want to try giving her an ejaculation and that
female ejaculation is perfectly normal and a wonderful experience. Tell her that most women
tend to most easily ejaculate with G-spot stimulation. Dont begin until shes not embarrassed or
ashamed about it.

Also, explain that just prior to ejaculation, she may feel like shes about to pee. I first encountered
this phenomenon years before I knew female ejaculation existed. I was rubbing my girlfriends Gspot when she suddenly felt the urge to pee. Tell her that if this happens, she should relax her
bladder and allow the fluid to pass and press out as if peeing. Otherwise, if she follows her initial
instinct to stop peeing the ejaculation will stop! Tell her that the feeling is simply a sign that she is
about to ejaculate and if there is any urine at all it will be just a little and diluted.

Warm her up first

Now that she knows about your little experiment, dont just dive in for her G-spot right away.
Unless shes highly aroused, her G-spot wont respond to your touch and her Skene glands wont
have had a chance to fill with ejaculate fluid. So first stimulate her clitoris and vulva with your
tongue or fingers until shes hot and very wet.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The G-spot Technique

Have her lay on her back with legs spread apart. Lay down between her legs into a position
where you can insert your fingers into her easily. Make sure that your fingernails are cut short
and trim, otherwise shell have G-sore where her G-spot use to be. Wet your index finger (its the
one closest to your thumb) with lubricant, even if her pussy is dripping wet.

Turn your palm up and signal with your index finger to make a hook. Imagine you want to signal
to someone across the room to come toward you with a come hither motion. In this finger
position, feel your way along the upper front wall of the vagina with your finger. Assuming shes
highly aroused you should encounter an area about two inches in which should feel somewhat
enlarged or rough. It is located almost directly behind the clitoris. This is the G-spot.

Initially, stroke her G-spot with your finger slowly, rubbing it with a very soft up and down motion,
as if rubbing a soap bubble you dont want to break.

If shes getting hot, start pushing harder. Gradually increase pressure until as much pressure
youd use to write on a fogged window. As you stroke her G-spot with your lubricated finger, you
must also stimulate her clitoris at the same time with your other hand or mouth and tongue.

Always maintaining a constant and steady rhythm. Maintain some level of constant pressure on
the spot until the very end. Dont pull out your finger and always return to the nook for the
beginning and end of every movement.

You can vary your stroke in a number of ways; listed below are some strokes you can test.
Watch her reaction to see what she likes the best.

Single finger stroke

This is the stroke you should start out with. With her laying on her back, turn your palm up and
signal with your index finger with a come hither motion.

Double finger stroke

Same as the single finger stroke, but use two fingers instead of one.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Walking finger stroke

Use two fingers as you would in the double finger stroke, but move them in opposite strides of
each other as if your fingers were walking.

Penetration finger stroke

Slide two fingers out a fraction of an inch and push them back in, similar to the in-and-out motion
of intercourse, but with smaller strokes.

When you feel her vagina contracting and she nears orgasm, stroke more rapidly. Apply a firmer
touch if she enjoys it, otherwise stroke more rapidly but gently. Encourage her by saying, Youre
getting it, go for it, dont worry, relax and let it come. Tell her how erotic you find it for her to
ejaculate. Remind her at this point to relax her bladder and press out as if urinating.

The Finale

When she orgasms, her vagina may push your finger outward. Dont pull out! Instead, press in
gently. A surprising amount of fluid might shoot out. If its more than a few teaspoons, its a
mixture of female ejaculate and diluted urine so watch your eyes!

On the other hand, she may orgasm and not ejaculate any fluid. Ejaculation takes practice and
might not happen for her the first time; for other women the amount is so small that even if youre
successful it may be too little to notice.

Unlike for a man, this is not the end. Womens capacity for pleasure is enormous. If shes
capable of multiple or serial orgasms, she can also have multiple ejaculations with further
stimulation. Either way, the final result will most likely be the most intense and pleasurable sex
shes ever had.

Dont get too caught up in associating G-spot stimulation with female ejaculation. For many
women, stimulating her G-spot makes ejaculation easier the first few times. But once she starts
ejaculating easily and becomes comfortable and familiar with the process, she can learn to have
powerful, liquid squirting orgasms with clitoral stimulation alone.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


The stomach and knees position

If she has trouble reaching orgasm after a number of tries, having her lie on her back may not be
the best position. Instead, have her roll over on her stomach and get up on her knees so that her
butt is in the air. Youll find it easier to stimulate her G-spot in this position, and she might respond
better. Coming from behind her, slide your index finger back into her vagina, facing downward in
a hook. Find her G-spot and stroke it as discussed above. Use your other hand, lubricated of
course, to stimulate her clitoris at the same time.

Another variation to try while shes on her stomach and knees is to instead insert your thumb into
her vagina and stroke the G-spot. Take your other two fingers and lay them down on her clitoris.
Allow the entire curve of your hand between the thumb and forefinger to lie along her vagina and
clit. Stroke with your thumb and rub her clit with your other two fingers at the same time.

G-spot Vibrators

Sometimes the best way to have a woman learn how to ejaculate is to

have her drive the car herself. A woman cant comfortably reach her Gspot with her own hands, so buy her a vibrator specially design for G-spot
stimulation. Shell have better control of where to stroke and how fast, how
much pressure to apply and learn what feels best to her. G-spot vibrators
are marked by a curved head and most cost $20 or less.

You can order G-spot vibrators online at

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Part 3

Sexual Nutrition and Health

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Nutrition & Supplements


Smoking causes erectile dysfunction by restricting circulation in the penis. Erections depend on
healthy blood flow through the penis and if theres not enough, your erections will be soft. If you
smoke, its time to quit.


For the first drink or two, alcohol can relax you and free you from your social inhibitions. As you
digest alcohol, your body produces the hormone dopamine which gives you a sexual boost and
fuels your sex drive.

For this reason a lot of men mistakenly s try to seduce women at the bar by getting them drunk
or get drunk themselves.

Unfortunately, after just one or two drinks alcohol interferes with your erections and your ability to
orgasm. Alcohol causes your testosterone levels to drop and with 4 or 5 drinks, most men lose
their ability to have an orgasm completely. With prolonged use over years, alcohol permanently
damages the nervous system causing you to feel less in your penis. Alcoholics have a high rate
of erectile dysfunction for this reason.

So to drink or not to drink? A glass of red wine or champagne in the bathtub with your lover can
loosen both of your inhibitions and give your sex drives a small boost. However, under no
circumstances should you have multiple drinks. And if alcoholism runs in your family, you should
stay away from drinking completely.

Kava Kava

If you want to stay away from alcohol to loosen yourself or your lover up, try Kava Kava. Like
alcohol, Kava Kava has a calming effect. But unlike alcohol, it wont make you feel sleepy, impair
your mind, or make it hard to orgasm claming the mind without impairing the body. Kava Kava
relieves anxiety and produces something of euphoric state. And unlike alcohol, you wont
develop a tolerance.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


As of this writing, Kava Kava is available for sale in the United States, but it may be pulled from
store shelves soon as an extremely small percentage of people have reported negative side


Yohimbe has been used in Africa for thousands of years to improve sex drive for men (it has no
obvious effects of female sexual desire). What it really does is improve blood flow to the penis
and pelvic area. Yohime, reportedly, also helps with mild erectile dysfunction. However, the
results are not dramatic and many people do not tolerate it well.

If you do decide to try Yohimbe, keep in mind it can have some serious side effects. Too much of
it can cause sweating, nausea, sleeplessness, anxiety, increased blood pressure, or faster heart
rate. It has also been loosely associated with kidney failure and seizures.

With safer alternatives such as Ginko Bilboa and Ginseng, theres no reason to take Yohimbe if
you want to play it safe.


You should take a multi-vitamin every day to increase your sexual performance and stamina.
You dont need an expensive brand name like Centrum non-brand multi-vitamins are just as

Heres how the different nutrients affect your sexual performance and health. A regular multivitamin will cover all of them.

Vitamin A: Necessary for production of sex hormones and sperm.

Vitamin E: Necessary for production of sex hormones and sperm.
Vitamin B6: Helps prevent erectile dysfunction.
Vitamin B12: Prevents impotence.
Folate: Helps production of dopamine which increases your sexual desire.
L-arginine: Helps in giving you hard erections.
Niacin: Enhances your touch sensation and helps dilate your blood vessels to improve erections.
Pantothemic acid: Critical for producing sex hormones and increases your endurance.
Thiamin: Increases your sexual energy.
Zinc: Critical for producing testosterone which gives you a healthy sex drive.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Ginko Bilboa

Ginko relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow to you penis which increases your sexual
performance and sensation. As many as 50% of men with erectile dysfunction regain their
erections after 6 months of taking Ginko and 75% experience enhanced sexual response. 90%
of women experience better sexual response after four weeks.

Ginko doesnt work right away, so take it for at least four weeks before expecting improvement.
Take 50 mg to 100 mg per day. You can buy Ginko at most drug stores.


Ginseng increases nitric oxide production throughout the body, which plays a crucial role in
facilitating erections. Teas and foods that contain ginseng contain only a tiny dose, not enough to
have any real effect on your body. The dose is 100 mg to 200 mg per day and you can buy it at
most drug stores.

Final Note

Some people think that if a little is good, more might be better. Not so. Always take the exact
dosage recommended on the bottle and no more - most herbs and nutrients take a while to build
up in your system before taking effect. Dont look for miraculous, instant changes. Be patient for
slow and steady improvement instead.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Sleep and Stress


Getting enough sleep is a prerequisite for good sex and the foundation for an overall sense of
health and well-being. You may be one of the 40% of Americans you get less than six hours of
sleep a night; although not a hard rule, you should be getting eight.

When youre fatigued, your bodys first instinct is to shut off sexual desire. Your testosterone
level, responsible for sexual desire, drops lick a rock. If youre not getting enough sleep, your sex
life is suffering from pure weariness.


Stress is highly correlated with erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, arousal difficulties, and
lack of sexual drive in both sexes.

When youre stressed out, adrenaline causes your heart rate to rise and your blood vessels to
constrict so that blood is delivered to where it is needed most - the muscles, not the genitals.
Your levels of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters responsible for keeping you a in a good
mood and high sex drive, drop as well. And like a lack of sleep, stress causes your testosterone
levels to drop as well, resulting in lackluster sex drive.

Chronic stress leads to depression, anxiety, and distracting thoughts, all which distract from
sexual passion, pleasure and performance. Even if you do manage to have sex when youre
stressed, you cannot connect to the moment because your mind is drifting.

Reducing Stress For Better Sex

A lot of people reduce their stress by fuzzing out in front of the television. Whats far
better is controlled deep breathing and muscle relaxation the #1 best effective way for
reducing stress. The Relaxation Exercise from Volume I of the Legendary Lover series is
perfect in providing a mental break that is far superior than TV.

Exercise regularly. Fit people recover faster from stress than unfit people. Exercise
takes your mind off your troubles by boosting your natural endorphins, which make you
feel good.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Use self-hypnosis visualization to decrease your anxiety and take the body out of stress
mode. Volume I of the Legendary Lover series explains all about how to use selfhypnosis to change your mental state.

Have your partner give you regular massages. Massage relaxes the muscles, improves
circulation, and induces a feeling of well-being. The basic techniques of giving a
massage are discussed in this volume.

Humans have evolved through the generations to respond comfortably to green and blue
colors the color of foliage, and the sky. Nature in general has a calming effect. Go for
walks and enjoy the fresh air. If you cant be outside on a regular basis, place some real
or fake trees and plants around your home or apartment.

Get into some warm water. Bathing relieves muscle tension and enhances blood
circulation by dilating blood vessels. Taking a bath before bed can help you achieve a
deeper, more restful sleep and reduce stress.

You could call all of the above solutions as band-aid fixes in that they may temporarily
reduce stress in the short-run, but they dont really attack the roots of the problem of
stress in your life. The fact is, we live in a capitalist world that puts pressure on us to
work harder and work longer hours. Often, we have little control over what goes on in our
work places. Or, you may have family problems that wont go away just because you
take a hot bath. Sometimes, we simply do not have enough time in the day to attend to
all of our responsibilities. If youre work is highly stressful, you may need to change jobs.
Or you may need to make more fundamental changes in your life. Sometimes you are
not in a position to do so. Do the band-aid fixes until you can get your life exactly where
you want it to be!

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Exercise and Physical Fitness

(by Derek Vitalio; reprinted with permission)

Exercise is very important to a good sex life. Your testosterone levels increase during exercise
and over the long term, men who exercise have higher testosterone levels than men who dont
testosterone being directly related to your sex drive. This is not to say you need to look like a
Hollywood movie star, but many men are severely overweight. This chapter will show you how
what you eat and how you exercise affects your body.

The low-down on calories

We all tend to think of calories and food, but calories really apply to anything with energy. A
calorie is the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree
Celsius. The calories listed on food packages are actually kilocalories (or a 1,000 normal
calories). So a donut that contains 300 calories (or kilocalories) has enough energy to heat
300,000 grams of water 1 degree.

All foods are a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Once you know how many
carbohydrates, proteins, and fats are in a food, you can figure out how many calories the food

1 gram of Carbohydrates contains 4 calories

1 gram of Protein contains 4 calories
1 gram of Fat contains 9 calories

As you can see, 1 gram of fat has TWICE the amount of calories as protein or carbohydrates, so
if you need to lose weight off that gut of yours, you need to cut back on the amount of fat you eat.

How many calories you need

2,000 calories is the rough average of what a person needs in a day, but your body might need
more or less than 2,000 calories. Factors like your weight, height, age, and how much exercise
you get all help to determine you many calories you need to eat. To calculate how many calories
you need, there are three many factors you should take into consideration:


Basal metabolic rate (BMR)


Physical activity


Thermic effect of food

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques
By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy your body needs to function at rest,
accounting for 60% to 70% of calories burned in a day. That means over 60% of the calories you
eat are required just to keep your heart beating and your body temperature steady! You can use
this formula to calculate your BMR.

66 + (6.3 x body weight in lbs.) + (12.9 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)

My own BMR is 1,989 calories for instance.

The second factor, your physical activity, includes everything from running, walking, and just
moving around.

The thermic effect of food is the final addition to the number of calories your body burns. This is
the amount of energy your body uses to digest the food you eat -- it takes energy to break food
down to its basic elements in order to be used by the body. To calculate the number of calories
you expend digesting food, multiply the total number of calories you eat in a day by 10%.

The total number of calories a body needs in a day is the sum of these three

The Yin-Yang of calories: Good Versus Evil

Consider what happens when you eat more calories than what your body
actually burns. If you eat an extra 3,500 calories over a period of time, your body will gain 1
pound of new fat.

3,500 extra calories = 1lb of new body fat

However, if you burn 3,500 calories more than you eat, either by eating less or exercising, youll
lose 1lb of fat.

The beauty of exercise is that it raises your metabolic level not only when you exercise but your
metabolic level increases a few hours AFTER youve finished exercising! For a few extra hours
youll be burning calories faster than normal.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


So, does it matter whether youre getting calories from protein, carbohydrates, or fat? In the end
no a calorie is a calorie a carbohydrate calorie is no different than a fat calorie. A calorie is
simply a unit of energy. As long as you continue to burn up what youre stuffing into your mouth,
you will keep your current weight. And as long as you eat more than you burn, youll gain weight.

However, your body has a hard time converting carbohydrates and proteins into body fat. Fatty
foods are converted into fat more easily which means its a good idea not to eat too much fatty
food. Although fats are necessary for the body to function properly, no more than 30% of your
daily calories should come from fat.

Getting That Ass Into Shape

When you exercise, many of your organs work in concert to help you exercise. Your heart
speeds up to pump blood faster and your stomach stops digesting so that it doesnt waste energy
that your muscles need.

The body has several different ways to create energy. These different ways work in phases.
Energy comes from three different ways to the muscles, in this order:


the phosphagen system


the glycogen-lactic acid system


aerobic respiration

Phosphagen System - When you first start exercising, the muscle cells already have some
energy for immediate use, but only enough to last for about 8 to 10 seconds. This is why you can
have an intense burst of energy when you first begin exercising.

Glycogen-Lactic Acid System Here energy is created more slowly but lasts for about 90
seconds. The muscle cells are using anaerobic metabolism, meaning without oxygen, and
product a waste product called lactic acid. Because this way of creating energy doesnt require
oxygen, it gives your lungs time to get going. However, the lactic acid builds up and thats what
makes your muscles hurt and feel sore.

Aerobic Respiration After a few minutes you begin breaking down calories in a process called
aerobic respiration. This is where your fat and that gut of yours get broken down for energy.
Carbohydrates are burned first, then fats, and if youre starving then your proteins get broken

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


down last. Aerobic respiration produces energy at a slower rate than the others, but can last for

Once you begin exercising, the amount of oxygen available to your muscles can increase over 10
times. But only 25% of the energy you use is converted into motion - the rest is lost as heat and
your body needs to get rid of it. Your skin throws off extra energy and feels hot and begins to
sweat. The sweat evaporates from your skin, cooling it.

Packing on muscle

You have two kinds of muscle fibers, fast twitch and slow twitch. Fast-twitch fibers contract faster
and deliver a greater amount of force. Slow-twitch fibers develop force more slowly, but can
maintain contractions for longer. Your genes determine how much of what kind of muscle fiber
you have, but most people have an equal distribution of both fiber types.

As you exercise, especially in resistance training, these muscle fibers increase in size. Protein in
particular also feeds the fibers, allowing them to expand. If you want to gain muscle mass, you
need to eat enough protein and put resistance on your muscles.

What I do is hit the gym 5 times a week for about 60 to 90 minutes, alternating which muscles I
work out. I then eat 5 meals a day, each with 20 to 40 grams of protein. This diet and exercise
program has worked for me.

In terms of weight however, dont obsess over it. Dont agonize over every calorie. Its more
important to make a lifestyle change rather than fret over any one particular bite or meal.

And finally, remember that in the end body shape does not define over sexuality. A man with a
few extra pounds of love handles is far sexier to women than one who constantly obsesses about
his weight and is overly shy because of it.

Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline


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Legendary Lover Volume III: Sex Techniques

By Damian Savieri and Evan Kline